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Published Nov 7, 2011

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As beautiful as weddings are in order to achieve such a perfect wedding, it can not be done without all the stress. Weddings and stress go hand in hand. But Barb and Fred have it all under control.
So they think they do, they hope they do.

Welcome back to Double I do. Invitations will be mailed out, so check your box. Yours will be arriving soon.

As beautiful as weddings are in order to achieve such a perfect wedding, it can not be done without all the stress. Weddings and stress go hand in hand. But Barb and Fred have it all under control.
So they think they do, they hope they do.

Welcome back to Double I do. Invitations will be mailed out, so check your box. Yours will be arriving soon.
Arriving home in the early hours of the morn, Bubbles laid her newborn Blossom down in her crib. Sean had driven her to the hospital. No one knew… yet. Well, Barry her brother did by now. Oh, and Bubbles thought it was typical for her life, that her guests knew also. Not even Blossom’s father knew he had a baby girl… he would find out soon enough.

“Sleep little one, the household will soon be waking up. Coffee to prepare and breakfast to serve. I have your little monitor with me should you need me. I’ll be back in a few.”
“Good morning sis. Did you sleep alright?”

“yeah I did, I think I did, I had some weird dream though.”
“I did too Fred…really weird… me and you in some strange town. I know we have never been there before... it felt so real, there was a really scary guy in it too.” “NO WAY! Barb…don’t tell me…let’s see...he had orange reddish hair and wore a top hat... OMG! SIS I had the same dream.”
“Fred, so you think it means anything? Should we be like worried or something?” “No, Barb it was just a dream, you know it was... we can’t like teleport to another parallel dimension. None of it means anything. It wasn’t real.”

“I’m not so sure about that sis… there is no telling where we go when we sleep. See you downstairs”
‘BUBBLES!!! I don’t believe my eyes! You should be in bed!’

It had been a short night. Bubbles’ brother Barry was on his way, and their ‘getting-to-know-the-daughters-in-laws-weekend’ was almost over. It was all so typical. Nothing would ever go the way one would expect in their lives. It was predestined. It could not be any other way. Fred knew that, and just shrugged her shoulders. Breakfast was served. Let’s eat!
“Don’t worry Fred… I feel just fine… A bit weak, but nothing a good breakfast couldn’t take care of. I will lie down again in just a minute… I want to look at my baby girl. I want to hold her and cuddle her. I want to kiss every little toe and finger that baby has. And when I finish, I will start all over again…” Sean overheard that, and smiled, he was delighted to be of service to Bubbles and felt very proud.

“ We men are going fishing this morning. I asked Jean-Luc along, I hope you ladies will have some fun today.”
“Oh, yes… what are your plans Fred? There’s a beautiful waterfall park not far from here,just a hike away. And… Oh guys! Bring some fish home for dinner would you? Maybe we can fry up a batch. Fred, I really need to lie down for a bit. If you’ll excuse me.”
“Sure Bubbles, please do, you need all the rest you can get.… maybe Barb and I will take that hike up to the park. Are you sure you don’t need us to stay here while you rest? We could watch over Blossom for you.”

‘Fred, no hun, you girls go and have fun.”

“ Sis, did you ask Viv what her plans are for today?’ said Barb. “Where is she anyway?”
But Viv was not thinking about any waterfalls, nor for doing anything with Fred and Barb.
This little baby girl made her feel all emotional all of a sudden. She had heard that baby crying, and now she was in her room, holding her. Sweet memories came to her… and bitter ones. 28 years ago she had two of these cute, warm, soft and beautiful babies. She couldn’t handle that hand full. Viv always thought, she had to divide her love and attention over two babies, and she thought she did not have enough love to give to both. All her sorrow and pain were back here in this room, but she couldn’t resist picking up this little baby and holding it… She cried tears belonging to days long since passed, and let her emotions out.
"Oh, here you are Viv!’ You missed breakfast. I saved you some… The ladies are planning a little trip, are you going to go too? ...Are you OK, Viv?” “ Bubbles… I think you have the most wonderful baby in the world. I…I never thought I… She is beautiful!"
“Isn’t she?... I’ll see you downstairs in a bit Viv… Just think about it… just a couple more months and you will be a grandmother. Isn’t that just wonderful!” "I … I am … I have, … Oh Bubbles, I don’t know how to feel about that. I still think so often about my sons as babies, It is going too fast. Time is slipping through my fingers… I am … getting old." Viv, you know… Time does go fast. You might as well enjoy it while you have it. No use crying over spilled milk, as grandma Bluewater always used to say… I’ll see you downstairs in a bit. I have to think about a way to reach Blossoms’ daddy. And, my brother will be here shortly. So why don’t you just enjoy the time you have to spend here at my place? We will have a farewell dinner tonight for Fred and Sean. Barb and Nita won’t be able to stay as she has other plans, and we will have some time to chat until the wedding… how about that? "You are doing this all by yourself then? The B&B… the baby… But… HOW? I do admire your strength Bubbles…" Look at you, Viv… You look fantastic. You are on speaking terms with your ex husband. You have two healthy wonderful boys… There is a wedding around the corner. You are going to be a grandmother, and you will love that child and you'll love the ones not yet here, with all your heart. You are a strong woman too. Just find your inner strength. Don’t waste all that time figuring out where it went. See you in a bit dear. Gotta lie down. Viv went down to the kitchen. She cleaned all dishes, swept the floor and with every sweep she cleaned her head out too. What has she been thinking? She had been an absolute witch to all these kind people. She smiled, and made some soup. It was just past three when Bubbles walked down into the kitchen.

“Viv… Have you been cleaning? Oh my dear… I have Dutch to help me out. He is out this weekend… but… Oh my… Thanks!"
"I’ve got you to thank Bubbles, have some of that soup… I put some of that love I hid away for so long in there." “It sure tastes… lovely, Viv. Thank you. Would you like to help me make dinner tonight?”

“ Hahaha… Oh yes, Bubbles… I’d LOVE to!”
[Later that evening at Barb’s and Nita’s]

“Mom…hey…you ok?”
“Yes, sweetie… just a headache that’s all. With so much going on. I guess I haven’t had much time to rest. Here sweetie, get you a plate”

“Thanks mom, are you not going to eat?”

“No, maybe later dear. While the boys are out we can talk. We can talk about this René fellow.”
“Thanks mom, but there really isn’t anything to talk about. He’s a boy I met while in college in France and we may have kissed once... just once… that’s all and besides, that was before Didier. Nothing to concern yourself with mom, really there isn’t ... Hey you know, I saw this wedding dress let’s check online and see if it’s still available.” “Ok Crystal… it’s fine, if you say it’s nothing to worry about, then I guess there’s nothing to worry about.” Searching the big wide web of endless mostly useless information… “OMG mom, there it is and it’s on sale and oh dear there’s only one left…

“Well you better get it now… can it be shipped overnight? That’s the big question.
…*connecting to site………………………………………………………………………

“OMG this crap computer… MOM you know it’s the world of high speed now, right?”

*waiting to connect to site………………………………………………………………….

“COME ON!!!!! OMG!!!!
*Order confirmed, you will receive an email when the item has shipped*
“OK, then that’s been taken care of… come join me in the living room. I heard the boys return.” “Did you two have any luck at the pond? We finally got Crystal’s dress… hey wow I think my headache went away.” “Yes we did get some good fishing tonight. Didier caught a really nice catfish…”

“Speaking of fish… Nita have you fed yours lately? Mike and Summer are on their way.
"Just a heads up for you two. They are planning your last party as singles ... Oh dear I hope that wasn’t to be a surprise… No I guess not… you can’t throw a surprise bachelor party, can you?” The Green Mean Machine pulls up to the house. “Hey dad, did you know there is this really creepy ice cream truck sitting by your driveway? I couldn’t see inside, all the windows were blacked out… we should go check it out.” “Mike???”

“Yeah dad, it was there, I swear it was… and I’m telling you it was one creepy dude, you should check your alarm system to be on the safe side.”
“Didier, man… Summer is in there with Crystal. She is planning Crystal’s and Holly’s bachelorette party. So dude, my place has been closed for one night for you and Sebas. Your wedding is only a week away. Oh and by the way, that friend of yours, René, is not invited. See you next week.” The next few days came and went. The eve of the wedding has arrived.
Was everything ready? Party Time…
[Eve of the Wedding Girls Bachelorettes Party]

The long sleek black limo pulls up to the all exclusive Belle Époque
Summer had it all planned and the club was so very nice.

”Hello girls, hope you don’t mind your moms crashing the party…come on and get you a drink, Shirley temple for you Holly…and lets have some fun!" And fun they had, the moms did get wild. Time to let loose and enjoy the night.

"Not so serious ladies!!! Let’s PARTY!!!! We have a reason.. we have good moods, we have lovely food and drinks!" And live it up they did, no holding back. The ladies were having the time of their lives

The very same night not so far away…..
The bachelors party had started long before the guests arrived.

"Son, this is how you play darts. Shoot for the bullseye."
Having some one on one time with his son in law to be... Sean was showing Sebas how you win the game.. And Nita and Didier... Jean-Luc was having fun, he went and ordered another round... The guys were having loads of fun. Girls came in. What were they supposed to do with them? The laughed, ordered another round and went on partying. The young men, the dads, all of them had a blast. They knew they would be family from now on, and they finally got the bubbly to celebrate some more... It was somewhere far after midnight. The party had been a great success. And then... “Sebas… OMG! What happened? Wh... wh... WHAT time is it????? “Boys…it’s about 5 after 10:00am… We might be in a little bit of trouble.“

“How much time do we have? Sebas, what time is the wedding?”

“Didier??…what??? You don’t know???? WHAT THE…??!”


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#12orlovVIPNov 7, 2011

\:rah\: \:wub\: \:wub\: My Darlings Ladies!!!! ******** Leave it to Bubbles to draw out the warm side of a person! She must have Magic surrounding her B&B, as well as herself. So Viv can be reached and turned back into a warm loving person. . .maybe now she might even enjoy a leisurely night of "gigging". . . .Yay for baby Blossom, cousin Orlov sends her baskets of roses and a little jeweled bracelet to start her collection out ( girl can't have too many jewels ). . .as for the rest. . .I suspect the "dream" to be a recurring one, and by any chance could some sinister underworld Boss be trailing our sisters? ( IN an Ice Cream Truck? )  Hmmmm? Gives one a ponder. . .and Gentleman. . .you will observe that your better halves managed an equally raucus night without waking up dzed on the dance floor. . .see what champagne will do to you!. . .YOur screens ar ejust beautiful to look at, and 40 is an absolute stunner!. . . .Loving this story. . .when's the wedding? 10am?. . .be prepared for some smelly, disheveld grooms if it is. . .Thanks heaps for the great read, and congrats on the feature!. . .OMG, can't wait!. . .\:D

#13orlovVIPNov 7, 2011

\:o Stupid clumsy fingers. . .sorry for all the typos in the above mess of babble. . .\:D

#14fredbrennyNov 8, 2011

@ Margo.... Genevieve is right LOL \:D   Viv is Jean-Luc's short for Genevieve \:\) Everyone calls her that now... Genevieve is just too long a name \:D

#15OCIKITTENNov 8, 2011

Hahaha can't wait to see the boys try to get out of this trouble. 

#16libertyNov 9, 2011

Wonder what happend and if there still in te same world (Fred & Barb''s weird dream) great part once again \:wub\:

#17fruitopiaVIPNov 10, 2011

Great chapter, everyone paried hard, hangovers for everyone.\:rah\:

#18badangel^^^Nov 11, 2011

Wonderful chapter! Loads of fun, Bubbles' going to be a great mother! And Viv finally melting the ice queen she was. Great. Was Rene in the ice-cream van? Creepy, I would go nuts if some strange van was just standing there outside my house... And how could the boys just forget about the wedding! \:eek\: They sure are in trouble! Can't wait to see how the girls will react. By the way, I see one of the male dancers was hungry \:P Oh, and I wonder, what was Barb doing with that salad on picture 25? Boiling it with her mind? \:D Haha, have a nice weekend, girls, and don't forget to write the next chapter! \:wub\:

#19xhaiiNov 12, 2011

this is real fun! interesting chapter \:rah\:

#20Nemesis_3050Nov 20, 2011

great awesome chapter as always^^

#21urm0mNov 21, 2011

Uh oh, late for the wedding :P

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