Ch 5: Ugly is what ugly does
Published Nov 25, 2011

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Chapter 5: Putting things right.

The next morning: Lennon awakes on top of the world, he decides to cook breakfast for his family.

"Annnd for you my lovely Mother, blueberry waffles, your favourite! And for the worlds cutest little sister, chocolate, I know you have a sweet tooth! And Dad! Can't forget my dad...plain with a little sugar.."

Chapter 5: Putting things right.

The next morning: Lennon awakes on top of the world, he decides to cook breakfast for his family.

"Annnd for you my lovely Mother, blueberry waffles, your favourite! And for the worlds cutest little sister, chocolate, I know you have a sweet tooth! And Dad! Can't forget my dad...plain with a little sugar.."
"Enjoy guys! Now I know you're both top chefs so don't be too critical of my cooking skills! hehe. Oh! Would you like anything else? Coffee? Cyrup? A glass of water?" Lennon bellows.

His Mother studies him.

"....Sweetie....are you, you know, okay?" she asks cautiously, utterly puzzled by his sudden change in mood.
"Yeah!? I feel fantastic! And all the better that I'm about to spend the morning with my one and only little sister!" "...We are?", his sister wonders, unsure if he is being sarcastic or not.

"Oh you bet we are, eat your breakfast quickly then we'll go make that sandcastle!" he assures her. "Come on, eat up, I'll go grab the bucket and spade!"
Half an hour later, the pair find themselves on the beach building their sandcastle, laughing, joking, acting like siblings do.

They soon find the sandcastle building wasn't as easy as it looked, they give up and sit down to watch the waves.

"I like you better when you're like this Lennon"

"..Like what, Autumn?"

"Like this. When you're nice, and you're fun, and you aren't walking around with a huge frown on your face like someone's hit you with a dead fish..''
Her words lie heavy on his heart, he knows it's true.

"I know I haven't always been a good brother to you, Autumn'' Lennon begins, ''I know I can be mean at times, and selfish, and...."
"Ah forget it, Lenny!" his sister interupts, not allowing anything to upset her much as usual.

"You are a good brother, I think you're awesome. When kids in school tell me you're mean and horrible I always tell them they don't know you, not like I do"

"Wow" he answers, ''kids in your school say that? About me?... dang. That's not good"
"Yeah. Chucky Farr says you're always mean to his sister Cherith. And Robyn Weiss says you're mean to her sister. And Kyle Young, you're mean to his brother. And Jake Teirney, you're mean to his step brothers, they're triplets and they smell bad...anyway, can we go play ball now?" "Gee. That's how people know me, huh? That really is grim.

Autumn, that's not cool. It's not cool to be mean to people. I should be setting a good example to you, instead I'm.."
"You really do like to talk a lot today Lennon! Yeah I know it's not cool to be mean to people. Any old clown knows it's not cool to be mean! So nowwww can we go play ball?"

After a long game of catch and a lot of laughter, Autumn decides to go home for lunch. Lennon walks her back to the holiday home then decides to go off for a spot of fishing, following his Mothers earlier suggestion.

It always was a favorite passtime of his, and by now he hadn't just gotten used to his own company, but even learned to enjoy it.
While off fishing he thinks about Zara. He thinks about her every day. His first love, he misses her very much. Does she ever think about him too, he wonders. Does she feel the same? Will he be able to put things right with her now that he is mending his ways? Yes, she does. She thinks about him every day too, she misses him too, she wants to put things right with him too. And that's exactly what she plans to do...will he feel the same way too, she wonders. Before he has time to think, to realize what's going on, Zara has appeared out of nowhere as if by magic & into his arms.

It was the last thing in the world that he would have expected.

Was his wish upon that star last night really being granted?
"Len, I'm so sorry I ran off like that when I saw your face. I was in shock, I didn't expect to see you like that. I've felt so bad since it, I've been trying to call you but I couldn't reach you.." she frantically tries to explain.

"It's fine. My phone's at home, my folks wanted me to get away from everything for a while. Nevermind all that, it's history. Boy, it's good to see you drove all this way just to see me?" he asks, ''I can't believe you're here''

"Well I didn't come all this way to collect sea shells'' she replies jokingly.
"Zara, look, I know how I was before. I can see that now. This allergic reaction, I thought it was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but now I see that it isn't. Not at all, cause it forced me to take a good look at the moron I was inside. But that loser, he's gone now, that's not me! Not anymore", he spits his words out with great haste. "...And if you take me back, I promise you won't regret it", he says solemnly. He wants her to know how serious is he.

She knows.

She knew all along that the wonderful side of him that she'd always seen would eventually shine through. She knew others would see him one day as she did, this was the day.

Many new days, weeks, months and eventually years would come and go since that day on Pearl Ocean Island. But Lennon would never forget what he learned there, it was a place of awakening for him. In time he would be able to look at himself in the mirror again, and again he'd like what he saw. But now his reasons were different. He wasn't admiring his looks, he was able to look proudly at the man he had become. He had grown taller, his boyish freckles had faded, his teenage self was gone now. And of that he was glad. He was a new person, outside and in.

He had had to apologize to many people, he'd had to put his pride aside and seek the forgiveness of those who he had hurt in his past. Some accepted his sorrow, some didn't, but it no longer mattered to him. He had put things right with the people who meant the most to him.
Every day since Pearl Ocean Island he thanked his lucky stars for those who had stood by him in those dark days when nobody else wanted to know him. He owed a lot to his family.

But he was most thankful to the one who came back for him that day. He always knew deep down that she would.
The day she became Mrs Zara Stalinsky, the past was well and truly forgotten.

She would never in her wildest dreams have imagined something as tiny and insignificant as an anchovie on a pizza could change so much, but it had-

People can indeed change, and her husband was living proof of that.... the old bully he had once been was truly gone, like a snake that sheds its skin, he had left his old self behind now, forever.

The End.

(Thank you for reading the previous chapters, this is the end of ''Ugly is what is ugly does'' but expect to see more from Lennon and Zara in the future :) I hope you enjoyed this story.)

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xx kikuras2 xxAug 8, 2012

I really enjoyed reading your story. I'm glad he realised the error of his ways and things turned out fine.\:\)

urm0mDec 18, 2011

Beautiful ending \:\)

LiechttensteinDec 5, 2011

Perfect ending, for a perfect story!\:wub\:

ruby17Nov 29, 2011

great story.

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