New Beginnings (Beliefs)
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In the previous chapter, Dilemma, we see characters juggling with different choices.
Adam Johansson met Susanoo and Betsie, who turned into a vampire.
He is given a choice: to save Betsie by giving up Lee Hui, who is the Black Sun.
Adam decides not to and learns of Lee Hui’s and the prophecy’s true nature.
Adam tries to calm Lee down by bringing him to Toji Yamatomo, only to find him missing.
Lee, in anguish, unleashes black flames which marks the start of the Blackening.
Can Adam stop Lee in time before he destroys the World?

This is the final chapter of New Beginnings, Beliefs.
Sorry for the long hiatus, hope you enjoy ;-)

In the previous chapter, Dilemma, we see characters juggling with different choices.
Adam Johansson met Susanoo and Betsie, who turned into a vampire.
He is given a choice: to save Betsie by giving up Lee Hui, who is the Black Sun.
Adam decides not to and learns of Lee Hui’s and the prophecy’s true nature.
Adam tries to calm Lee down by bringing him to Toji Yamatomo, only to find him missing.
Lee, in anguish, unleashes black flames which marks the start of the Blackening.
Can Adam stop Lee in time before he destroys the World?

This is the final chapter of New Beginnings, Beliefs.
Sorry for the long hiatus, hope you enjoy ;-)
Lee Hui felt the flames moving up his arms.
Even other parts of his body started emitting flames.
As the flames started getting bigger, he realised that he couldn’t control how fast it was going anymore...
He started to find the release of his power more pleasurable and he doesn’t want it to stop...
“KID!!! Can you hear me?!” Adam shouted.

Lee ignored him. He had not felt so exhilarated before.
In fact, he felt more power wanting to burst out, like the flames were some living entity...
In a loud cry, Lee vent his anguish and pent up power to the World.

“Hunter, I know she is here. Where did you hide her?” Anton demanded.

“Hmph, are you talking about the snooper? Asuna?” the Hunter smirked.

“You know who I’m talking about, hand her over.”
Suddenly, the Hunter started recalling some old memories.
Some of them were old and ancient, of his life that was past and gone...

But seeing Asuna and Anton together has awoken an old memory,
a memory that he does not really want to remember...
The Hunter kept quiet for a moment and then he spoke.
“You really love her, don’cha?”

Anton tilted his head downwards a little.
“Honestly, I don’t know. But I know I want her to be safe...”
Turning his head towards the Hunter,
“And if you did anything to her., I will do everything in my power to make you pay.”

“This power user is too much like me in my earlier days...” The Hunter sighed.
“Why don’t you check behind you?”
Anton turns around and sees Asuna lying on the couch,
“ASUNA!!! Are you alright?! Were you hurt?”

She didn’t reply. He could only hear her soft breathing.
“Just what did you do to her?” Anton was almost afraid to ask.

“It’s not me, it was the boss.” The Hunter scratched his head.
“He kinda sedated her to stop her from going hysterical when her powers went haywire...”

“Sedated?” Anton shook Asuna lightly on the shoulder.
“More like he put her in a trance.”
“Then again, you may be right. Who knows how long she will remain in her comatose state...”

“WHAT?!?!” Anton gaped at the Hunter.
“There must be a way to wake her! Tell me!”

“... Do you believe in fairy tales?”

“Why should I? I mean... Why bring... Oh.” Anton stopped and stared at the Hunter in shock.
“You can’t be serious...”
“It doesn’t matter what I think or say, I’m just asking if you believe in fairy tales.” The Hunter repeated.

“Ah jeez...” Anton was a little unsure of what the Hunter is doing.
Firstly, the Hunter tried to beat the crap out of him in their first meeting.
Now, he is trying to make him believe in fairy tales?
Like Sleeping Beauty of Snow White?
That a kiss would be able to bring Asuna back to life?
Anton bends down close to Asuna.
He doesn’t really have a choice in the matter.
What if this doesn’t work? What will he do then?
Given the current circumstance, he needs to grasp at whatever possibilities are available to him.
It is not that he wants to take advantage of her or anything...
Goodness, she looks so beautiful this close up...

Brushing all thoughts aside except one, Anton braced himself.
Right now, he needs to believe.
At first, his lips trembled nervously as he got closer to Asuna.

But looking at her; her full lips, her soft, raven hair...
A slight brush of their lips and the warmth of her breath...
Within moments, his mental barriers were blown away.

Asuna stirred and opened her eyes to see him.
She whispered a phrase, “My hero...” and locked their mouths once more.
Sigh, he will leave the love birds alone.
After all, they are not really his target.

Thanks to Asuna, he finally figured were the Old One is.
He prepared the teleportation spell.
Before leaving, he spared another glance at the couple and wondered why he helped out. Why would he disobey Susanoo and let them go? Was it his memory that is still affecting him?

“You kids should take a hike. Can’t promise that I will be as friendly the next time we meet...” The Hunter muttered and disappeared.
“Ugh, what happened to me? I remembered Susanoo was beside me when...”
Suddenly it dawned upon Asuna.
She remembered him hypnotising her to telling him the whereabouts of Adam Johansson and Lee Hui. Then she blacked out.

“We have to go now, Anton. I smell trouble and it is my fault...”
She tried to get up and fell back into the sofa, feeling strangely weak.

Gathering her in his arms, “Let me do the honors, Asuna.
You lead and I will get us there.”

As she left in his arms, she doesn’t feel her powers wrecking her anymore.
As if Anton’s presence was keeping them at bay.
For the first time, she believed in fate.
Lee’s powers continued to surge through him.
He felt the flames flooding out.
However, he started to feel drained.
As if his life energy was used to fuel the fire.

The next time he cried out, it was not a cry in relief but a cry of pain.
“Crap... His powers are totally out of control...
So this is the Blackening?!” Adam looked at the black flames in shock.

Raising his hand out, “I have to save him...”
A figure cut him off from reaching Lee,
“Not so fast, Old One. We have a score to settle.”

“The Hunter...” Adam grimaced.
Adam backed a few steps,
“So its down to you now?
What do you get for destroying this World?
Everything you cherished will be...”

“I have nothing in this World, Adam.
When its gone, I will just go back to where I came from.”

“That’s not true... Remember in books that you chased Pleione and Artemis loved you...” Adam probed him.
“That... That was history, they are gone.” the Hunter faltered a little.

“Just like how you were supposed to have been gone too, Hunter...”

The Hunter snarled and leaped at Adam.
“DUCK Adam!!!”

Adam heard the voice and ducked. Seeing the Hunter getting knocked back by some sort of invisible punch.
“What the...?” Adam turned to the man beside him.
“Adam, you go save Lee Hui. I will deal with the Hunter.”

“He’s one tough customer, y’know.” Adam warned.

“Believe me, I know. I’m Anton, Asuna told me about you.” Anton introduced.

“Asuna?! What has she..?”

“No time to explain, Adam. We will talk after everything is over.”

Adam looked at him and grinned, “Sure. Leave that to me.”
As Anton rushed off, Adam again finds himself confronted with another problem...

“Apparently, that guy forgot all about me. The nerve...” Betsie scowled.

“Betsie... Are you here to stop me too? Why...?”
“If I can’t have you, Adam. Then NO ONE CAN!!!
And I don’t care if the World goes down with me, you are mine Adam!” Betise shrieked and started charging towards him.

Adam was unsure of how to handle this...
He needs to stop Lee, but he is hesitant to deal with Betsie...
His thoughts were cut off abruptly as he sees Asuna delivering a clean cut to Betsie’s head, who responded quickly with a counter.

“You have some serious issues, lady.
If he doesn’t love you, go find someone else!!!” Asuna shouted.
“Why... why are you defending him?!” Betsie said in surprise.

“He’s a friend, friends help each other in need?” Asuna cocked her head to Adam. “Adam, go. I will handle her.”

“But... but she’s a vampire, Asuna. She’s stronger than an average human...”

“Thanks for the concern, but I can predict her movements by reading the flow of her aura.
You, on the otherhand, would just be in the way.” Asuna grinned.

Adam sighed and knew she was right. “Thanks Asuna.”
Lee sits in the darkness.
Feeling many, many negative emotions.
He felt abandoned from his family,
Toji was probably hurt because of him,
Adam and his aunts probably care from him only because of his powers...

Lee felt so alone.
Suddenly, a hand parted the darkness and started reaching for him.
“Lee... I will save you...
Just... hang... in... there...” Adam spoke between breaths.

Lee woke up with a shock to see his flames seeping back into him.
He also sees Adam’s power for the first time in action.
The power that can deny his flames...
He wavered a little and felt a hand on his shoulder.
Looking back and to his surprise, he sees Toji.

“Toji?! But... But I thought you were gone?” Lee sputtered.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily...” Toji smiled.
“You ok?”
“I’m... fine... Surprisingly...” Looking at Toji, Lee asked.
“What happened to you?”

“I was being taken care of by Ren Hui, your father.”
“F-father?!” Lee smiled nervously.

“Yes, he took me away because he knew I was unsafe.
Apparently, there were supposed to be kidnappers after me.
So he took me somewhere safe....”

“Oh thank goodness, I was so worried...” Lee sighed.

“You should be thanking Adam, he was the one who stopped you.” Toji suggested.
“Er... Adam? I just want to thank you once again...
You lived up to your promise and saved me, and saved the World.”

“Just all in a day’s work, kiddo.” Adam wiped sweat of his face.
“I couldn’t cut the power off, that would have killed you.
So I sealed it within you once more...
Meaning... There may be a chance of your powers going wild again...”
Adam looks at Lee sadly.

“Don’t worry, Adam. I am determined to reign them in.
This time, I will run away from my power, I will embrace it.
And maybe... I could be of more use to you in the future” Lee hoped.

“That’s the spirit, Lee.” Adam smiled.
“Looks like we failed.”

“UGH!! How can this be? Why are these people here? How is that woman able to read my movements?”
Betsie was in disbelief.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, we should report to Susanoo.” The Hunter started leaving.
“You are supposed to have been keeping a close watch on the woman, Hunter.
Believe me, Susanoo will hear of your goof up.” Betsie sneered.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m sure he already knows...”

“You... You... Get away from me!!!” She shifted uncomfortably away, unsure of what to say.
Toji studies Lee, and is relieved to know that he seems pretty composed after the events earlier.
He was told that there was trouble brewing and had to leave the premises.

He felt strange to receive such a warning...
Especially when the warning was from someone he least expected...
The Twins walked along the road, contemplating the events that happened so far.

“Sis, what do you think of the situation?” Kalinka sighed.

“This is not exactly within our vision...
In fact, this only touches the tip off the ice berg.
The un-named lord has made his appearance...
The forgotten power... We are unsure who or what it is... And the lost sword...”
Kalisa slumps her shoulders and look at her sister.
“Sometimes, I get the feeling that the more I know... The more I don’t know...”

“Believe me, Kalisa. I know that feeling. But that is our burden to see this through.”
A car stopped just beside them and they heard a man’s voice.
“Young misses, I owe you one. Do you need a lift?”

“We only did what we have to, Ren Hui.
But we will take up on the offer, thank you.”
And the Twins got in his car.

“You gave me chance to redeem myself, even if it was a slightest thing I could do....”

“We only warned you of the consequences if you don’t save Toji Yamatomo.
By your actions, you helped to stabilize Lee Hui when he met Toji and made Adam’s work much easier.
You made the decision, you deserve some credit for saving your son.” Kalisa replied.
“Yes, Ren. People are always given choices and there will be consequences.
If you didn’t help...” Kalinka looks out the window.
“I hate to wonder what will happen then...”

Ren kept quiet and drove them to their destination.
He did feel better listening to them but still feels he hadn’t done enough for Lee.
“I guess I should take it one step at a time...” he sighed.
Adam looks at Toji and Lee, relieved that the two are well and laughing.

“My work is done. I’ll leave them alone and head back for the Isles.
I’m sure the Fates knew what happened,
and Nona must be worried.” Adam thought.
“And so that was what happened...” Adam finished his report on the situation.
“Not that anything escapes you girls...”

“Adam, you really saved the day back there.
Thanks to you, hardly anyone was hurt and Lee’s power is dormant again...”
Nona smiled proudly at him.
“Yeah... And I know how you can thank me.”
Adam grinned and pulled her in for a kiss.

After a few moments, Nona regained her posture and blushed.
“I guess you deserved at least that much...”
“So... What is going to happen now?” Adam asked.

“Well... Susanoo is still around and there will still be problems.
However, for the moment, the World is safe again-”

“Really?! I could use a vacation in Rio de Janiro.” Adam sighed in relief.

“Erm... Adam, you may still have something you need to do...” Nona spoke softly.
“Yes, Adam. You are still not done yet.” Decima came from behind some bushes.

“What do you mean by I’m not done yet?”

“For Betsie Blondie’s cure, would you pay the price, Adam?” Decima asked.

“Betsie? A-a cure? As long as no one else is involved, I will do my best to fulfil my end of the bargain.
I promise, Decima.” Adam replied without second thought.
Decima looks a little uneasy and seemed to have muttered,
“This is too great a price, but we have no choice...”

She floated in mid-air slightly and was covered in a brilliant flash.
Adam shielded his eyes from the glare and wondered what was happening.
However, the flash seemed to be knocking him backwards.
Backwards into a very strange machine...
He flew into the entrance and was engulfed in purple light.
He started to lose his consciousness as the light dulled his senses.

Before the doors of the machine close on him, he saw Nona for the last time and heard her words,
“Be careful, Adam. I will be watching you.”
“So Adam is on his next journey through the Machine.
Have to thank the simbot, Ariel, for her help. Even Gracie...”
Aisa steps out and looks at the machine.

“...” Nona kept quiet.

“Relax Nona, I’m sure he will be able to handle this part of his training.
After all, he will have to face his demons one day. Why not now?” Decima asked.

“You know, I always wondered... What if Adam isn’t the One? What if we were wrong?
What if...” Nona started letting out her concerns.
“He is the One, Nona. I am sure of it.” Aisa spoke out.

“How can you be so sure...?” Even Decima was curious.
“We are just speculating that he could be the one to alter the prophecy, right?”

“Sisters, have you heard of the Wheel of Life? It has appeared in many religious cultures and beliefs.
Starting with life, death and then judgement.
They may be represented in many ways but the main idea is the same.” Aisa asked.

Decima and Nona nodded their heads.

Aisa took a breath and started,
“Well, I believe in another Wheel. The Wheel of Fate.
Where each person’s fate is a thread on the Wheel, slowly woven together into thicker threads as they get to the middle of the Wheel.
The threads intertwine and weave together, forming greater threads or greater Fates...”

“Wait, if there were greater Fates, that means some fates were born to influence others to follow it?” Nona questioned.

Turning to Nona, Aisa smiled, “You are indeed learning, young sibling.
Indeed, some people are born to lead others; we have seen leaders and politicians who managed to gain the hearts of man.
So, on to the first question, do I think Adam is the One?
Yes, I do. Did you see how the people appear around him?
How will Adam diffuse the situation so easily without their assistance?

How things turned out the way they are is no coincidence,
he has to be one of the greater Fates, even when he doesn’t know it...”
“However...” Aisa turned to the Machine.
“His ability and power would be put the test now.
How will he survive without assistance and guidance in another era?
This will be his training... Once he gets over this hurdle...
Then the fate of the World will finally rest in his hands.”

“Before then, we need Juan to get the Sword.
It is vital that he gains possession of it before Susanoo does.
However, we still do not know where it is. It has not made its appearance in the past millennium.” Decima sighed.

"That's why Juan was so eager to leave on his journey... Now I understand..." Nona nodded.
While Decima and Nona were conversing, Aisa was not paying attention.

She felt troubled. Troubled that there were other powers at work here.
“So... The Great Powers are finally having an interest in Adam...
It is a good thing we sent him away, but how about the other power users?
Are the other powers friends? ... Or foe?

Looks like this war is far from over...”
“Master, we are here.” The Twins looked expectedly at the figure.

“You two have given me great insight on the situation, I thank you once again.”

“It was our pleasure, we will always serve you for as long as we are able.” They replied.
“Huginn and Muninn, Thought and Memory, I am the All Father.
One of the Great Powers, also the warrior god, Odin.
The Ragnarok is coming and we need to preserve Asgard...

Find me Adam, for within this person, lies the key to our survival...”

There you go, the last piece of the season ;)
Honestly? It is more like a transition to the next part of the story. :P
Yup, more loose ends and more problems.
How will the peeps deal with the problems with Adam gone?
How will Odin be involved? Where the hell is Susanoo?
Yes, I understand that there are more questions than answers in this chapter...
But look forward to seeing more in the next series with Juan Scott Jr. taking the lead 

Again, the Machine is taken from ShelleyB’s The Machine series. Many thanks to her.
Though, we are all wondering how it got there... We will have to wait for her instalment for the series.

The cc creators really deserve the credit for this series, cannot begin to show how much I appreciate their long and tireless commitment to help make the stories possible ;) Mucho gracias!!
Also, I couldn’t have gotten this far without the constant support and bickering from the readers, you guys really rock me to the core :D

Well, that’s it. What will happen, what wouldn’t?
I’ll leave that to you to decide and hope to see you in the new series.
Do take care and stay chill ;-)

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#3spladoumNov 15, 2011

An intriguing ending--it is not so much "confident" as "hopeful." The good guys definitely seem outmanuevered here--I hope that whatever Juan went to discover helps them \:\( Our little twins are more mysterious than ever now. And wow, Toji--good roommate you have there, Lee! \:wub\: Betsie, Betsie ... I have little hope for you, my dear. You'd better go find a nice vampire somewhere else and just settle down to a lifetime of nightstalking. Looking forward to Juan's adventures in future \:\)

#4isarpgistaNov 15, 2011

Ow, myyyyyyy!!! AWESOME, Frank!!! I LOVED this "final" chapter! And I love even more the fact the story will continue, and now with Juan!!! It's so amazing!!! Nordic myths? GREAT! It's my favorite! Odin, the Ragnarok, Asgard!!! Ow, that's so great!!! I really can't wait to read more! I rated 5, of course! I always do that for your stories! They're great!!! I think Betsie needs to be cured. As a vampire she is really dangerous. And Anton is such a hero! I miss the characters! Can't wait to read Juan's adventures trying to find the sword! \:D

#5martoeleNov 15, 2011

The End? \;\)  No... definitely not! I'm sure that you yourself are hooked in all this mystery.... \:\)  I even liked how you added a bit of a fairy tail. \:wub\:  Looking forward to the following story to satisfy my curiousity and have answers on questions! \:rah\:  Congratulations on the feature! \:cool\:

#6spitzmagicNov 16, 2011

OMG!!! this was awesome. I loved the screens...oh and Adam sure is a handsome Sim \:wub\:The ending was to die for. (((Frank))) congrats on this featured chapter. It was a fantastic read...rock on \:rah\:

#7ArneroNov 16, 2011

Thank you, thank you, intrigue, excitement, fun, mystery... love it!\:wub\: And now you bring it closer to my roots, Óðin, Ásgarður, Ragnarrök (although I hope you wont bring the end of the world onto us :P). What about Urður, Verðandi, Skuld? Look forward to see what you do with the fates and yay Juan gets the spotlight, been wondering what he has been up to. Thanks again for a great read.\:rah\:

#8fruitopiaVIPNov 16, 2011

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo standing O from me, I am anticipating the next journey.

#9fabrizioammolloNov 18, 2011

Great end (almost)! The plot is awesome and I'll eagerly wait for a new series about Adam's adventure in an other era, but also about his friends (?) in this one.

#10fredbrennyNov 18, 2011

Very very very very verrrrryyyyyy impatient to know how this will proceed. LOVE the twins... (and Adam) this is a wondeerful, well documented story. With awesome effects and beautiful screens.
Thanks (((Frank))) Super read!!! \:rah\:

#11Nemesis_3050Nov 20, 2011

ohhhhhhhh .... why I can only give you 5 points??? you deserve 100000000!!!! ^^

#12taxa08Mar 15, 2012


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