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Finding Carrie... Ch. 3
Published Nov 28, 2011

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Well, I'm back again. Thanks to the readers and CC creators who make story writing for the Sims so enjoyable. Also thanks to TSR who allow ordinary folks to use their imaginations with the Sims 3. Let me know what you think about Carrie and her story so far. Please enjoy chapter 3.

Well, I'm back again. Thanks to the readers and CC creators who make story writing for the Sims so enjoyable. Also thanks to TSR who allow ordinary folks to use their imaginations with the Sims 3. Let me know what you think about Carrie and her story so far. Please enjoy chapter 3. Carrie makes her first appointment at the Oasis Wellness Center since being hospitalized last Friday. Dr. Jones: You can have a seat right over there.

Carrie: Okay, thanks.
"Well, here goes nothin'"... Lily is at Carrie's apartment working on a paper for class when she hears a knock on the door. Lily:(timidly) Um...Who is it?

Man's Voice: It's us, Carrie. Open up.
Lily: Okay just a minute. Harry: Don't tell me you've forgotten us already, Carrie! Hey, wait! You're not Carrie. Lily: Hi. Obviously. Harry: I'm sorry. We thought that our friend Carrie lived here. Harry: We work with her. Has she moved? Lily: Oh no. Not at all. Carrie stepped out for a bit. She'll be back shortly. Lily: You must be Harry and Cheryl? I've heard so much about you. Lily: Don't you remember my voice? I'm Lily. Carrie's sister. I spoke on the phone with you the other day when I called Carrie's office. Lily: It's a pleasure to meet you. Any friend of Carrie's is a friend of mine.

Harry: The pleasure's all mine.
Lily: If you want you guys can hang out here until Carrie gets home. I'd hate for her to miss her guests. Harry: Sweet! Dr. Seymour: Alright, Carrie... let's go back even further. Can you tell me about what you were feeling when your mother came into your room the other night? Carrie: Um... No! I thought I was here to get better not talk about Mother. Carrie: As a matter of fact, this is dumb and pointless. I'd like to stop now.

Dr. Seymour: That's your choice Carrie.
Carrie: I've spent my entire life trying not to think about a woman whom everyone wants me to think about. That's brilliant. Carrie: Mother hates me for reasons I will never understand and I'm not very fond of her either if you haven't noticed. It is what it is. You happy now? Can I just go?! Dr. Seymour: Carrie these are the exact emotions that you need to work through in order to stabilize your body. Honey, whether we like it or not our subconscious mind is sending signals to our physical body all the time. Dr. Seymour: How many more episodes do you think your body can take until it completely shuts down on you? Your medication is simply keeping you stable. It's like life support. It's not the answer. Dr. Seymour: Carrie, please. Will you just have a seat over there and just hear me out? Over there, in front of my desk... Dr. Seymour: (sigh) We can take your treatment as slowly as you'd like but I can't promise you that I won't delve into your repressed feelings about your parents. Your mother is a MAJOR emotional trigger for you and I can't ignore that. When you're ready, we can revisit that. Dr. Seymour: Also, I would like for you to spend some more time at our facility. I'd like for you to journal your thoughts and feelings throughout treatment. We have a physical wellness room and a meditation room. On the days that we don't meet, please feel free to come as often as you like. Patient: Dr. Seymour! I hope you don't mind. I let myself in.

Dr. Seymour: Sylvia! Hi, I'm just finishing up sweetie.
Patient: I can't wait to read you all 40 pages of my journal today!!!

Dr. Seymour: Me either, honey. If you'll give me a moment...
Dr. Seymour: Carrie, there are some journals behind my desk. Why don't you go to the Meditation Room for a few minutes and jot down your thoughts. I'll see you this time next week. Think about what I said. Good luck. Carrie: Thanks, Dr. Seymour. "Meditation Room, huh?" "Well, let's see. I guess I'll give it a try. It is rather peaceful in here." "I feel...I feel... like this is a waste of time... Okay seriously. I feel..." "Like I don't know who I am anymore. I feel like I'm walking around in my body yet not really present." "I feel like my life ended when my Dad's did. I can pinpoint the day he died being the day I stopped living as the Carrie I once knew. The thing is, I almost feel guilty for moving on. It's like I'm forgetting him. I don't EVER want to forget him." "Did I just write that? Yeah... I did." "Whoa..." Cheryl: So which monster is which?

Harry: I'm the red one and Lily's the purple one.
Lily: Yeah, purple's my favorite color. Hey!!! My controller is jammed! Harry: Well mine isn't. Take that!! Lily: Hey! No fair. I was at an obvious disadvantage. You're gonna pay for that one! Cheryl: (irritated) Harry I had no idea that you were so fond of adolescent video games. Harry: Well, there's a lot you don't know about me, Cheryl. And for your information, there are more adults that play "Raiders of Jupiter" than teens. You should try it sometime. Harry: Wait! Now my controller is jammed!! Time out! Lily: Time to move in for the KILL!!! Harry: Oh no you don't... not so fast missy! Lily: Wait, is that even legal?! Harry: Ugh!!!

Lily: YES!!! SCORE!!! I win!
Harry: Reset!

Carrie: Well, well, well! I didn't know we had guests!

Cheryl: Carrie!!
Cheryl: You finally made it home. How are you? Carrie: I'm feeling 100 percent better. What are you guys doing here? Cheryl: Well, you know we haven't seen you since Friday and we wanted to see you with our own eyes. You look great. Everyone at work misses you... Lily: I want to hear you say it. Say "Lily is the best at 'Raiders of Jupiter'". Come on, you can do it. Harry: Oh, do I have to? How about I say this: "Lily is simply the best!" [awkward silence]

Cheryl:(clears throat) Um... Harry have you even greeted Carrie yet? You remember Carrie? The person we came to visit in the first place?

Harry: Oh, what was I thinking? Of course!
Harry: Carrie we really miss you at the office. Everyone wants to know when you're coming back. Cheryl and I told them that we would come check on you. Harry: And here we are. That's when we met Lily. Harry: And let me say, she was a fabulous hostess. Lily: Aw, Harry! That's so sweet of you. And you were a wonderful guest. Feel free to stop by any time. Harry: Thanks. I might have to take you up on that offer some time soon. Lily: Absolutely!! Mi casa es su casa!! Harry: (enamored) Maybe I could bring some champagne with me next time... Harry: Or... whatever everyone else wants to drink. We'll discuss the details another time, I guess. Cheryl: Yeah, I think we've overstayed our welcome tonight, Harry. Why don't we go. All of this shameless flirting is making me nauseous. Harry: Yeah, like I said... We should probably get going. Cheryl: Goodbye, girl. See you soon. Let's GO Harry. Carrie: Bye guys! Thanks for stopping by... Lily: Well, they were nice!

Carrie:(giggling) Flirt, much? The two of you were all over each other!
Lily: Carrie, I have no idea what you're talking about. I was just entertaining our guests. I'm going to get a shower and get to bed.

Carrie: I hear ya. I'm right behind you.
Carrie is exhausted from her day in therapy. Lily: Today was great, Carrie. I'm so glad I'm here. Good night. Carrie: (yawning) Good night Lily-bean! Lily and Carrie immediately fall asleep. This is the first night that Carrie has fallen asleep without her meds. She's been enjoying herself too much to notice. TO BE CONTINUED...

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urm0mDec 18, 2011

Uh oh, Mother's back!

SimplySarahDec 5, 2011

Another great chapter. Hope mom donest seend Carrie back to the Hosptil. Anyway will be wating for next chapter.\:wub\:

fabrizioammolloDec 3, 2011

Family issues  are the worst ones. It won't be easy for Carrie to solve them.

ruby17Nov 30, 2011

great story.

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