Eyes Open – Part 13
Published Dec 20, 2011

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Well, since Milii is a very busy lady, she has asked me to do the honours to explain all the characters and other relevant bits and bobs that she might have missed out in her writing flurries...

Well, since Milii is a very busy lady, she has asked me to do the honours to explain all the characters and other relevant bits and bobs that she might have missed out in her writing flurries... Yes, it’s me, David! I’m not really dead, but the executive decision was taken to “remove my character from the plot due to an unavoidable progression in the storyline”. Milii assured me that I did play a major role character and that if I wanted to I could still hang around, which is so much better than commercials! *shudder*

Anyway, let’s get started, right from the beginning!
Our heroine is Laura McGraw. The story follows her through her life and the constant iron fist of her mother upon her life. Laura, now called Anna, was born to just her mother, her father wanting nothing to do with them (Jared is, well, Jared). Claire married rock star Stiles McGraw when she was a toddler for his money and status (as you do) and well; let’s say that stiles never really bonded with Laura. Claire doted on her daughter and spent much of her time with her, much to Stile’s resentment. When their son, Solomon, was born, Stiles began to neglect Laura leaving her mother to care for her. The resentment grew until Stiles could bare it no more and sent Laura away to art school, a blessing in disguise. Sonny grew into a whinny little brat and Laura a sophisticated young woman. The McGraw’s moved into their purpose built house when Laura returned, where life was not that much better. Laura began her internship with Claire’s company when she was a teenager, working with the ‘transport’ side of the company. One lunch time, her life changed forever when she met Jason and David. The three became fast friends and David later became her boyfriend. Stiles and Laura’s relationship became increasingly hostile over her final summer at the mansion. They spent their whole time arguing and eventually Stiles died of a stress induced heart attack. Sonny and Stiles were incredibly close, and his father’s death rendered him distraught, his relationship with Laura forever damaged. The two children were sent off to boarding school. Laura and Sonny returned the next year; Laura transformed into an adult, Sonny into a teenager. Laura and David had grown apart and so their relationship had broken up. Claire, who had never approved of relationship, began to plot out Laura’s marriage into the rich and affluent Goth family. When Mortimer revealed Claire’s plot to Laura, she ran to David. The two rekindled their relationship and got engaged to be married after moving into the house that David’s parents had brought for her. David died the day of their dress rehearsal in a hospital fire. Laura, distraught, had to bury him on the day of their wedding. When Claire started a torrent of abuse against David and Laura’s relationship, Laura informed the police of her mother’s true company and was taken into witness protection. Laura was taken in by Macy and her family after a year in witness protection and was given a job with Macy’s brother in law, Max. Macy’s mother, Khilda, has been trying to set them up ever since. However, Claire, Sonny and a mysterious man are always lurking in the background..... Ok, ok, I get it, enough of the recap and the photo montages! Where are we I hear you cry? Have a peep through that window and take a guess.... Yes, we're on set! Milii is shooting the last scene with Claire; as you can guess were in the sound room. Speaking of Claire... Claire, as mentioned before, is the big baddy of our story. She married Stiles for his money and together they had Sonny. She was head of a multimillion simoleon ‘company’; which she set up in her husband’s name so as not to incriminate herself. She cared for her children; however her ‘caring’ isn’t much of a milestone for people to live up to. Manipulative and controlling are better words to describe her mothering skills. When Stiles died, she wasn’t too bothered; he’d given her the money that she needed. Laura provided the information for her arrest, but her downfall isn’t having much of an effect on the evil woman.
Sonny grew up into a little rat and well; he hasn’t improved much since as we’ll find out in the next chapter....
My family, the Kinman’s and Manning’s were the only friends Laura ever had in Sunset Valley. My Uncle, Nathan, got in with Claire’s loan shark and got into serious debt. He had to move in with my parents; David and Natalie, with his son, Jason. Jason’s mother left when he was a young child and he never heard from her again. When I ‘died’, my mother was inconsolable and my father shattered. Laura hasn’t spoken to them since the funeral. Yes! Snuck in another photo montage without you noticing... David, why are you talking to yourself? Calm down Sonny, I’m talking to the audience. You’ve gone mad, Milii wants her coffee. Off you go! Sometime later....

Is this thing on?!
Oh, have to push the button... As I said earlier, Sonny is still a rat and a complete and utter looser, but at least Mummy Dearest didn’t pay for my cosmetic surgery! *snort* Hmm, this is a good cup of Joe.

Right onto the strange people that Milii seems to have added in randomly, the Riverview characters! They’re actually not completely random; they’re from her first story, “There’s a monster on my lawn”, which is found in the forums.
Macy is the primary character in ‘monster’; she was adopted into a household which had a mummy, vampire, simbot and ghost in residence! Originally, the vampire, whom is Macy’s adopted father, disapproved of Khilda’s decision to adopt Macy. But Macy was no normal child and the two soon formed a close relationship. Macy was bullied at school as a child for her weight and brains, however in her teen years she thinned herself out to fit in. She made friends and fell for a boy called Dimitri. However Dimitri was a worm and had a girlfriend; which none of her friends told her about. Travis was her only true friend, and later became her boyfriend. Macy had some adventures with her family; her trip to France with Alucard, her night spent at a nightclub with her simbot brother, her discovery of Ambrosia to bring her ghost maid back to life just to name a few!

And now she lives a normal life. How disappointing!
We’ve already met Khilda; the ex mummy super matchmaker über artist, who also happens to be Macy’s mother and the wife of a vampire! Phew what a busy lady. Khilda was born in the late Egyptian period, and was her mother’s favourite due to her similarity to her deceased father. Her brother, a tomb robber, pushed her into a cursed sarcaphigous in a fit of rage. 3,000 years and a far few museums later, Khilda wound up in Riverview. She married her husband and lived in the mansion on the hill with him for over 50 years. She secretly hired a housekeeper and gardener, made herself a Simbot son and adopted Macy as her daughter. What a sneaky lady! Macy and her father helped to build the blessed sarcophagus. Whilst her father was dying of the Mummy’s curse, Khilda slept for days inside the sarcophagus and was transformed back into the human we see today. Travis and his brother Max were born and raised in Riverview. After Macy and Dimitri fell out, Travis fell in love with Macy and became her boyfriend. Travis cared for Max as Max struggled to walk due to an accident within an athletics game. Max opened the equestrian centre when his parents moved out and left the house to him. Oh hello Milii, we didn’t see you sneak in!

Hello David, this is good coffee!

How was the shoot?

The usual. Claire was Claire.

That’s no good.

Shall I take it from here David?
So you’ve met all the current characters, so it’s my job to tell you about the next set you’re going to meet next chapter! Alucard the Vampire was born to a Vampire father and a human mother. His father was an evil landowner who cared little for his only son whom he thought weak and insignificant. He gave Alucard his name as a jibe at the young child; the inverse name of Dracula (oh the irony of calling a Vampire Dracula....)

When his mother died, the young Alucard was left with only his negligent father for company.
Alucard left home as soon as he could with his father’s stolen saving’s. He became a spirit hunter and was forced to give the ghosts to the government.

He built himself a mansion for himself and his new bride and began a career as a relic hunter. He had many adventures but eventually caught the Mummy’s curse.
Khilda took him to be cured in the sphinx. But even that wouldn’t cheer him up and he still remained a grumpy old vegetarian vampire. Rosie and Greg are friends of Khilda and Alucard; Rosie is their housekeeper and gardener and Greg worked with Alucard at the science labs. Greg loved Rosie for 20 years before he finally popped the question. Together they have a little boy called Barney and live in the housekeeper’s house next door to the mansion. Oh yes and Rosie was once a ghost who was cured by Macy rediscovering the recipe for Ambrosia, but that’s another story.... Amyas and Ruby are the married couple who live across the road from Alucard and Khilda; Amyas is their some whom Khilda built in a fit of broodiness, much to Alucard’s dislike. Macy was rather surprised when she first met Amyas and Rosie; she fainted on site! But she soon got over her shock. Amyas wasn’t the best brother in the world; as a child he took Macy to a nightclub, and wondered where she went.... He also accidently set said nightclub on fire and put his girlfriend in hospital.... But she married him in the end. Together they adopted Cobalt and Sapphire; Khilda is the doting Grandma (she has Cobalt’s photo in her office). So ladies and gentlemen, that end’s of our grand tour of the tiny “454 Studio’s”! I hope you all enjoyed your time here and have a greater understanding of all the cast. One more thing.... We wish everybody a happy Holiday time!

Thanks for reading, with thanks to all the CC creators!

We'll see you again for a new chapter in the New Year!

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HellsaintDec 26, 2011

Wow, great job with the shots! \:eek\: Alot of work you must've put in here... Thanks for the recap \;\) I could really use it \:o \:P Nice to see David and the other cast members. \:\)

fabrizioammolloDec 20, 2011

And Congrats on the feature, of course!!! \:rah\:

fabrizioammolloDec 20, 2011

I'm still laughing! This is a really funny set up. Love the irony all along!

fruitopia VIPDec 20, 2011

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo\:rah\:

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