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Storybook Lane - four
Published Dec 18, 2011

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Welcome back to chapter 4

Thank you all so much ((((hugs)))

Welcome back to chapter 4

Thank you all so much ((((hugs)))
Fighting the power that controlled her, with every fiber of her being, it was hopeless. "Willow, you have to stop her, she can't eat that apple! We need her, Jaymes needs her."

"How? Vera, we can't let her see us."

"I don't know...bite her ankle or something. But in order to help her, she will have to see us. Willow, we need her help too. Please, just a nibble"
Feeling dazed like she had just woken up from a dream, she dropped the apple. Wondering what in the world was she doing with that apple. Feeling a slight pain in her ankle she sat down on the rock near her doorstep. Still trying to put together the last few moments of the night, she couldn't remember how she got home or how it became dark so soon. What happened? And that's when she heard the patter of little feet surround her. Vera, the littlest vampire looked up at Lamia.."Please don't be frightened, we are here to help you. We are your friends, we need your help just as much as you need ours. Jaymes needs your help too." Standing up from the rock at the mention of Jaymes's name suddenly she thought of Tiny.."I have gone insane, yes that's what happened I'm wait, I'm dreaming, yes that's it...dreaming." Realizing that somehow Tiny got left behind at the graveyard, Lamia turned to go get him she wasn't about to let him stay there in the dark. He should have already been home. He knows the way home. Why can't she remember what happened. The last thing she remembered was...on old woman in the graveyard. It was at that moment she heard a small barking sound. Wanting to locate where the sound was coming from, she turned back and there they were following her. With her reality slipping away she fainted. Something small came up to her face and planted some wet sloppy kisses on her cheek. Tiny hoped it was enough to wake her. "I'm here! I'm right here!, here I am!." She managed to stand up on noodle like legs. Eyes closed knowing that when she opened them, all her new friends would still be there. "Tea, hot tea with a twist." Accepting the fact that yes, she had lost her mind, went in her home for tea. And all the little beings followed behind her. In a state of shock, Lamia thought it best to play along with what ever game her mind was playing. She carried her tea and sat down on the loveseat. Not surprised to see them all gathered around. She wondered when the men in white coats would show up. Lost in her crazy thoughts, little Vera's voice broke though the babble in her mind.

"Lamia, please I know how strange this must be for you. It's a long story, but I don't have the time for the long version so you get the short one. We have all been cursed by the evil witch. She is out for you too, but you are special and only you can defeat her. I was once a human, loving and kind as we all were but she turned us into these things to live forever like this. She did the same to Tiny."
Looking down at the little elf looking dog. Statues they were, only somehow she heard them and felt them. "Tiny, what has she done? How can I fix this. I have no power, how in the world can I defeat this woman?"

"There is a book in the graveyard you need to find it. Lexi, that's her name, thinks shes won for now but it won't be long before she finds out that she didn't. You must go to the graveyard and find the book, it can't be moved as it has a spell on it but I am certain you can read it, once you read it you can remove the rose by the grave."
"The rose?" Lamia's memory was returning, the rose..Jaymes, the grave. "Remove the rose?"

"Yes, once the rose is removed then you will be able to help Jaymes return to here now where he belongs."

"What? but the old woman said the grave was 100 years old. If he died that long ago how is it that he can come back and how it is that I met him. Yes, I've lost it, haven't I? What about Tiny? Can I fix him too?"

"Everything will fall in place as it must. We will help you along the way, please worry not, for now you need some rest."
"Dear sweet Lamia, we will be here with you. When you awake you'll feel much better, you will see. We will guide you along the way. Remember we are always with you." The morning birds broke the silence with their songs. Lamia was waking up. Just as little Vera said. She felt so much better and rested, she can't remember when she had slept this good and sleeping on the couch even. Thinking that it was all a dream and to wash it all away in a nice hot bath. Yes this is just what the doctor ordered. It would help sooth out her muscles and ease her mind. Once dressed with her hair pulled back into a braid. Time for a light breakfast . It wasn't till she sat down with her cereal that something outside caught her attention.

"No way! What is that? can't be. It wasn't a dream was it?"
Looking out the window she saw something tiny laying on the grass, a small human like body just laying there as if it were taking a morning nap. "It was a dream..I know it was, they can't be real. I'll walk out there and Tiny will greet me and everything will be fine." She said aloud, all the while running outside. In the few seconds it took for her to get out there. she saw nothing. A voice from...well she couldn't tell exactly from where it came, her head maybe, but it sounded as if it came from all around, everywhere.

"Ok ok" she said out loud. "I'll go, I remember what you told me."
"Mr Ed, looks like we have a task ahead of us. Are you as scared as I am?" "Come girl, lets go. Be brave. We can do this. I've been to that graveyard a dozen times. Nothing to be scared of, is there?"
With every hoof beat that Mr Ed made, it matched every beat of Lamias heart.
The skies grew dark and the clouds moved in. All was quite except the sound of her heart. Whispering and not really knowing why. "Here we go girl, don't be afraid. I'm climbing down now. I know the ground is down there somewhere." Mr Ed held steady while Lamia dismounted. Not a sound to be heard. Day turned into night and the mist rolled in. Lamia became frightened. She wanted to turn and run far away as fast as she could, but that voice from no where came "We are with you Lamia, aways. Find the book and you will see."

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HellsaintDec 26, 2011

LOL to the gnomes! XD Interesting, I really want to know more! Intriguing and great setting, love the shots \:wub\: Sorry for the late feedback but this is a well-deserved featured, great work! \:cool\:

fredbrennyDec 21, 2011

OH!!!!   I am LATE to the party!! Where have I been??? Wonderful, and
funny too sis. \:D  GREAT Chapter and the idea with all the gnomes...
Brilliant!!! Have to agree with April... screen 3 made me spil my drink
too... LOL \:rah\:  Congrats on the feature my dear! Hope chapter 5 will
be there soon \:wub\:  GREAT BIG HUGGGS

MangioDec 20, 2011

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family & friends \:rah\: Congrats on yet again a well deserved feature \;\) What a nice little twist... since i saw the trailer for "Snow White and the Huntsman" i have finally noted how Snow White is such a strong character. I love how Lamia was scared at first but i am glad she has her friends with her (even if they are just gnomes) for the incoming danger to face. Every single page was a page turner. So beautifully done i kept clicking & siting & waiting for more :P

fabrizioammolloDec 19, 2011

Another great chaper! Congrats on the feature!!!

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