Not Knowing...Ch. 2
Published Jan 17, 2012

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This is the second chapter! I hope you like! Be sure to comment and rate! (:

This is the second chapter! I hope you like! Be sure to comment and rate! (: My eyes slowly opened. I looked around and saw I was in an unfamiliar place. I couldn't remember why I was here. I thought I was supposed to be at the beach house with my boyfriend and friends and...The realization hit me hard.

I had been kidnapped. I don't know where he took me and I don't know why. I felt the same woozy feeling that I had before I passed out. How long had I been asleep? Where am I? I looked down and saw that I had a new shirt on and no shoes. Someone dressed me??? I scrunched my nose and sat up. At least I had the same pants on. Still, it's kind of creepy to think about.
Bits and pieces began to form in my mind. I remember hearing voices and then being laid down on stone or something hard. I remember opening my eyes and seeing a caring face. "I'm so confused." I whispered quietly. Suddenly a girl in a maid's uniform stepped down from the stairs to the room I was in.

"OH!" A squeaky-voiced maid said surprised. I wouldn't blame her. I probably look terrible. "Hello! You're...awake!"She said it like I had been sleeping for days. Had I?
"They will be very pleased. Here put this on." She tossed me an exact replica of the dress she was wearing. "Oh, and these." She tossed me some black high heels. "Then come upstairs." And with that, the little black-haired maid scuffled back up the stairs.

I looked around the room. No windows. Four beds. A kitchen to my left. What kind of room was this? The beds were all nicely made and the floors were nice and clean. I slipped on the uniform, pulled on the heels and walked up the second floor.
I guess most people would be more scared of this situation. For some reason, I was at ease. Mostly. I walked up the stairs and realized that I was in a basement. EW!!!! So gross!!! I thought about it. "Well, I guess that basement wasn't THAT bad." I reasoned with myself as I walked through the doors to the main house.

It looked like a throne room. No one was in there, but I expected some king or whatever to come through the doors with trumpets playing. The same maid came through a door and strutted on over to me, her heels clicking on the hardwood.

"Okay well, where do we start. Oh! My name is Ella. I'm head maid." She giggled as if it was a joke, but if it was; I didn't get it. "The other maids here," She continued, "are in the kitchen. They're just getting dinner ready. It takes so long to do that." She rolled her eyes. "You should probably meet them. Hey girls come in here!" She yelled.
"This is Belle." She pointed to the redhead with a thick ponytail and black flats on. She had broad shoulders and high cheekbones. Her skin was pale and her lips were slighlty thin and pink. She seemed kind of guarded and lonely.

"Hey." Belle said.

"And this is Heather." She gestured towards the girl with short slightly browner redhead with huge platform heels on. Her cropped cut hair framed her tannish skin and she had thick lips. Heather also wore eyeliner and I spotted some lip gloss she had smeared over her lips. She looked like the kind of person who was pissed all the time.

"Sup." She nodded her head.

"What's your name?" Ella asked with expectant eyes. It seemed like Ella was wanting a new friend really bad.

"My name is Sutton Fields." I told them my real name. Hey, you never know; this might be all a dream. But something in the pit of my stomach told me it wasn't.

"Pretty name!" She twittered. "Okay so, Sutton, you go clean...whatever. Just stay busy until I come get you. Stay out of anyone's way that is not us." She gestured to herself and the others. "I will explain everything that I know tonight."

They all walked away, leaving more confused than ever. This whole thing was so weird. I walked upstairs to go find something to clean.
"Hmmm..." I walked upstairs. The house was dead silent, so I guessed no one was home. I walked up and up until I came to this one door. I don't know why, but I wanted to go in. Something propelled me to go into that room.

I stepped inside. The room smelled like books with a hint of cologne. It was a neat room except for the unmade bed. I guessed that the maids hadn't gotten up there yet. Or maybe they weren't supposed to be up here. "Oh well." I shrugged. If they didn't want me up here, then they should have told me. Plus, if I get caught up here when I'm not supposed to be here, I might get fired. Then I could get away from this creepy place.

The room also had a balcony. I stepped farther in and discovered another staircase. What did it lead to? I had always been a sucker for mysteries like that. My hand gripped the rail and my foot landed on the first step. Second step. Third step. I heard someone quickly making their way up the stairs. I scrambled down and pretended like I was just about to leave.

"Oh gosh...Thank goodness I found you." Ella breathed heavily in and out. "I forgot to tell you to never come in this room. HE doesn't like it." She said 'he' bitterly. "Come on. Go down to the basement and wait. I think that I should wait to tell them about you." I went downstairs and into the basement. I heard Ella and the other maids working quickly and quietly upstairs. I sighed. Why the heck am I here?
In the basement yet again. HOw did I go from being the most popular prettiest girl in town to being a maid in this stupid house? I couldn't wait until the others got back so they could explain some things to me. I layed down and tried to remember some of the things that happened to me.

I remembered going to the beach house. I remember having an awesome party. I remember wanting to do something with my boyfriend, but I couldn't recall what. I do remember that he betrayed me somehow. And that I was still hurt by it. My best friend was somehow involved too. I remember getting kidnapped. Feeling that rough rope tied tightly around my small wrists. The way that gag on my mouth made my cheeks ache. The blindness from not being able to see. I don't know how I fell asleep or how long.

I heard something outside. Footsteps. They walked in the house. I heard the maids whisper to each other and scramble around. The doors opened and I heard muffled voices. Minutes later, the maids said "Goodnight" in unison and shuffled over to the door to the basement. They trudged downstairs and threw off their heels.
"Ugh, I can't believe that lady! We do all that work and it doesn't even matter." Heather whined as she threw on black pajamas.

"Oh I know! And her husband. He's just like her. And their son is such a brat. He gets whatever he wants and he treats us like crap." Belle said exasperated.

Ella gave them a look. "Ladies. We shouldn't talk bad about them. They are our-"

"MAsters?" Heather almost yelled. "It's not like we actually WANT to be here. I wish I could just leave. I hate it here and those idots up there don't know a thing. Well I have had enough." She marched over and angrily plopped on her bed.

"Mrow." I said quietly. She gave me a look and I stared back. I might not be the head girl of town anymore, but I'm sure as heck not going to be the underdog at this place.

Ella sighed. "Change into your PJ's, Sutton. We have some things to go over."
"Sutton, I know you must be so confused an I'm sorry." She looked sad. "But I can tell you what I know." She getsured over to the bed and I sat down while she spoke. The others crowded around, I guess eager to hear too.

"I couldn't believe it when I first saw it." She began slowly. "You looked so helpless. So fragile. Our masters were home and if they saw you they might have kicked you off the property or called the police. I didn't want to just leave you there. I heard someone running away in the forest; like they had put you there on purpose. So I brought you inside. You were dirty and there was a blindfold and gag on your face. Your hands were bound. I thought you were...dead." Her voice wavered. "But you moved slightly and I saw your stomach go up and down. I have no idea how you ended up here. I hope you aren't mad. I just couldn't take you in the woods and leave you there. Now you have to work here. Or you won't be aloud to stay."
Was I mad? Of course not! But that doesn't explain everything. "So why can't I leave? You've taken care of me. I'm okay now. I can go home, right?"

They all exchanged glances. "No, don't even try." Belle said suddenly. "And lets just leave it at that."

Heather turned towards Ella and said, "Hey wait. How do you know all this? You know that we aren't supposed to..." Her voice trailed off.

"She was in front of the door, dummy." Ella rolled her eyes. "Of course we can't leave. Only they can."

"Woah. Woah. Woah." I put my hands on my hips. "Why can't we leave?"

"It's really not a big deal." Belle said dryly.

Who cares, I thought to myself, I still want to know.

Ignoring my question, Ella turned to me and said, "In the morning, at exactly six o'clock, get up and get ready. Then make something quick for breakfast and run upstairs and start cleaning something. I'm going to introduce you to them tomorrow. If they don't like you..." She looked away.

My stomach churned. Obviously, if they didn't like you; you were screwed. "Okay..." I choked out.

Ella smiled. "At nine-thirty, go into the kitchen. Sometimes they are in there to critique us and such. That might be the only time I will be able to introduce you to the whole family."

I sighed. "Well...okay then." I said uneasily.

Then we all said our goodnights and went to sleep. My sleep not as easy as everyone else's.

I did exactly as Ella said in the morning. More or less. I was a little late getting up. Who could blame me? I had a rough day yesterday. I skipped breakfast other than some juice and shot upstairs. The 'masters' weren't awake yet. Good.

As I cleaned I thought about the family that lived in this house. What I had learned so far was: The mother was a shrew, the father was grumpy and the son was a whiny baby. Hmmm...sounds like a nice family. I wondered what my friends and family could be doing right now. Why would I care? I'm obviously never going to see them again.

My legs started aching from all the walking through the large house. My arms were tired. "I haven't done this much work ever." I whispered as I cleaned the counter. I can honestly say that I didn't understand why they had so many maids; their house was always spotless. But it was something the other maids wouldn't tell me.
I kept wondering how I ended up here. I figured I was being kidnapped for something much worse. Not for being a maid at this creepy house. Soemthing put me on edge though. The way the maids were so careful not to tell certain things to me. How my blood turned ice cold whenever I saw a picture of the family that lived here on the wall. How they talked about how handsome the son of the couple who lived in this house is, yet, in every picture his face was blurry. Or he wasn't in the picture. Or part of the picture was cut out.

Something was going on. Something big. This family had secrets. Huge secrets. And the maids did too. I was sure I was going to be there a while. So eventually, one of them would tell me what's going on. I have my ways with people. I'm Sutton Fields, after all.
Finally it was time to meet the family. I was so nervous. I hoped with all my heart that they would like me. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life being mistreated. Would you?

I stepped lightly over to Ella and asked, "So what do we do now?"

"We hang out. Until we hear the door open. Then we get into a line. Whatever they say, agree with it, okay?" She gave me a knowing look, as if she sensed I was the type of girl who hated to be critsized. Well, she was right. I could take some critisism, but then I get to that point where I want to slap that person in the face.

"So we just hang out?"I asked hesitantly.

"Yup." Belle agreed and sat down on a chair she dragged in from the storage room.

"Yeah. It's a great way to get to know each other." Ella cooed.

"Not like anyone wants to know anything about each other though." Heather said bored. "Ella, know one cares. Just shut up." She gave Ella a 'tough' look and then turned away.

A pained look crossed Ella's face and she shut her lips tight. Not cool. First of all, I was going to be top girl around here. And second of all, no one is mean to people who help me. Especially people who save my life.

"Hmm, Heather?" I spoke with such certainity that everyone in the room turned to stare at me. "I don't think you should be talking right now. You should probably go redye your traffic light hair. Then you might not be so grumpy." I gave her a smug smile.

The corners of her mouth arced downwards. Ella looked up and smiled a little. She mouthed 'Thank you'. I mouthed back, 'No problem'. It really wasn't. Heather needed to know where her place was. Before Heather could say anything, the door opened. We all got in a line.
The minutes seemed like hours. I waited there for them to come though the door. Finally they entered.

I didn't even know their last names. Ella stepped out a little and said, "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Ross." A dark-haired man in his early fifties or late forties and a lady in the same age range stepped in front of us. Mr. Ross looked very business like. He had a pin-striped suit on and a black mustache. He had brown skin, and large shoulders.He looked stern and rough. I instantly felt a slight fear of him for some reason. His wife, on the other hand, looked much more gaudy. She wore gold rings, bracelets, and one huge pendant on a gold chain that hung around her wrinkled neck. Her black hair was pulled up into a bun and she had tiny pearl earrings on. She was bitter looking with her thin lips pursed and her small eyes squinting right at me. She had a mid-length dress on and short high heels. Her willowy frame made her look small, but you could tell she was large in opinion.

Next came in was guy about my age. I couldn't really see him. His eyes peered through the shadow of his hoodie and he stepped back a little. His eyes grew wide and he whispered to his mother. She whispered furiously back and he swiftly ran upstairs.What did I do? I was just standing here, but whatever. That creepy guy can think what he wants.

Mrs. Ross put on a fake nothing-is-wrong smile and said in a harsh voice, "So, I see we have a new maid."

"Yes, would you like to tell us about her?" Mr. Ross said in his thick deep voice.

"Yes." Ella smiled and pointed a slender finger at me. "This is Sutton Fields. She is gong to fill in for..." She paused and I saw her swallow. A sad look ran across her face. "For Lola."

"Ah yes." Mrs. Ross looked me up and down. "Very well. Goodnight. See you girls bright and early tomorrow." She said almost mockingly. Mr. Ross nodded his head and they both scuttled out of the kitchen. Me and the other maids tromped downstairs, all tired from the days work.
While everyone slept soundly in their little beds, I stayed awake. This was alot to take in. I had to leave everything behind. I had live the rest of my life hear. So why the heck wouldn't anyone tell me anything?

I had to find out something. Especially who brought me here. Who doomed me to live my stupid life in this creepy house with mean owners and secretive maids. Who did this and why? What did I do to deserve this?

My eyelids started to close. I realized how tired I actually was. I sighed and rolled over to face the wall, hoping that tomorrow might bring a better day.
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"Whoever wishes to keep a secret must hide the fact that he possesses one."
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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#1BellaJuneauVIPJan 17, 2012

omg I had no idea she was going to get kidnapped!!! I loved this !! can't wait for part 3 \:wub\: thanks for an awesome storyline \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#2Jan 17, 2012

wow tell us more!

#3Vivi1231Jan 17, 2012

Love this story!!!! Congrats on the feature!!! \:D

#4bukovkaJan 18, 2012

Excellent history, thanks!

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