Best Friends
Published Dec 26, 2011

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Aj: Bye bye High school. Hello real world
Travis: We are outta here!
Brooklyn: Woohoo! Now time for the best summer eveeerrrr!

Aj: Bye bye High school. Hello real world
Travis: We are outta here!
Brooklyn: Woohoo! Now time for the best summer eveeerrrr!
A.j., Brooklyn, and Travis were the best of friends. The three of them grew up together on the same block. A.j. and Travis were neighbors and their families often hung out together during outings. Brooklyn moved in later during middle school and was like one of the boys. Brooklyn was 10 when her mother left her with her grandfather. Mr. Oaks owned the town grocery store and bait shop. It was hard becoming a lady when the only influence was your 55 year old grandfather. Both Travis and Aj mothers took her under their wing and tried to teach her girlie things.
Travis was the All-American Athlete. He lettered in track, football, and field hockey. He was planning to attend his father's alma mater of the University of Springfield. Just minutes away from town his hometown. He was getting a full athletic scholarship to attend the 1 of the 3 colleges in his home state. Aj was the leader of the trio. He was the eldest of four boys. Aj had dreams of making it big. While in high school he formed a band that played at a few school dances but mostly friends parties. He and Travis were the two most popular guys in the school. In school you could find the three of them hanging out in the halls after classes. Others referred to them as the three musketeers. But there was something more between Aj and Brooklyn. There was something special. They started becoming an item shortly after their junior year. And by their senior year, everyone knew they were bound to get married. The two of them were inseparable. In the school restrooms....

Travis: Sim Angeles?! Are you serious man? I mean, you're a good musician and all but I don't think you should just go to Hollywood and forget about college. I mean our parents have been talking about us going to college since we were little.
A.j: Yeah but that's THEIR dream. It was never mine. I need to at least try and if it doesn't work, then I'll go to school.
Travis: But what about your family, what about Brooklyn?
Aj: I'm going to take her with me. I've always talked about making it big. She knows this is something I want.
Travis: Have you told her yet?
Aj: Not yet. I just wanted you to know first.
Travis: I don't know dude.
Aj: Travis, I'm not looking for your permission. Just that you got my back.
Travis: You know I will always have your back. We're boys.
Aj: Womb to tomb.
High school was ending and now it was time for adult choices.
Travis: (ahem) Third wheel here!
To make his parents happy, Aj put off going to S.A. Instead he went to the University of Springfield with Travis and Brooklyn.
The group was now in the beginning of their second year in college. Travis chose to play football. Although he had no desire to go pro, he used the scholarship to help with his education. Brooklyn, who was a great artist, went into the art program. She loved working with her hands. She could often be found sculpting in the department's studio until the late hours. Aj spent most of his time practicing his music. He barely went to class and when he did, he wrote lyrics. He went into the music program but did not like the professors telling him what was good music and not. Aj and Brooklyn had gone out to dinner at the college diner. They talked and laughed about their week. But beneath the conversation, Brooklyn could tell that there was something up.
Brooklyn: What's on your mind, Aj?
Aj: Nothing.
Brooklyn: Come on. I know that face.
Aj took a deep breath.
Aj: You know. I'm just not feeling this school thing right now.
Brooklyn: Why not? So you're not doing well in some of your classes.
Aj: ALL of my classes.
Brooklyn: Maybe you're just having a round year.
Aj: School is just not for me right now Babe. Not like you and Travis. You guys like this. I'm not. I want to get out of here. I NEED to get out of here. To do other things. To live.
He looked down before he could finish and looked over at Brooklyn.
Aj: I want to go to Sim Angeles and I want you to go with me.
Brooklyn was shocked.
Brooklyn: Go with you? But Aj. You know I can't. My grandfather needs me here. That's why I went to a school close by.
Aj: But I need you too. Ever since we were little you've been doing what you were told, what about doing what you want.
Brooklyn: What I want is to stay here. Big city life is not for me.
Aj: You're just too scared to venture out in the world.
Brooklyn: I like it here. This is my home Aj. And I thought it was yours.
Aj: It is Brooklyn. I just......I just want to know what else is out there.
Aj: I just feel like there is more than just local diners, town dances, farms, and ....
Brooklyn: me.
Aj: It's not like that Babe. You mean so much to me. That's why I want you to come with me. We can be together.
Brooklyn: It's not my dream Aj. It's yours.
Aj: Brooklyn
Brooklyn: Please Aj. I don't want to talk about it anymore. At least not right now.
Aj: Brooke
Brooklyn: Not now Aj.
They barely spoke for the remainder of the meal. And when dinner was over, he walked her home. She didn't speak to him for a few days.
She had finally invited him over to her dorm. They sat in the lobby and talked more about his move to Sim Angeles.
Brooklyn: Is this really want you want to do?
Aj: It is Brooke.
Brooklyn: As much as it pains me..... I want you to go. And I can wait for you.
Aj: Really!! You won't regret it baby. As soon as I make it big I'm going to send for you. It's going to be great. You, me, and Travis.
Brooklyn laughed.
Brooklyn: Always Travis.
Aj: I know I can do it. Just as long as you believe in me. I'm going to do it for us.
Brooklyn: When are you planning to leave.
Aj: In two weeks.
Brooklyn's heart sunk as she realized how soon he was leaving.
Brooklyn: Then we need to make sure to spend each day as if it was your last day here.
He grabbed her and held her close. It was a relief to know that she was alright with him leaving. And although she was not going with him that she would be waiting for him back home.
Aj: I promise baby. You won't regret it.
Brooklyn didn't know how to feel. Of course she didn't want him to go, but she loved him and wanted to make sure that he lived out his dreams.
In their last weekend together, Brooklyn decided that she was going to give Aj something from her.
Aj: Are you sure you want to do this? I mean I know how important it is for you to wait until marriage.
Brooklyn: I'm sure Aj.
She wrapped her hands around his shoulder nervously.
Brooklyn: I know this is the right time for us and you are who I want to spend my life with.
Aj: I just don't want you to feel like you have to. You always said your first time is to be special.
Brooklyn: And this is special.
Aj: I love you Brooklyn.
Brooklyn: I love you too.
He slowly moved towards her and kissed her softly. It was their first time together.
Aj had risked everything to follow his dreams. Against his parents wishes he left school for the big city. He said goodbye to all his friends and family and drove off to follow his dreams.
Aj: I'll be back for you.
6 years later:

Driver: So are you new to the town.
Passenger: No, I went to school here. I used to live just the town over until my parents moved. (laughing) Once the last child left the nest they moved into a condo in Florida.
Driver: Well welcome back.....errh?
Aj: Aj Allen.
Driver: Like the musician.
Aj: Yep, like the musician.
Aj sat back in the seat. He looked at an old picture of himself with Brooklyn and Travis. He smiled as he looked at it again.
The taxi pulled up to the house.
Driver: And we're here Mr. Allen.
Aj looked at the window at the home.
Driver: Hey you know Travis Rogers?
Aj: He's my best friend.
Driver: He has a lovely wife and makes the best key lime pie.
Aj walked up to the home.
Aj: Travis...married? He gave a small laugh.
Travis was sitting at the table with his wife when the doorbell rang.
Travis: Are you expecting someone?
He walked to the front of the living room and opened the door.
Travis opened the door and was startled when he saw Aj. Standing at the door.
Travis: AJ!!
Aj: TRAVIS!! My ace.
The two men embraced.
Travis: Goodness man, look at you.
Aj: Look at me, man look at you.
Travis: Aj Allen in the flesh.
Aj: It's been a long time man
Travis: Over six years. What are you doing here?
Aj: What do you mean what am I doing here?
Travis: We hadn't seen or heard from you in so long, I thought you'd forgotten about your old friends. You know, the little people.
Aj laughed.
Aj: Whatever. I want to some home to be with my friends and family.
Aj: Say have you seen Brooklyn? She doesn't have an address that I could find.
Travis didn't really answer.
Aj: Hey, are you going to let me in or leave me outside like a stray.
Travis: No, no man. Come in.
He led his friend into the living room where they sat down.
Aj: Man, look at you. House, land. This is everything you wanted.
Travis: You too. I heard your first album. It was good.
Aj: Thanks. It took a long time to get into the business. Wasn't all glitter and gold like I thought. So what's up with you. I heard you got married.
Travis: Yeah about that. I got married a few years ago. I tried contacting you but I never got a response back.
Aj: I was probably busy on tour. Sorry I couldn't make it. You know I would have if I'd known. So who is she? Is she someone from college? Betty from Lake View high. You know, you too were an item our last year.
Travis: I tried contacting you Aj. I tried emails, phone, and letters. But I never got through. I wanted to tell you before it was too late.
Aj: It's alright man. I understand. I was just getting my life started. We're best friends and I'm sorry I wasn't there on your big day.
Travis: It's not just that Aj.
Just as the Travis was trying to talk further, a woman walked into the living room.
Brooklyn hadn't noticed who Travis was talking to. She broke the conversation and spoke to the two men.
Brooklyn: Hello, I didn't know we were having guests over tonight.
Brooklyn jumped when she recognized the man who was talking to Travis.
Brooklyn: Oh my goodness.....AJ!
Aj looked up at the woman standing in front of him. He looked up and looked again.
Aj: Brook!?
Travis: This is my wife Brooklyn Rogers.
Aj: Your what?
Aj's expression dropped.

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spitzmagicApr 3, 2012

Such an enduring chapter. I love this family. \:wub\:So sad and heart warming all at the same time. Or maybe it's just you April,I love the way you write.\:wub\: Bravo my friend. Congrats on the feature. \:D

snowsnow2133Jan 21, 2012

this is so good! \:D it's not good its amazing! congragulations on writing this awesome story! keep it up please!\:rah\:

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Nice story!!\:rah\:

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