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Crazily Inlove ch 5
Published Jan 1, 2012

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˙•٠●•●♥ ♥●•●٠•˙ Thank you Very much to the creator of my CC's, clothes, lots and Sims˙•٠●•●♥ ♥●•●٠•˙

˙•٠●•●♥ ♥●•●٠•˙ Thank you Very much to the creator of my CC's, clothes, lots and Sims˙•٠●•●♥ ♥●•●٠•˙ “I-I’ve been cursed!” *chatter*
“Isn’t she feeling well?” “Poor Yuri since the day she was bullied no one’s started talking to her.”
“Maybe we should pull a prank on her too.” A boy suggested as he looked at Mimi, eagerly awaiting her response “Yea, that would be fun isn’t it Mimi?” Mara asks. She had a solemn look on her face, her eyes narrowed a bit, and her lips in a thin, straight line. “No, leave her be.” Mimi answered her gaze slightly unfocused as she stared out in front of her, completely silent. “You students are you going to play or what?” The P.E teacher asks. He shook his head back-and-forth in disbelief “This is a P.E class not a chatting class!” “Yes, were into it.” Mimi answered. “And Yuri seems like having trouble.” She went on as she point to where Yuri is.
The P.E teacher approached Yuri who is feeling her stomach. “Is something wrong?” “I…I’ve been cursed teach…cursed I tell you.” Yuri exclaimed. The teacher’s expression was blank. He’s thinking that Yuri is just playing an act which most of his students does especially those that are not active in sport. “Here’s what I’m going to tell you. You go to the infirmary and have a check up.” He suggested. “Tsk, how can they not believe in me?” Yuri said annoyed referring to her teacher and classmates. “Don’t they know the principle of pain? Whatever the person experiencing the pain says, it is existing whenever the person says it does!” Yuri said in her defense. Walking in the hallway seems like forever to Yuri. She had been going to the comfort room a couple of times for an hour and she feels dehydrated and weak. “Finally!” Yuri exclaimed seeing the clinic sign. “Just a day ago you were covered with bruises and now you have food poisoning!” The nurse exclaimed after examining the symptoms Yuri have. “That’s impossible!” Yuri protested. “Food, my beloved food? No way! How could they do that to me? I-I’ve been beaten because I ate contaminated food?” Yuri said as if she was betrayed by her bestest friend. “All along I thought it was grandpa’s cursed.” she adds slightly blushing. The nurse chuckles. “You are really a strange girl.” She said with a smile. “Drink plenty of fluids and continue with the meds the Doctor prescribed and you’ll be fine.” The nurse said smiling. “Why are you being nice to Yuri?” Mara asks. “No reasons.” Mimi answered as she combs her hair. “You do know that everyone hates her for being a foul mouth, well except for some of the boys and I think she came from a poor family you know those who don’t have a good education or maybe she came from a gangster family or maybe her mom is-“ “Stop it!” Mimi said as she puts down her comb. “Stop saying…stuff.” Mimi restrained herself. She doesn’t want others to know that they are related. A wicked smirk danced across her lips as she said her next words. “You know Mimi, I really want to be your friend but I don’t like those who don’t share their secrets.” “What do you mean?” Mimi asks confused. “You know there is this rumors that says you and Yuri are siblings, if that’s true then one of you must be illegitimate,” “Mimi is legitimate!” “So does that mean that the rumor is true?” she asks. Mimi nodded. “Mimi doesn’t really want to be her sister and so does mom.” “Eh? This is a big scoop! Wait till the whole school knows!” Mara exclaimed feeling excited that she was the first one who knows. “ “Did you grew up together?” she asks. “Nope, she grew up with grandpa, mom’s father I never met him though, mom said she hates him because his bad.” Mimi said. “Well, apparently Yuri must have got her personality from him, so who is Yuri’s father?” “I don’t know mom never mention it to Mimi.” “It must be sucks living with her huh?” “Totally, even mom finds it hard. Anyway let’s go and promise you won’t tell anyone about this, or Mimi won’t be your friend anymore!” Mimi ordered. “Of-of coarse.” She answered simply, her voice just above a whisper. “This really sucks, this is more painful than food poisoning” Yuri said as tears stream down her face as she realized in fear that she was completely alone now. She had no one to comfort her. No one to help her. It was at that very moment that she felt an aching feeling inside her chest, like a piece of her heart had broken off and was sinking to the bottom of her chest. “Are you okay?” Yano asks seeing Mirajane touching her head. “Yea, just a little bit dizzy.” Mirajane answered. “Did you stay late last night again? You shouldn’t push yourself too hard.” he asked, his powerful voice filled with urgency and concern. “You’re always worrying about me Yano.” Mirajane said with a smile. “Are you doing a new design for our school festival?” Ryu asks. “Yup, this one is my favorite.” “Your favorite? So why are you not that confident?” Ryu asks confused. “Well, I haven’t found a suitable model for it.” “We could do that.” Yano suggested. Mirajane chuckles. “In case you forget it’s for girls thanks though.” “Agh.” “Mirajane are you sure you’re okay?” Yano asks grabbing Mirajane.“We should have you check up, should we go to the hospital?” Yano asks. “Yea, maybe we should.” she whispered shakily, her eyes falling shut again.Yano’s face brightens up hearing how Mirajane had said we however, the smile slowly began to fade from his lips.“ Kira shall we go together?” Mirajane asks Kira as she grabs his arm. “I thought you’d never ask.” Kira answered with a bright smile. “Seems like they leaved someone here with a mope face.” Kiano teased. “Excuse me I’m not moping.” Yano said. “Whatever dude.” Kiano laughed. “Grandpa are you there? See what’s happening now? I told you ,you shouldn’t have leave me, This life now is more crueler than the time you banned me from eating cereals!” her eyes flew wide open as she felt a cold wetness hit her cheek. She turned her head to look up at the dark sky. A raindrop. She closed her eyes again, squeezing them as tightly as she physically could."I hate rain. The annoying, damn cold rain." She clenched her fists even tighter, fingertips digging into her palms. Her fists shook along with the rest of her body, her stomach churning inside. She have to release what she's feeling somehow, “Who’s moping? Because I’m..I’m…,Tch I wish I could scream how much I,” “I hate this! I hate this feeling!” Yuri screamed on top of her lungs. “Huh?” Yano look on his right and found Yuri screaming and cursing angrily senseless words. He simply stared up at her until she was out of breath. “Man, that was tough!” “Eh?” Yuri asks surprise and quite embarrassed. “Did he heard me?” She thought."How long have you been there?" She asks as warm blush rising in her cheeks. “Seems like I’m not the only one who’s feeling down.” Yano said his deep voice sounding painfully calm. He couldn't help but suddenly feel relieved that there is someone out there who could do freely what he wanted to do. She let out a faint whimper, her large chocolate brown eyes filled with nothing but sadness, as she spoke in a soft, weak voice, “I didn’t know rich kids could be sad too.” She is now standing in front of Yano. Yano sighed and smiled. The two keep still for a few minutes without talking and the longer she went without saying anything, the more her frustration with her continued to grow, until it finally reached a point where, “I know what are we gonna do to ease this feelings.” Yuri suggested. Yano raised his brow. “Come.” Yuri said grabbing Yano’s arm. “What are we doing here?” Yano asks. “I thought you’re smart, obviously were waiting for the bus.” Yuri answered. “I know that, but for your information I have a car.” Yano said slightly annoyed. “Tch, your car won’t do.” Yuri exclaimed. “Excuse me, my car is brand new.” “Here comes the bus, come on!” Yuri said as he pulls Yano inside the bus. “Tickets?” The bus driver asks. “I’m sorry sir but we don’t have one, but we will entertain you and your passengers in exchange.” Yuri bargained. The driver was about to argue but he was captivated when yuri face him and showed a smile. “What are you, a model?” He asks. “Oh, no sir, were just… depressed kids.” Yuri answered. “Ahem,” This won’t do. Yuri thought. “Excuse me sir do you have a microphone I could borrow?” Yuri asks the bus driver. “There’s one in the compartment.” “Thank you, Hi Everyone, I’m Yuri and this is …ahm," Yuri stopped remembering she doesn't even know his name yet "say your name.” Yuri ordered. “This is embarrassing.” Yano whispered. “Just say it!” “Y-Yano.” “Alright everybody he is Yano and were here to give you a song.” “What is she thinking?” Yano thought. “Okay, I’ll start… ♫ My grandpa is a baldy man
He never grow a hair,
He lies to make me happy
He’s always by my side when I’m sad
He will fight away those who hurts me,
He never buy me enough snacks,
He spanks me when I’m wrong,
But I love him so much… ♫
As Yuri continues to sing Yano can’t help but be mesmerized by her and so is the passengers, they think the lyrics is lame but her singing has a great impact. It’s as if they could feel what she’s feeling.
“It’s your turn.” Yuri said as she passes the microphone to Yano. “This is really embarrassing, but I’m still an entertainer anyway.” Yano thought He squeezed his shoulder softly to relieve the tension...
♫ How can you not see me,
When I’m always there
Can you not see me,
Please see me
Cause you are the only one I see ♫
The two keep on singing until they were out of breath. Even the bus driver was singing along with them. It was as if they turn the bus into their own concert hall. The passengers were wild and having fun.
“Thank you.” Yano said with a wide smile on his face. “It was fun.” He went on. “Isn’t it?” Yuri asks still breathless. “Me and grandpa used to this all the time to get a free ride.” Yuri giggles remembering those times. “You know I want to see this grandpa of yours.” Yano said. “Yea, me too. I missed him so much.” Glistening tears quickly began forming against her dark lashes, clinging desperately to the threads knowing she won’t be able to do so. “Sorry.” Yano said remembering that he passed away.She was trying her hardest to hold back from crying, he knew, and he could tell she was about to lose it and collapse into tears any second now.And he was frantically looking for something to change the subject. He don't want to sadden her more. “You know I had food poisoning today.” Yuri suddenly muttered. “Eh?” Yano was surprised and confused for the sudden random thing Yuri blurted out but he finds it cute at the same time. “And the pain was treated really fast…I hope we could just drink something for the pain right here.” Yuri said as she points in her heart. “Yea, I hope so too.” Yano agreed. “Anyway, I have to get off on the next stop. See you at school tomorrow and thanks for the day too.” Yuri smiled. Next Morning…
Yuri was early and found a guy bullying a student. “Hey you, stop what you’re doing and pissed off. While I’m still in a good mood.” Yuri warned the boy who immediately ran away when he saw it was Yuri. “Threatening students this early huh.” Her eyes flew back open at the sound of that mocking voice. She turned around to see “Yano.”
“Master Gin didn’t you asks that blond girl out?” “She needs to learn who his owner is!” He could feel his anger building up, ready to be unleashed at any given moment. He watched in annoyance as the two continued to laughed together.

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MangioJan 4, 2012

Congrats on the feature \:rah\: Yano and Yuri sure had fun.. i don't think i'd be able to sing infront of the crowd or be able to ride a bus for free \:o I have a bad feeling Mara is going to tell everyone about the sisters relationship...

fabrizioammolloJan 2, 2012

Nice chapter. \:\)

Xanthia_loveJan 2, 2012

haha i have fun reading these series !! Waiting for more ! \:rah\:

v5ginaJan 2, 2012

Poor yuri \:\(shes my fav btw, oooh love triangle between yano mirajane and kira \:eek\: i like the korean bus, awesome chapter\:rah\:

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