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Blast From the Past
Published Jan 23, 2012

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Welcome to my new story!
All I can say is I hope you enjoy the first chapter!
Please leave reviews, I love to hear feedback. :)
Thanks xxx

Welcome to my new story!
All I can say is I hope you enjoy the first chapter!
Please leave reviews, I love to hear feedback. :)
Thanks xxx
"Oh my god Jackie, will you *please* stop looking in the bloody mirror. You look fabulous and you know it." Kate let out another huff as she waited impatiently for her friend who insisted on perfecting her own reflection.
"You know I get all flustered before these things," Jackie sighed as she turned and stared at her sideways profile. "We have all the clients come in... it's not easy being a writer and model. You would know that if you would have signed that modeling contract they offered you."
"Psh," Kate scoffed, "a model? Please... I love food my darling. So I could never be a model, everybody knows that."
Jackie threw her hands up in protest.
"You're naturally a twig you twit!" She took fluffed her hair one last time and glared at her friend through the mirror. "Some of us have to work to keep our figures..."
"Oh hush up," Kate glanced at the clock on the wall and rolled her eyes, standing up to leave. "We're going to be late so get your booty going. You know how our 'oh so wonderful' boss will have a fit if we're thirty seconds late."
"Okay, okay," Jackie snapped her heels on as her eyes wandered back to the mirror.
"NO, NO!" Kate shooed her out the room. "I swear to god you're the one of the most vain people I've ever met. Worse then me," she shoved her best friend out the door. "And that's saying something missy." They drove for twenty minutes in silence, mentally preparing themselves to brown nose as much as they could possibly bore. Not to mention Jackie was dreading having to be paraded around like a show dog. They were going to their companies bi-annual banquet, where the only goal is to earn themselves more clients and get their models more gigs. Very few people had the will-power and determintion to do what Jackie did, both a full time model and writer for a high fashion magazine; they were both her passions and she would settle for nothing less. Though it didn't leave much free time to spend build and keep friendships and relationships, she loved what she did professionally, and that was enough for her.
"I hate these stupid banquets."
"Ditto," Kate agreed, watching as Jackie pulled the car effortlessly in front of the hotel. They both slid out and adjusted their dresses. The exquisite blonde took the keys and handed them off to the valet. Jackie quickly slipped him a tip and they made their way inside.
Jackie made an abrupt stop before the door, if they were in the car, it would have been the equivalent with slamming on the brakes with no warning; her friend almost smacked into the back of her.
"What's the hold up, then?" Kate looked at her friend quizzically.
"I don't want to do it. It makes me nervous, I get sick to my stomach, I feel like-"
"Jackie!" She quickly grabbed the brunette by the shoulders and shook her softly. "Calm down..."
"Now breathe, deeply... for god's sake woman I'm not your therapist. You do this all the time, you're excellent at it. Now go in there and do your thing." She lightly shoved her friend forward, being late was one thing Kate did not do. Ever.
Jackie tried her best to not have a panic attack as she first entered the mini hallway. So far it was not looking like the usual banquets that they attended, this worried her even more.
Right before making their official entrance they were cut off by their co-worker, much to the dismay of Kate who was not fond of this particular girl.
"Oh my gosh! You guys look gorgeous! I'm so jealous!" The over-enthusiastic red head jumped up and down excitedly. She was the assistant of the head boss at MODELS INC. and followed Jackie and Kate around most of the day. Kate felt like she didn't do much assisting or that she had the 'looks' to be working at a modeling industry. She scoffed at the girls compliment and brushed past her.
Jackie had the complete opposite view of Kate, she thought that there shouldn't be a requirement of how much of a 'fashionsita' you are to work at the magazine. She was nice to everyone so the assistant was no exception.
"Thank you so much Tara." She smiled and gave her a quick hug.
"Your dress is lovely."
Tara's jaw dropped and Jackie could feel the excitement radiate through the girl.
"No one ever compliments me! Thank you! My mother got this dress for me when I first told her about me getting the job with the company... Sorry for blabbing, anyway, I think Kate already went in so I'll see you later!"
She waved and was off because Jackie could say goodbye as well. She took baby steps into the building and all of her fears were confirmed. This was NOT like the typical fancy high class banquets she was used to.
Jackie stepped in a little more and surveyed the scene, this was something out of the rave parties that they warn you about on TV. Crazy flashing lights, loud techno music, people who were already way past their drink limit when it was only the afternoon. She felt like a fish out of water, although she'd been a model for awhile now she had never experienced one of these parties yet.
"I guess I only had so long..." she whispered to herself as she tried to figure out which way to head.
She headed towards the bar, that was one place that she was familiar with from all of the "normal" banquets. As she sat down by herself she peered over her shoulder to the 'hard to look at without having a seizure' dance floor where Kate was going wild with some man she'd most definitely just met. Kate was obviously a pioneer at these type of parties, then again, she had been in the modeling industry for 10 years longer then Jackie. Once she had turned her attention back to the bar she noticed she had company on the stool beside her. She automatically felt her face go red, he was gorgeous, there was no denying that. Although she had looks that girls would kill for she was still one of the shyest people ever. She wanted desperately to talk to someone who seemed to not be into this kind of party as well but she didn't want to be the one to initiate conversation with such a good looking specimen. Luckily for her, he turned and smiled at her. Of course he had a gorgeous smile, of course. She thought to herself as she admired his pearly whites.
"I'm sorry, not to bother you, but do I know you from somewhere?"
"Oh uhm... I'm Jackie Marks."
He gave her an almost shocked and odd look. She figured he must have seen her in some of the magazine photo shoots or some of the runway work she had done. Only she eventually come to realize that wasn't the case at all.
His smile grew back instantly as he lightly took her hand and kissed it.
"I'm Chase Kingsley." Jackie could feel her heart flutter but instantly told herself no, he was definitely the player type, she could tell just by his looks and charm. He probably picked up a different girl at every party he attended. It was hard for her to resist him though...
"I don't believe I actually know you, just have a familiar face I suppose." He shrugged and raised his champagne glass up.
He snapped his fingers to the bartender and waited for him to approach them.
"Can you please get the lady one for herself?"
The bartender nodded and obliged, quickly handing Jackie a drink as well.
"Let's make a toast." He used his award winning smile again as he waited for her to raise her glass.
"To what, exactly?" She asked in a rather timid voice.
"To the most beautiful woman in the building," he winked at her and she could practically feel her heart melt. She rolled her eyes though, knowing it had to just be another one of his sweet talking tricks.
They both finished their drinks pretty fast. Jackie couldn't hold back asking any longer, a question burned in the back of her mind.
"So why aren't you out on the dance floor, with the rest of them?"
"Ah, I'm not really into this type of party. I'm into the smaller quieter ones, ya know?" Jackie didn't believe him for a second, if he was playing a routine with her, he sure was good at it. She was surprised he wasn't working on Kate at the moment, knowing she would definitely go for it. As she was thinking he looked at his watch and turned back to her.
"I will be back in a few minutes, if you aren't still here, I'll come looking for you." He used one of his classy winks at took off.
"Yeah... sure." Jackie sighed, she knew he was just ditching her. All the good looking ones don't stick around if they don't feel like they're making any progress.
She finished her drink and left a tip for the bartender before going wandering off until she found a cute little set up behind the building. It was all there for just her, none of the crazy party goers have discovered it yet.
It was quite beautiful and very quiet, the complete opposite of everything that was going on inside. It was perfect for her.
As she sat by herself in one of the comfy wooden chairs she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. The name read MICHAEL across the screen so she picked it up, trying to hold back a groan.
"Where are you?" The husky voice asked her, seeming more annoyed than concerned.
"I'm still at the banquet," she rolled her eyes as she paced back and forth across the stones. "Why?"
"I thought you said you weren't going to be all night!"
"I'm not, I'll be leaving soon, calm down. There's not an emergency is there?" She waited for an answer but never got one, only a dial tone. "Really? Jerk..."
She huffed and sat back down, leaning her head against the building as she thought about her life and how unsure she was with the path she was taking.
Suddenly her eyes popped open, she had heard someone sitting down next to her. When she looked beside herself she shook her head a little bit.
"You're back?"
"I told you I would come looking for you... not in like a creepy way, okay never mind." He seemed flustered for a second before regaining his charming demeanor. "So you left the party?"
"Not my thing either. I was starting to go a little insane listening to that music and watch everybody dance on each other like a bunch of wild hyenas..."
He chuckled at her interpretation it.
"It's not that bad in there, is it?"
"To me? It's worse. Gross even. Whatever though, I'll be leaving in a bit." She felt her phone vibrate again but this time she chose to ignore it.
"You're going home already?" He looked a bit disappointed as she nodded her head. "But the party isn't nearly over."
"So what do you suggest then?" Jackie asked, feeling her phone vibrate once again. She continued to ignore it, that call was not worth her time at the moment, she had other things on her mind.
Chase placed both hands on his lap and thought for a moment.
"Let's go revisit the bar for a little bit before you leave, hm?"
Jackie pondered for a few seconds knowing that she should be getting home but reluctantly agreed.
"Okay, fine. But just a couple more drinks... that's it."
"Deal," he flashed a smile and grabbed her hand gently leading her back into the building.
The next morning Jackie woke up and yawned, stretching her arms out as she slowly arose. She felt her head for a moment, it felt like she got hit by a truck. She figured she must have drank too much last night.
That's when it hit her, she didn't remember last night, at all.
She soon realized she wasn't wearing her clothes, or any clothes that she even recognized.
As the panic began to set in even more she surveyed the room. It was not hers, it was not Kates, it was not one she knew.
"Oh god..."
She leaned over the side of the bed and tried her hardest to remember exactly what happened last night. The last thing she could remember was sitting at the bar right after she got to the party.
How did she get here? Whose house was this? Where was Kate? A million questions raced through her head which made it hurt even more.
Jackie decided she wouldn't find out any answers while sitting in bed. She got up and snuck out the room, she still didn't see anyone. She continued down the hall and down the stairs, still no one. There didn't seem to be a soul in the house.
She quickly peeked out the window, there was no car in the driveway, she was here alone. She noticed a street sign and at least knew relatively where she was.
She spotted a laptop out the corner of eye, since she didn't know where her purse or phone was she decided that would be her best bet.
Jackie carefully opened the laptop up and checked the time on the screen, it was already 8:30 in the morning and she had to be at work in thirty minutes. She signed onto Facebook messenger and luckily enough Kate was signed on.
JACKIE: Kate, please please answer me!
KATIE: Jackie? Where are you? Where'd you go last night??
JACKIE: I don't have time to explain just please pick me up at the coffee shop on 23rd street, like now!
KATIE: Tell me what happened last night.
KATIE: I was worried sick!
JACKIE: I don't know what happened, just please hurry!
She signed off and went in a mad search for her dress, which she found quickly.
After getting dressed as quick as possible she headed out the door, looking around to make sure no neighbors had seen her.
Jackie made a mad sprint for the coffee shop, she knew she was going to be late for work. As she approached the end of the street she almost broke down in tears.
"Michael!" She had completely forgotten that Michael was up waiting all night for her. Now what would she do? She not only was going to get reamed out by her boss for being late, but she also would have to explain to her boyfriend where she was last night... when she didn't even know that answer herself.

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