The Life of the Cardoghan Family #4
Published Jan 5, 2012

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#4 - Goodbye?

#4 - Goodbye? Caroline was absolutely determined to disappear. At least for a while. The words from Rachel where painful for her and have destroyed the trust in Rachel. "I'll pack up my things and then talk again with the girls" she thought and gets her clothing out of the cupboard. Next she takes a shower to make herself ready to leave the house soon. She is still shocked and frustrated about what Rachel said. Meanwhile Sharon talks with Rachel about what happened. "Rachel why are you so mean? Weren't it your words that we should try to live here?" says Sharon. "Yes, that is right Sharon. We are all doing well but why does she neglect her appearance?" tries Rachel to explain. "We were once the most famous girls being known for style and grace. But what will people think about us if they see how Caroline looks like right now?" The conversation between the two ends abruptly when Caroline comes down. They go outside with her and listen to what she wants to tell them. "Okay listen Sharon. As you heard I am in a conflict with Rachel." started Caroline. "I will leave the house for an indefinite time. At the moment I just dont want to be here in this house with Rachel." "What she said to me is impolite and beyond my dignity. She complains about my clothing style? Look at her, her neck is as low as her level." says Caroline in a slightly snotty way. "Anyways, I will leave now. Maybe I will come back. Maybe not. Goodbye." says Caroline and goes outside of the house where a taxi waits for her. Rachel and Sharon could not say a word and just stare at her. But Sharon follows her and wants to say some words before she goes. But it was too late, Caroline sits already in the taxi wich is already setting off. The only thing that Sharon sees are the backlights of the taxi. "Does this mean goodbye forever?" thinks Sharon and is sad." This can not be real. We were always best friends and now it should be over because of something like this?" with this thoughts Sharon goes back into the house. Sharon takes off her clothes to sleep. Rachel already went to her bedroom and sleeps without saying a word about Caroline. "We should wait until tomorrow. It is the best thing if we sleep now." thinks Sharon and lies down on the bed. She looks through the window and thinks about Caroline. "Why is she gone so abruptly? It was not a really big hassle between them. Only a small controversy. Maybe she really just need a break from all this." she thinks. Sharon then decides to sleep. The days in the new town changed a lot in her life and also in the life of the other girls. And it were only some days. Sharon can not imagine what happens next.. Early at the morning both Sharon and Rachel are already dressed up. Rachel makes breakfast while Sharon yawns and is really tired. "What do we get this morning? Waffles?" Rachel is kinda absent and is only murmuring "Yes." Rachel pushes the waffles in the oven and is silent. As they're done she takes them out and sits down to Sharon. They both eat the waffles. "Rachel? How are you, you are so quiet?" asks Sharon. But Rachel is still silent and eats her waffles. She clears the table and goes to work without talking with Sharon. She seems a bit stressed and sad. Rachel leaves the house and Sharon is alone. "Caroline left the house, Rachel doesnt talk to me because she feels guilty. They totally overreact! I mean we are best friends.. or where? No. I shouldnt even think that!" thinks Sharon. In thoughts she goes to work. At work Sharon meets someone from the town. His name is Barrington and Sharon seems kinda enjoyed by his presence. "Hello my name is Barrington!" he introduces himself. "Oh hey Barrington. I am Sharon and the stylist here. So what is your wish?" asks Sharon friendly. In thoughts she can not believe that such a hot guy needs a stylist. "Well.. I am not here to get a new style. I saw you at your party but you went soon somewhere else! I would like to meet you and to get to know you better. Are you interested?" says Barrington in a skittish way with a big smile on his face. "Sure why not?" said Sharon and smiles also. " I have a bit time after work, maybe we could meet at the local pool and spend a bit time there together?" Barrington agrees and leaves the place. Meanwhile Rachel stands in front of her former work place. She has just been fired by her boss because of being rude and working unfocused. "Oh no. Everything goes wrong right now." thinks Rachel in a depressed mood. I really should do the same as Caroline and take a break. We rushed everything here in this small town and can not handle this." Rachel goes home to pack a suitcase. As she was finished with the preparations she writes a text message to Sharon that she will be out of town for some days. She locks the door and goes outside. "I hope Sharon will be fine alone. But I really need time to think about me and what I did to Caroline. It should not be like that." thinks Rachel and goes to the taxi to leave the town. "Ah, finished! So now lets go to the pool. I hope Barrington is already there." thinks Sharon full of joy to finally do something to relax. She goes to the place, it is just 5 minutes from her work place. She sits down on a bench to wait for Barrington. But nobody comes and with every minute she gets more impatient. And then suddenly she gets a text message from Rachel. She clicks on the new message-icon. "Hey Sharon, I will be out of the town for some days. Nothing special, just a bit time to think about myself a bit. All the new stuff in this town and the trouble with Caroline.. you know. Will be back soon. Love you. - Rachel." She puts her mobile phone back in her pocket. "I never felt better! Caroline is gone, Rachel is gone. And Barrington has not even been here. I feel really bad.." thinks Sharon and has the worst mood she ever had. She goes back home. Back at home she tries to relax. She makes fire in the chimney, makes a drink and turns the TV on. Then she sits down on the sofa. But she can not distract herself from what happens at the moment. "Everything goes wrong at the moment and now I am even alone here. I need my girls here, they are everything I have. I feel so alone.." talks Sharon to herself while sipping at the drink. Suddenly a woman in a black dress appears. "You are not alone. Did you really forget me? And how do you look like honey, depressed and sad, alone with a drink. This is totally inappropriate." says the woman with a convinced voice.

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#2JadeiestoneJan 6, 2012

OMG!!!!! I have that house!!! But it only has like one bed!!!

#3JadeiestoneJan 6, 2012

What world is that in?

#4MangioJan 6, 2012

Poor Sharon \:\( I hope the girls come back from their break and put their differences aside. This seems like such a bad day for them all...i wonder whose the mystery girl? Can't wait for more \:wub\: Also congrats on the feature \:rah\:

#5spitzmagicJan 6, 2012

Congrats on the feature \:D great chapter oh dear Sharon I hope the other come back soon, I think Sharon is about to meet herself :PI loved it \:rah\:

#6Hope821Jan 6, 2012

good job \;\)

#7urm0mJan 6, 2012

Uh oh!

#8martoeleJan 6, 2012

Who's that woman...? \:rolleyes: Will she meet her 'better-self'? Now I'm curious to see how that turns out. \:\) Congratulations on the feature! \:cool\:

#9xhaiiJan 7, 2012

I'm curios who's the woman.hmm. I guess its still "her". just the other side \:\) great chapter! Well, there's no such thing as perfect friendship, it will have a time that you and your friends have a war. But I hope they will be ok soon, I feel pity for Sharon being left alone.

#10orlovVIPJan 13, 2012

\:D \:rah\:. . ."Lucky". . .( D. ). . .thank goodness Rachel has enough good sense to feel badly about what she's done. . .(although, I think Caroline could have spent a little bit of time to hear what Sharon or Rachel might have said). . .and WHAT is wrong with Barrington?. . .why did he stand Sharon up?. . .maybe he was run over by a taxicab?. . .got locked up in jail?. . .better be something good, because she deserved a little better, did she not?. . .and just like everyone else. . .WHO is that woman?. . .also,. . .How did she get in the house?. . .fun reading, little friend. . .THANKS!

#11bukovkaJan 16, 2012

THANKS! Continuation will be. I hope.

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