A Broken Home-Can Never Be Fixed? pt3
Published Jan 14, 2012

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Enjoy =)

Enjoy =) Marty: I missed you as well. (I said letting him go)
I took a step back and looked him up and down.

Marty: Wow son, youíve grown so much.
Paul smiledÖ

Paul: Awww Dad, I havenít grown that much.
Marty: Yeah you have.
Paul: Iím so happy that you are here!
Marty: Me too, your mom invited me over to see you guys.

Justine just smiled

Paul: I have so much to tell you!
Marty: Iím all ears; Iím ready to catch up.
Marty: Your mom has told me about you being the captain of the basketball team. I couldnít be any prouderÖ

Paul: Yeah, I actually just got from practice.

Marty: Yeah, I know, your mom told me.

Paul: Wow Mom, you told him everything. (We laughed) Well, what donít you know?Ē
Justine: Well I am going to let you guys talk. I need to go check on Justice. (And with that she was off)

Paul: So dad we have a game this Friday, I would like for you to come.
Marty: I wouldnít miss it for the world.

We both smiled. He began to let me into his life, telling me everything I missed. He even told me about the little girl he was dating at the time. I was a proud dad, just listening to him go on about how good he has been doing.
Marty: Paul listening to you talk about all these accomplishments youíve done already at a young age makes me so happy. I am glad to call you my son.

Paul: You should always be proud to call me your sonÖ (He chuckled)

Marty: I am son; Iím just trying to let you know, so you wonít have to guess about it.
Plus I need to catch up on praising you when you do well.
Before we could say anything, Justine cleared her throat.

Justine: Ah I though you would like to know that she was up.
My eyes were glued on the baby in Justineís arm.
Justine: Marty this is our daughter.
Marty: Wow

I was speechlessÖ
I walked closer to them and my eyes never left Justice.

Marty: Sheís beautiful!!!

Justice clung closer to Justine the more I got closer to them.

Marty: Sheís scared of me?
Justine: Well surely you can understand.
Justine: Justice this is dah-dah, your father.

Justice looked up at Justine as if she was saying ďPlease donít let him hold me.Ē
I smiled, she looks just like Justine.

Marty: I would love to hold you, but I understand you have to get use to me first.
Justine: Iím sorry; it takes her a while for her to warm up to folks.

Justice looked passed me and saw her big brother. She began to reach for him.

Justice: Pauly- Pauly!!!
Paul came over and grabbed her.

Paul: Yeah Dad, she will get use to you.

I smiled even though I was hurt.

Paul: Iím going to take her to the playground around back. Dad would you like to come?

Marty: Sure

And with that we were off to have quality time
Months had passed and I was enjoying catching up with my family. Justine and I had established a relationship; we were dating once again. I loved it; I felt complete again. My son and daughter were closer as well.

Then one day all of that began to change.
I was at the local Laundromat trying to wash my two week old laundry. After putting my load in the washing machine, I went to play a game of darts.
When I went up stairs I noticed that a woman had beaten me to the game. I really wanted to play so I could pass the time, so I decided to ask to join in her game.

Marty: Excuse me, but do you mind if I join?

Woman: Sure Marty, you can join...

I began to look confuse.
Marty: How do you know my name?
Then woman turned around and faced me. My mouth had dropped; no it canít be but it isÖ

Paige: Itís nice to see you again. (She said turning around to finish her game of darts)
Marty: Paige?!? What are you doing back here in Sunset Valley? (I said in shock)
Paige: Wow! I canít get a Hi or hello? (She throws the dart)
Marty: Iím sorry, Iím just shocked!

Paige: Shocked is an understatementÖ

Marty: Huh? What does that suppose to mean?

Paige: Nothing. (She stops playing and talks towards me)
Marty: How are things?

Paige: Marty, letís not play games here. I donít want to know about anything you have been doing and I know you donít care to know what Iíve been doing.

Marty: TrueÖ So what brings you back here?

Paige: YouÖ.
I was shocked to hear her say that. Paige and I were on okay terms after she and our son moved back to Pleasantville with her father. She had caused me pain and caused me to lose my family.

Marty: Me? Why me?

Paige: Ughh, get over yourself Marty! Iím here because our son wanted to see you!

Marty: Paige, Iím not trying to argue with you. Iím doing laundry and Iím waiting on it to end. All I want to do is play darts to pass the time.

Paige: Well you canít play darts right now, we need to talk.
Marty: Go ahead, Iím listeningÖ

Paige: I know donít how you are going to take this.

Marty: Take what Paige, is Phil okay?

Paige: Yes, Phil is great.
Marty: So whatís the problem?

Paige: Marty, I donít know how to tell you this but you have another sonÖ

Marty: Yes, I knowÖ Paul.

Paige: No Marty! Iím saying you have another son other than Phil and Paul.

Hope you enjoyed this

Please come back and find out more....


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SimplySweetFeb 26, 2012

I don't believe it!!!!

tamyaglassFeb 11, 2012

<strong>OH MY GOSH!!! </strong>How? \:eek\:

fruitopia VIPJan 14, 2012

Just when things were starting to look up for Marty&nbsp;\:\)

MangioJan 14, 2012

<span style="letter-spacing: 0.0px;">How did that happen? What a big shocker for Marty.. and just when things seemed to be looking up on the brightside. Congrats on the feature \:rah\: Can&rsquo;t wait for more \;\)</span>

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