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Before the Aftermath, chapter 6
Published Jan 15, 2012

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Thank you for all your comments. And for anybody who said about revelations.... yep, it's THAT chapter time! Though only some, not all :) I hope you enjoy this story!

Thanks to the CC makers!

Thank you for all your comments. And for anybody who said about revelations.... yep, it's THAT chapter time! Though only some, not all :) I hope you enjoy this story!

Thanks to the CC makers!
They stood staring at the school building and at the man inside for a short while, until he noticed them and gestured for them to come in, smiling.
"Hello! You must be our new students! Oh, this is so exiciting! Our primary class now has five in it. Five. I never thought I would see this day." He broke off, looking emotional.
"I'm sorry, but, five? For seven years?"
"We are only a very small school. Our village is not very big. In fact, it's not really a village at all... But don't let that put you off! Our teaching is first class!"
"I'm sure you are right. Oh, by the way, there is a... family friend that we think goes here. Her name is Tillie."
"Uh, well, she's here. For the moment. I hear she's moving somewhere else tonight though."
"When did she get here?"
"I'm not really sure. She wasn't here one minute, then she was. It's strange..."
Yet they were already gone, racing up the stairs, like they knew where they were going.
"Wait! I need to sort out your rooms!"
"Tillie! What... why... how... how did you get here?"
"I don't know."
"Uh... Tim'll be here in a minute... Tim! Come on!"
Tillie laughed slightly. "Ah, still as bossy as I remember. And looking the same as ever. I thought your hair would've grown by now. I wonder how long Mum was mad at you for..." Then she stopped. What was she saying? What did she know?
"Was? Why are you talking in the past tense?"
"Huh? I last saw you six months ago... to the day."
"You saw me yesterday."
"Hey, hey, Tillie! Oh, it's good to see... you..." Tim trailed off, panting slightly. "What?"
"What do you mean," Tracie asked, "Six months?"
"Exactly that."
"How? I don't believe you!"
Tillie looked down. "We are not where we used to be."
"Bethany? You are wanted outside." The teacher spoke through the chatter. "Don't worry, you're not in trouble."
"Uh, ok Miss."
She went out of the room, leaving her classmates staring after her in confusion.
When she took her place next to Tillie, Bethany noticed that they all looked very serious and she began to worry that she had done something wrong after all. And 'call me Auntie' Melanie looked sad.
"Now girls, it's time to tell you what you may have started to suspect. I hinted at it to Annie, but now I need to tell you the whole truth."
"You are very special people, but the truth is... none of you should ever have met. It shouldn't be possible. But here you all are." Melanie took a shuddering breath and continued. "What I'm about to tell you may seem unlikely, impossible even, but it's true."
Tillie looked up. "Please, let me."
"W-what? You know?"
"I have an idea."
"We are all from different... well, I suppose you would call them... dimensions. That's why we never should have met. And yet something pulled us together. That's why I can't remember getting here, and why it's just slightly different from my home. And yet... oh..."
"Tillie? Are you alright?"
"I think I remember now..."
The headteacher turned around, ready to go to bed, when he got a shock. A girl, curled up, sitting on the floor, silent, staring. He didn't know who she was, or how, or when, she had gotten there.
"Hello? Hello?" She didn't answer.
"Please, say something!"
"Where am I?"
He took her to the attic, where the empty bedrooms were and let her sleep. The next day, she remembered nothing, but her name, Tillie, her age, 16, and snippets of her earlier life.
She had some siblings, though she remember no names, and a double bass. Just those facts. The next day they bought her a double bass and set it next to her. She just stood next to it, staring blankly. The headteacher left the room, leaving her alone. Not long afterwards, he heard beautiful music drifting towards him. He smiled. "I don't remember anything from before then though... Only that's everything is different..."
"Do you think being here makes you forget?" Bethany asked, scared. "Because I think I'm forgetting too. The only thing I really remember is a name... Elizabeth. I don't really remember my parents, only that my dad was never home and my mum gave the best hugs..." She broke off with a sob. "I wanna go home!"
"I want to see my dad." Annie broke in. "I'm not forgetting anything, probably because, if this is all true, this is my dimension in the first place. But I want to see dad. I want him to come home." Strangely, they both chose the same place to go and reflect, but they didn't know the other was there. They had both been there for six months, and yet they had never thought of questioning how they were there, or why. Bethany chose the bench, nestled within a bed of wild flowers. That name, what was that name? Elizabeth, could be shortened to Beth. Beth, her mother's name for her. It could be them both, yet the full names were so different. Different, and yet the same... The same, but different. She went cold. Bethany reminded her of someone. Someone... but who? They had the same red hair, but lighter. Someone else had lighter hair. And a year younger. Eight. A friend? No, it couldn't be, they would be too young to have met. One of her sibling's friends? Her siblings... twins... one girl, one boy... Timothy. Tim. Tracie. Annie wished that somebody would, for once, recognise that she hurt too, more than most. As soon as the others had gone off, her Aunt had worried about them. Just them. Not her. Annie worried about them too, of course, and normally would never resort to self pity, but today, today it was hard not to. "So, do you remember anything about us?" Tim asked, looking at the girl next to him. She wasn't the same person, without her memories, than she had been with them.
"Only a little." Tillie replied with a sad smile.
"Shall we tell you about yourself then? See if anything comes back?"
"If you think it may help."
"We come from a town called Riverblossom Hills. As the name implies, it is between two hills. You always loved it there because, standing on top of the hills, it felt like you could see the whole world... Yet you started to get moody, withdrawn. You wouldn't really talk to our parents. We now know it's because you were somehow being drawn here."
"Drawn here?"
"So, I believe there was something that links us three and somehow pulled us together."
"I came here because they were freaking out that I could read minds and somehow... turned into another person." Bethany didn't know why she said that. She didn't even know what it meant. But she knew it was right.
"You can read minds and become another person?"
"Uh... I guess?"
"So what pulled us together."
"I'm not really sure. Maybe it's because of your powers."
"Yeah!" It was Tim who spoke this time. "Like how I can move things with my mind."
"Really? Oh wow! Show me, please!" A minute later, food came flying from the school and stopped, floating, in front of them.
Annie ran her hands through her hair. "So, in your world, everyone has some kind of power?"
"I think so, so reading minds must be mine."
"What am I thinking right now?"
"You wish your Aunt would pay more attention to you."
"Huh. Do you think Tillie has a power too?"
The end (for now)!


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