Best Friends IV
Published Jan 23, 2012

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Aj ran his hands through Brooklyn's hair. Her body was warm under his and although it was not his first time, he was more nervous than she was.
He looked longing into her eyes and all the nervousness had melted away. She trusted him and knew he would not hurt her.
Aj: I love you Brooklyn.

Aj ran his hands through Brooklyn's hair. Her body was warm under his and although it was not his first time, he was more nervous than she was.
He looked longing into her eyes and all the nervousness had melted away. She trusted him and knew he would not hurt her.
Aj: I love you Brooklyn.
It was the last and the only night they had spent together. Aj had gone outside after playing. The past week living away from the limelight was rejuvenating for him. He had been writing for days and enjoyed every minute of it. The only problem is that the moment he stopped writing he thought about her.
Aj: Brooklyn
Brooklyn: Okay Sophie, time for bed. Which story do you want tonight?
Sophie: I don't want a book story tonight mommy. Tell me about how you and daddy met.
Brooklyn: Where is this coming from?
Sophie: No reason. I just hear all the stories from daddy of when he was kid with Aj. What about how you?
Sophie: Was he just as bad when he was a little boy with Aj.
Brookyn: The worst. He would always try to dare me to eat weird stuff like worms and insect.
Sophie: Really!? Robbie Finski tries the same thing.
Brooklyn: That must mean he really likes you.
Sophie: ewwwww
Sophie: What about you and Aj?
Brooklyn: What about?
Sophie: I saw old pictures of you in his bag.
Brookyn: SOPHIE!!
Sophie: Sorry. I was just curious.
Brooklyn: What have we always told you about being too curious?
Sophie: I know, I know. He always talks about how nice you are and how I am lucky to have a mommy like you. I saw the pictures of you and him when you were young. You were holding hands, you were hugging a lot. Was Aj your boyfriend mommy?
Brooklyn: He was..... a long time ago.
Sophie: Oh! Then you married my daddy.
Brooklyn: I did. The end.
Sophie: I liked your old pictures. You hair was different and you were young.
Brooklyn: I was different.
Sophie: And so was Aj. He looked really happy in the pictures.
Brooklyn looked at her daughter. She ran her hand along her jet black hair. Same twinkle in her eyes.
Brooklyn: It's time for bed (she said softly)
Brooklyn kissed Sophie goodnight and turned off the lights.
She walked slowly down the hall and into her bedroom.
Meanwhile, Travis had been working longer hours at the station. There was reported of a forest fire miles away from town and his unit was now helping the neighboring towns whose own units were assisting with the fire.
He tried to make use of his time by working out and reading.
Sophia would come to visit him on some afternoons. The staff all adored the little girl. She had grew up in the station. Her favorite was riding down the fire pole with the other people. Sophia was his heart and she loved to be around her daddy. Being fire captain meant he had a lot of work to do. When he was working late shifts he always made sure to call home at least twice a day. He wanted to make sure that his family was alright. And also, he was becoming a little self-conscience around Aj. Aj had been taking to the streets and tiny venues around town. He wanted to try his new sound on the public and get their reaction. There were very few people that new he was a celebrity. And those that did, didn't care for the music he was known to play. He always attracted a good crowd of people. He was getting back to his roots. It was late one night as Travis and Brooklyn was getting ready for bed. She began telling him about her day.
Brooklyn: And Aj was a big help today. He took Sophia to the park so I can get some rest time. I decided to go to the spa and just relax. It was nice you know.
She looked over at Travis. She could tell his mind was elsewhere.
Brooklyn: Are you okay?
Travis: It's nothing.
Brooklyn: Come on. I can tell when there is something bothering you.
Travis tried not to talk about it but he knew Brooklyn would keep at him until he talked.
Travis: It's Aj.
Brooklyn: Aj?
Travis: I don't know. Maybe I was wrong for thinking that he could get over us being married and all. I mean one minute we were all the best of friends and now....I don't know. It's just all messed up .
Brooklyn: I don't know what you're getting at. I too felt the same way and at first was a little upset with you for letting him stay so long. But we have gone on with our lives. And I think it is good that he sees how happy we are. If he loves us then he should understand. Travis: I'm just thinking as if I was him. I would want you back the first chance I got.
Brooklyn: But he knows I am with you. You should trust him don't you.
Travis: Like a brother.
Brooklyn: Then everything will be fine. And the moment he draws the line, we'll address it.
Travis: I don't know Brooklyn.
Brooklyn touched his face and looked into his eyes. She didn't have to say another word.
He kissed her softly.
Travis: I love you Brooklyn
She woke up sweating. It wasn't a nightmare but then, it wasn't what she wanted to dream about. She touched her head to wipe the beads of sweat. She looked over to Travis who was in a deep sleep. She tried to wake him up but he was deep into a sleep.
Brooklyn raised out of bed and went to the kitchen for something to drink.
To get her mind off her dream she went down to her workroom.
As she walked down the steps she walked slower to not wake Aj that was in his bedroom on the opposite end.
But instead of turning to her room, she turned in the other direction. She notice that his door was cracked and went to close it shut. But as she grabbed for the door she stopped. She stopped and looked at him. It was a minute before she realized what she was doing and closed the door. Travis working 14 to 18 hour days now. He was gone most of he day until late evenings. And when he was finally off, he slept most of the day away. He missed his girls all the time. But the wild fires on the other side of the state were getting worse. Aj watched as Brooklyn played with Sophie. He saw how happy they looked and how delighted the little girl was when she won games with her mother. At nights when Travis worked late the three of them would eat dinner at the table. There was always a fourth setting in case he did come home. Afterwards, Aj would clean the kitchen with the help of Sophie. She liked to be like the adults and help clean. Afterwards, Brooklyn and Sophia would go to the station to deliver food to Travis and spend time with him. Sophie also enjoyed tagging along with Aj when he went playing around town. He called her his manager and she would sit to the side and watch him play. Always making sure to pass out his card at the end of each set. When they were done, he would treat her to ice cream or play catch with her. Brooklyn was busy in her garden. She was humming a song to herself. The air was warm and the dirt was moist under her fingers. Gardening was always soothing for her. She was humming a song and smiling. At first she didn't realize Aj was watching her until he too joined her in song. She stopped when she saw him there.
Aj: You're singing my song
Brooklyn: I hadn't noticed.
Aj: It was the song I wrote for you.
Brooklyn: I almost forgot. I hum it to the plants when I'm in the garden. It helps them grow.
Aj: Who would have known.
There was a small silence between them.
Aj: So, I have some good news.
Brooklyn: Oh
Aj: So I just finished writing my 20th song. Enough for almost two albums.
Brooklyn: That's great!
Aj: I owe it all to you and Travis. I sent the music to my label. It'll be a matter of days before I get a response, but I know they are going to like it! Then I will be off to the city again.
Brooklyn: Really.....a matter of days.......I'm happy for you.
Aj: Yeah, it won't be long.
Brooklyn tried to look enthused at the news.
Aj: I thought you'd be happy to know that I was getting out of here. I know I haven't been the greatest house guest.
Brooklyn: I am, I mean, I'm happy that everything that is going great.
Aj: But....
Brooklyn: Nothing. I'm just happy for you. I got kind of used to seeing you so much for the past weeks. Now I feel like it will be another 6 years before you come around again.
Aj: Not this time. I missed so much being away so long.
Aj: I missed you most of all. I always think about what could have been.
Brooklyn: Aj-
Aj: Don't worry I won't get all mushy or cross the line. I learned my lesson. I just wanted to share the good news for you.
He began to walk away.
Brooklyn: AJ!
She hugged him.
Brooklyn: Congratulations
She held on to him. It was the first time they had touched in a while. It was at that moment that both of them forgot about where they were. The hug lasted long. Both of their bodies were warm against each other and neither let go. Aj was scared to move. Scared that if he did they she would let go. And deep down he didn't want her to.
Meanwhile,Travis had walked in the kitchen.
Travis: Brooklyn! I'm home!
He walked around the living room and to the other bedrooms. He had took off work early to tell Brooklyn some news but could not find her.
He walked towards the patio where her garden was. He knew that if she was anywhere else, she would be there. Just as he reached for the door, he saw their image in the window. They were still in their embrace. If was as if someone had taken the words from his mouth. He watched as they didn't let go of their embrace. He took his hand off the door and walked away. The next day Aj came to the station.
Aj: What's up man? You called me?
Travis: Yeah. Wait one second, I have to finish upgrading this truck.
He closed the door to the truck and grabbed a rag to wipe his hands.
He turned to his friend. He could barely look at him without thinking of the other day.
Travis: I need you help man.
Aj: What's wrong?
Travis: It's Brooklyn and Sophie. I need you to take care of them.
Aj: What?
Travis: The wildfire on the east of the state is getting worse. They are asking for our unit to help. I need you to help me with the girls. I need to know that I can count on you to be there while I am gone.
Aj: How long are you going to be gone?
Travis: I don't know. It could be anywhere from a weekend to weeks.
Aj: I don't know man. What can I do?
Travis: Just make sure they have what they need. I don't want them to be alone.
Aj: Travis man, I-
Travis: Just say you will help me. I know you care about them just as much as I do. And as my best friend I know you would want to make sure that they are alright.
Aj hesitated for a long time. What was his friend thinking. There was no way he was a family man like Travis. He looked at his best friend and saw the sincerity in his eyes.
As much as he wanted to, he didn't know how soon the label was going to call him back. What if he too had to leave. But Travis was his best friend and he would do anything for Brooklyn.
Aj: I got you man.
Travis: Womb to tomb.
By the following week the unit was already to leave Lake View. The truck had pulled up to the house.
Travis: Well it's time for me to go.
He turned to his wife and hugged and kissed her.
Sophia was beginning to cry.
Travis: You have to stay behind and take care of your mother Sophie. I will be back before you know it.
Sophia: Promise.
Travis: I promise.
Travis kissed Brooklyn again.
Beth: Ready to go sir.
He took another look at his family, Brooklyn and Sophia were waving from the doorway. He waved back with a small smile.
Travis: Let's go.

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#2snowsnow2133Jan 24, 2012

i love your story :] its so good!

#3Jan 24, 2012

looking forward to the next chapter.

#4starsky524Jan 24, 2012

Your stories are really good!!! I cant wait for more!!!

#5fruitopiaVIPJan 24, 2012

Brooklyn's heart is finding it's way back to her true love. 

#6daphney1230Jan 24, 2012

omg whats gonna happen?!?Tell me!!! Tell me now!!!!=)

#7MangioJan 25, 2012

I hope Travis will return safe and sound... Poor Brooklyn, she's slowly but surely falling in love with AJ all over again \:wub\:

#8MangioJan 25, 2012

Also congrats on the well deserved feature \:rah\:

#9urm0mJan 25, 2012

Poor Travis

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#11baileyclarkeApr 3, 2012

love it........................very romantic and surprisingly honoured \:wub\:

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