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Black and White Chapter 3
Published Jan 19, 2012

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Sorry about the slightly late update, i just took a little rest from this and started Float.
Much thanks for the many CC included in this stories, especially the Bently Mansion which serves as the kings palace.

Now then, off to the story.



Sorry about the slightly late update, i just took a little rest from this and started Float.
Much thanks for the many CC included in this stories, especially the Bently Mansion which serves as the kings palace.

Now then, off to the story.


"You, who do you think you are going all the way here, late this hour, get lost." Someone said threateningly.

The prince couldn't help but look up from where the voice came from, and there he saw the impossibly huge guy with hair like flames and eyes scorching his very core.
"I came here from.." he explained, but the guy interrupted almost immediately.

"I don't care who you are, or what you're doing here. I WANT you to get lost."
The prince looked at him dejected, almost humiliated.

"I'm telling you, I AM.." The prince started, but this time was interrupted by a different voice.
"What's going on here?" The voice said, it came from a man with balding hair, he must be the person the prince was looking for, the one who he was tasked to see. "This guy just don't get it my lord, he's not leaving no matter what or HOW i tell him too."

"Who did he say he was?" The old man asked

"It doesn't matter my lord, he cannot stay here."
"No... wait, let me take a closer look." The old man insisted. "He's.... Let him in." The old man ordered. "Eh? Seriously?" The guy complained.

"Yes. I know him, escort him inside then take him to my office, Luka." The old man said before going inside.

"I guess... Orders are orders, you, get down from that horse and follow me." Luka said.
The prince followed him inside as Luka lead the horse. "Why are you so tight on the security here? The prince asked. "Is the fort in danger? Are bandits always attacking here?" The prince continued to question him. "Look!" Luka finally snapped. "I'm not entitled to tell you anything so why don't you just follow me SILENTLY." "And just for the record, just because you're able to get in, doesnt mean i TRUST you. Were not friends, it would be best if you pretend not to know me when you see me. Now follow. Got it?" Luka continued. "Mind your manners, bow to the General before engaging in conversation with him. Or else, i'll gladly take care of of you my self." Luka explained.

The Prince couldn't help but wonder what had happened here, or on why Luka was such a grump.
"My lord, your guest is here." Luka said. "Very well then, send him inside." The old man instructed. "Yes, right away my lord." Luka replied. The prince took a bow as Luka had asked, then sat down on the floor right across the old mans desk. "Now then, let's talk shall wee, your highness." The old man said. "Prince Philip Youngsven III... am i right?"

"I'm sorry for visiting at such an hour Lord Matsumoto, but my father, the king sent for me." Philip explained.
"He did now? now what did he send you for young prince?" Matsumoto asked. "Training." Philip replied. "Get out." Matsumoto ordered.
"No please, hear me out." Philip pleaded.
"I'll listen, but it would do you best if you left now, and forget this ever happened." Matsumoto replied. "You do know what we do here, dont you?" Matsumoto asked.

"Yes... train soldiers worthy of protecting royalty." Philip replied.
"The training we do here requires conviction, I don't think you have that my Prince." Matsumoto explained. "I will not be responsible for taking the future kings life, I'm not crazy." "I know about the training you do here, That's why I came here." Philip said surprisingly silencing Matsumoto. "I dont want to be a puppet, I want to be a warrior, a king that will not only sit on the throne, someone who would go on adventures and defeat the kingdoms worst enemies... I wanna be like my father..." "Is that so? I dont think so... Not like him at least, someone a little better..." Matsumoto responded somewhat understanding Philip more. "Someone like your mother."

Philip was silent for a moment, he never met his mother, she had died sometime long ago, and talking about her was forbidden, so he kept his silence.

"So, Lord Matsumoto, will you train me?" He asked.

"Follow me, I wanna show you something." Matsumoto said.
"HEY! Did you hear?"
"YES! The Queen!"
"I heard about it too!!"
"Is it true?!?!"
"Yes, i've seen her."
"Where? Here?"
"She's back!"
"WHY?! Didn't the king banish her?"
"No, There was a condition!"
"What was the condition?!"
"Who knows, one thing's for sure, she's back, many things will change now that she's back."
The Queen was indeed back, after paying audience to the king, they spoke privately, and he reinstated her. The Queen, Victoria Youngsven II is back. "You're majesty, so the news was true, you are really back, alive and well, you haven't aged a day since I last saw you." An old man said. "Your eyes fool you Aleister.... So let's cut to the chase... Where is HE?" Victoria asked. "Do you mean the Prince?" Aleister asked.
"Who else?" Victoria replied.

"I wasn't able to do something, it was the kings decision." Aleister said.

"You're not answering the question Aleister, I simply asked where he is." Victoria responded impatiently.

"He, the prince, went to Fort Matsumoto... to train." Alesiter answered.

"Then we have a problem." Victoria said.

"What do you mean my Queen?" Aleister asked.
"The prince can never go there, everywhere but that place." The queen explained.

- - - - - -

"Are you sure you wanna do this? You've seen how they fight." Matsumoto asked.
"I'm not sure I understand my Queen." Aleister asked.
"Dont play dumb Aleister, you know exactly what I'm talking about." The Queen.

- - - - - -

"Yes, I'm sure General." Philip confirmed.

"Very well, change your clothes and meet me back here." Matsumoto said.
"Do you mean... that's where..." Aleister asked.
"Yes... That's right Aleister." Victoria explained.

- - - - - -

"Okay, This will be my new student, his name is Ben, say hello to them." Matsumoto said.

"I'm Ben, nice to meet you." the Prince said.
"Why will the king send him there?" Aleister asked.

"Being gone for sometime, I'm not sure, but I only have one guess." Victoria replied.

- - - - - -

"As you may have already met him, this guy, his name is Luka."
"He's beginning to suspect the fort." Victoria continued. "That's why we have to bring him back, or else..."

"Or else what my Queen?" Aleister asked.

"We will all be in great danger." Victoria said.

- - - - - -

"And this woman here is named Luna, Luka's sister." Matsumoto said.
"Greetings." Luna said.

- - - - - -

"No matter what happens, Aleister... He can't find out that SHE is alive." Victoria concluded.

-to be continued.

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MangioMar 5, 2012

Intriguing~\:wub\: Such interesting characters.. i wonder why the Queen is scheming? Why don't they want him to find out? Congrats on the feature \:rah\: Can't wait for more \;\)

MajuchanJan 20, 2012

Ang sungit naman ni Luka... waaahh... grabe naman kung makapagputol ka... more! \:rah\: \:D

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