Best Friends VII
Published Feb 4, 2012

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Aj lifted from on top Brooklyn.
His face tense and his eyes wide.
Aj: She's my what?

Aj lifted from on top Brooklyn.
His face tense and his eyes wide.
Aj: She's my what?
Brooklyn: Sophia. She IS your daughter.
There was desperation in her eyes. She searched his face for any sign of expression. Brooklyn's chest was low as if a huge weight had been lifted. She looked back into his eyes. What was he thinking? What was he going to say next?
Aj: I can't believe this. No.....naw....
He shook his head as he thought about the possibility of her actually being his child.
He raised up from the bed.
He was silent as he walked to the other side of the bedroom. He tried to picture the little girl in his mind.
Aj: Sophia.....
Then he quickly turned to Brooklyn.
Aj: How? How could she be mine. I thought you and Travis.
Brooklyn: She is yours. I didn't know it, but when you left, I was pregnant with her. It wasn't until a month later that I learned we were having a baby. I tried to get a hold of you to tell you but I never heard from you. I was afraid to tell gramps. He would have died if he knew I was pregnant. I told the only person I knew, the only one I could trust
Aj: .... Travis.
Brooklyn: Travis helped me. He told gramps that the baby was his and that he was going to marry me when we finished school. We were hoping to get enough time....for you to come back. To come for me. Aj: Brooklyn, I was wrong for that. I had let it all go to my head.
Brooklyn: But you never did come for me. You never called and you never wrote. It wasn't until I saw pictures of you in the magazines with girls hanging around. Tv's shows and everything talking about who you were dating. I knew you had left us behind.
Aj: But that was all Hollywood.
Brooklyn: How was I supposed to know?
Brooklyn: My world was crashing down on me and Travis had always been there for me and Sophia. Then one night, he told me that he truly loved me. That he wanted to take care of me and Sophia. He said he had loved me since we were kids, but he always knew how you felt about me.
Aj looked at her. Both of them tearing up inside.
Brooklyn: I wanted to tell you when you first came back, I tried to tell you. But I couldn't do that to Sophia. For the past 5 years Travis is the only father she knows and I don't want to change that.
There was hurt in his face.
Aj: So why tell me?
Brooklyn: I don't know why I chose then to say something. (pointing at the bed). I just felt like I had to say something. Because you needed to know. You deserved to know that she is your daughter.
He slowly reached to embrace her again. But just as he was, the phone rang.
Brooklyn: Hello? This is she. What?
Brooklyn lips began to tremble as she brought her hands to her mouth.
Brooklyn: Right, I will be there.
Brooklyn quickly hung up the phone and ran to Aj.
Moments later they were waiting in the hospital wing. Doctors and nurses were running in and out of the doorway. Aj and Brooklyn sat there. They quickly looked up each time someone looked to be coming in their direction. But no one said anything to them. Brooklyn: This is ridiculous can someone please tell me where is my HUSBAND?
Her voice was loud and trembling with anger. Aj tried to calm her down but she was not going to sit still any longer.
Nurse: Mrs. Allen
Finally she was approached by one of the nurses. They spoke to her softly and escorted her down the hall.
Dr. Neil: He was injured in a car accident. He was thrown from the car before impact. Only two of them survived the crash. He's been going in and out of a coma for the past hour. Brooklyn stood there staring at her husband. She was scared to walk any closer to the bed. Scared that if she touched him, that what she was seeing was actually true.
Brooklyn: Will he...
Dr. Neil: We don't know now. He had some injuries from the crash that were all treatable. But we are not sure how long he will be in the coma. It could be days, weeks.....
She could not hold her emotions inside. She lost it. She she knelt down on the ground next to his bed and began to cry. Dr. Neill helped her to her feet as she began to calm herself down. When she arrived back to the hallway, Aj was standing across from the room.
Aj: How is he?
Brooklyn shrugged. She began to cry again.
Only this time Aj was there to catch her from falling.
Aj: I'm going to take you home.
Brooklyn: No, I have to stay here with him.
Aj: You need some rest. You are not going to be well
Brooklyn: No. I have to stay here with Travis.
Brooklyn: Go home. Sophia is going to be worried about where we went when she sees Mrs. Bout in the house and not us.
Aj knew he did not want to leave her by herself. But the determined look in her eyes meant she was not going to budge.
By late afternoon, Brooklyn had finally returned home. She looked around the house and quickly began to clean the it.
She heard the front door open but continued to clean.
Aj: You're back. I was about to come to the hospital when Sophia got out of school.
Brooklyn barely said a word. Aj looked at her. He had realized that she was in the same clothes from the night before.
Aj: Have you had any rest?
Brooklyn: A little. I just mostly stayed to watch over Travis.
Aj: You need to rest. You need to relax
Brooklyn: Relax? How can you say that? Last night my husband was in a car accident and is laying there in a coma. And you want me to relax.
Aj: I didn't mean it like that
Brooklyn: He was coming home!!!
Aj: What?
Brooklyn: They found the accident 10 minutes away from here. He was on his way home with some guys from the other towns. They were trying to surprise their families. Only not all of them made it there. They said the truck was trying to avoid one accident when it crashed into another car. Aj: He was coming home?
Aj began to think about what they were about to do just minute before the call came. Their kiss, their embrace.
Aj: Is he at least going to be alright?
Brooklyn: They don't know. I don't know what to do now.
Aj tried to touch her but she moved back.
Brooklyn: I just need some time to myself. Please.
He tried to say something, but she had already walked out of the kitchen.
The days that followed were gloomy in the Allen household. Sophia often slept in the bed with Brooklyn. She was frightened that something was going to happen to Brooklyn as well even thought she tried to assure her little girl that everything would be fine. Brooklyn would spend hours looking after Travis. She was there throughout the day and then after dinner. She bathed him and clothed him. At times the nurses would allow her to sleep the night in the room with him. Sophia also would come to visit after school. It was sad for her to see Travis just lying there. She told him about her day, how the teachers and students were.
Sophia: I miss you daddy. Wake up please.
Aj would bring her and take her back home. He stood there and watched as the little girl was almost in tears over her father. As much as he too wanted to say something to her, he knew that there was a bond between Travis and Sophia that he did not want to break.
By now Travis had been in the hospital for weeks with no signs of recovery. Brooklyn stayed with her routine of visiting him in the mornings and evenings. She wasn't going to leave him alone. She came into the kitchen one morning as she was getting ready to go see him again.
Aj: I wanted to talk to you before you left.
Brooklyn: I'm running late Aj.
Aj: Brooklyn please.
She slowly walked to the table.
Aj: I'm worried about you Brooklyn. You haven't really slept in weeks. You barely eat.
I know Travis is your top priority but you are not taking care of yourself.
Brooklyn: I'm fine Aj. Everything is fine. I'm just worried about Travis that's all.
Aj: You're worried or you feel guilty.
Brooklyn: What?
Aj: You are barely in the house anymore. And when I walk into the room, you find some reason to leave.
Brooklyn: Don't be ridiculous. This has nothing to do with you Aj.
She raised up from her chair.
Brooklyn: I have to go.
But before she could move Aj stood in her way.
Aj: What about the other night. You and me,
Brooklyn didn't look at him.
Aj: I told you, I still love you and I mean it.
Brooklyn: I don't have time to think about that. My husband is in the hospital. Remember him, you were friends once.
Aj: I am not trying to be insensitive, but I just learned that I was a father. And weeks before that, my best friend married the love of my life. I just want some answers Brooklyn.
Brooklyn: Like what Aj.
Aj: Like do you love him?
Brooklyn: Aj? He is my husband.
Aj: Do you love him? (his voice more stern)
Brooklyn didn't answer, she tried to walk away again.
Aj: If he was not in the hospital right now, would you be guilty for what almost happened between us.
Brooklyn: Things happen for a reason Aj. And we were not meant to be. Travis is my husband and I made a vow to him. I should not, WE should not have went that far.
Aj: If you want me to say I regret kissing you, I don't. There has not been a day that I don't think about what it would do to Travis. But I love you more than that. I would risk everything just to be with you. Brooklyn: No Aj.
Aj tried to walk towards her only for her to take a step back.
Brooklyn: I can't do this. Being with you will not only hurt Travis but Sophia. I can't risk my family like this.
Aj: She is my family too.
Brooklyn: Yes, but when is the last time you cared about any one else but Aj.
Aj: That's not fair.
Brooklyn: I am not leaving my family. My husband needs me.
Aj: I am not asking you to walk away from him now. I just......I just ..... I just want to be with you. To be with you again.
Brooklyn: I can't do that Aj.
Brooklyn gave a big sigh.
Brooklyn: I need you to leave. Having you here is not healthy for me or Sophia.
Aj: I promised Travis I would take care of you.
Brooklyn: Please Aj! Just go. I can't have you here. It makes things too complicated.
He tried to hold her hand to calm her down. But she yanked away from him.
Brooklyn: AJ PLEASE!!!
She was trying to choke down the tears.
Brooklyn: You have to go. It hurts too much to have you hear. I should have never agreed to have you here.
She rushed to her room and shut the door.
He went to her bedroom to knock on her door. But he could hear her crying from the other side. She was hurting and it was because of him. He picked up his phone and called his manager.
Aj: Is the offer still on the table? I'll take the deal.

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#3starsky524Feb 5, 2012

Great story!!! I can't belive Aj is going again!!! Sophia will be so sad!! 5 stars!!!

#4tlsvalFeb 5, 2012

I hope this story never ends! I really love it \:D And I don't like that Brooklyn just throw him out of the house like that when AJ only try to support her and Sophia. Hope Brooklyn takes to her reason. 5 STARS!!! \:wub\:

#5fabrizioammolloFeb 5, 2012

Another intence chapter! I thought Travis was going to find an heroic end, like he was giving up and decided to het out of the picture, but this way everything is more dramatic. \;\)

#6lilniquaqueenbeeFeb 6, 2012

I hope Aj does not leave I really want them to be together. I know it's mean but I kinda wanted Travis to die. So Brooklyn, Aj and Sophie would have a chance at a life together. I hope you update soon. I can't wait to finish reading. This is be far the best sim story I have ever read. Five star rating.

#7ApostasiaceaeFeb 6, 2012

Awwww... I love this Story! Hope u update soon!

#8JMOSFeb 13, 2012

Amazing story. Keep going!!!

#9taxa08Feb 16, 2012


#10MangioFeb 21, 2012

Congrats on the feature \:rah\: What an emotionally filled chapter... i can't believe Travis is in a coma.. poor Brooklyn, she must feel so guilty and angry at her feelings. She must be in a terrible place... i can't believe she wanted AJ to go... Can't wait for more \;\) \:wub\:

#11keishafellerFeb 26, 2012

Aww.. that's so sad... nice twist.. it's is tough, complicated!! I can't believe he is leaving.. but it is hard for Brooklyn too!

#12alyannaobsessedApr 11, 2012

ahhww.. this image really reminds me of someone... someone from Girl's Generation... hihihi.. cute!!!

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