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Best Friends VIII
Published Feb 27, 2012

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Aj sat in the home he had lived for the past months. The house that his best friend and best girl were man and wife. But Brooklyn did not want him there anymore. The news of Travis's coma was heartbreaking to both of them. If he left he would be hurting himself and the chance to be with the daughter he had just found out was his. And if he stayed, he would forever be hurting the woman he loved.

Aj sat in the home he had lived for the past months. The house that his best friend and best girl were man and wife. But Brooklyn did not want him there anymore. The news of Travis's coma was heartbreaking to both of them. If he left he would be hurting himself and the chance to be with the daughter he had just found out was his. And if he stayed, he would forever be hurting the woman he loved. To make matters worse, he would have to break the news of him leaving to Sophia.
Sophia: Will you come back.
Aj: I don't think it would be right Sophia.
Sophia: Do you not like us anymore.
Aj: Oh I do Sophia, I do. It's just that I have to go.
Sophia: Why?
Aj: Because I have to work.
Sophia: But you do work. You play all the time. I go with you. You called me your mini mamager.
Aj: And you will always be. It's just I have a bigger job and people need me.
Sophia: I need you too. I can come with you. You're going to need help
Aj: You have to stay here. I need you to take care of your mother for me. She's been really sad with.....your dad in the hospital. And if you leave, then who will take care of her.
Sophia: I guess. But you have to promise to come back.
Aj: I will.
But even Aj was unsure of keeping that promise.
He went hallway and brought a small box back with him.
Aj: I wanted to give you something. I thought this would be the best gift for my best friend.
Sophia: For me! OH BOY!!!
She took the box and quickly opened it. In the box was a small music box. Inscribed was "To my little rock star. Love Aj". Inside the music box was a heart locket. And when she opened it, there was a picture of Aj, Brooklyn, and Travis when they were all kids.
Sophia: Oh Aj. I love it!!!
Sophia looked around her room. Travis looked around as well. He couldn't figure out what she was looking for. Then she walked to the side of the room. Aj: Mr. Bunnybear?
Sophia: I want you to have him.
Aj: But Sophia, I can't take this. This is your favorite toy.
Sophia: Exactly. That's why I want you to have it. It's been my best friend for a long time. Now I want you to have it.
Aj: Sophia, I can't take this.
Sophia: You have to. I want to give you something to remember me.
He looked at the little girl. She was determined for him to keep it.
Aj: Then I will cherish it. I won't ever leave it behind.
Sophia: Good.
Sophia: I'll miss you Aj.
Aj: I'll miss you too Sophie.
The two of them hugged and he kissed her softly on the cheek.
The feeling of leaving her hurt more than he thought. He felt his throat close as he tried to say another word to her. Instead he walked out of her room as she started to play with the music box.
It was the day before he was leaving and he went to visit Travis one last time. He sat in the chair across from his best friend's bed.
Aj: Looking good. I see Brooklyn has taken good care of you these past weeks.
He started to laugh at his nervousness.
Aj: I just wanted to come by to say goodbye. I know, I know I said I would take care of the girls for you, but it seems like the longer I stay, the more hurt I am causing. I don't know how you do it Travis. You've been a father and a husband. To my family. Aj: You did what I could have never done years ago. You stepped up, when I could not. And don't think I would have done as successful. Man!
He looked around the room. At all the flowers and balloons and cards of people wishing him well.
Aj: I want to be mad, I want to be angry, but why.
Aj: I want to say thank you. Thank you for doing what you have always done since we were little. Being my best friend. I am grateful for you and you opening your heart to Sophia and Brooklyn.
It was hurtful to let go. But he knew.
He raised up from the chair and touched his friends hand.
Aj: Womb to tomb.
Late that evening, Aj was finishing up packing his bags. He looked around the room. It was looking more empty as he looked over the bags he kept in the corner of the room. Just as he was opening the last drawer to pack, he heard footsteps running down the stairs
Brooklyn came rushing into the door.
Brooklyn: AJ! It's Travis......HE'S WOKEN UP!
Aj: Woke, how?
Brooklyn: I don't know. The doctors called and said for us to come quick. He's woke! I'll explain in the car. You have to come with me. I'm so anxious I'm too scared to drive.
Travis drove Brooklyn to the hospital. It was the quickest they had ever gotten there since the night of the accident.
They walked into the hospital and towards his room. But just as they were getting closer to the room, they were stopped by a unfamiliar face.
Doctor: Mrs. Travis Rodgers?
Brooklyn: Yes?
Doctor: I'm Dr. Anison. I have been assigned to your husband Travis Rodgers since his recovery.
Brooklyn: What's wrong? I was told he had woken up.
Dr. Anison: He has. This morning.
Brooklyn: I don't understand. I was just called about him waking up.
Dr. Anison: Well with the nature of how this happened we wanted to ensure that he would go back into another coma once he woke. Is it possible we can talk in my office?
Brooklyn: But what about Travis?
Dr. Anison: We are finishing up on some tests and he will be back in his room shortly.
The three of them walked in to Dr. Aniston's office. Aj came with Brooklyn for support after she had asked him to. He walked in nervously and anxious to find out what was going on. But he made sure that he didn't show it in front of Brooklyn. He tried to be strong for her. Dr. Anison: I have to say, I have never seen someone that recovered as quick as Travis. It was just sudden that he woke up. We immediately began tests to make sure that his mind and body were working. And there was nothing wrong. I know it is not normal medical term, but I would say it is some miracle. Brooklyn: So he is okay.
Dr. Anison: As far as we have found. It was as if he was just sleeping for a long time. All skills still in tact.
Brooklyn: I don't know what to think. Can he come home today?
Dr. Anison: Went want him to stay at least until we're done with all testing and some therapy. We want to ensure he doesn't slip into another coma. But I have to admit, we are just as amazed. We are recommending two weeks of rehab and then if he continues to improve then we could do some outpatient. Dr. Anison: I do want to warn you to make sure that he is not overly stressed or excited for the next months. We don't want to interrupt anything and to make sure that he fully recovers.
The doctor went on to explain what her plans were for Travis and the best way to care for him. Then after she received the call from the nurses they all walked to Travis's room.
He was settling in the bed and talking lively with the nurse in the room. They were laughing and caring on when he could hear footsteps outside his door. Brooklyn tried to take a deep breath before entering the room. She tried to be calm but when she came into the room, she nearly lost it. He looked over at his wife, his smile just as wide on his face. Tears began to weld on both of their faces.
Brooklyn: Travis!
She ran to his bedside.
Aj watched as the two of them held each other. They were both crying in each others arms.
Brooklyn: I thought I lost you.
Travis: Never.
Aj slowly left the room. He left the next day and stayed in a hotel. He wanted to give Brooklyn her space but still wanted to make sure they were going to be fine until Travis was back home. He had postponed him leaving for a second time.
The days that followed were long for Travis. He was used to doing things on his own, but in the hospital he had to wait for everyone before he could make any moves. He was under 24 hour watch. Being in a coma for any length of time was a big ordeal. Although he could not remember the last minutes that led up to the crash, all other memories of his life had returned and he was soon released. He slowly walked out of the car. He had a small limp from the accident and so was carrying a cane to help. Brooklyn walked along side of him, making sure he was okay as he moved closer to the house. Just as he was getting closer, Sophia came from the front. She looked cautiously at him, scared that if she jumped on him, that she would hurt him. He gave her a small nod and she knew everything was alright. She ran to Travis and gave him a big hug.
Sophia: I missed you Daddy!
Travis: I missed you too munchkin! I love you so much. I thought about you everyday.
Brooklyn tried to not to cry again as father and daughter were reunited.

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urm0mJun 6, 2012

Poor AJ!

taxa08Mar 13, 2012


MangioMar 6, 2012

Congrats on the feature \:rah\: I love the exchange between father and daughter, what a sweet moment.. it must be so difficult for AJ, to miss out on his daughter's life yet again. What a miracle it has been for Travis, glad he made a full recovery \;\)

starsky524Mar 3, 2012

Aww I love the last pic! Great story line and I am wondering whether Aj will stay or not!

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