Whilst we wait for you
Published Feb 6, 2012

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Whilst we wait for you – with thanks to all CC creators and pose creators.

To everybody who has ever had to wait.

Whilst we wait for you – with thanks to all CC creators and pose creators.

To everybody who has ever had to wait.
Have you ever sat, simply sat, in a busy place and watched the people pass and wait, and realised how much people’s lives intertwine in that one instant? How each person has their own story to tell, of why they are waiting; waiting for that one person to return back into their embrace?... The strip light flashed above her head. In annoyance, she flicked her head a little, her long red fringe falling into her eyes, the humming of the florescent light irritating her like a little buzzing fly. On the other side of the dingy little cafe sat a man. He was tall, dark and classically handsome. Tipping his head forward, he drained the last of his coffee, his hangover from the night before leaving his head aching like he’d taken several rounds with Mike Tyson. The elderly man read his paper, his hat tipped forward over his lined and wrinkled face. He came here every day, observed and watched the people. The middle aged bar maid whistled gently, seconds out of tune with the radio that teetered precariously on the counter behind her.

They were all waiting, each taking their turn to glance at the door to see if their person was arriving from the subway below them, the rattling of the cups prompting their hearts to beat that little bit faster as a new train arrived below their feet.
None of them had wanted their loved ones to leave their sides, each begging them to stay a little longer, not step onto that train that swept into the station beneath them.

The dark sky swirled above as the storm clouds gathered. The first spec of rain followed by hundreds more, and soon the pavements were flooded as heavy droplets pounded the old window panes of the cafe.
The view outside obscured, the red headed woman didn’t notice a board shouldered man walk through the door. Like the day that he’d left this city, it was raining and he was drenched.

Wiping droplets from his brow, he scanned the cafe, his eyes getting accustomed to the gloom.

The red headed woman’s head shot up, fear and excitement pounding through her veins. She simply couldn’t speak, her throat went dry and a stubborn lump settled there. Jen rose and walked into the man’s embrace. She prided herself in never crying, but now was not the time for that.
A year ago and a very long wait since....
“Please, don’t go Scott!” Jen begged him, the rain pelting against her arms as it dripping from the awning above.
“Darling, it’s my job. I’m going to defend our country, our nation. Be proud of me, promise you will.”
“I’m always proud of you. I just don’t want you to be hurt.”
“I won’t get hurt, don’t worry. I promise every day you’ll have a new letter on the door mat from me; it’ll be like I’m not away!” he laughed gently.
“Don’t. Don’t laugh. I can’t bare this.”
Scott held her tighter.
Jen sniffed against him.
“Don’t go, please, stay.”
She held out her hand.
He told her that he loved her, kissed her and disappeared down into the subway.
Her eyes welled, her hands touched his face, and a laugh of relief passed through her lips. He was home. He was finally home.

The long war had been won, and the battle scars were evident. But for now at least, none of that mattered. Scott was home. He took her hand and they walked out the door.
The rain was easing. The ticking of the clock, the humming of the lights and the whistling of the bar maid created an eclectic tune.

Rob rubbed his stubbly chin and continued to glance at the door. A subway train rattled below them, his cup jingling and stuttering across the table. He clamped his hand around it, keeping it as still as he could. It continued to rattle, his hands were shaking.
2 years ago with a terrifying wait since....
Robs hands were shaking; which was strange on the hottest day of the year, the blistering heat threatening to overwhelm ever person in the city.
His baby sister was leaving, backpacking around the world. He was worried; very worried. Rob had to admit, he was rather neurotic by nature but he just couldn’t shake this feeling of doom.
His younger sister Keeley and he had been orphaned at a young age, and since then he’d always kept a close grasp on her, keeping her out of trouble and in school. But she’d always dreamed of far-away places; and Rob didn’t like the idea of far-away.
Keeley was excited. A big adventure; ancient and exotic lands awaited her, their call pulling her in. Having never stepped out of the city, her lifelong dream was soon going to become true.
She was worried about her brother though. Rob was such an unnecessary worrier and he looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

She punched him gently on the shoulder.
“Don’t miss me too much big bro, I’ll be fine.”
“Keeley, your all that I have left, please stay, I’m scared that something’s going to go wrong.”
She smiled at him gently.
“Your lady lover’s will keep you company. You don’t need me.”
“Please. Keeley. Stay.” He begged his voice cracking.
He held out his hand.
She told him that she loved him, kissed him on the cheek and disappeared down into the subway.
Keeley groaned as the she swung the door open. The wonderful sunny places she’d been had tanned her skin and bleached her hair an even lighter blonde. And as per usual, the city was raining.

Shivering slightly, she dived into the nearest shop.
She dug through her bag and found her phone. Dialling the all too familiar number she waited as the dial tone sounded. Rob’s phone vibrated on the table. Seeing the familiar name, he grinned with relief. He stood, turned and laughed.

Keeley heard her brother’s laugh and turned on the spot, straight into his arms, enveloped in a huge bear hug.

Rob picked up her bag, pulled his coat on and they left together as the clouds began to disperse.
Doris tapped her acrylic nails against the table whilst sipping her coffee, the clicking adding to the tune in the cafe. As one of three people who worked in the cafe, most of her time was spent here.

As the closest food stop to the main subway station in the city, the cafe; Nina’s, was well and truly battered and dilapidated. Doris saw embraces and tears each and every day as people said goodbye to their loved ones.

Doris pulled out the letter she’d received in the post the previous day. She re read it. The send date had been several weeks ago, but she still couldn’t believe the words that were inside of it. Her baby was coming home!
3 years ago and a lonely wait since...
Doris clutched her son’s freezing hand. It was early in the morning, too early, and her baby wasn’t wearing a coat. Why wasn’t he wearing his coat, in the middle of winter with snow due at any time? Why was he leaving her, he wasn’t ready for the big wide world, he couldn’t even remember his coat!
“Mom,” Ben sighed “It’s going to be ok, I promise. I’ll write and email and phone. I’m only across the pond in France, it’s not that far away.”
Doris released Ben’s hand gently.
Ben was her only child, her only companion. Her sister had died just before Ben was due to depart and Ben’s father, well, he hadn’t been around since Ben was seven.

Ben had always dreamed of becoming a chef. He worked hard, spending his time hidden away in the kitchen, chopping, boiling, stewing, and baking. Eventually, he got good enough to win a scholarship to France’s best cookery school.
And now was his time to go. Doris had been the one to buy the ingredients, push his passion and submit the scholarship.
And now, selfishly, she didn’t want him to go.
“I’ll miss you.” Her voice caught.
“I know mom, I’ll miss you too.” He embraced her tightly.
“Don’t go, don’t leave me.”
She held out her hand.
He told her that he loved her, kissed her on the cheek and disappeared down into the subway.
The door panes rattled and the puddles on the road outside glimmering in the pale and watery sun as it began to set behind the ocean line.

The rattling stopped as a tall man; round with dark hair walked into the cafe, a woman with a toddler in her arms following him closely.

“What will it be dear?” Doris called, not looking up from where she was mopping up water that had dropped from a previous customer’s coat.

“Just the usual. Mom.” The man smiled the same smile her boy had given her all those years ago. She screamed, delighted and ran over to him, wrapping her arms around him, her son, her wonderful boy.

“Mom!” Ben laughed, “I want you to meet two very important people, Marie, my girlfriend and our son David!...”
The conversation faded as the elderly man got up, folded his paper and shuffled to the door, his stick striking the linoleum one the floor. He avoided the puddles skilfully, weaving between the ruts in the ground. He stopped outside the station entrance, and looked at the dark black night sky.

He was getting older, and the years were rolling by. Someday she’d return.
He walked away, knowing that tomorrow; he’d be back for his never ending vigil, because whilst he waited for her, she held his heart, wherever she was now.

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#5fabrizioammolloFeb 8, 2012

It's really a wonderful story! The variety of circumstances and of characters is fashinating and every encounter, happened or missed, never fail to move. \:wub\: Congrats on being featured!!!

#6jumpgirl_64Feb 12, 2012

That's great how every sim in that story is waiing for their loved ones, what a great story!

#7spitzmagicFeb 13, 2012

Nice beginning. Wonderfully written. I hope someone retuns for the elderly man. Looking forward to the next one. \:wub\:

#8taxa08Feb 16, 2012


#9MangioFeb 22, 2012

Absolutely beautiful \:wub\: The cafe, even with its dingy gloomy setting all gave hope to those loved ones who waited ever so patiently. Congrats on the feature \:rah\: Absolutely well deserved, it was so touching~\:wub\:

#10WillowWandMar 12, 2012

amazing descriptions

#11spladoumMar 16, 2012

Sorry for taking so long to review this! I actually thought it was a one-shot and liked it that way. However, if you do make a series, I think it'll be very interesting to read further. I hope our elderly friend can find what he's looking for!

#12oldmember_lucianna88Mar 19, 2012

This story has a lovely charm to it. I liked it. \:\)

#13oldmember_lucianna88Mar 19, 2012

And the Title you chose for it is so suitable.

#14chedromualdezJun 24, 2012

\:wub\: Good job! One of the best I've read so far. \:\)

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