maid in love ch4
Published Feb 11, 2012

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hey guys sorry for the wait! school got in the way and the damn computer!

hey guys sorry for the wait! school got in the way and the damn computer!

Jack looked up in disbelief.
“Gwen?” he said as he picked himself off the ground
“No, it’s Halle Berry. Of course its me.”
“What are you doing here? I thought you quit!”
“Come on, I’ll explain inside.”
Gwen carried Jack into the living room and sat him down. Jack just looked at her. He really thought she wasn’t coming back. It had been almost 2 months since he saw her and for some reason she seemed different now.
“Hello, earth to Jack. Are you that hung over?”
“Oh no, it’s just I can’t…. I mean I knew you would come back!”
“Oh shut up. I have had it up to here with that selfish pride of yours Jack Riley Olive!”
“Whatever Gwen, why are you here anyways”
“Because you need me”
“I don’t need you. I was doing fine on my own.”
They both knew that was a lie. Gwen got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen for a drink. Curiosity got the best of Jack and he followed.
“Look Jack we both know that you can’t heal or fix your career all on your own. I know that shady agent of yours has probably left you already so I will be your agent, physical therapist, maid, cook, and house keeper but you have to follow my rules or I’m out.”
Jack knew what she was saying was true and as much as he didn’t want to, his need to play again was much greater.
“Fine, what are your rules?”
“Ok 1 don’t talk me like your crazy. I am not only a lady but I am a person and demand respect. 2 I am a maid, not your mother. You are big boy now, I think you can mange getting your own schedule and making your own cereal. 3 treat me like your equal. Just because I do these things for you doesn’t make me your slave. You got that Jack?”
“I got it”
“Good, not you go rest up for tomorrow and I will clean up the house you wrecked. I have some stuff in mind for you.”
A week and half went by and things were still a little stiff between Gwen and Jack.
Everyday she would do her duties as usual and in the middle of the day she would take her break and go out for about an hour or two before coming back to do her afternoon duties and go straight to her old room without saying much of anything other then his schedule or the physical therapy for his hand they did everyday.
As for Jack, since Gwen’s return, he has been trying to make her life a living hell but with her being so distant, his plan wasn’t really working. This would frustrate him and put him in a bad mood all day, every day. Inside both Jack was tired of the distance between them. He missed his friend and really could use the support but he wasn’t going to say anything if Gwen didn’t apologize for leaving. After all he didn’t do anything for her to leave. One day at breakfast
“Hey Gwen, can we talk?”
“Um I was going to tell your schedule for the day but alright. What is it?”
“Why did you leave anyway? Seemed pretty unfair to me”
Gwen shook her head and tried to switch to schedule but Jack was persistent.
“Forget my schedule, you didn’t answer my question.”
“I left because you are jerk. Happy now?”
“I’m not the one who left”
“I had been nothing but kind and sweet to you. I’d even go as far as to say I was more then just your maid but a friend but you proved me wrong. You basically spit in my face and said I was nothing Jack! That’s why I left, now can I please continue with the schedule!”
She tried to look away but Jack could see her eyes filling with held back tears. Gwen wanted to say more but she didn’t. She was already was hurting and she didn’t want to hear Jack immature mouth. He knew had done wrong but still couldn’t bring himself to say it.
“Yea, go ahead Gwen.” Jack said as he looked down into his plate. He didn’t want to her cry.
The next few weeks had went by Jack went to the doctor to see if his hand was better.
“Well doc? How is it? Can I play again?”
“Yes you can. Looks like your hand is good as new”
Jack nearly fell out his seat. He was so happy! He could wait to get home to play!
Suddenly his phone rang. It was Gwen.
“Hi, just wanted to let you know that I pulled some strings and I got you a gig to play at a restaurant across town. I know your hand my not be good yet so don’t worry, it not till next week. You should back on your feet in no time.”
“Oh wow, that’s great but I have something to tell you too.”
“Cool, could it wait till you get home. I have to get this food out the oven”
“Oh yea, see you later!”
“Yea, bye”
As he drove home, Jack was growing more and more excited. Life for him was finally getting back to normal and he still could wait to start playing that piano! He got home and ran into his room and sat and played. He played his heart out. Jack was so happy. Happier then he ever was before. Suddenly Gwen can into the room.
“Oh I see your hand is better. That’s great but-”
Filled with excitement he lifted her off her feet and spun her around.
“And it all because of you Ms. Mayflower! This is all you! I just don’t know how to repay you.”
“Whoa there cowboy put me down. You’re a little too excited.”
Gwen had never seen this side of him before or at least anything like it since before the accident. It was nice; it made her feel all warm inside.
Jack put her down and pulled her close.
“No I’m just happy. You have given me my life back. You helped me get do the one thing I love to do! You came back after everyone had abandoned me, which I still can’t believe by the way.”
Jack couldn’t even believe what he was saying. Hard as he tried he couldn’t control his actions. It was like his heart finally beat his pride and finally took over.
“And about what I said, I’m so sorry. You are a lot more then a maid to me Ms. Mayflower”
Gwen just stood there in disbelief. It was everything she ever wanted to hear from him and more. She tried to convince herself that he didn’t really mean it but she could see it in his eyes. It was just too good to be true, too good to be coming from Jack.
“Thanks Jack. That means a lot to me.”
“I’m sorry, I know it a lot but a part of me been wanting to say that for while now”
“I see that, and still thanks. Dinners ready downstairs.”

Gwen started to walk away but Jack pulled her back
“Hey Gwen”
Suddenly Jack pulled her in close and kissed her.

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taxa08Feb 16, 2012


fabrizioammolloFeb 12, 2012

Nicely done. Coangrats on being featured! \:\)

zhanlinmFeb 12, 2012

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keishafellerFeb 12, 2012

Nice that he got his life back..

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