Dream Ch 2
Published Feb 17, 2012

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Thank you to all the wonderful creators of my CC’s :3
And special thanks to those who reads and commented on the first chapter <3

Thank you to all the wonderful creators of my CC’s :3
And special thanks to those who reads and commented on the first chapter <3
♫Make me, Make me
Something I want
Cause I don’t wanna
Live like no one
Be somebody, be somebody
I got to be somebody♫
“You haven’t changed at all…Even if you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong…Your music still do the talking for you.” Jared Lee is forty-three. Though his gray gaze was no longer as clear as his daughter’s, his hair no longer as brown, but it is evident that the talent had descended from father to child. “Tsk, I’m not into music like you do.” Tiffany replied. Jared smiled to himself. “Tell me if you need anything okay?” It pains him to see his daughter struggling to be someone but she can’t really blame her. He love his wife but there is something that’s twisted in her that made their married life difficult, they didn’t see eye to eye and now he just hope that it’s not too late for her daughter. “I’ll just be outside. Goodnight, princess.” Tiffany sighed as she writes on her planner. “I need to have the right plans in order to succeed.” She’d practically learned that from the crib. And from the day she reached puberty, her life had been packed with formal fund-raisers, charity auctions, and various lessons about business. She’d learned to float through difficult social situations without even thinking by watching her mother cut through the business world for years. Her mother had bred her to understand the expected protocols of the business world like what to wear, what to say, how to act, what to get in college and hobby and habit should she get. But as she reached college she finally understands that one’s dream can’t be decided by someone else. “Argh, I’m really over working myself here.” Tiffany yawned. And for the first time Tiffany sleep freely. Morning
Tiffany was awoken by the growl of her stomach. She involuntarily open her eyes, look side to side, up and down and finally it sink to her she’s out of her mother’s watch. No one asking her to do stuff that she never imagined she would do years by now. “A new life.” She said to herself as her lips formed a smile. And another growl from her stomach brought her back to the present. She rise up and decided to raid the fridge. Walking past the couch she saw her father lying deep asleep. It was 8 years that she was longing for her father after all she was a daddy’s girl and seeing him felt like she’s being covered by her most comfortable blanket securing her. “Good morning father.” She whispered.
She searches the fridge for food but all she saw was beverages. “There’s nothing to eat here.” She said as she bites her lower lips. “Oh, I’m sorry princess Johnny will be here soon.” Her father yawned. Her brows arch upward. “Johnny?” And there comes a knock. “That must be him.” Jared said as he walks toward the door. “Good Morning Mr. Lee.” The boy smiled as Jared opens the door for him. He’s holding a paper bag with bread and jam. “Good timing Johnny.” He praised. The boy had been like practically living with him. Since Johnny’s father went back to their hometown to take over their family’s farm. Johnny wanted to go with him but his father insisted that he should stay. He knew what his son is capable of and what he always tells his son, you’ve got the talent don’t waste it. He also made Mr. Lee, his best friend almost like a brother pledged to make Johnny a star, an idol. “Good morning.” Johnny greets Tiffany as soon as he saw her. “Do you often come here?” she asks with an authorative voice. He nods. “Father, why do you let him stay here? I mean-“ “Why do you stay here? What are you going to do here?” Her father asks her back. “I…I will help you train him.” “Train me?” Johnny asks. “Yes, although it’s a lot of work and even if I don’t know if this guy has talent at least father will let me stay.” She said to herself. “I don’t know about that, I already told my father that I’m not born for this. I’ll just help him run the farm. I don’t even know if I really do have the talent.” His voice trailed off. In his mind his father’s word echoed “you’ve got the talent… you’ve got the talent” He shake his head off. “And Mr. Lee has given me his permission.” He went on. “What?” Tiffany asks as she rolled her eyes toward her father. “It can’t be helped.” He shrugs. “I guess you have to get back to your mom too, princess.” Just the sound of it made Tiffany shiver. She doesn’t want to lose to her mother. “What are you talking about? You have the talent and talent are meant to be shared.” Tiffany said with a calm and firm voice as she grabs Johnny’s hand. “Come on, I’ll help you, I’ll be with you.” She said with her most sweetest and convincing voice. She held Johnny’s gaze and inside she was praying that this little bumpkin would fall in her pathetic acting. “I-I don’t know.” The boy blushed. “I’m not hearing a no…then is it a yes?” She now puts on what she calls the angels face façade and she knows that no one could resist that. And finally the boy gave in. “See that father? Now I have something to work on here and a reason why to stay here.” Her father sighed “Alright, I’ll give you a week or two.” “Okay, so first off, let me hear your vocals.” “I-I don’t think I could… sing in front of you.” He replied looking away from Tiffany. “What?” “I…I’m not comfortable yet…with you…so I don’t think I can sing.” He said sheeplessly. “For heaven’s sake, you’re just going to sing not that like your naked or something.” Tiffany hissed as she looked at him with piercing eyes. Patience is not really Tiffany’s specialty. Inhale…Exhale…Be patient…patient. She reminded herself. She hits a few note, trying out various keys as she calm herself. She crinkles her nose before saying “Alright, every singer should know how to play an instrument anyway, so let’s start with piano.” Again she hits the same note, trying various keys here and there. She closed her eyes as she’s saying “Good pianists get very few wrong notes and get a great tone.” Remembering what her father taught her when she was just 4 years old. At three Jared already saw that her daughter is a natural when it comes to making music some kids her age do was just pure banging but hers comes with a melody. “Always place your fingers on the key before you play them. That way you will always know that you’re hitting the correct key.” She went on, eyes still closed. Johnny can’t take his eyes off her, no music has ever touched him as much as this. He can feel the sadness in it. But that was not the only thing he notice. The high, smooth forehead, milky white skin, sharply defined cheekbones, beautiful lips and natural slenderness “Beautiful” the word came out without him realizing it. “Yes, she’s here. Don’t worry I won’t let anything bad happen to our daughter.” He said with a firm voice. There are lots of questions he wants to ask his ex-wife but just like before she has the upper hand. “If you corrupt Tiffany’s mind I’ll make sure that you won’t be standing again.” He felt chills just hearing her threats. Once upon a time that voice was the sweetest music he had ever heard and until now how he wishes for things to get back to what it used to be. But she is really out of reach now, running big companies that go nationally he sure knows that she wouldn’t want him back, for he’s just nothing but a broke musician. “So how have been?” after saving enough courage he finally asked. The other line was quite. “Hello?” He keeps on repeating until she hung it up. He sighed. “Did you say something?” she asks turning her gaze at him. “T-The tune…it’s beautiful.” He replied as he held her gaze. Feeling that her cheeks are turning red Tiffany looked away. “It’s not that good. I stop playing when I was nine.” Johnny raised his brows “Why?” “I’m not really into music.” She shrugs. She hit the piano with various keys making a different tune. This one sounds happy and without Johnny realizing it he was already humming with the melody. “This one is good too, it makes you feel…happy.” He muttered. “Stop saying that it’s good cause it’s not.” Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Isn’t my princess good?” Jared asks with a gleam in his eyes. “Oh, shut up father.” Tiffany said shaking her head. “Neighbours do you hear that? It’s my princess playing.” Jared teases her daughter. “So why did you stop playing?” Jonny asks scratching his head. Tiffany sighed. She’s not really open especially about her feelings but right now she feels like opening up. He’s a bumpkin anyway he wouldn’t understand. She told herself. “I and my mother leave father behind he’s always busy with his music. Mother felt like were his second priorities that his music always comes first. Since then mother hated music…she banned me from playing too. But mother was just like father after taking up grandmother’s company she neglected me too. She became workaholic and thinks of nothing but money and how to expand the business. “I didn’t really care about it though, but mother became forceful over time. She’s forcing me to do things I don’t even like. She doesn’t care about how I would feel about it.” Tiffany said looking away. Johnny was curious and surprised he hasn’t talked to anyone like Tiffany before, most of the time people who talks about their painful past are emotional but she’s different she talks without a pause and with a calm and firm voice. And he is no adviser he didn’t know how to respond all he could manage to say is “I’m sorry.” And there was an awkward silence. “You know there’s a place I know that will cheer you up. Come on.” Johnny said as he helps Tiffany up. “Wait I need to change.” “Okay, I’m ready.” Johnny looks at her from head to toe. “What? These are signatures.” Johnny shook his head. “I was just thinking if you can ride my baby with that.” Her eyes widened “You have a ride?” “OMG, please don’t let me fall.” Tiffany begs as she pressed her head into Johnny’s back he could almost feel Tiffany’s trembling. He’s trying his best not to laugh but he really finds Tiffany cute acting scared with a bike. “Don’t worry my baby never fails me.” Johnny assured her “And will you sit properly and hold on to me.” He adds. “Waaa, I think I’m falling, are we moving yet?” Tiffany asks high pitched. Johnny sighed “Were not, just relaxed okay.” And the motorcycle revved to life. The sound of the revving motorcycle made tiffany screamed. Johnny can no longer hide his muffled laugh. And their ride went on with Tiffany’s screaming and Johnny’s laughter. “A music store?” Tiffany asks as they reached their destination. He nodded “This is where I go when I’m sad or troubled.” “Well, I guess.” She shrugs. “Come here.” He said as he pulls Tiffany. “Wow, they have a vast of collection here. I mean look there’s my favourite.” Tiffany said smiling. “Do you want to listen to it?” “Omg, there’s a listening station too?” Johnny raised his brows. “You didn’t know?” “I haven’t been to any music store.” Johnny’s eyes were big as ever. “What have you been too?” He asks. “I’ve been studying.” Johnny twitched his eyes. “I heard you failed twice.” “I didn’t say I studied hard.” Tiffany said in her defense. Johnny can’t help but to broke off to laughter. “Hey, stop laughing you bumpkin, you think I’m joking?” “Alright, alright I believe you.” For the first time Tiffany saw Johnny’s face close up. His hair is almost white blond, his lashes are long, and his eyes have their own smile. Alright he’s cute but still a bumpkin. She said to herself. Time flew fast. And the two were enjoying. Tiffany has never felt this free. Listening to music made her spirit up. “What is this?” She asks holding a Popsicle. “It’s ice cream.” He answered. She rolled her eyes sky high “I know, but what I mean is, is this safe to eat?” “If you don’t want it just give it to me.” He said as he grabs the Popsicle. “I didn’t say I don’t want it.” She said crinkling her nose. “Hey, look the stage is empty. You should try singing, I mean I told father that I’d train you so come on.” Tiffany suggested. Feeling excited, as a child she also want to be on stage but as time passed that want seemed to passed too. But today that want seemed to be ignited. She grabs Johnny and pulls him toward the stage. “Okay, sing. No one’s around, no one’s listening, go on.” She encourage him. “Here hold the mic.” She went on. But being in stage, he can’t helped but feel like his knee is weaken, hands trembling, Johnny remember the last time he was standing here, he could still hear people booing on him. It keeps on echoing inside his head. “I can’t do this.” He whispered as he turns his back and ready to leave.
♫ Don’t turn your back
Please don’t baby,
I know you can, yeah
Let’s reach the top
Don’t let them stop us,
Believe in me♫
The satin smooth voice made him looked back. And there stood Tiffany singing her heart out. It feels like her voice is seducing not only him but the crowd as well. People have started to gather wondering who this anonymous singer is. They had never heard such powerful voice that gives impact as much as her singing.
“Hey, I didn’t know you can sing-“ “And no one else will know.” She said firmly. “Let’s continue are training tomorrow.” She said as she climbs up the stairs. “I was…on stage.”

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#1xhaiiFeb 18, 2012

great chapter! Music really is cool! It provokes people's emotions. It can make you happy and sad. I'm into music too so I like this story! hoping to read the next chapter soon! \:rah\:

#2MajuchanFeb 18, 2012

Johny= Cute bumpkin. lol&nbsp;\:D Tiffany indeed has the talent, she isn't just want to admit that she is into music.

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