Dream Ch 3
Published Feb 21, 2012

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Thank you to all the wonderful creators of my CC’s :3
And special thanks to those who reads and commented on the second chapter <3

Thank you to all the wonderful creators of my CC’s :3
And special thanks to those who reads and commented on the second chapter <3
“Princess, father will be out now but don’t worry Johnny will be here soon. Oh yeah I left the rice cooker on, the rice will be cooked in an hour.” Jared explained as he hurriedly left for his part time work. “I got it.” Tiffany replied. She’s been busy watching music channels taking notes on what songs are on charts. She was about to write the 10th songs when she heard a whistle of some kind. “What was that?” She asks as she looks around. “Weird, no one’s around.” She sat down trying to push away her fear. Who knows maybe a few ghost lives in this run-down apartment. She thought. Shaking, she continued writing when suddenly the whistling came again. “It’s coming from - “Omg, the rice cooker is on fire!” Tiffany screamed as she watched in horror as smokes come out of the rice cooker. “What am I gonna do?” She said as she fans her hands madly at the smoke. “Help!” “What’s wrong?” A familiar voice asks. Tiffany turned around to see “Johnny, the rice cooker is on fire!” She said as tears brim on her eyes. Johnny looked at the rice cooker, blinked a few times then looks back at Tiffany. Trying to stiffen a smile he said “It’s just steaming.” But the worried look on Tiffany’s face hasn’t change. He reached toward the rice cooker looking for the power button. “See, if you turn it off, the smoke will stop.” Feeling her cheeks are burning she said. “This wouldn’t have happened if you came earlier!” “Didn’t anyone teach you how to use a rice cooker?” He asks trying hard not to burst into laughter. “I’m sorry but no one is around to teach me a thing.” She replied pouting her lips. “And I’m hungry.” She adds. “Wow, you can cook?” Tiffany asks eyeing the food Johnny prepared. “Mhm, mother died while giving birth to me and father is always off for his gigs so most of the time I was left off to feed myself.” He replied with a smile. How can he smile despite those things? Tiffany thought. “Well, in a sense were like the same.” Tiffany shrugs. “But both of your parents are alive and your mother is rich so why did you choose to be here?” Tiffany sighed. “I believe in father’s dream…and I want to show mother that father will…no…can achieve it…then maybe things will be back to the way it was before.” So all she wanted is to complete her family. He thought. He wants to comfort Tiffany it saddens him to see her sad face but he don’t know what to say and how. “That’s why father and you…no the three of us should make it big.” Tiffany smiled. “If only there’s some way- “For all the dreamers out there, if you want to be train and scouted fast you know what school to go …Aery Art School who is known to be the root of most idols, is having a competition which will be held at Graffiti Street, Three lucky winners will be given scholarships grant.” That specific commercial was loud. Tiffany shakes her head as if clearing her ears. With gleaming eyes Tiffany turned to Johnny. “I think that commercial ad just given us an answer.” Johnny involuntarily stands. “No…I don’t think I’m ready for that.” “Oh, come on. We’ve been training.” Tiffany pressed. “That was just four days ago, I barely knew how to play the piano.” He replied. “You’re not gonna play the piano. You’re going to sing.” Tiffany said as she blocks the way. It has just been four days but she already knows what’s Johnny personality is, he backs out every time he felt pressured or if he’s not comfortable and he is insecure. And during those four days she never heard him sing and right now she is determined to hear it some way or another. “Please Johnny, for me?” She begs with her no-one-can-resist-look. And the poor naïve boy can’t help but feel flustered. Tiffany hit various keys eyeing on what Johnny feels most comfortable with. After seeing Johnny, feeling the beat and is almost humming. She already knows what to play and is composing a song in her head. Johnny who was always smitten by Tiffany’s playing can’t take his eyes off her. A terribly beautiful melody. He thought. Tiffany started singing the song she just composed in her head. And her smooth, melodic voice was all over the room. His emotions are evoked anytime the girl’s soulful music touched his ears. It amazed him how all the happy things and heartache she’s endured is showing on her music and he can definitely relate to it as if it is their song. Seeing the look of pure delight on his face made Tiffany stop and just stare at him. “I’ve made this song with you in mind.” She exclaimed before she could stop the words tumbling from her mouth. “Argh, what did I just say?” She laughed a little and shook her head. He looked away at her, eyebrows furrowed. “You’re Beautiful- I meant-the song is beautiful.” He said. Tiffany laughed and rolled her eyes. “How about we sing it together?” she asks. He cleared his throat and swallowed thickly. “I-I don’t know.” He replied still looking away. Tiffany placed her hand between his hearts. “Follow what it says.” Johnny looked up and their gaze met. “T-that was what father used to say.” Tiffany let out a shaky laugh. Tiffany tried to play the same key again. As she writes down the lyrics with one hand then she heard his voice, singing in elvish whisper. It’s faint, and then growing stronger, it was the most wonderful music she had heard. Like the song completely belonged to him. Tiffany looked up and held his gaze while he sings for the longest time. His voice captivated her. And the day of the competition came.
“Tiffany, how long are you gonna brush your teeth? We will be late. Johnny must been really nervous he’s alone there.” Jared yells at her daughter. For a few nights Tiffany stayed too late writing songs for Johnny. Tiffany calls it ridiculous but she found herself wanting to hear Johnny’s singing her songs. “I’ll be done now.” She replied as she hurriedly brushes her teeth.
On the other hand someone is purposely slowing his move.
“Inhale…exhale…I can do it…I can do it…for her.” He reminded his self.
“Princess, I can’t find Johnny.” Jared said worriedly. “He’s next. What should we do?” Her mind being quick. “Relax father, I think I know where he is.” Tiffany said as she run off. “I’m going to break your arm if I find you.” She thought. “I knew it.” Tiffany said panting. “I-I don’t know If I can do it.” He said trembling. Still panting Tiffany placed her hand between his hearts. “Believe in it.” “Thank goodness.” Jared exclaimed as he saw Tiffany and Johnny approaching. “Go on stage…you’re on.” He said as he pushed him on stage. Walking on stage took a lot of courage for Johnny seeing that there are eyes below him that seems like ready to devour him. He felt his knees are about to give up. The music started and the intro was done he should sing now but his mind is clouded, all he could hear is the echoing of people booing him. He started trembling. It was way past the chorus now and the MC went on stage. He’s giving warning to Johnny if he won’t sing he will be out of the competition. “There’s no way I’ll let that happen.” Tiffany thought. With instinct she run toward the stage and grabs the MC’s mic. “You bumpkin, you should have wear a suit.” She whispered smiling.
♫Just give us a time
A little time
And were going to shine
You are the one
That I dream,
You and I
Trying to reach our dream,
You are the one
That I dream ♫
Hearing Tiffany’s voice slowly calms him, bringing him back from his clouded mind. Her voice soothes his every being.
♫I don’t want to wait
A lifetime for our dream,
You are the one that I dream
You’re the best thing
That ever happened to me, ♫
My dream
He felt that his heart stopped, singing with Tiffany on the same stage felt like anything he hasn’t feel before. You’re right father, being on stage isn’t a frightful. He thought.
“Wow, that’s all I have to say. Today we experienced and saw a variety of talent. From Dancing, singing to acting we all have our bets…” The MC announce as the crowd went wild. The first two winners where announce and Tiffany was crossing her hands. “Please, please let it be Johnny.” She prays. For the first time she wanted something for someone else. “For our third and last winner is…Johnny Lim!” “Yay! I-its Johnny!” Tiffany screamed hugging her father. She feels like it’s a step closer to her father’s dream. “He just called my name…I-I won…Inhale…Exhale.” Johnny reminded his self. He himself can’t hide his happiness. “Congratulations to the four new students of AAS.” The MC said as he claps his hand. “Four?” the crowd asks. “I know we said that there could only be 3 students but our last winner have a partner and they count as one.” The MC announced. “D-did he just say your partner?” Tiffany asks her eyes widening. “I guess I’m not going to AAS alone.” Johnny grinned. “So what are you planning to do now Princess? You know that if you won’t go, Johnny’s scholarships will be cancelled too.” Her father warned. “I know, I know father.” Tiffany said scratching her head. “I’m going, besides it’s a good opportunity for me too. I can’t train Johnny with a little knowledge. I need to broaden my skills and knowledge on music.” She went on. Jared smiled. “Good luck Princess.” “I-it’s not like I want to be scouted or anything. I-it’s pure business.” She pressed. “So this is AAS? What a small school.” Tiffany exclaimed. “Well not everyone can enter, I heard they are strict on choosing their students.” Johnny explained. “What do you mean we’re late? It’s said that classes starts at 8am.” Tiffany asks the teacher in charge. “Are you the new students? I’m sorry but there’s a little change on your schedule. Now if you could just wait for the other two-“ “I’m Mario Clarin one of the four new students.” Said by a dark haired boy and who seemed to be a rich kid. Tiffany could eye branded things even if it’s meters away from her. “I-Im Sarah Bennet…one of the four new students too.” Said by a shy girl who wore her hair in braids. “You think the other students will welcome us?” Sarah asks fidgeting. “Of course they will. Who else wouldn’t fall for me?” Mario's voice was full of pride. “I know.” Sarah mumbles her eyes glued to Mario. Mario has been performing at Graffiti Street for a while, although his not an idol some of the girls who saw him are crazy for him.And You could say Sarah was one of them. After knowing that Mario has signed up for the competition she didn't have any second thought on signing up herself. “He sounds just like you Tiffany.” Johnny chuckles. Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Let’s go were late for Music class.”

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simsinspring.Mar 18, 2012

coooooool \:D

Snoopy21979Feb 26, 2012

Cool!&nbsp; I'll bet they'll even become professional rock stars when they graduate.&nbsp; Until then, Excellent chapter!&nbsp; I can't wait for chapter four!&nbsp; Awesome job!!&nbsp; \:wub\:

xhaiiFeb 24, 2012

great chapter! \:rah\: yay. they've been granted scholarships \:rah\: i hope they reach their dreams..

quappiFeb 24, 2012

i love your story please add more chapters

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