Best Friends- (IX) Final
Published Mar 3, 2012

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It was night Travis had returned back home. Travis had just put Sophia to bed and was back in the living room watching a romance movie on the television. It was quiet and calm and everything seemed back to normal for the small family.

It was night Travis had returned back home. Travis had just put Sophia to bed and was back in the living room watching a romance movie on the television. It was quiet and calm and everything seemed back to normal for the small family. Brooklyn: How does it feel? Back home?
Travis: At peace. I've waited so long to come home. And Sophia. She's gotten so big! I'm just happy to be back with you and her. It's amazing how much you take things for granted. Family, life.....
Travis: And I wanted to thank Aj for taking care of the both of you while I was gone. I don't know what I would have done without him. Why isn't he staying here, anyway? I thought he would be here when I got back. He said he was staying in a hotel? I thought he liked his room.
Brooklyn looked a bit nervous.
Brooklyn: It just wasn't working out that's all. He was getting ready to leave anyway. I think his label was trying to give him a new deal.
Travis: But he stayed here. I just would think it would have been better for him to stay here to make sure you two were alright. You know, less money he had to worry about and all. Did something happen? Are you two not getting along?
Brooklyn was never a good liar. And she knew if she said much she would hurt him. When he kept asking again she finally couldn't take it anymore.
Brooklyn: It was hard having you gone all the time. I didn't know what to do or who to turn to. And Aj was working so well with Sophia.
She let out a small nervous laugh.
Brooklyn: You should have seen her face. And he would take her places, places around town. He was good to her. Always keeping her hopes up that you were returning home soon, even when I didn't think you were. Brooklyn: You were just gone so long. And we barely heard from you. Each call was just as heart wrenching as the next. I was lonely and didn't know what to do. There was so much going on. So many emotions taking a toll on me. Travis got up from the couch.
Travis: What are you talking about Brooklyn? You are not making sense.
Brooklyn: And then it was that night. We were talking about how we were when we were young. How we felt about each other then. And then.......
Travis: And then what?
She didn't speak.
Travis: And then WHAT, BROOKLYN?
Brooklyn: And then we kissed!
The words came out of her mouth before she could stop it.
Brooklyn: It was the night you were supposed to come home. We kissed. And I didn't stop it. And then I told him about everything. About Sophia and our marriage. Our lie to our parents and families. I had to tell him. I, I, I needed to tell him.
Travis: He knows?
Brooklyn: But he hasn't talked about it since then. I am so ashamed.
Travis look of hurt slowly faded.
Brooklyn: I am so sorry Travis.
Travis: I guess I deserved it.
Brooklyn: What? NO. Travis, How could you blame yourself for what I did. There you were fighting for us and I was here, with Aj.
Travis: No. I did this. I brought it on myself.
Travis: I knew there was something going on between you and Aj. I just didn't want to believe it. When I was here, I could see how you looked at him, and how he looked at you. The love that was still there between you two and I was here. I knew you could never look at me the same way. No matter how much I tried. Travis: So when the counties asked for units to volunteer I volunteered ours. We weren't told to go, I asked to go. I couldn't sit here and watch myself get hurt. I figured if it was going to happen, then I didn't want to be here. Only I was hurting myself in the process. Travis: I couldn't sit by and let you go back to him. But I didn't want to stand in your way if being with him is what you really wanted to do. I loved you too much. So I left, and accepted whatever would happen. Brooklyn: You mean you wanted me to cheat?
Travis: I wanted you to follow you heart. And if being with Aj was where you wanted to be, then I wasn't going to get in your way.
Brooklyn: But I married you.
Travis: Only as the second choice.
Travis: I just wanted to make sure that it was real. That we were real. So I took the wrong way of going about it. The wrong approach to my best friend and wife. I should never have done that to you or to Sophie. You both are my heart. Always.
Brooklyn was speechless, she didn't know what to do or think.
She looked at her husband. She wanted to be angry. She wanted to be furious with him for putting their marriage in jeopardy. But deep down she couldn't. The time a part gave her the time to find a little closure with Aj. Time to talk about their past and get things out in the open. She pulled him closer to her.
Brooklyn: I am your wife Travis. And I will always love you.
Travis kissed her other hand as he held it in his own. They embraced for a long time and walked to their bedroom for the remainder of the night.
The next day there was a knock at the Rogers house.
Travis answered the door.
Travis: Aj!
Aj: It's nice to see you doing better Bro!
Travis: Come in, come in. The girls are gone but they will be back soon.
Aj: I don't have long to stay. My flight will be leaving soon.
Travis: You leaving?
Aj: Yeah. I finally gave in and decided to take the new record deal. This time I have been writing and producing songs as well. I am doing more of the behind the scenes this time around.
Travis: Well congrats man.
Aj: Thanks. I really came to talk to you.
Aj paused a bit. He didn't know where to begin.
Aj: I have a confession. I wasn't the best man I was supposed to while you were gone. And to no fault of her own, Brooklyn had nothing to do with it.
Travis: You kissed?
Aj was shocked.
Aj: You know?
Travis: We talked about everything. And believe me, I appreciated what you tried to do for my family....besides the kiss. You gave up a lot to stay here. I can't possibly feel the way you did when you found out about Sophia.
Aj: It still hurts to know that.
Aj: But Brooklyn was right. At that time of my life, I was being selfish. There is no telling how I would have reacted back then. I wasn't ready to be a father, I wasn't ready to have a family. It takes some kind of man to take care of someone else's.
Travis: I love her just as much as any father would. I love the both of them.
Aj tried to act like the words didn't hurt. But they did.
They went on to talk about Sophia and Brooklyn. And Travis's talk with Brooklyn the other night.
Aj: I'm sorry man. I can't say I regret what I did, but I do regret hurting the both of you. You are my best friends.
Travis: We are weird bunch you know that.
They both laughed.
After a few more minutes of closure between the two friends Aj raised up and walked towards the door.
Travis: Are you sure you don't want to say to say goodbye at least.
Aj: I think it is best that I don't. I 'm not really good at those things anyway. Besides, I need for you to get back and be the family man you are.
Travis: So what are we going to do about Sophia. You know she's yours.
Aj: But you are her father. At least you have been for all her life. It would just mess things up right now for her. I can't do that do her. Let's wait for some time. Okay?
Travis tried to reason with Aj but Aj was just as stubborn.
Travis: I see where she gets it from.
The best friends hugged one last time.
Travis: Don't wait another six years.
Aj: I won't. You just take care of my girl. Both of them.
Travis: Womb to tomb.
Aj got into his car. He took one last look as he pulled out of the parkway and onto the road.
He looked in his rearview mirror. As much as he tried to hide his emotions, he couldn't fight the pain he was feeling inside. He slowed his car down almost to come to a stop, then shrugged off his thoughts and began to drive away.
Brooklyn had just walked back to the house. She had seen Aj from far away getting into the car and driving away from the house. As she stood in front of the yard she watched as he slowed down and then began to drive again. She didn't move. She wanted him to turn around. But deep within she didn't know if she would leave with him. She was torn between her feelings. The only thing she could do was begin to cry. She wiped the tears before they reached her cheeks. Aj looked through his rear view mirror again. He could see the small figures standing in front of the house.
Aj: Don't look back Aj.
He clitched his teeth and drove faster so he could not see them the house anymore. Tears falling down his face.
He could still see Sophia standing there with her mother.
Sophia: Was that Aj mommy?
Brooklyn: Yes baby.
Sophia: He didn't say goodbye? I am going to miss him.
Brooklyn: So am I. So am I.
Brooklyn called to Sophia as she walked to the house.
The little girl watched sadly as the car disappeared down the road. And when she could no longer see it she walked inside.
Sophia: Goodbye Aj.

This is the end of this series, but there will be more to come for Sophia soon.

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#7alayaquinoMar 4, 2012

Love the ending!\:ph34r\:

#8fabrizioammolloMar 4, 2012

Moving story! \:rah\: This is the perfect ending, for now!

#9SEMIAH29VIPMar 4, 2012

Such a wonderful story!!

#10starsky524Mar 4, 2012

So good and it was really sad at the end! Maybe you could call the Sophia story : Story of My Life. I cant wait!!!

#11Mar 4, 2012

looking forward to the next chapter on Sophia.

#12MangioMar 6, 2012

Congrats on the feature \:rah\: I loved how Brooklyn admitted and Travis accepted.. they are indeed truly wife and husband \:wub\: I'm glad the two men both had their discussion and their closure. Poor Brooklyn and Sophia, it broke my heart to see them like that \:\( A great finale nevertheless \:wub\: Can't wait for Sophia's part \;\) 

#13karennks03Mar 9, 2012

This has been my fave sim series! Can't wait to read about Sophia!!!

#14taxa08Mar 13, 2012


#15HagusimsloveMay 1, 2012

I love this story!! \:wub\:

#16urm0mJun 6, 2012

Poor Sophia

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