Do You Ever - Chapter II
Published Mar 4, 2012

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So here is the second chapter for Do You Ever. I hope you enjoy it!

So here is the second chapter for Do You Ever. I hope you enjoy it! “Hey. Wake up. Wake up.” Faldino poked the girl beside him with his foot.
“What?” She said and turned her head the other way. Faldino poked her again “Oh no Faldino, I haven't rested enough to have the energy to do it again.”
“Ok, then leave.” He said and sat up. “And make sure you got all your things with you.”
“Are you serious?” The girl looked at him with big brown eyes as she got up.
“You knew the rule babe.” Faldino said and put a shirt on.
“You are a pig!” She said as she put on her dress and shoes and walked to the door.
“I know it and you knew it even before you slept with me!” He called after her.
Faldino got up and walked straight to the bar in his kitchen. He was thinking about the other girl who would have wanted to come home with him but he of course had to pick the girl who thought they were going to get married as soon as he had said hi to her. He poured scotch in a glass. He took the glass and had it almost on his lips when he heard the familiar sound of his cell phone.
“You've gotta be kidding me” he mumbled as he went to get his phone. “Yes.”
“Hey, Faldino it's Frank.”
“Okay, what's so important that you are calling me at this time on Sunday?”He said as he walked back to the kitchen.
“Your old man. We are going to have a meeting”
“In a couple of hours.”
“I'll be at the towers at 3”
“No, no . It's at the house”
“The house?”
“You'll know why once you get there.” Frank hang up.
“You idiot” Faldino mumbled. He hated to be left outside, he was blood and still no one told him anything even though they knew that the Don was getting old and he knew he was going to be the head of the family.
Johnny unlocked the door to his and Nino's apartment and was surprised since Nino was alone, reading the local paper. Nino did not notice Johnny coming inside until he heard the door shut.
“Hey I didn't hear you come” Nino said as he tried to hide the paper under some cushions.
“Hey. You don't need to hide the paper, I'll keep the secret about you reading the paper.” He laughed and continued. “Since when have you been interested in the news?”
“I'm just browsing through it”
“Really, what's with hiding it then?”
“N-nothing..” Nino stuttered and folded the paper.
“Oh come on. Let me see what's so interesting in it” Johnny walked over to the sofa and sat down beside Nino.
“There is nothing interesting in it.”
“Give it to me, what's in there that you don't want me to see?” Johnny tried to reach for the paper.
“Nothing, really nothing.” Nino tried to leave with the paper but Johnny manage to get the paper and he opened it.
On the first page there was an add for veterinary Bambi DiRosilia a picture of the Bambi Johnny met last night.
“How did you-” Johnny started.
“Well, I was in the bathroom and I took the paper with me and I just saw it, I was gonna throw it away but there was this story about this local football-”
“Thanks Nino, I really appreciate this. ” Johnny had search through the whole library and in the book, that was mentioned in the story about Achiello Caffarelli. There was no mention of Bambi, but there was a family picture, and he recognized Halley and Bambi in it. But why did she have the name DiRosilia in the add and why would she been in the book about the Caffarelli family business? She could not be married because she had not had a wedding ring at the club and her sister had had a wedding announcement so if Bambi would be married she would have had a wedding announcement.. right? Johnny needed to go down to her veterinarian center tomorrow and talk to her. Achiello Caffarelli was sitting is his office. It was dimly light with dark wallpaper and modern furniture and a few paintings on the walls. He had never felt quite at home in this office after his wife had decorated it as an anniversary present to him last year. Achiello was thinking about the future of the family while he waited for his son and consigliere. He knew his time as the Don was soon over. He was getting old and didn't have the have the strenght to run the business the same way he used to. He knew Faldino was going to be a great Don, he knew he would be the same kind of boss he had been himself, but right now was not the right time to retire. He needed to get the heat off the family and he needed to finnish some business with the Calhoun family so Faldino would not have to be at war with them when he stepped down. Achiello's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Come in” He said with his calm, heavily accented voice. Achiello saw his broad shouldered son come in followed by Frank, his consigliere. “Your mother will not like that jacket”
“Oh, she let me know already, how are you dad?” Faldino said as he sat down on a chair in front of the desk.
“I'm good, good. So Frank did what did you tell Faldino on the way here?”
“I told about the police operation, nothing specific though.”
“Good. Faldino Paul called me and told me that the chief of police is putting all the men they can afford to take off their other cases on the so called “Caffarelli case”
“What the fudge! I thought Paul was on this side!”
“Calm down Faldino.” Achiello continued with his calm voice. “Paul keeps his eyes open on the inside and informs us how the operation proceeds. Like he told me earlier, the police is watching the towers at all times so that is why we have this meeting here.”
“What are you going to do to get the police off our backs?” Faldino asked.
“I have a plan, but I need to talk with all the underbosses before we decide on one plan” Achiello looked at his son who clearly was not satisfied with the answer. He knew Faldino was very inpatient but he did not want to tell him any more details.
He turned his gaze towards Frank who knew the plan. “Are you staying for dinner?”
“No, I have to go and see my father. He's in pretty bad shape” He said as he stood up.
“I hope he will feel better soon.”
“Not really, the doctor tells me he's not gonna be around for much longer..”
“I'm sorry Frank”
“Well there is nothing that can be done.. Well I better be going”
“I'll see you tomorrow, we'll go see Kevin Esposito?”
“Ok, enjoy your dinner Don Caffarelli, Faldino”
“Hi mom!” Helmina heard her daughter call from the living room. She stopped chopping the tomatoes, dried her hands on the kitchen towel and as she turned around her youngest daughter was standing in the kitchen arch.
“Hi dear”
“I brought some cookies” Bambi said and brought a plate with cookies.
“Bambi..” Her mother said with a sight. “These are store bought cookies, not home made. Why did you not try to bake some?”
“Oh I did” She said and looked at her mother's speechless face. “And they did not turn out to be that good.”
“Bye Mrs. Caffarelli” Helmina heard Frank's familiar voice behind her.
“Are you leaving?” She turned around fast with a surprised face. “I thought you were going to stay for dinner and Bambi is here.”
“Nice to see you Bambi” Frank said with a ridiculous smile on his face.
“Hi Frank” Bambi answered and turned around to continue chopping the tomatoes that her mother had left there.
“I'm sorry Mrs. Caffarelli but I have to go see my father.”
“Well at least stay for the appetizer, we'll start as soon as Halley, Paul and the kids get here”
“Oh well I guess I could stay for the appetizer, I haven't seen Bambi in a while so it would be nice to catch up.” As soon as Bambi heard this she froze.
“Well Bambi. Go, go have a drink and chat I will get the dinner ready.” Helmina pushed her daughter away from the cutting board.
Bambi sat down on the sofa beside Frank and handed him a glass of wine. There was an awkward silence which lasted for way too long but she did not know what she should say. Frank had had a crush on her since they had been teenagers. She had never like him in that way he was too.. too perfect, and her dad loved him.
“So how are things?” Frank finally asked.
“Good, how about you?”
“Good, I just moved in my dad's house since he is so ill.”
“Yeah I heard, I'm so sorry, how is he doing?”
“That's okay, he is not getting better, the doctor said there is not much they can do he still can live at home but the doctor thinks they might need to take him to the hospital so he can get all the medicine he needs for the pain.”
He looked into Bambi's big brown eyes, they were so beautiful she looked sad because of the news about his father. Frank wanted her to ask him if he was seeing anyone special because he was not, the only girl he ever wanted to date was Bambi but she was so busy she never had time or when she had she was dating someone. His palm were sweating and he tried to dry the sweat off on his pants. He took a sip of the great italian red wine that was always served at the Caffarelli house.
“So are you seeing anyone?” he asked after his sip.
Bambi had just taken her glass of wine to her lips and she almost chocked on the wine. She had been dreadding for this questions
“Grhm.. No I'm not seeing anyone right now” She said with a fake smile on her lips.
“Well then would you-”
“Aunt Bambi!” Bambi's nice, Julia was running to her and gave her a hug.
“Hi Julia, where's your brother and mom and dad?”
“We are right here” Halley said as she got in the room with a key lime pie in her hands.
“Oh let me help you with that” Bambi said and got up and took the key lime pie out of Halley's hands and left for the kitchen. Halley looked at Frank who looked disappointed as he drank the rest of his wine.
“Oh Frank, I'm sorry.”
“That's okay, I need to get going.”
“Please don't leave, stay and you can ask her again let me take the kids and go help mom in the kitchen.”
“No, no Halley. You saw she couldn't get away fast enough” Frank said as he got up. Halley looked at Frank who looked like he always looked when Bambi had brought a boyfriend to a family event or come up with the weirdest excuses why she could not go out with him. Her gaze followed him as he walked out from the front door.
“Mom, can we go upstairs?” Halley's son, Gabriel asked.
“No sweetie, nonno is working up there, so let's wait 'til he comes downstairs. Go say hi to nonna in the kitchen.” Gabriel and Julia run to the kitchen and Halley followed them.
“Hello sweethearts” Helminas soft voice said as she hugged her grandchildren. “And hi dear, I assume you made that key lime pie, since Bambi can't even make cookies”
“Mom! That's not fair”
“Oh, I'm just teasing you” Helmina and gave her older daughter a hug. “Where's Paul?”
“He had to make a phone call so he's coming inside any minute” Halley answered.
“Mom, We're going outside.”
“Okay, but stay in the back and don't bother nonno's servants.” She looked as her kids run out of the kitchen.
“Do you need some help mom?”
“No, no, you girls go talk I'll have dinner almost ready, now we just need to wait for the men to get downstairs.”
“Okay if you say so.” Bambi said and took the wine bottle and Halley to the living room.
“You have to stop being so rude to Frank” Halley said before either one of them sat down.
“Well I didn't have a single excuse to give him so I just grabbed my chance to avoid the question” Halley sighted and to a sip of her wine.
“Why won't you go out with him and get it over with?”
“He's too serious. He never has been jealous of any guy I dated and he never-”
“Well that's only because you don't give him a chance. Just go on one date with him and then decide if he is too serious or if he's not jealous enough or something else.”
“I don't want to interrupt but where's everyone?” Paul stood and looked at Halley and Bambi.
“Go and try to get dad and Faldino to come downstairs so we can get started with the dinner.”
“Hi Paul , it's really good that you decided to come. I need you to do something for me”
“Of course don Caffarelli”
I hope you liked the second chapter at least as much as you liked the first one. Please comment and rate so I know what you think of it!

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martoeleMar 29, 2014

Yes, I like this second chapter as well. The writing style is good. Some of the screenies are a bit dark but... that isn't very important. \:\)

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