Blackout - Chapter 1
Published Mar 7, 2012

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Thanks for reading my story! This is my first try, so please feel free to comment and rate.

Thanks for reading my story! This is my first try, so please feel free to comment and rate. I stare blankly at a bunch of mangoes. My thoughts are racing. 'Grocery store? How did I get here? Oh God, not again!'

I reach in my purse for my phone, where I always think I put it. Somehow, I always find it somewhere else. On my dresser, the glove compartment of my car, once in the coat pocket of a coat I hadn't worn since last winter. I swear someone is playing tricks on me and moving my stuff around. Maybe I have my own malicious pet elf.
So here I am again, searching my purse fruitlessly for my phone with no idea where I am or how I got here. Just before I start to freak out, my fingers close over my keys in my purse. My car must be in the parking lot. Let's start there. I locate the front door, abandoning a shopping cart next to me. I know it's not mine anyway because it's full of mangoes. I really, really don't like mangoes. I dash out into the parking lot. To my relief, I find my car and slide behind the steering wheel, breathing heavily. The first thing I do is turn on the GPS. It was a gift from my sister last Christmas; she said it was so I wouldn't get lost so often. We laughed, but we both knew what she meant. As I'm waiting for the gadget to figure out where in the world I am this time, I spot my phone, plugged into the charger. I don't remember plugging it in, either, but it seems like a sensible thing I would do. Right?

The satellites have found me. I'm way on the southeast end of Bridgeport. I live in the northwest. Why do I always find myself over here? I head towards home and as I drive by, a woman waves at me enthusiastically. That's weird; I have no idea who she is. Maybe she's just friendly.
I reach my apartment building around 9:30. As I wait for the elevator, my phone starts to play The Lazy Song.


"Carolyn? Jeez where are you? I've been trying to reach you for hours! Don't you listen to your messages? Why aren't you here?
My sister, Tina. I sigh wearily. "Why would I be there, Tina?"

"Did you forget? Dinner! With my very cute and newly single co-worker?"

I used to swear Tina made these things up just to mess with me, but we long ago connected these incidents with my blackouts. But I don't want her to worry, so I pretend to know what she's talking about. "Oh, that was tonight? I'm so sorry, I thought it was tomorrow!"
Tina sounds disappointed. "I guess we can reschedule.."

"Please don't," I say. "I hate it when you try to fix me up."

She's pouting. "Fine. But this weekend, we're going clubbing, you're going to make yourself hot, and we're going to hit on every remotely attractive male there."

I laugh and agree to her terms. I could use a night out. The blackouts have been getting worse lately and work has been stressful.
Friday night comes and, as usual, I'm running late. I step out of the shower and pad to my closet in a towel. I have no idea what to wear. To tell you the truth, I'm not very "girly". I live in my blue jeans at home, and when I'm at work, I wear the most comfortable pants I can find that fit the dress code. So as I'm digging through my closet, I already know I won't have anything that fits Tina's definition of sexy. At that moment, the intercom buzzes and I press the button to let Tina up. A few minutes later, she bounces into the room with her trademark pep and perkiness, smelling of raspberry as she breezes by and pokes her nose into my closet. She pulls something out, a smoking hot red and black dress with the tag still on it.

"Whoa, Carolyn! Where did you get this sexy number?" she asks, holding it up to my front.

I've never seen that dress in my life. "Oh, forever ago," I bluff. "I've just been waiting for the right time to wear it."

She grins wickedly. "Well, that time has come. Wow, Care, I didn't think you had it in you! What possessed you to buy this?"
I shrug weakly. "I guess I just felt like splurging." I pull the dress over my head and nearly choke on my own spit when I see the price tag. I'm wondering if I can return it when Tina rips off the tag. Guess not.

She steps back to take a look and whistles at me, then hands me the shoes that I apparently bought at the same time. "Now let's do something with that hair."
Half an hour later, I officially meet Tina's standards and she declares me ready to go out. She links her arm through mine and bounces out to her car with me in tow. By now you must be getting the impression that I'm a total social reject. But that's really not it. I'm happy with who I am, most of the time. Just cut from a different cloth than my sister. I'm what you would call a geek chick. Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated with computers. I played video games whenever possible and spent nearly as much time pondering how they worked. I'm actually pretty good with people, as long as I'm not trying to pretend to be attractive. So my dad and sister were less than supportive when they heard I wanted to go into software engineering. They were convinced I would never be happy sitting behind a computer and not working with people. Despite their lack of enthusiasm, I managed to get my BS in computer science and get a good job as a developer soon after. And believe it or not, I actually do enjoy sitting behind a computer all day. Besides, there's no such thing as programming in a vacuum. I get plenty of human interaction with my coworkers. Whether theyre social rejects themselves is besides the point. Im pulled from my reverie as Tina slams on the brakes and swears at the driver in front of her. Im always amused by how my normally sweet tempered, selfless sister can turn into a raging psychopath when another driver somehow offends her. We pull up to the Wet Spot 15 minutes later. We step past the bouncer into the pulsing lights and thumping bass, and several men look Tina over appreciatively. She pretends to be oblivious, then elbows me and says "I told you you look hot."

I stare at her for a second then crack up as I realize what she's saying. My sister, the essence of femininity, gliding along next me while I'm clomping along in heels that I don't know how to walk in. "Oh sweetie, they weren't looking at me."
She rolls her eyes and pulls me up to the bar. Before we can order, a handsome stranger steps up next to us and says "Can I buy you a drink?"

I look up and realize he's actually looking right at me. Tina lightly puts her hand on my shoulder and grins. "I'm going to go dance," she says.

"Um.. sure, " I mumble to the man. He smiles at me and orders our drinks as I shift uncomfortably.
We make awkward conversation while we finish our drinks. It's not that I have problems talking to the opposite sex; I just have trouble not talking to them like I'm one of the guys. As soon as I finish my drink, Tina is at my side again, pulling me out to the dance floor. I turn back to thank him for the drink as I'm dragged away. Trying to keep up with Tina on the way to the dance floor, I stumble in my stupid 6 inch heels and fall facefirst toward the floor. Then there are hands underneath my arms, pulling me back to my feet. I feel like a total idiot. I mumble a thank you without looking up, then duck my head and rush to the bathroom with my face burning. Inside the bathroom, I grip the sides of the sink and try to pull myself together. For the millionth time, I wonder why I couldn't have even a tiny bit of my sister's grace and charisma. I open my eyes a teeny bit, then squeeze them shut again as pain explodes in my head. The pain fades slowly and I listen to the soothing sound of the shower running. I've always been comforted by that sound. I could listen to it for hours. I'm snuggling deeper under the covers and suddenly it occurs to me that I live alone. Who would be using my shower? Very, very slowly I open my eyes again, allowing them to adjust to the light. Not my shower. This is not my apartment. I sit straight up in bed, fear momentarily overriding the fireworks in my head. I'm in a motel? In my underwear. And someone is taking a shower in my room. I slide out of bed and find my very expensive dress crumpled in the corner of the cheap and filthy room, my purse under the bed, and my shoes on opposite ends of the room. And next to my shoe, I see a man's shirt and pants, neatly folded. I panic. I don't remember how I got here. I throw on my dress and flee from the room, down the stairs, and out of the motel in my bare feet, because there's no way I'm wearing those evil heels again.
I sprint out into the darkness. It must still be the middle of the night. Halfway across the parking lot, I realize my car isn't here. I rode to the club with Tina. I whisper a silent prayer and dig in my purse. I breathe a sigh of relief as I spot my phone. I start to dial Tina's number, then stop. She'll freak out even more than I am if she finds out I have no idea what happened with the last 6 hours of my life. Finally, a stroke of luck: a cab drives right down the road in front of the motel. I flag it down and give the cabbie my address. I lean back in the seat and close my eyes. I don't even care where I am right now. I just want to go home and forget this ever happened. Thanks for reading! Special thanks to all the CC creators for their awesome work. Please rate and comment, and stay tuned for the next chapter!

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#6martoeleMar 8, 2012

It surely is an interesting start! I like it! \:D Congratulations on the feature! \:cool\:

#7DjallyMar 8, 2012

Already hooked on this story! Nice writing!! \:wub\:

#8MySteRY-GirLMar 8, 2012

AweSomE !!!!!!!! very good storyline!

#9Mar 8, 2012

very interesting. congratulations on your feature.

#10keishafellerMar 10, 2012

Nice start!!

#11AnnieBooMar 11, 2012

Very interesting!!! I love this chapter!!! Hopefully will have another one soon!

#12BellaJuneauMar 13, 2012

 I love the story you've written and how it leaves you wondering what really happened and how she came to be in the situation she found herself in. I'm trying to piece together from when she had the drink and tripped on the dance floor then from the bathroom to the hotel room hmmm...very interesting thanks for writing this and sharing!!! Great story !!! \:wub\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#13taxa08Mar 13, 2012


#14summerislove3Mar 13, 2012

She probably got drunk at the party or something. BYTHEWAY, your story is very interesting! Keep 'em coming!\:D

#15nytikaMar 26, 2012

very good story. off to read the next chapter. thank you.

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