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A Broken Home: Can Never Be Fixed? Ch.6
Published Mar 20, 2012

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Hello Readers,
Sorry that it took me 3 weeks, but my game started acting up.... I fixed it... so shall we continue with our regular scheduling....
Hope you guys enjoy...

Please C.A.R.H

~~> XOXOs

Hello Readers,
Sorry that it took me 3 weeks, but my game started acting up.... I fixed it... so shall we continue with our regular scheduling....
Hope you guys enjoy...

Please C.A.R.H

~~> XOXOs
The front door opened. The first little boy came in and then stepped to the side, while the next one came in. Right off the back I knew which one was Phil .
Phil: Hi dad! (He said standing close to his brother.)
Marty: Hey son.

I after speaking to Phil, I stared at Phillip. I immediately knew that Paigeís story was true; Phillip looked just like Phil, whom looks just like me. He had my eyes; I was amazed, itís all trueÖ
Mario: Well, now that the boys are in the house, I think itís time for Paige and me to leave, so you guys can get to know each other.
Paige: Yes, but before we leave, can I speak to you?
Marty: Yeah, what do you want to talk about?

Paige got closer so the only people who could hear her whisper is us.

Paige: Marty, I just want to thank you for stepping up to the plate when it comes to accepting my mistake for not letting you know your son for all these years.
Marty: There is no need to thank me, as soon as you told me about Phillip; I knew what I had to do.
Paige: I have to confess something to you.

There was a long pause.

Marty: Spit it out Paige.
Paige: I had my doubts about this, but Mario said that itís for the best. He convince me that every man deserve to know his kids.

I looked towards Mario, who had waved and headed out the door.
Marty: Iíll make sure to thank him, because he is right.

Paige: Well thatís all I wanted.
Paige then stepped back.

Paige: MAKE SURE THAT HE FEELS COMFORTABLEÖ.. (She said out loud so Justine, who had just walked by, could hear)
Paige then looked towards Justine.
Justine, now holding Justice, looked back at her.

Justine: Iím going to put Justice to bed.

She then stormed off.
Phil walked up to me.

Phil: Hi dad, Iíve missed you.
Marty: I missed you too. Boy, how have you grown?
Phil: Yeah, where have you been? I miss coming during the summers.
Marty: I miss your visits as well.
Marty: What have you been up to?

Phil: Phillip and I are in scouting
Marty: Wow, really?
Phil: Yeah! (He said getting excited) One time, Mario, I meanÖ..

Phil then looked towards Paige
Phil: Mom is it okay to call dad Mario?
Paige: Yes, but only this once.

Phil then looked towards me.
Phil: Mario (he smiled) took Phillip and me camping.
Marty: Cool, did you guys have fun?
Phil: Yes, it was awesome! We saw all kinds of animals!

Marty: Maybe next time Iíll go camping with you guys as well.
Phil: Cool.

Phil then reached his arms out to give me a hug.
Paige: Well, Iím going to leave you guys alone. (She walked towards Phillip) Baby, donít be afraid, Marty wonít hurt you. This is your dad so please go meet him. This is what you wanted, so please enjoy your time.

Paige kisses him on the head and then walked towards the door.

Paige: Phil stick close to your brother, make him comfortable. Iíll be back in two hours.

And with that she was gone, leaving only me and all my boys in the room.
Phil: Come on Phillip, get to know Dad.
Phillip began to walk towards me.

At first, all he did was stare at me, and I with him.
Marty: Hello PhillipÖ
Phillip: Hello
Marty: I know this is awkward, but I promise we will both get use to the situation. Before you know it, this situation wonít be a situation. (I laughed)

Phillip: Why is it a situation?

Marty: Iím sure your mom told you the situation.
Phillip: No (He said sadly) When Phil was coming during the summer; Mom told that he was going to basketball camp. Then she would send me to baseball camp. Marty: Sorry, I had nothing to do with that. I am going to be honest with you, Paige; I mean your mom never told me about you, she made you a secret.

Phillip: Why?

Marty: Who knows, your mom was in a situation where she had to make you a secret. Donít blame her or be mad at her. Letís enjoy the time we have together nowÖ (I smiled)
Phillip: can I ask you something?

Marty: Sure, anything.
Phillip: Was that little girl my sister? (Referring to Justice and smiling really hard)
Marty: Yep, you are a big brother...
Phillip jumped for joy

Phillip: Can I meet her?
Marty: In the morning; she is sleep.
Phillip: I cant wait til tomorrow then

We laughed
After Phillip explained to me how much he couldnít wait for him to meet Justice, Paul cleared his throat.

Marty: Donít forget that you also have another big brother.
Paul began to walk up.
Paul: Hi Phillip, my name is Paul.
Phillip: Wow (He said looking Paul up and down) Youíre my brother?
Paul shook his head up and down.
Phillip: Youíre tallÖ You are truly a BIG brother.

We all laughed.
Phil: Yeah, Paul is cool. One summer, he took me to the water park with him and his friends.
Phillip was amazed.

Paul: So Phillip, do you like basketball?
Phillip: Itís okay, I like baseball more.
Phil: I like basketball Phil. (He said feeling left out)

Paul: Would you guys like to come to basketball practice with me next week? I would like to show you guys off to my teammates.

The Twins began to jump up and down.
The Twin: Oh yes, Please.
I sat back and enjoyed the view of my sons bonding. They got along immediately. Just watching Paul take the twins in without any hesitation (and they with him) made me smile. I knew from watching them that everything with them was going to be alright. Now only if I could get Paige and Justine to work out.
Phillip: Why do you have a name that starts with a P?
Paul: I donít know; my mom just named me.
Phillip: My mom told us that she named us Phil and Phillip because her name started with a P.
Paul: Oh, thatís cool. Iím glad she started your names off with a P; now we can be called the Triple P.

The twins were excited about the little name.
The boys and I went on like that for the rest of the two hours that Paige had given us.

Paige: Did you guys have fun?
Twins: Yes (They singed in unisons)
Paige: Thatís good, now go get in the car; I have to talk to your dad.

The twins did as they were told after they hugged me and Paul good-byeÖ
Paige: I know you told me I donít need to thank you, but I am going to do it anyway. When Phillip figured out where Phil was truly going during the summer, he was devastated and felt that you didnít love him. I explained to him that it was all because of me. He never knew you didnít know about himÖ..

Marty: Wait (I interrupted) So what youíre saying is that you made me be the bad guy? You made him feel like I didnít want him?!? (I got mad).

She lied to my son about me knowing about him! She made this situation worse by not telling him the truth when he found out. What could Phillip possibly think about me? I would feel unloved to if my father was sending for my brother and not me!
Paige: No Marty, IÖ
Marty: Well thatís what heís probably thinking, he probably thinking I favor Phil more! Paige, I will never understand this! I will never understand you!!! (I said Yelling) You robbed and hurt me and my son with your lies!! Iíll never forgive you for that!

Paige began to cry.
Marty: Do nothing because youíve done enough.

She stared at me.
Marty: You know what, I was wrong. You can do something right nowÖ (I began walking her to the door.) You can get OUT!!!

Paige stood outside with the front door in front of her.

Paige: Marty? I didnít mean to hurt anyone! (With tear running down her face)
Marty: It doesnít matter if you didnít mean it, it matters that you did. (I said about to shut the door)
Marty: Make sure you guys are at the park by 11 tomorrow.
Paige: If I donít? If I decided to go back to Pleasantville with OUR sons, what are you going to do?

Marty: Either you can cooperate or be prepare to receive a call from my lawyer.
Paige stood there with her mouth open.

Marty: Because Paige, Iím through taking your crap. I will see my sons one way or another; even if I have to fight you for full custody.

At that moment I slam the door in her face.
~~~Hope you guys enjoyedÖ

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I would love to read each& every one of you guys thoughtsÖ. Who knows maybe you can help me create the next chapter; if I like your thoughts, then I will defiantly give you a shout out in the next chapterÖ


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KraveddMar 22, 2012

Awesome! \:rah\:

Mar 21, 2012

Great story congratulations on your feature!

fruitopia VIPMar 21, 2012

I did not believe that Marty was Phil's dad, well I was wrong.  Paul is a good big brother, the triple Ps (LOL).  Great story.

tamyaglassMar 21, 2012

Congrats on being Featured!!!!\:rah\:I'm glad the boys are getting alone and I'm gkad that Marty is standing up for his right. Paige is something else. I don't know what to think about her smh.\:wacko\: Anyway great story-like always!!!! Please Keep them coming!!!!\:D

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