The Flip Side Chapter 1
Published Mar 14, 2012

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Sorry for the wait!
I would read the intro before reading this so you know what is happening.
Thanks to all the CC artists who helped make the story possible. Wouldn't be the same without you guys.

Sorry for the wait!
I would read the intro before reading this so you know what is happening.
Thanks to all the CC artists who helped make the story possible. Wouldn't be the same without you guys.
Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.

I stare at myself in the mirror a different person. My stomach clenches and unclenches making me feel sick to my stomach and all I want to do is call in sick on the first day. When the suit was made last Thursday and I tried it on I was all excited. Who doesn’t want to be a different person for a while, but now the reality has set in. They wouldn’t have given me this job if there wouldn’t be some kind of controversy. I hate controversy.
“Let me see you then.” My roommate and best friend Kylie calls through the door. She has been badgering me for days about showing her how I look, but so far I had been to nervous. I reposition my glasses then call out to her. “I don’t feel well.” “Oh for god’s sake,” She bursts through the door like a crazed maniac. “Don’t pull another prom night on me.” She then proceeds to mimic me, “I can’t go to prom. I look so terrible. Eric is going to hate the way I look. Blah blah blah,”
“Oh shut up. How do I look?” I ask turning back to the mirror. She looks at me through the glass and turns up her nose, “We need to buy you some better clothes then this.” She picks at the fabric and I swat her hand away.
“This is worse than 8th grade.” I choke out, this time I feel the bile in the back of my throat. My mouth goes dry.
“If you could go through a year of torture with those idiots then you can go a few months with adults that have a little more self control.” A car beeped from outside the house. Kylie cursed and said, “That’s my ride to the hospital. Candy doesn’t just hand out itself.” She chuckles and runs out the door in her scrubs.
I glance at the clock, it is only 7:30, I have at least an hour before I have to leave. My shift starts at 9. I take deep breaths and try to think of logically situations that could happen, not the situations that I have planted in my mind. I decide to keep my thoughts a little less complex and practice doing things with my enlarged body.
The first thing I find is that I seem to bump into everything, not judging the right length at which I need to stand to not walk into everything. Next I realize that my body is off balance and I can barely reach for something without toppling over. By the end of the hour I have finally stopped crashing myself into everything and I get ready to leave. I have to adjust my seat to fit in the car. “God this is going to suck.” I hiss as I drive off.
I have no clue where I am working because every time I brought it up with Mr. Paxton when I called he said I would see when I got to the address, the address he sent me this morning. When I get out of the car I see what I have signed up for, I am now working at a bakery. How cliché. I took one last deep breath and walked through the front door. The smell was delightful, like warm bread and chocolate chip cookies. A man sat on a stool behind the counter, he didn’t seem like bakery type. He had muscular arms and a deep voice. He seemed more inept to work as a bouncer than as a clerk. A second man sat at a table in the corner, working on a business plan. When he saw me he got up and walked over, a smile plastered on his face. This must be Bob Turner, my boss. “You must be are new employee, Demi right?” He looked like he was in his mid thirties, not too old, but not young either.
“That’s me. Did Mr. Paxton contact you?”
“Told me about the situation, thought that your story might be good for business.” He winked at me. “I am just the manager, so I’m not here very often. Over there is Liam.” The man on the stool looks up. He takes a long look at me and I feel self conscious all over again.
“Liam do you know when Sam is getting in?” Oh god, I think two boys and me. Worst case scenario achieved.
Liam jumps off his stool and makes his way over to us. “His shift starts at 12, he is closing up today.” Liam holds his hand about to me, I take it and shake. “Demi,” I say quietly.
“During the week we’ll have you, Liam, Sam and Jillian on the clock. The weekend we have a few other employees and you may be asked to come in sometimes. Questions?” I shake my head, indicating I have none.
“I’ll leave you with Liam then.” His smile fades as he walks away.
Liam turns to me, towering over my short frame. “I’ll show you around the kitchen.” He says gruffly.
The kitchen is like heaven, the smell of bread cooling and baking, baked goods stacked on shelves. A little table sits in the back of the room, I ask what it is. “Are lunch break is us sitting at the table. We really aren’t supposed to leave. When there are two people working usually one bakes in the back and the other sits in the front. The only time there is one is when it opens or closes and if there are three people you pretty much do what you want.”
He tells me he is going to sit out front, the recipes are in the drawer, they are self explanatory. I am left to my own devices, quietly making the bread and muffins that are needed to be sold during the day. Me and Liam work like this until 12, when Sam walks in. I am scared to see the other male that I will be working with and stay back, not even glancing at the open doorway. “Man you stay up here, I’m going in the back.” Liam says chirpily, obviously waiting for this because Sam doesn’t even get a word in before Liam is in the back. “Join me for lunch?” he asks. I shrug my shoulders and pull out me lunch, chicken salad. He eats some kind of sandwich across the table from me. “So what got you working here?” he asks me through bites. “Just need money right now, to pay the bills.” I respond, picking at my salad, not wanting to eat it. My stomach still hurts from this morning. “So, what is Sam like?”
Liam looks up slyly, and I wish I hadn’t said anything, he is obviously thinking something terrible. “He is pretty cool, we knew each other back in high school. We were on the same football team. He wants to buy this place once he gets the money, thinks he can do something amazing with it. Poor guy, use to be so confident before…” his voice trails off as his eyes gaze out front.
I follow his gaze, some girl is at the counter. She is beautiful, long blonde hair, piercing green eyes. Liam gets up, and pushes himself up against the wall. “Oh god, why did I have to tell her where I worked?”
“Looking for Liam?” I hear Sam say from the front. “Well he has to be here somewhere. I’ll go look for him, it’s my lunch break anyway.” He lies.
This is the first time I have seen Sam, and to my surprise he is much different from the buff, ditzy boy I imagined. He looks down at me eating my food, stares at me for half a second too long and then says, “Seen Liam?” his face turns bright red, even though he hasn’t done anything to embarrass himself.
“He’s,” I point to the wall in which I last saw him, but he has moved so quietly I hadn’t even noticed. “He was just there.” I say trying not to seem stupid. Sam nods, as if he understands exactly where he is.
He walks over to the bathroom door. “Liam guess who is here to see you, Cassidy. She is wondering why you never called, I was wondering if you wanted me to give her the real answer or if you want to come and BS your way out of it.”
Sam only has a few seconds to jump out of the way before the door slams against the wall. “I hate you.” Liam says as he passes Sam, shooting him a dirty look. Sam is smiling though, so I guess this happens quite often.
“Cassidy, long time no see!” Liam says. Then I hear the sound of skin hitting skin. “Oh come on Cassidy don’t be like that, you haven’t even heard my reasoning.” Liam pauses as if waiting for a signal to continue to talk, or for a decent answer to why he never called. “I had some bad news, my…um…my great uncle died, it was pretty rough and so I totally forgot to call you. Because it was so…tragic…for me?” it sounds more like a question then an answer. It is the right one though because I hear, “Oh you poor baby, I totally forgive you. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, you just give me a call okay boo?”
“You are so kind, thank you for understanding.”
“There is nothing to understand, I love a man who shows his emotions.” The door opens and closes with a ding and I hear a sigh of relief from Liam.
“He is one of those guys.” I say disgusted.
“You can’t blame him.” Sam responds quietly. “His dad was the same way.”
“That’s no excuse for treating another person that way. Funny, though, he didn’t seem to be that way with me.” My voice is accusing, I hope to get a reaction from him. Sam looks just like me, well in size anyway.
“Must like you then.” Sam mutters before moving back to the front.
The rest of the day drags on slowly, Liam gets to leave at three. Me and Sam take turns standing in the front, but nobody really comes in. Mondays are slow, he tells me. By four it starts to pick up and by five we are rushing to keep up with orders. I am still clumsy in my suit and have knocked things over multiple times already. “How may I help you?” I ask, wiping beads of sweat off my head. It is hot in this thing.
The two girls in front of me, both teenagers, seem to think it is hilarious to torment me, while the line is piling up behind them. “What do you think is good here?” The first girl says. Her hair is bleached blonde and her tan is two shades too Guido.
The second one snickers. “Probably everything the way she looks.”
That comment makes me so small, even though I am older and much prettier than these fake little Barbies, I can’t help but stop and stare at them. “It’s my first day, I haven’t tried any of these things.” I squeak. “I’ll just take a coffee, black.” The first one says.
“Mocha frap.” The second says, smiling coyly. “If there is any chocolate left.”
I would be spewing sarcastic comments to hide my pain, but the rules are that customers come first. “That will be $5.30.” I hold my tongue.
They hand me six dollars and say keep the change, now you can buy something off the dollar menu.
I check the clock, it is already 6:30, and I am allowed to clock out now, so I turn abruptly to Sam. “Want me to make their order?” he asks, obviously hearing the whole conversation. Hell the whole shop probably did.
“Sure, thanks, I am going to go now okay?” I say.
“Course that’s fine.” His eyes shine with a glimmer of pity. It makes me angrier with the situation. The tears are springing to my eyes. He turns towards the coffee machine. “Sam,” I say, “Spit in their coffees for me.” By the time I am in my car I am hyperventilating from sobbing so hard. I can feel the makeup being washed off my face. I am nothing, nothing but a lab rat. Trying to tell myself that everything happens for a reason I start my car and drive home. At home Kylie gets up from the living room to greet me, she is in some really cute outfit, I envy her. “How was your first day? You have to tell me everything about it.” She looks at my face, the makeup I tried to scratch off to make me look a little bit put together before walking through the door. In retrospect I realize I had probably hoped she had still been at work. “You okay?” she adds nervously, as if I am some huge tiger ready to pounce. “Things were…great. I am going to have a bath then I will tell you all about it.” My voice cracks and I gasp for breath as I try to not start crying again.
She gives me a look a mother would after a child denies eating the last cookie. Her eyes narrow and she is about to say something, stops herself and finally with an exasperated sigh says, “Okay, tell me about it afterwards.”
In the bath all I want to do is drown myself. But I’m not like that, I am a survivor. I survived years of torture, bullies and poverty. I survived college and an idiotic boyfriend. If I could survive the hell that was my life I could survive this. Right?

Hope you enjoyed it, see you next time

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#6kelleyj17Mar 15, 2012

I really like this!  You have a way with words -- definitely a talent for writing.  Please keep writing, I'd love to see how it turns out! \:cool\:

#7annarose16Mar 15, 2012

I am loving this so much!!! \:\)

#8the moronMar 16, 2012

This is a very original idea, I love it \:wub\:  


How did you get the Adele poster? (btw i love stories like these!) \:rah\:

#10fabrizioammolloMar 18, 2012

I think she will have to question her convictions and challenge herself. But ,who knows, as hard as this experience will be it could let her wiser and happer... Any challenge can be won \;\).

#11fabrizioammolloMar 18, 2012

And congratulations on the feature! \:rah\:

#12englishrose1Mar 18, 2012

MYHANDISADOLPHIN!- I got downloaded from the website. I think if you look up Adele in the download tab it will come up, and it was free!

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to comment such nice things, this is my first story so I was nervous to post it

#13oldmember_lucianna88Mar 19, 2012

Very nicely done, I was pulled in right from the opening lines, the intro was very nicely written. It's nice to see a story with meaning behind it too, as in reality fat people often subject to cruel taunts from others. And I love how there was a poster of Adele just casually hanging in the background \:D lol. Interesting story, you told it well .

#14KraveddMar 22, 2012

Awesome! \:\)

#15annabel_leeMar 31, 2012

Really nice! \:\)

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