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Quest for Tribulation Final Chapter
Published Oct 7, 2012

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After a long wait, Quest For Tribulation returns for its third and final chapter!! Thank you to all the readers for your patience! Without any further delay, Enjoy!!

Note: See my page for the other chapters :-)

After a long wait, Quest For Tribulation returns for its third and final chapter!! Thank you to all the readers for your patience! Without any further delay, Enjoy!!

Note: See my page for the other chapters :-)
I stood there wondering if I woke up in some sort of dream....or nightmare while wishing this headache and general haze would just go away.

Without any clue on how I got here, I was determined to find someone....anybody who could provide with some answers.
So I returned into the castle Draklu, which after all was my intended destination...but I could have sworn a rock slide had swept my car away on the way here....or was that too all a dream.

There was one part of the castle that I had not yet investigated for some sign of life and of course it would be under ground.

My fear of being buried alive had made me avoid any places which went under ground during my pyramids in wine tasting in the cellars of France. My anxiety hit me as I just stood there staring at the staircase.

At some point, although I do not know how long, my curiosity overcame what may have been a natural instinct to survive, and I placed one bear foot on the top of the staircase. Just as I was about to move further down, I heard a deep robust male voice state, "I wouldn't do that if I were you!"
I gasped in fright a sensation I was not practically used to (or pretended not to be use to), and slowly turned my head.

There he was a devilishly handsome man with a smirk on his face as if me met to startle me. I thought,"Was I so lost in thought, had I not heard him come up?" Either way, I was it was... ecstatic to see someone finally after spending most of the day searching for the answer to my mystery.
I gathered myself and found my assertiveness and came back up the stairs. "And what exactly do you mean by I shouldn't go down there? I have been wracking my brain trying to get some sort of clue how I got here, and you're the first person I have seen all day!"

The smirk left his face, I don't know if he was expecting me to back down and apologize, because I did nothing wrong. He crossed over and casually said, "Well cupcake, if you have a death wish, you may go down there. The catacombs are unstable at the moment and there have been several cave ins," he continued ignoring my annoyed look at calling me cupcake, "as for finding anyone, this place is very large and the grounds are vast...many places one could over look."

With that, he turned and headed into the neighboring room, and naturally I followed.
"You still haven't answered my question," I heatedly blurted out. Why did I find him so....arrogate...yes that was it arrogate.

He sighed and flatly said, "Your Arianna Stone, the reporter, we were expecting you. You arrived here last night. Honestly did you get so dazzled and dazed by the castle that you forgot you made arrangements? Promises? To make this the tourist hot spot, and bring LIFE to this city with your article?"

He turned and stared at me with those haunting eyes which seemed to read me, and he smiled, and said, "You look like you could use a drink, I know I could."
I couldn't believe it! I had no memory of getting here, yet alone packing a white silk night gown which was not my style. That was it! I would never pack this! Ah ha! I hole in his story. I wasn't going to let this go. I confronted him, "Well, If I just showed up as planned, why I'm I not wearing clothing I packed?"

He showed a little surprised look in his face which quickly went away, and said "I'm not exactly sure what happened, but you showed up in a cab. I believe you stated your car with luggage was stolen in the city when you stopped for gas leaving keys in the car. It doesn't really surprise me though this is a dangerous city, maybe more than you are use to. You were very distraught over the event, It doesn't surprise me as well that you don't remember after all that must have been traumatic."

As if reading my mind on what I was going to say next he continued, "And I didn't offer this information before because I did not want to cause, " he pause breaking eye contact, then sighed, "further pain."
I refused the drink. I still felt like he was keeping something from me. Something big, after all my instincts have never been wrong before. Trust me, this was not the end of the conversation. The weeks past, and I find out the unknown man I met was named Aaron Blake, and he was not as I originally assumed, the person I made arrangements with on the article.

The time was not completely wasted, and I began to get to know Aaron and trust a little in him...and...also maybe find him a little dashing. Although, I felt there was something big was I missing.

The place was wired for electricity but did not have a phone. Aaron did not believe in cell phones, and made unfulfilled promises to take me to the city.

Aaron was gone most of the day, and would not return till night fall. He claimed it had to do with his job.
Tonight was going to be the night, I finally got down to my job.

Aaron said the owner Vladimir...yes that is his real name...was going to be at dinner tonight, and suggested I dress for the occasion. I found some jewelry and accessories left on the dresser that morning along with a cocktail dress.

This would be my opportunity to dig deeper into the castle and my supposeable missing memories of my arrival.
Before dinner, I decided to go to the roof and enjoy the view of the city, you know enjoy the little things I had been missing in my go to go life.

I do not why, but for some reason in my gut I felt like this was going to be my last sunset.
I knew once I had finish my article, and probably another award winning one, I would still be living out of suitcases and hotels...having little in-depth relationships.

My editor was right. I would be old and gray before I had really lived. Life was too short to take for granted.

After sunset, I went downstairs making my way to the dining room when I heard music. It resonated off the castle walls. I couldn't help but follow. It was Aaron. My god, was it beautiful!

I always secretly wished I had learned to play the piano, but I never found the time. I was memorized.

How long had he been playing? He looked so young, but played like a master. I don't know how long I stood there listening to him play, then the music stopped.
"I'm sorry did I disturb you?" I said feeling horrible as If I interrupted him.

"No," he said frankly, "do you play?"
I blushed, "I wish...probably be poor at it anyway."

He faced seemed to express pity, "Well, I don't know how long you're going to be here, but..." he trailed off as if listening to something I did not hear "I believe dinner is ready, the servants have spent some time on it."

In all my time here, I never seen servants, but would find the beds made, clothes washed, and food made. It always seemed it was just Aaron and me.

It kind of delighted me to have someone new to speak with but at the same time...I liked my time with Aaron.
We went to the dining room. Aaron always never seemed to me in the mood to eat, I always saw him push around his food with his fork on his plate.

I just assumed he ate earlier at his day job or he was finicky eater, I know people like that.

After I had finished my three course meal including desert, the master of the castle was still a no show.

Just as I was inquiring about Vladimir whereabouts for about the 100th time, expecting the same response or change of subject from Aaron, I felt as if we were not alone in the room.
There he was.....I admit I was startled then taken up with his entire. Aaron had mentioned once or twice he was....well...eccentric.

"I apologize for my tardiness, but I was taken up on pressing business which had to be addressed tonight," he stated in a accent I did not recognize and it was memorizing.
For once in my life, I drew a blank...I was speechless. After blinking multiple times in silence, I finally found my words.

"Well yes, You have been a difficult person to reach the last few weeks, but lets get down to business. How long has this castle been in your family and why is this the only piece of the city barely touched or mentioned in historical records, micro film, other media?"
He looked at me as if I might be a problem, and I have had that look before.

"Well my family has preferred to remain very private, and has had the resources to do so," I saw his eyes briefly glance to Aaron, "and further some of my family and associates believe I should not break with that tradition, but I believe our city needs your help."
We retried to Vladimir's study, which I must say had interesting taste. "Ms. Stone...Arianna...I want to bring new life and new blood into our dyeing city. Crime is high and culture is low. The same low-life tasteless criminal breed populate with others to lead to more equally insipid and absurd vermin. I can no longer stand ideally by watching the world dissolve around me." He sighed. "I still believe in the power of the written word Ms. Stone, and I have read your work. I believe you and I can save this city with a single article that's why you are here."

He facial expression was serious, "While you are doing your article, you can have access to all documents on the castle my family processes and freedom of movement in the castle, but I must ask you not to enter the catacombs beneath the castle. As Aaron I am sure has told you, It's in a state of disrepair, I would hate for you to be seriously injured...or worse."
I left his office and met Aaron when I reached the bottom of the stairs. Aaron expression seemed worried, not something I saw on his face that often. He made a head gesture, and I followed him outside.

He took my hand, which I had to admit made my heart flutter, and it hasn't done that in a while.
We went into the graveyard, not the most romantic of settings...well maybe in a horror movie.

"What's wrong," I asked becoming increasing worried he hasn't said anything yet.

"I'm going to take you into the city tomorrow so you can make that phone call to your work, "he paused having difficulty with the next part, but still continued with a urgent tone," but I suggest you don't come a car..catch ....plane either way leave."
I was hurt, why did he want me to go? I thought...well....I thought just may be.

I sighed trying to show some restraint, "Why? Did I do something wrong? Did I offend, I mean it wouldn't be the first time."
"I made a mistake....and I believe I put you in danger." He said.

I blinked at him, not knowing what he meant, he seemed hurt, when I have known him always to be so composed, I opened my mouth to speak, but he interrupted.

"Please," he said, " do not do what I know you enjoy most and dive further into this...leave this be..and follow my not worry about Vald. This is not a puzzle you want to solve."
It was very late, I was restless and could not sleep after that conversation with Aaron.

My curiosity got the best of me, and despite all warnings and words of possible cave ins etc, I ventured into the catacombs.
One fight down, and I felt anxious and guilty. After all, Aaron and Vald both stressed not to enter the catacombs and expressed concerns for my safety, and more importantly I felt like I was betraying Aaron trust.

But I pushed least right now it seemed stable...I didn't feel like the bridge would collapse on me.
All of a sudden there was a gush of wind from the catacombs and it seemed to pierce my very soul. I broke out in goose bumps and considered heading back.

But then that stubbornness that was famous for played in...I had never backed down....which lead to those many international incidents that I call adventures.

I took a deep breath and whispered to myself, "this structure will hold and you are not going to be buried alive." Still I pushed forward.
I noticed a skeleton in the corner, and it looked like it was from the Crusades. I really hoped it was some sort of movie prop or left over Halloween decoration. More skeletons, great...well I have come this far haven't I? It was musty and smelled of decay. I was a little frightened but at the same time so intrigued! It seemed there were many sarcophagus and open alters with bones down here. There were markings on some of the sarcophagus and some of the markings were pictures in dead languages long forgotten. I wondered what kind of place is this? It felt as cold as a tomb. I could understand why this would not be on the self guided tour. As I approached the other end of the chamber, I heard a noise behind me. I thought my heart was going to stop, but then I realized it was only Aaron. Aaron said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE?!"

I could tell he was furious, but he continued without giving me a chance to defend myself.

"DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE," he lowered his voice, "this will be considered a grievous offence and there will be consequences, no one, NO ONE is suppose to know about this least not those on the outside."

I thought, outside of what.

He rubbed his neck and looked around nervously as if the bones on the altars were listening to every word and at any moment my get up and give their two cents on the conversation.

We were both quite for a moment. I was too angry to speak let alone think straight. I did not feel I did anything wrong. Were they embarrassed by a few literal skeletons in the closet?
He sighed, "You don't realize what I have done for you!" He sighed and shook his head, "It's over now...everything is over. The tribunal judgment will not be kind and there is only one punishment for this action."

I gather my thoughts and said, "Wait a moment, first of all I don't know what the heck is going on, and second I just came into a really creepy catacomb with decaying bodies. For all I know Vald's family is buried here and you know what I will not even write about it in the article if that is your concern!"

He chuckled as if you would at a child, "Arianna Stone, You don't even realize what you have stumbled across, the story of the century....which you will never get to write."

I blinked in shock and was just starting to be very afraid of Aaron.

He sighed, "Since we are both in hot water, perhaps I should finally answer truthfully how you came to castle Drakul."
"It had just rained that night and the ground was very slick. I was out for my usual nightly activities and decided to visit the docks for a quick bite."

"Then I saw you in the reeds! You were barely alive and most likely would not survive. I could hear your heart slowly beating slower by the minute."

"The right thing to do would have been to leave you there, but something over came me. Maybe your beauty or vulnerability, but either way I gave you my blood...and...It healed you."
"I brought you back to the castle while you recovered. It was only later that I discovered the news paper article about the landslide and divers finding an empty car in the harbor that I put two and two together on who you were." I was in shock and had not expected this to be the truth, but my instincts on reading people's non-verbals told me it was indeed the truth, as I disgusted it further I then swallowed said , "I don't understand, how could your blood heal me?"

He smiled and took my hands, "I'm a vampire. Our blood will heal humans as long as they don't die with it still in their system, they will be fine.

Otherwise, " I interrupted, "they become vampires."

I sighed taking it in and after what must have seemed like forever, "But vampires are not real...they...they can't be!"

He said, "You must have been feeling some of effects from my blood. Sensitivity to light would be very prominent, and how else would you have expected to survive the landslide?"

My head still spinning with dozens of questions, when Aaron broke the silence.

He said, "I have an idea, something that might save the tribunal judgment over THE secret."

I said, "I don't understand why me being down here in this tomb would cause some sort of judgment."
With a smile he said, "Because this is not a tomb per say its more of a bed chamber. Many of these bones and bodies are resting and sometimes inactive vampires, just waiting to be awakened again."

I thought, well that's explains my feeling of being watched earlier.

He sighed, "This place and the knowledge of us are a secret known only to our kind. Many thought it was unorthodox for Valdimr to bring you here,being the journalist that you are and given your reputation for trouble, in my mind this was bound to happen!"

I felt tears coming on...worried sick to my stomach...This was the most trouble I have ever been in before, and no one knew where I was, most probably thought I had died in that landslide after divers found my car in the harbor and law enforcement ran my plates. I was alone...with no bailout.

I was also finding out those monsters in your closet and under bed really probably exist. Every missing person in the media had new meaning, after all what really DID happened to them.

I turned my back to keep him from seeing me cry. I never let anybody see me cry.

I mumbled a little forcing back the choking sound of tears, "I do attract trouble."
He said, "In spades!" With that he spun me around and said, "As I said before I have idea, the secret is only for MY kind." He asked with his arms around me in his robust voice, "Do you trust me?"

My emotions overwhelmed me and my heart fluttered once again. I wanted to stay forever in his arms. For once feeling what romantic passion and real living could be, and I heatedly answered, "Yes."

Everything went black.

*5 years later*

*Haunting music played at Bridgeport's newest Goth themed night club*

Kevin Flynn had just had his bachelor party. He was to marry a wealthy and average looking socialite the next morning.

It was a passionless relationship. He had lost much of his money in gambling debts, so he was desperate.

He often would recall when his gambling problem started, and his thoughts drifted to Arianna Stone his long go ex and deceased girlfriend.
He broke up with her and then just a few days later had found out she had been killed in a terrible rock sliding accident.

In fact, as he thought about it..that accident occurred in this very city.

He often wished how he could go back and make her stay..just maybe she would be alive...that last person he ever really loved.

He blamed himself for her death.
It was near closing time, and Kevin was about to leave when he noticed a beautiful blond sitting at the bar. He was drawn to her, and thought why he had not noticed her before. He slowly approached the bar. He sat down next to her and gulped nervously asking her if he could by her a drink. He seemed puzzled, she reminded him of someone. She barley spoke a word as they shared a drink. He wished he could place his fingers on where he had seen her before. Kevin Flynn never got Arianna Stone's name that night, and he never made it to the church that following morning.

Arianna Stone and Aaron Blake are living a full life and long life together in the city which never sleeps and has it secrets, Bridgeport.

Arianna Stone still writes...but is no longer publishing due to a shared secret of her kind.

Candlelight82 from ModTheSims for Vampire Castle

Miuki from ModTheSims for Abandoned Dinner in the epilogue

Cmomoney's from ModTheSims Pose Player

The Sims Resource, The Sims 3, and Mod The Sims, and Peggy Sims for all the wonderful creations from creators out there.

AND lastly but not least, a BIG thanks to all my readers out there for reading my first ever Sim story!

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BriannaSun24 VIPOct 9, 2012

Thank you for all the wonderful comments :-)! Unfortually, I lost these sims during one of my many game crashes and massive reinstalls which take days with my poky internet & massive custom content. Fortually I saved the screen shots and was able to use them in completing the story. I recently in the last month upgraded my computer and installed a new graphics card, and now my game runs much faster.

I am inspired by Sims Supernatural which came out after I started this story long ago. I may write again and it may not be vampires this time around ;-)

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spitzmagic VIPOct 9, 2012

oooooohhhh weeeee, what an exciting finale`...loved every second of it. Handsome vampires too. Well done. \:rah\:

fabrizioammolloOct 9, 2012

It was worth to wait. Good job.

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