Like Cats and Dogs: Episode 2
Published Apr 22, 2012

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In the previous episode, Akita Phideux and Abyssinian Katz moved in to new homes in Pedigree. Single career girls Coon Furr and Thai Van Pelt celebrated their job promotions with dinner and shopping, where they encountered Akita and Abyssinian. In case you missed Episode 1, you can catch it at

And now, for episode 2 of "Like Cats and Dogs".


In the previous episode, Akita Phideux and Abyssinian Katz moved in to new homes in Pedigree. Single career girls Coon Furr and Thai Van Pelt celebrated their job promotions with dinner and shopping, where they encountered Akita and Abyssinian. In case you missed Episode 1, you can catch it at

And now, for episode 2 of "Like Cats and Dogs".
Barley Shrub Pub

Abyssinian adjusted his pool cue. Beside him waited Cobra Serpente, a young man he met at the law firm. From the law firm’s files, he knew that Cobra was a penny ante thief that hired Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe to get him out of some scrapes. In return, the law firm kept him on retainer for those times when information was needed and it didn’t matter how legally it was obtained. But Abyssinian saw something in Cobra that his employers didn’t. A drive to succeed equal to his own. In the same way Abyssinian knew he wouldn’t stay a legal secretary, he could tell that Cobra was on his way to grander themes. Cobra could be a good acquaintance to have, so long as he kept his criminal activities under the radar.

An elegantly dressed redhead passed the pool table. She spared a wink for Cobra. Abyssinian recognized her from the Pedigree society pages as “Kerie Livingstone, a local celebrity who had the sole talent of being the granddaughter and ward of the owner of the Livingston Hotels. A woman like her could be an asset... or a liability. “You can look, but don’t touch,” said Cobra as he leaned over. “She’s taken... or soon will be...”

Abyssinian raised his eyebrow. “Oh? You two have something going on?”
“Maybe.” Cobra returned a sly grin. “We met a couple a’ weeks ago at the Crypt ‘o Night club. She’s been looking for a guy who gives her a bit of freedom, but Grandpa wants a man to keep her under control.”

“And you’re the guy.”

“Working on it. She likes the idea of a fellow from the ‘wrong side of the tracks,’ but she thinks she’s grooming me to make me look like the man Grandpa wants for her. Once the wedding is done, no more pickpocketing and petty larceny for me. I’ll be on my way to the big times.”

“Too complicated for me,” yawned Abyssinian. Cobra’s planned future left too much to chance and to the whims of others. Better to take control of your life. Afterwards, ladies like Coon Furr and Thai Van Pelt would look just as lovely on his arm.

It had been easier getting to know Thai than Coon. Thai worked at another legal office. Once Abyssinian discovered that, he made sure to dress like another lawyer and to act like he had taken on the assignment just because he was heading that ways anyway. Thai hung on his every word. Coon was a tougher nut to crack. The only times he saw her was if he ran into her around Pedigree or if he went over to see Thai. She had a certain amount of reserve that he found enticing. Coon probably kept him at arms length because she knew he was seeing Thai. If he could get them apart, instead of Coon and Thai being roommates, he knew he stood a better chance. He wanted to keep all of his options open.
Akita watched. That was part of his new job... listen and watch. The private eye who hired him instantly recognized Akita’s keen instincts. His boss handled minor cases for lawyers, divorces, people trying to find missing loved ones, and spouses intent on keeping tabs on their significant others. Sometimes Akita would be sent to a law office, where he encountered Thai. She was beautiful, but something about him made her nervous. He felt more comfortable with Coon. But he didn’t quite feel up to asking either one of them out. His house was getting in order. Soon he’d be ready.

But that Abyssinian Katz... he was up to something. He’d been by Scheister and Scheister and seen Katz there, talking to Thai, acting like one of the lawyers... then he’d been to Dewey, Cheatum and Howe and saw that the polecat was nothing more than a legal secretary. Hanging out with a known felon like Cobra Serpente just added fuel to the fire. Those men were trouble.
Gardiner’s House

To say that Rose Gardiner loved plants would be an understatement. Her plants were her children. Every morning, from sun-up to sundown, she would be out there tending her babies, talking to them, nurturing them, and caring for them. Most of the town thought she was a bit dotty but they still had to admit, she had the best produce in town.

People would come from miles just to buy her fruits and vegetables and were willing to pay a hefty price. If you were lucky enough to get on Rose’s good side, she might even give you some extra goodies. If she really liked you, you might be lucky enough to get some of her homemade berry pie.

Rose liked Coon. The girl understood life amongst the plants. Her roommate Thai was another story. City born, city bred, and not in touch with the world around her.

Another person Rose liked was that new boy, Akita Phideux. Not for herself. No. Her life was her plants. But she could easily see Akita with Coon. That, however, required a plan.
“Hey Rose!”

She turned from her plants to see Robin Aves. “Robin! Just the person I wanted to see...”

The baseball player paled. He grew up with Rose, and whenever she said something like that, he knew he was in for trouble.
Sugar Cube Diner

Another evening, another stake-out. Akita finished up his notes as the waitress took away his plate. He’d spent the evening watching some guy for his suspicious wife. If he learned anything from this job, it was to marry a woman you deeply love and take the “till death do you part” section of the vows seriously. The waitress winked at him as she cleared away his plate.. Sighing, he put down his pen and rubbed his eyes. Despite making friends like Robin and Rose, he was lonely. Every time he ran into Coon or Thai, he became a little more weak willed.

“Hey man!” Akita turned to find Robin standing behind him. A pretty red haired lady stood next to him. “What brings you here?”

“Just grabbin’ a bite after finishing some work. You?”
“A date.” Robin grinned. “This is my girlfriend, Linda Kalson. Linda, this is my friend Akita.”

Akita slid off the stool and shook Linda’s hand. “Pleasure to meet you ma’am.”

“Pleasure’s all mine. I hate to greet and run, but I’m due on the job in a half hour, and my boss is a real bear when you’re late,” explained Linda. She turned and gave Robin a romantic hug. “I’ll talk to you later.” She kissed his cheek, then left the bowling alley.

“How long you two known each other?” Akita asked. As much as he hated to admit it, since he became a private eye, he’d become a bit suspicious in general.

“We went to high school together,” Robin explained. “Linda’s family moved out of town right after she graduated. She didn’t have money for college, and she decided to stay here in Pedigree. It’s been tough on her. Linda works at Koffee Kartz to make ends meet. Anyhow... Rose has been trying to get a bowling team together. Another one of her phases. I told her I’d bring some people along tomorrow night. Linda has to work, so I thought you might like to join us.”

Akita thought for a few moments. “Sure. It’ll be nice to get out and do something.”
Sim Bowl Lanes

Rose thought her plan was perfect. Robin brings Akita, she brings Coon, they leave the two of them together and romance blooms!

At least it WOULD have been perfect if Thai hadn’t invited herself along. That was just the kind of person that Thai seemed to be.

And then came the call. Just as they walked into Sim Bowl Lanes, Robin’s phone rang. “Hey baby... what? Okay, just hold on, I’ll be right there!” Robin turned to his fellow bowlers. “That was Linda... she just got fired... I’ve got to go pick her up.”

“You go on ahead and take care of your lady,” said Akita. “We can always save a place for you on the team.” Robin rolled his eyes, then headed out to the parking lot.
With or without him, with or without the interference of Thai, the plan would go on. Dinner was pleasant enough. At least Rose managed to get Akita to sit next to Coon. That was a start. Bowling was fun though. And the arrival of Abyssinian Katz was a mixed blessing. Thai’s attention appeared to be split between Abyssinian and Akita... but on the flip side, Coon’s attention became split between Akita and the interactions between Thai and both of the men.

This wouldn’t do at all.
Home alone on a Saturday night wasn’t a good thing. Abyssinian was a bit tired though. He spent his day off making sure the main areas of his home looked impressive (the main areas being the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and, of course, his bedroom). No one had to see that the extra bedrooms were empty.

He debated between calling Thai or Coon and settled on Thai as being the less likely to shoot him down. “Hello Thai,” he said smoothly.

“Oh, am I glad to hear from you!” she exclaimed softly. “I decided to tag along on some lame bowling thing that Rose Gardiner invited Coon to. Big mistake.”

Abyssinian laughed. His mind quickly calculated the fact that both Thai and Coon were in the same place. “How about I meet you there and see if I can liven things up?”

“That would be wonderful.”

“See you soon.”

A half hour later, Abyssinian found himself watching Thai’s shapely bottom as she tried to maneuver a bowling ball while in high heels and mini skirt.
The current game appeared to be Akita and Thai in one lane and Rose and Coon in the other. After Thai’s turn, Akita picked up the ball and threw it for a strike.

“Might I have a try?” Abyssinian asked. He’d never tried bowling before, but how difficult could it be? Roll the ball down the center and knock the pins down.

“You could be a dear and take my turn,” offered Thai. “I need to visit the ladies’ room.”

“Your wish is my command,” returned Abyssinian with a flourish. He noticed that Akita rolled his eyes.
Bowling, however, proved more difficult than Abyssinian expected. The first time he tried, he nearly fell on his face. A few seconds later the ball swerved into the gutter. He muttered angrily to himself and rolled the ball again, managing to knock down one pin. As he went back to sit down, he saw Coon and Akita talking. They both seemed at ease, something that never seemed to happen when he tried speaking with Coon. How a beautiful southern belle like Coon could even show interest in a bayou swamp rat like Akita was a mystery to Abyssinian.

Thai returned from the ladies’ room. An irritated expression crossed her face when she saw Coon and Akita. Never one to pass up an opportunity, Abyssinian whispered into Thai’s ear “How about we find a graceful way out of this and go back to my place?”

“You must be reading my mind,” she returned. He went outside to hail a passing taxi. Thai joined him a few moments later. “That wasn’t difficult. I think everyone else is ready to call it a night.” With a satisfied smile, Abyssinian helped Thai into the waiting cab.
Rose fought back the urge to celebrate. Things worked out better than she thought. She turned to Coon and Akita. “Well, it looks like our team is falling apart. I guess I can see if I can rustle up another bowler.”

“If it’s the same to you ladies, I’d just like to maybe play a few rounds of pinball and call it a night,” said Akita. “I found an estate sale wanting to get rid of a chunk of furniture and I’ve been movin’ stuff all day.”

“Pinball? I haven’t played that in ages,” exclaimed Coon.

“Then I’ll leave you to it.” A broad smile spread across her face as she left Coon and Akita playing a video game.
Katz House

The taxi pulled up in front of a huge, elegant house that reminded Thai of a Simtalian Villa. Dollar signs sparkled in her eyes. As handsome as Akita Phideux was, that backwaters country boy wouldn’t likely amount to much. A man like Abyssinian Katz could definitely keep her in the style she thought she deserved.

She looked around the interior as Abyssinian put her coat into a closet. Nice, tasteful, and expensive looking. Abyssinian sat down on the sofa. and beckoned for Thai to join him.
hey watched tv for a few minutes before Abyssinian put his arm around her. Things began to move quickly from there.

“You know, you haven’t given me the grand tour of the house,” she whispered huskily between kisses.
“There’s really only one other room worth seeing right now,” he returned as he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. They continued where they left off.

Announcer: To be continued in the next episode of "Like Cats and Dogs"

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