Like Cats and Dogs: Episode 3
Published Apr 26, 2012

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In the previous episode, Abyssinian learned of his friend Cobra's intent to woo heiress Kerie Livingston. Local nature lover and self appointed matchmaker Rose Gardiner puts her plans for Akita and Coon into action despite her friend Robin Aves' misgivings and interference from Thai and Abyssinian.

In case you missed Episode 2, you can catch it at

And now, for episode 3 of "Like Cats and Dogs".

Writer's note: I apologize for the small picture to text ratio. The earliest episodes of this soap opera were written for the forums and the screencaps set up for that format. As soon as the earlier events are posted here (and the neighborhood gets reworked due to my not correctly creating a clean neighborhood the first time), I'll definitely have a lot more pics.


In the previous episode, Abyssinian learned of his friend Cobra's intent to woo heiress Kerie Livingston. Local nature lover and self appointed matchmaker Rose Gardiner puts her plans for Akita and Coon into action despite her friend Robin Aves' misgivings and interference from Thai and Abyssinian.

In case you missed Episode 2, you can catch it at

And now, for episode 3 of "Like Cats and Dogs".

Writer's note: I apologize for the small picture to text ratio. The earliest episodes of this soap opera were written for the forums and the screencaps set up for that format. As soon as the earlier events are posted here (and the neighborhood gets reworked due to my not correctly creating a clean neighborhood the first time), I'll definitely have a lot more pics.
Katz House

Thai lay in Abyssinian’s bed, his head on her shoulder. Yes, this was the kind of life she wanted. A big, glamorous mansion. Fancy, expensive furniture. Abyssinian had explained earlier that his Mercedes was in the shop and the mechanic only had a Smoogo to loan him until parts could be shipped from overseas. And of course it was the butler’s night out. Every working person needed a day off from time to time.

As hot and sexy as Akita was, he probably wouldn’t be able to keep her in the style she wanted to become accustomed to. Abyssinian was the man who could give it to her. Now she had to figure out how to make it a reality.
Aves House

Robin came home from practice to find his girlfriend, Linda Kalson, waiting on his doorstep. He knew that Linda had managed to get work at a different Koffee Kartz after her sleazy manager fired her the other day, but something was definitely wrong. “Come on inside and we can talk.”

Once inside, Linda broke down into tears. “That... that pig I used to work for... called the district manager.... who called my new manager... who fired me... and he knew my landlord.... and I’m being evicted...” Robin put his arm around Linda comfortingly.

“Hey, look... I’ve got plenty of space here. You’re welcome to stay until you find something.”

“You’re... you’re sure ‘bout that?” Linda sniffed as she tried to dry her eyes.

“Yeah. Hey, Akita’s got a pickup truck. I’ll see if he can give me a hand moving your stuff.”

Linda hugged him tight. “Why are you always so good to me?”

“Because you’re an amazing person and I’ve had the worst crush on you since freshman year.”

“I thought you always had a thing for Rose. You two were always together.”

“Rose is sort of like the sister I never had. Though she’s more like that crazy sister who never marries and has a dozen cats.” Robin smiled as Linda finally chuckled. “Though in her case it’s plants instead of cats.”

He remembered how many times in high school he followed Linda around like a lost puppy. She ignored him until senior year, when he went from “science geek” to being the “diamond in the rough” talent of the baseball team. At the same time, Linda’s family fell apart. They didn’t hear from each other for a year, then Linda reappeared in his life. It was the best thing that happened to him. Linda, however, had been struggling to make ends meet. Her parents had already sold their house in Pedigree. Suddenly they divorced and moved to different coasts. Linda hadn’t managed to get any scholarships and without her parents help she could barely afford a tiny efficiency apartment. Robin started taking her out, mostly to help keep her morale up. After a few months they started officially dating. Personally, he thought Linda moving in was just the next step in their relationship. And if he had anything to do about it, it would be a permanent move.
A few hours later, Akita had kindly brought the few boxes of Linda’s personal belongings to Robin’s house. He then left the two alone. “I really can’t thank you enough,” Linda said as she served the pork chops she’d made.

“You’ve said that about a million times,” he returned, smiling wide. “You can stay here as long as you like, take some time, find a real job instead of working at another Koffee Kartz or some other thing like that. You were always good at designing things.” After a bite of his pork chop, he added “You could always try getting a job in a restaurant as a chef.”

“I guess.”

They made small talk throughout dinner, then Robin challenged Linda to a game of chess. “Is it really a good idea for me to try taking on the former president of Pedigree High’s chess club?” she asked.

“Well, I taught Akita how to play. Now he can beat the pants off of me,” Robin laughed. “Of course, I’ve become a bit rusty.” He helped refresh Linda’s memory of the basics of chess. It had been close to two years since she’d been near a chess board.

“Do you think Rose will mind me moving in with you?” she asked timidly.

Robin let out a sigh. “Like I said earlier, there’s nothing between me and Rose. Never has been, never will be. Actually I think she’d be thrilled for us. That is, if she’d noticed. Right now her pet project has been fixing up Akita and this other girl, Coon Furr.” Robin stifled a yawn.

“Long day at practice?”

“Yeah. But if I keep it up, I might make it from minor leagues to major.” He yawned again. “Guess we can pick the game up tomorrow. Let me show you where the bedroom is.”
Linda followed Robin upstairs to a nicely decorated bedroom, featuring an iron framed canopy type bed. It was the kind of bed that Linda had always dreamed of. “This used to be my parents room. After they died, I moved up here.”

“What are you doing?” Linda asked as Robin pulled one of the extra pillows off the bed.

“I got rid of my old bedroom stuff, so there’s only one bed. I’ll take the couch, and tomorrow I’ll buy another bed.”

“No, you’ve got a hard day’s practice ahead of you,” said Linda. “I’ll take the couch.” She tried to take the pillow away from him, which turned into a wrestling match, which ended with the two of them on the bed in a passionate embrace. “Of course, the bed is big enough for the both of us,” she whispered huskily.

Robin’s eyes met hers. “Are you sure?” he gasped as Linda’s hands ran down his back. “Do you want this? I mean, we don’t have to...”

“I think I’ve wanted this since you went from science geek to baseball star back in high school.”
An hour later, as tired as Robin was, he couldn’t sleep. Instead he lay there with a dreamy, contented smile; Linda dozed lightly, her head resting on his shoulder.

Everything was right with the world.
Gardiner House

Everything was wrong with the world.

Rose hated winter. Her trees went dormant and the ground was too frozen to plant. Anything she would have planted would have died. There were the house plants, true, but she always had trouble getting into conversations with them. At least the plants outdoors could hold an interesting conversation. There was always something going on outdoors with the birds or with the wolves. Sometimes they even told her about things happening with people who walked by.

Another problem Rose had right now was that her plans for getting Coon and Akita together didn’t seem to be working. It was starting to get frustrating.

After baking one of her famous strawberry pies, Rose invited Coon over.
After a bit of small talk about Rose’s plants and Coon’s promotion to elementary school teacher, Rose shifted the subject to Akita Phideux. “I really don’t know,” admitted Coon as she picked at her pie. “We’re both so busy. I mean, being a last minute fill in for a teacher who had to quit for medical problems... I’ve been spending every spare moment trying to catch these kids up. When I’m not tutoring, I’m grading.”

“All work and no play makes Coon a dull girl,” returned Rose.

“I don’t know if Akita is even interested in me,” she sighed. “He hasn’t asked me out.”
“Take the bull by the horns. Ask him. This isn’t your small town anymore. This is the 21st century. Girls can ask boys.”

“That just doesn’t feel right to me.”

Rose took a long, cleansing breath. She’d have to try another tack.
The next day, Rose invited Akita over. “Rose, your berry pie is as good as my Mee Maw’s,” he said as he inhaled his third slice. “She used to make a strawberry and rhubarb pie that would take the county fair every year.”

Rose’s eyes widened. “Do you have the recipe?”

“Sorry,” apologized Akita. “Mee Maw took the recipe with her to the grave.”

“I’ll have to see if I can find it. Maybe Coon has a recipe like that from her grandmother.” Rose took advantage of the opening. “Or you could ask her yourself. You know, she’s not seeing anyone at the moment.”
“You sure ‘bout that? ‘Cause a couple weeks ago, I was at the Barley Shrub Pub, an’ I saw the two of them sittin’ and playin’ poker.”

“Akita, around here, anyone can join a round of poker. You’re working in the intelligence field. Don’t they teach you not to leap to conclusions?” His face went red. “I think that blush means that you’re a bit more than just interested in Coon.”

“Coon’s so pretty she could make a hound dog smile,” he sighed. “But that Katz fella... he looks like he’s living high on the hog, but his stories don’t hold water.” Rose looked at him with an uplifted eyebrow. “He’s been acting like he’s a big shot lawyer at Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe to everyone, but he’s just a legal secretary. Seen him enough times chatting up Coon and Thai ‘bout lawyer business, but he’s no lawyer.”
“You know, you CAN do something about that. I mean, you’re not a private eye anymore, but you still have a good reputation with the firm. I’m certain they wouldn’t want anyone misrepresenting himself working for them. Make sure you have all the facts first. Anyhow,” Rose said as she picked up the pie plates, “let me get you a couple of things.” She met Akita at the door with a big box. “Some fresh veggies.”

“Rose, you didn’t have to.”

“The stuff they sell in the supermarket now has no taste. I know you appreciate home grown things.” She tucked a small paper into his pocket. “And that’s Coon’s cell phone number.” Naturally Rose wouldn’t give him the main apartment phone number, where there was a danger he could wind up having the wrong kind of conversation with Thai instead. “She might not wait forever”.
Furr and Van Pelt Apartment

“I need to work on my timing,” thought Thai as she sat at the table with Coon and Abyssinian Katz. Her boss let her off early in honor of her promotion, so she invited Abyssinian over to celebrate. Unfortunately she forgot that today was an early release day and Coon would be home early as well.

The good thing was that Coon made lunch. Thai despised cooking. Her dinner plans generally consisted of reservations. Unfortunately with their budget as tight as it was, eating out wasn’t generally an option.

The bad thing was that whenever Coon was around, Abyssinian’s attention appeared to waver. One minute he was touching her hand in an intimate way; the next he was chatting up Coon. She’d have to make some kind of move to ensure that Abyssinian was hers.
Katz House


Only yesterday he'd been celebrating Thai's promotion at her law firm. Today he showed up at work only to be told he'd been fired from his position.

Never before had a Katz been fired from a job. And for what? According to Mr. Howe, Mr. Cheatum’s shrew of a wife complained that he kept her on hold instead of putting her through to her husband. One of the couriers was nice enough to give him a lift home on his way to make a delivery. What would people think if they knew?
Or did they even have to know? Abyssinian paced his front walk. Most of his friends and acquaintances thought he was a lawyer, instead of a legal secretary. It was just a matter of finding something and coming up with a good story. Abyssinian was not one to let things keep him down.

He rushed to his computer and quickly found a job that would be a viable alternative to law: business. With a lot of smooth talking, he was hired provisionally as an executive assistant.

His phone rang. “Oh, hi Thai baby.... Fired?... No, I was hired away... one of our clients wanted to start their own legal department... yes... probably sour grapes on their part... I think my bosses felt I was moving up too fast and I’d be judge while they were still defending petty crooks and breaking up marriages... No.... don’t worry your pretty little head... love you too.... bye.”

Abyssinian took a long, deep, cleansing breath. Thankfully Thai believed anything he said. He’d have to be careful to perfect his story. If he spoke to Coon, she’d be a hard sell. Still, the harder to get a prize, the better it would be in the end.

The problem was that financially, both Thai and Coon were about as settled as he was... meaning “not at all”. He could always try to find someone wealthy, like Cobra did. The problem with people like her was there were all sorts of legal red tape involved in a relationship. And someone like Thai was happy enough with illusions of wealth.

Better to stick with his original plans.
Serpente House

Cobra greeted Kerie with a huge kiss. She lept into his arms. “Good news?” he asked.

“I’ve been talking with Grandpa,” she returned as she kissed his cheek. “He wants to meet you, but he can’t make it to Pedigree.”

“Too bad.”

“So I suggested a chat by Skype. Grandpa is getting his assistant to set it up tonight.”

Cobra’s stomach churned. He knew this meeting was inevitable if he planned to marry Kerie. Still, he would have preferred it later rather than sooner. He retained his composure while Kerie set up the conference. “Hi Grandpa!” exclaimed Kerie excitedly.

Her grandfather turned to someone out of the camera’s view. “Am I doing this right?”

“Yes sir,” came a man’s voice from the side.

“Hello Kerie.” The elderly man’s face broke into a broad smile. “How is my little angel doing?” Something about Kerie’s grandfather’s voice sounded very familiar to Cobra.

“Everything is so absolutely amazing since I started dating Cobra!” she exclaimed. The next 20 minutes were spent in the kind of discussions one might spend normally with a future in-law. Mr.Livingston appeared to be a jovial, doting grandfather, but something about him made Cobra’s blood run cold.

“Kerie, could you leave me and Cobra alone for a few minutes?” Mr. Livingston asked. Kerie pouted. “Cobra and I need to have a man-to-man talk.”
“Hey babe,” said Cobra, “why don’t you get ready so we can head right out after talking to your grandfather?” Reluctantly Kerie left the room. Cobra closed the door behind her.

“Well handled.” The hairs on the back of Cobra’s neck stood on end as he realized where he heard Mr. Livingston’s voice before. He’d heard it behind closed doors, on phone calls, and through loudspeaker conferences. “I’ve had my eye on you for a while now, since you started moving up in the organization. Sit down.”

“Yes sir.” Cobra’s heart dropped into the pit of his stomach as he realized that Kerie’s grandfather was the unseen head of the criminal organization that he worked for.

“You’re a sharp young man. If you didn’t have the potential to fit into my plans, you wouldn’t have gotten within a mile of my granddaughter.” Cobra swallowed hard as Mr. Livingston continued. “I need someone to maintain the legal end of my organization, the parts Kerie will inherit. They are actually fronts for money laundering and smuggling. However, all of this must be done while keeping my granddaughter safe and happy. I have two sons and several other grandchildren who have been trained to become my successors since they can walk. Kerie is different. I became her guardian after my youngest son and his wife died in a car wreck. I’ve raised her sheltered from the “family business” and I want her kept that way. That’s why I sent her to Pedigree, a small town where I don’t have enemies or competition yet. I suspect that you have the potential to be both. I would rather have you working for me than against me. Here are my terms.” Cobra listened to Mr. Livingston’s proposal. If he married Kerie, he would receive a large sum of money with which to build the Pedigree division of the Livingston financial empire... doing business as Serpente Inc. He would have full control over anything to do with the business so long as it didn’t interfere with the main family interests. However, his primary function, above all else, would be to make sure Kerie was happy and safe. If anything within his control happened to Kerie... well... according to Mr. Livingston... Cobra’s life would become a nightmare. “Do we have a deal?” Mr. Livingston asked after outlining his terms.

Cobra pondered for a few moments. He could try to strike out on his own, start everything from scratch, and compete with Mr. Livingston. Or he could marry Kerie, watch his back, and be set for life. “We do,” he told Mr. Livingston.

“Bright lad. Stop by the Lucky Shack Club and the contract will be ready for you... as well as an appropriate engagement ring. I don’t think you’d have the money right now to get the kind of ring Kerie wants. I also suggest having the wedding as soon as possible. My granddaughter has never been very patient, but if you let her start planning, you might wind up with a bridezilla,” Mr. Livingston chuckled.

“Yes sir.” Apparently his future grandfather-in-law thought of every contingency.

“Now, let me say goodbye to my granddaughter so you can go and propose to her.”
The concepts behind chess had always eluded Kerie. Not only was it difficult, it was BORING. Still, it was a comfortable seat by the chess set and the chess pieces were a little like dolls.

"Hey hot stuff." Cobra's voice seared her to the core. Sheepishly she put the pieces away, hoping that Cobra didn't see her playing with the chess king and queen. "Go say goodbye to your gramps so we can head out of here."

Announcer: Will Akita ever ask Coon on a date? How long before Thai finds out that Abyssinian isn't what he appears to be. Is Kerie's doting grandfather really a crime kingpin? To be continued next episode.

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