Like Cats and Dogs: Episode 4
Published May 7, 2012

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In the previous episode, after getting fired by her boss, Linda moved in with Robin, taking their relationship to another level. Rose tried to play matchmaker. Abyssinian discovers the downside of trying to be what you're not, while Cobra finds out that his girlfriend's father is more than he seems.

In case you missed Episode 2, you can catch it at

And now, for episode 4 of "Like Cats and Dogs".

In the previous episode, after getting fired by her boss, Linda moved in with Robin, taking their relationship to another level. Rose tried to play matchmaker. Abyssinian discovers the downside of trying to be what you're not, while Cobra finds out that his girlfriend's father is more than he seems.

In case you missed Episode 2, you can catch it at

And now, for episode 4 of "Like Cats and Dogs".
Phideux House

“You’ve done us a great service,” said Ms. Dewey after Akita spoke to her on the phone. “We always suspected there was something phony about Katz. With the proof you provided us, we have a little more support on firing him. Of course, Mr. Cheatum was livid when Katz kept Mrs. Cheatum hanging on the phone. ESPECIALLY after Mrs. Cheatum came back from the doctor with the results of her sonagram.”

“Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Cheatum,” Akita returned. “I heard they’ve been trying to have children for a while.”

“Yes. Because of Mrs. Cheatum’s age, the doctors are taking extra precautions. He couldn’t go with her because he had a deposition. Too bad you’re not a PI any more. You were one of the best.”

Akita smiled, though no one saw it. “Thank you kindly ma’am. If I come across anything of any urgency, I’ll be sure to pass it on.” Staying friendly with a lawyer would always prove useful - Lord forbid he ever need one, but still...
He hung up the phone and went to make dinner. Sitting at the big table he bought at one of the estate sales, he realized the table was too big for just himself. Coon’s cell number remained in his pocket. He could take a chance and call her... but maybe it wasn’t the right time. Akita had just been recruited as a rookie field agent for the SCIA. That wasn’t the kind of job you could have and think about family. Still... the big house seemed mighty empty without its rooms full of people. Sighing, he realized that dwelling on his loneliness wouldn’t accomplish anything. Maybe a drive downtown would keep his mind occupied. His faithful old truck was still in working order. Even though he didn’t use it for work, it’d still take him into town. Lucky Shack Cards and Drinks

It was still fairly early. Akita saw a couple of people playing poker. He sat down at the counter and ordered a blended juice. While the bartender poured the ingredients into a blender, a woman began singing karaoke. Despite the presence of the bartender and the other patrons trickling in, Akita felt very alone.
“I need to go powder my nose,” Kerie said as Cobra held the door to the club open for her.

“That’s fine, Baby,” Cobra returned. “I’ll get us a couple of drinks.” As Kerie disappeared into the ladies’ room, Cobra sat down at the counter. “Merlin?”

“Dude?” returned the bartender.

“Mr. Livingston said you had something for me.”

Merlin’s eyes went wide. His casual demeanor changed. “Yes sir. I’ll get it right away.”
A chill went down Akita’s spine as watched heiress Kerie Livingston walked in on the arm of Cobra Serpente. Serpente was the only person he liked less than Abyssinian Katz. He trusted Serpente about as far as he could toss him.

Akita watched as the bartender pulled out some papers and handed them to Cobra. Cobra signed and returned them. The bartender glanced over the papers, nodded, and placed a small box on the counter. Cobra scooped it up and slipped it in his pocket before Kerie returned from the ladies’ room.

He didn’t know what Serpente was up to, but it was likely no good. Still, he wasn’t a PI any more. Unless Serpente was up to something that the SCIA might get involved in, there wasn’t anything he could do.
Cobra glanced around. He spotted Akita Phideux taking a seat at one of the card tables. Phideux made him nervous. The guy acted and sounded like a hick from the bayou, but sources told him that Phideux was a lot sharper than he let on. Better to wait to propose to Kerie.

Not that she appeared to mind. Before he could say anything, she seated herself at the card table with Phideux and some local girl. He sighed and joined them.
The teenager didn’t stay long. She exhausted her week’s allowance in about three hands. Phideux held out longer... almost like he was waiting for something to happen. He eventually tired of the game and left. “Just you and me now Baby,” he told Kerie. She smiled and stood.

“Well, I hope you have more planned for this evening,” she told him.
It was now or never. “I certainly do.” Cobra got down on one knee. “Kerie Livingston, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Kerie’s eyes went wide at the ring her grandfather had thoughtfully provided (though she didn’t know it). She slipped the ring on her finger and leaped into Cobra’s arms. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
Relieved, Cobra watched as she admired the ring on her finger. Step one was now complete. Now he needed to get her to the wedding arch before she started planning a big wedding. Phideux House

“That was just about useful as a trap door on a canoe,” thought Akita as he parked his truck in his garage. He’d gone to enjoy himself and relax, and instead wound himself up over Cobra Serpente and Kerie Livingston. As he put his keys in his pocket, he came across a crumpled paper. Coon’s phone number. Akita looked at it for a long moment, swallowed hard, and pulled out his cell phone.

“Hello Miss Coon?... sorry... Coon... well, Rose Gardiner suggested I call you...”
Tranquility Center

Coon tried to enjoy the relaxing cup of tea. She’d initially come to the Tranquility Center this Saturday morning to examine the possibility of bringing a class as a field trip. However, as she so often did, Thai invited herself along. And if that wasn’t enough, Abyssinian Katz showed up. While he distracted Thai long enough that Coon could finish her tour, she was now throwing her entire schedule off.

“Thai, if you and Mr. Katz are planning to stay and chat, I could catch a taxi back home,” Coon told her roommate in her soft, southern way. “I am meeting someone at noon.” That was the truth. Akita Phideux would be at the apartment to pick up a recipe... and take her to lunch.

Rose’s hand in setting it up was as obvious as a crocus poking its head through the snow... having Akita call her up to find a pie recipe. As if Rose couldn’t find it herself. The lunch invitation came after as a thank you for finding the recipe. Of course, Grammy wasn’t much of baker - her fruit cake could be used as a boat anchor. That didn’t stop Coon from finding a recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie on the Internet to give to Akita.

Coon glanced at her watch. It was close to 11, and Akita was meeting her at the apartment at noon. Looking at Thai still flirting with Abyssinian Katz made Coon think twice about rushing her roommate. As long as she was here with Abyssinian, Thai wasn’t going to be getting into Coon’s business... and it took long enough to get Akita to finally ask her out. “Now, you two enjoy yourselves and don’t worry about me. I’ll get my own self home.”

She took Thai’s nod as understanding, then called a taxi to take her back to the apartment..
Redwell Cafe

Akita’s palms were sweating by the time he drove up to the restaurant. This was the first time he could remember ever feeling self conscious about what he drove, but Coon just looked at the old pickup truck and smiled as she slid into the passenger seat. Of course, this was the first time he’d been on a date in over a year - he was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers.

He knew the food was good; Robin recommended this cafe. But Akita honestly couldn’t even remember what he ate or what it tasted like. Heck, other than talking a bit about baseball, he didn’t even really remember what they discussed. The only thing on his mind was how sweet her voice sounded.
Coon felt like butterflies were dancing in her belly and it wasn’t coming from the sparkling apple cider that Akita toasted her with. Akita’s voice made her feel all warm and tingly. Thai’s call almost ruined the mood, but Coon told her roommate she was out to lunch with a friend and she would see her later. After lunch Akita and Coon went for a walk in a park. They didn’t talk much; they didn’t need to. Akita gently taking her hand said a lot more. It was dark by the time they walked back to where the old pickup truck was parked. As Akita reached to open the door of the truck for Coon, their eyes met. Her dear, departed Grammy once told her that if you look into your man’s eyes in the moonlight, you’d know if things were meant to be. Coon felt like she was looking at forever in Akita’s eyes.


He was lost the moment he saw the stars dancing in Coon’s chocolate brown eyes. It seemed like they called directly to his heart. This wouldn’t be the last time they looked into each other’s eyes. That was as certain as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

Still, Akita had been raised to be a proper gentleman. As much as he longed to kiss Coon, Paw Paw said you never did it on the first date. Instead he opened the truck door for her. He heard Coon sigh softly as she got into the truck.
Furr and Van Pelt Apartment

Curiosity killed the cat, but Thai wasn’t a cat. She’d wanted to spend more time with Abyssinian and didn’t even notice that Coon wasn’t at the Tranquility Center until Abyssinian had to leave on business. Thai spent the rest of the afternoon wracking her brain as to who Coon could possibly be out with. She didn’t say “date,” she said “lunch with a friend.” But for all Thai knew, “lunch with a friend” could be some sort of country euphemism for “date.”

Thai saw a beat up pickup truck pulled up in front of the apartment. Coon slid out of the passenger side; Akita Phideux came around from the driver’s side. Thai’s heart skipped a beat. No matter how much Thai had her heart set on Abyssinian Katz, she couldn’t help admitting that Akita was drop dead gorgeous.

“I can’t believe I forgot to put the recipe in my purse,” Thai heard Coon say as she cracked open the window a few inches. “That was the whole point of our lunch. Why don’t you come in for a few and I’ll get it?”

Quickly Thai sat down and pretended to be watching TV. Coon unlocked the door and entered, followed by Akita. “I’ll just pop upstairs and find it.” She noticed Thai. “Oh, I didn’t realize you’d come home,” Coon drawled. “I thought you were spending the day out with Mr. Katz.”

“Abyssinian had an appointment,” Thai returned with a shrug.

“I’ll be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail,” Coon told Akita. Thai noticed the way Akita’s eyes followed her roommate as she walked up the stairs.

“Well, that was a long lunch,” Thai said to Akita. “More than lunch?”

“We were just talking, ma’am,” Akita returned. “Time sorta got away from us.”

“Anything interesting?”

“Just comparing how our families were.” Akita appeared uncomfortable. “Is there a restroom I might use?”

Thai hid a look of annoyance as she told him “At the top of the stairs, turn left, then left. Last door in the hall.” In turn, she watched Akita as he climbed the stairs.
Akita let out the breath he was holding. That Thai was like a burr.... sticks to you, doesn’t let go, and irritating as all getup. He quickly found the restroom. Unfortunately, Thai was waiting outside the door when he walked out. “Just checking to make sure you found the right place,” she purred. Glancing around quickly, Akita realized he was trapped; Thai was between him and the way down. “Thank you ma’am,” he returned coolly. “Now if you’ll pardon me, I’ll wait downstairs for Coon.”

One of the other doors opened up, revealing Coon. “Oh, you didn’t have to come looking for me,” she said. Coon glanced at Akita, then at her roommate; she knew what her roommate was up to. “Here’s the recipe. I hope you’ll save me a slice when Rose bakes up a batch.”

“You can be certain of that.”

“That much hotness is wasted on farm trash like Coon,” Thai thought as she studied Akita. "Now if only he had big money prospects..."

“Let me walk you out to your truck.” Coon led the way down the stairs. Akita followed closely. He could feel Thai right behind him. She stopped at the door.

“Thank you cher.” The word was out of his mouth before he realized it. Coon blushed at the term of endearment. Resisting the urge for a good night kiss, he settled for a hug and whispered in her ear. “Maybe you’d like to come by my house for dinner next Saturday?”

“I’d like that,” she whispered back.

Akita felt like he was floating on a cloud as he drove home.

The last thing Abyssinian wanted to be doing was having dinner out with Cobra Serpente and his girlfriend, but Cobra said he had some big news. Briefly he considered inviting Thai along; he decided against it.

In retrospect, that was a probably a good idea. Cobra and brought his girlfriend Kerie Livingston and another girl named Breanna Player. “Breanna’s in politics,” Kerie told him.

“An intern for now, but I aim to be mayor of Pedigree one day,” Breanna confirmed.

“Aiming high is the best way in life,” agreed Abyssinian.

As they perused the menu, Breanna asked “So what’s the big news you were dying to tell us?”

Cobra and Kerie exchanged a smile. “We’re engaged!” exclaimed Kerie. She held out her hand so Breanna and Abyssinian could see the ring.
Breanna gushed over the size and sparkle of the ring. “Congratulations,” said Abyssinian. “When are you two planning on tying the knot?”

“As soon as possible,” Cobra grinned. “I’ve waited long enough to make this gorgeous lady my wife.”

Kerie’s face turned as red as her hair. Abyssinian wished them well, though he was certain that there were ulterior motives behind Cobra’s proposal and hurry to marry.

Announcer: Will Thai get between Coon and Akita? Who is Breanna Player? Tune in for the next episode of "Like Cats and Dogs"

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