A whole new world Chapter 2
Published May 10, 2012

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2 weeks have passed since Amber's first day at school in Little Oakley. Jessica and Liza are still a pain, but luckily she has Alisson, who is quiet becoming her new best friend. Max is also always nice to her, but he's a bit more quiet than Alisson, maybe for the best...

Since she loved it so much, her father agreed to take riding classes two times a week now. So Amber has had 4 more riding lessons from Alissons' mother Mary and it's going really well. Amber has completely fallen in love with her friendly and patient horse Fox, though Rebel starts to feel a little jealous now and then.

It's monday noon now, Amber and Alisson just had lunch together...

2 weeks have passed since Amber's first day at school in Little Oakley. Jessica and Liza are still a pain, but luckily she has Alisson, who is quiet becoming her new best friend. Max is also always nice to her, but he's a bit more quiet than Alisson, maybe for the best...

Since she loved it so much, her father agreed to take riding classes two times a week now. So Amber has had 4 more riding lessons from Alissons' mother Mary and it's going really well. Amber has completely fallen in love with her friendly and patient horse Fox, though Rebel starts to feel a little jealous now and then.

It's monday noon now, Amber and Alisson just had lunch together...
Amber: Oh no, there are Jessica and Liza, shall we try to avoid them?

Alisson: too late, they saw us ...

Liza: Well well, look who we have here! It's the city-brat and the horse-poo cleaner, what a surprise.

Jessica: I sure is Liza, I'd hoped this one would've left again and took the other one with her ...

Alisson is ready to charge, she is breathing heavily, Amber takes her arm.

Amber: Alisson, leave it .. they're not worth it, you know it better than I do.

Liza: Yes Alisson, You better go clean some horse poo, since that's your greatest talent (she starts laughing loudly, Jessica quickly falls by)
Jessica: If I were you, I would listen to her ... Maybe you'll feel a bit more at home?

Alisson manages to escape Amber's hand and spits on Liza's shoe.

Amber: Alisson!?

Liza starts screaming and charges Alisson, she pulls Alisson's hair and stamps on Alisson's foot. Now they're both yelling and pulling and kicking. Soon a teacher jumps between them and holds them apart.

Teacher: What is this? Two young ladies fighting? Go to the principal! NOW!
Jessica: Well, that leaves just us (she smiles in a very creepy way)

Amber: Just leave me alone, Jessica. What's your problem anyway?

Jessica: Haha, my problem? Isn't that obvious ... You are my problem, city-brat. You're the kind of girl that quietly finds her way in a new place and soon is the most popular girl of the school and gets all the cute guys, who are actually mine! You just don't belong here!

Amber: Oh that's your problem? That I'm gonna steal your popularity? Surprising you rate me that high ... But you can be sure, I really won't, it's not my aim.

Jessica: You just say that, I get you Amber Knight! Why did you come here in the first place? Your filthy mother left your pathetic father and now he flees with his tail between his legs? That must be it!
Amber: No, you didn't just say that! Don't you dare insulting my parents. You know what you are? You are a spoiled, superficial, pathetic little girl, who will never earn a living herself 'cause daddy gave her everything she ever wanted!

Jessica: I hate you Amber Knight, I really hate you. This isn't over.

Amber: You bet this isn't over. Now go, run to your daddy!

Jessica yelled something ugly at her when she turned around and started walking to the expensive car that was waiting for her. Amber felt a little relieved, but quickly that turned into fear, what had she gotten herself into?
At home, Amber silently went to her room, Rebel lay in his basket in the corner and seemed very happy to see her. She immediately started with her homework, a couple of tasks and a test due to thursday. After she finished she started reading in the book Alisson gave her, all about horse riding. Sometimes Amber thought she had almost learned as much from the book as from Mary. She could've never imagined she would love horse riding this much! She even took on a job during the weekends to pay for even more lessons. She wanted this so much more than she'd ever wanted anything!

Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

Amber: Come in.
Dad: Hi there, princess, how are you doing today? Sorry I'm home so late.

Amber: Don't worry dad, as long as you like to work, I think it's fine you come a little later sometimes. And I'm fine, got into a bit of a fight this afternoon...

Dad: A fight, my Amber? Where is she and what have you done to her?

Amber: Dad, it's fine. Nothing really happened, she just ... insulted me, that's all.

Dad: Sure you're okay? I think I better don't get involved?

Amber: Absolutely right, don't get involved, this is my problem, I gotta solve it myself.

Dad: I trust you. And how are the riding lessons going?

Amber: They are really great. I love it so much!
Tuesday after school Amber went for a walk with Rebel. Homework had to wait a little, Alisson would come over to work on it together and of course she planned on staying a while afterwards. They didn't live so far from each other anyway.

She breathed in deeply, the air here on the countryside was just so fresh! No wonder everyone loved to do outdoor activities here.

Rebel walked happily in fron of her, amazed by every butterfly and every tree. Seeing her dog like this, made Amber smile. It really wasn't so bad here after all.
Amber: Silly Rebel, You love this huh? Catch it then, catch it! I must admit I like this too, playing in the backyard. So funny, we never had a backyard before. Come on then, funny dog, catch the ball, come on you can do it!

The door bell rings

Amber: Oh, sorry Rebel, that'll be Alisson, it's time for homework! We'll play again later, promise.

The dog stared at her disappointed, but then he turned to the ball again.
Alisson: Ugh, maths ... it's so hard, I really never understand a thing about it. All those letters and numbers ... they drive me crazy.

Amber: It's really not that hard, once you got the hang of it ... Here I'll show you. You just learn the formulas by heart and you're already half way! If you want to, I'll help you with maths if you help me with Spanish ... I'm handicapped when it comes to languages.

Alisson: Deal! (she laughs and pokes Amber playfully)

Amber's dad walks in and catches the two girls laughing.

Dad: Is this what they call studying these days? Shouldn't you have your noses in your books? In my days ...

Amber: yes yes, in your days daddy ... school was only just invented (Alisson smirked)

Dad: I get it, I get it ... I'll be in the kitchen if you need me.

After another half an hour of schoolwork and a delicious diner ...
Alisson: After your lesson tomorrow you've gotta come with me! My mother's gonna train with our stallion Nazeem, that's always very impressive.

Amber: Sounds like a good idea to me! You know something that's on tv tonight?

Alisson: Oh yess, there's this international jumping in Antwerps, Belgium. Did you know the world champion at the moment is someone from Belgium?

Amber: No, not really, I don't really follow it.

Alisson: Shame on you, it's the most beautiful sport in the world. Come watch and enjoy!
Wednesday after school, Amber always rushed straight to the riding academy. Her lesson was only an hour later, but she just loved to brush Fox and pet him and give him healthy candy.

Amber: So Fox, are you ready for todays lesson? I sure am, but I always am.

Fox whinnied silently, as if he was to say: don't stop brushing me! You talk as much as you want, but don't you stop brushing me!

Amber: You silly silly horse, if you weren't so damn cute! No I didn't mean that, you are the most beautiful and amazing horse in the world! I can't wait to get on your back again ... I think I really got the hang of trotting now. Oh it's time to saddle up!

Again Fox whinnied, he was just as eager to go outside as Amber.
The lesson went great, Mary even promised the next time Amber would get to gallop for the first time. She was a natural talent, according to Mary. Although Amber didn't always feel like a natural talent. Het butt still hurt after every lessen, certainly when she first started trotting.

Now Mary already had a whole new list of things to think about up her sleeve. Not only did Amber have to keep her heels low, her hands low and her back straight. Now she also had to make sure her hands moved with the horse when walking, they had to stay still when trotting (which was very difficult...) in a circle her inner hand had to be moved slightly away from the horses' neck and so on ...

But every time the horse riding brought a smile on Amber's face, she felt so great while riding. Sometimes she couldn't even imagine the days anymore when she hadn't rode a horse, how could she have missed out on this her whole life?

Amber: Now Fox, good boy. Of course you'll get a carrot once you'e in your stable! Come now, the sooner you come, the sooner you'll get it. (Fox followed her with his ears pointing curiously in her direction)
Alisson: Well, how was you lesson?

Amber: amazing, as always!

Alisson: oh yay, soon we'll get to go take rides together. It's really beautiful out here, there's just so much I want to show you!

Amber: You are always so sweet Alisson! You are my absolute best friend here! Actually my best friend ever (she gave Alisson her most friendly smile)

Alisson: You mean that? You are too Amber. Really I never had a friend like you before ... But come now, my mother's gonna start training soon! She's probably already home.

As fast as they could they raced to Amber's house, where indeed Mary was already galloping Nazeem around the course.
Amber: Wow, she's amazing! And Nazeem is so beautiful ... Look what harmony they have, they move like one. Alisson, I want to be able to do that too!

Alisson: You will, believe me. But you'll have to train your ass of to get there. I'm gonna saddle Dameer now, I'm just gonna run some cavaletti.

Amber: Cavaletti, what's that?

Alisson: Those bars on the ground, it's a basic work out before you go jumping. I'll show you in a minute.
Fifteen minutes later already was Alisson in the arena again, this time on the beautiful Dameer, their newest mare. Amber was a little surprised, she always needed at least half an hour to saddle Fox ... certainly the bridle was difficult, but she got handier with it already.

First Alisson walked a couple of rounds, then she started trotting and eventually she galloped on ever side.

Amber: You ride so beautifully Alisson! I can learn things just from watching you.

Alisson: You silly, I ride almost my whole life ... If you'd ridden as long, you'd be at least as good as I am. Here, I'll show you the cavaletti.

She didn't train very long, she let Dameer trot over the cavaletti, which were just jumping bars lying on the ground. Then they went to unsaddle the mare together. After that Amber went home, with a very satisfied feeling. She almost hummed on the way.
The next day, during noon Amber ended up together with Alisson and Max.

Max: How's it going? Your riding lessons? I still can't believe you really did started, but I'm happy you love it so much.

Amber: It's going great actually! And why so surprised? it's you who pushed me in the first place ... without you it would've probably never crossed my mind even.

Alisson: She's really good, my mum says she's very talented. Maybe you should go watch her someday!

Max: Haha, maybe I will, probably even! But still it's strange that I am the one who brought you to this.

Amber: If you want to hear another thank you ... well, thank you (she smiled). I must say ... I don't even miss my buss anymore. (They all started laughing)

The bell went

Alisson: Damn, time to go to class again. See you after school?
That night at dinner ...

Dad: How was your day honey?

Amber: Good, why?

Dad: Can't I ask how your day was without having a specific reason anymore?

Amber: Of course you can ... (She pulled up her eyebrow in disbelief)

Dad: Not gotten into any fights anymore?

Amber: I knew it!!! You didn't just ask ... And no, actually I haven't. Jessica's been quiet since monday. But I'm sure she won't leave it like this.

Dad: You are great the way you are Amber, don't let anybody tell you differently. But remember you are better than her, don't be a mean person, Amber. I don't think I'd be able to handle that.

Amber: Don't worry dad, you know me sometimes better than I do ... Will you come to my riding lesson saturday? I'm gonna gallop for the first time, that's the fastest a horse can go!

Dad: Do I have to see that? I'm just kidding, I'd love to come. What time is your lesson?

Amber: Six o'clock, you'll be there?

Dad: I will!
Saturday afternoon, Amber was already busy in the stables at 4 o'clock. Since her father came to watch, she wanted Fox to be extra clean. Alisson had thought her how the clean the hooves of her horse, now she was gonna try it for the first time on Fox alone.

Amber: Come on Fox ... give me your foot, I know you know this! Don't be so stubborn.

Eventually the horse gave in, which he was very happy about, because after Amber cleaned his hooves, she started brushing him again. First with a horse comb to get the dirt out of Fox's fur. Then a hard brush followed by a soft brush to get him all shiny. She combed his manes and his tale, just like she read in her new favorite book. After a while the horse got a bit bored and started grabbing her hair in his mouth, moving randomly...

Amber: Fox! Stay still for a minute, please? My father comes and I want you to look extraordinary! Come, I'll saddle you now.
Mary: Hi there, who are you?

Amber's dad: Hi, you must be Mary. I'm Amber's father and I've come to take a look at my daughter. She's very fond of you.

Mary: That's a pleasure to hear, but I just want to help her become a good rider, an excellent rider even. Your daughter is really talented. I hope you have really considered this, because once you get involved in this world, it's difficult to get out. Amber will probably also not ride the same horse forever.

Amber's dad: What do you mean? She loves Fox.

Mary: Well, Fox is a very good horse for beginners, she can surely ride him for a couple more months, maybe even a year. But there will come a time when Amber get's too good for him. If she wants to really refine her riding skills, she'll need a better horse.

Amber's dad: What am I about to do about that? I don't know anything about horses.

Mary: don't worry too much yet, I might be able to help her for a while. Maybe she can ride one of my own horses for a while. But that's for later, I just told you so you know in advance.

Amber's dad: Thanks for the information, I appreciate that.
Mary: Really good Amber! Stay calm. Don't forget to pull the reins if you feel uncomfortable. You're doing great, keep your heels down, don't lift your hands that high. If you want to, you can grab his manes.

Amber gladly did that, gallop wasn't easy at all. Mary had explained her before, but it was so difficult to go with the movement of the horse, back and forth in the saddle. Sometimes she felt like she was thrown in the air and then she bumped onto her saddle again. According to Fox's ears, he didn't really like it either, especially when she bumped.

At the end of the lesson Amber was sore over all her body, her legs, her arms, her back, her neck, everything!

Mary: Good job, Amber. Go unsaddle him now.

Amber's dad: I'm proud of you girl, that was amazing. I'll wait for you at the car.
Amber: I'm sorry dear Fox. That didn't go so well yet, but I promise I'll get better. You just need to help me a little. Next time'll be better already! You are so amazing, even when I'm so annoying to yo, you still stay so patient! I love you, you know that? My dear, fox-coloured stubborn horse. I'll have to leave you for now, my dad's waiting for me. See you wednesday again Fox! Byeeee!

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#1Bby-LMay 11, 2012

cute Fox \:wub\:

#2*hellokitty*May 17, 2012

i love it \:wub\:\:rah\:\:D

#3juulsiiMay 18, 2012

I'm going to write more, I promise, but it'll go a little slower since I'm starting with my exams
in two weeks ... but as I said, I promise there'll be more!

#4fabrizioammolloMay 20, 2012

It's very sweet. \:\)

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