The Struggles of a Wife- Chapter 10
Published May 29, 2012

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Hello Readers,

I know it has been a while, so I will not delay the story any longer.

Please enjoy

Hello Readers,

I know it has been a while, so I will not delay the story any longer.

Please enjoy
Things are changing, but yet they are still the same.

Evin is still off at war and Iím still at home wishing him here. Whitney is gone and her family has moved away. Vera and David are going through something and she is kind of distant because of it. I donít know how to feel anymore. This is not what I though life would be after college.
ďI feel like things are the same because I make them that way. I stay in the house as if Iím locked in side of it. I donít go out because I work at the hospital in the mornings and come home to take care of Everlynn by myself. I need a change and I need one now!!!Ē

(I told myself as I stared in the mirror)
I look in the mirror and then at the scissors on the container. I picked them up and raised them to my hair. I stared at myself and then closed my eyes as I began to cut the first piece of my hair. My eyes popped open when I realized what I had done. At first I didnít feel any kind of way, but after I got over the shock I felt relieved, so I began cutting again. It took me 2 hours to fix my hair, but I did it. I cut my hair and it felt good!!! Now that I was sporting a new look I decided to get out the house. I went into Everlynnís room and got her dress. I walked in and there she was with big smile on her face playing with her blocks.

Everlynn: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! (She said as soon as she saw me)
Cheryl: Hey my Honey Bunny, what do you got there?

She said nothing, just smiled as I picked her up.

Cheryl: Letís get out of this house and explore the town.

As I was about to turn off the light and leave her room, a great idea came to my head.

Cheryl: Letís go to the hardware store and get some paintÖ (I said as we went down the stairs and out the house.)
Everlynn enjoyed our walk to the hardware store. She sat in her stroller as if she was seeing the world for the first time. She giggled and laughed all the way to the store. It made me happy to see her happy. As we were strolling down the street, my phone began to ring.

Cheryl: Hello

Other Person: Hi Auntie Cheryl, itís me Molly!

Cheryl: Hi baby, howís everything going?!? (I said excited as my godchild called me for the first time in a long time)

Molly: Everything is good; I just wanted to call because I miss you thats all.
Cheryl: Iím glad you called. When will you come visit us, you know we would love to see you and the rest of your family.

Molly: Dad said I can come down there for the summer. He bought me a new car!

Cheryl: WOW! Thatís great; now you can come whenever you want.

Molly: Yeah! He said I deserve it because I have been helping with Jordan and keeping the house together while he is off at work.

Cheryl: Well you do, you are a big helper for your dad.
Molly: Howís Everlynn? Is she talking yet?

Cheryl: Talking? She wonít shut up. (We both laughed) Yeah, sheís talking up a storm. When her and Dawn gets together they will not be quiet for one minute; I believe they are talking about Vera and me.
We both chuckled

Molly: Well I have to go, I have to be at work in ten minutes. I love you Auntie, and tell Auntie Vera and Uncle David I said hello. Iíll call you later for Uncle Evinís address so I can start writing to him.

Cheryl: Okay, Have a good day at work. Oh and tell your father I said hello and we miss you guys.

With that being said, I hung up the phone.
After getting off the phone with Molly, I continued my trip to the hardware store. After I got what I wanted and need, Everlynn and I caught a taxi back home to begin our little project.

Cheryl: Okay my little princess, let's go see your new room. ( I said carrying Everlynn into her fresh painted and decorated new room)

Everlynn: YAAAAAHHHH (She said bouncing up and down in my arms)
Cheryl: Welcome to your new room (I said giving her a tour)

At that moment, I realized that 4 years ago, I had did the same thing when she was first born, but I had done it with Evin. This moment made me sad. I really wish my husband would come home, so he can share these moments with our family.
Iím not good with words like Vera, so I donít know how to start this off. I guess I can start off by saying a simple hello.

(Clears Throat)

Aloha my name is Mohala, Mohala OíHannah that is. Iím just your average fun, loving girl from Simwaii. The reason why I moved to Sim-Valley is because; I wanted to move closer to my kaikuaíana (my older sister) and her ohana.
Iíve been married to my fun/sweet husband Neko for four years. He is a semi- famous DJ; Heís most likely the DJ playing at all the local Hot SpotsÖ

Actually that how we met, in a club that is.

One night- back in high school- my childhood friend, Vera, and I decided to dress up and go to one of the college clubs. Yeah, I know we were young, but still, girls just want to have fun. Anyway, we decided to go to this club called University XD; we got all dressed up Ė so we could use our good looks to flirt with the club bouncer to let us in.
Anyway, once we were in, we spent no time sitting; we headed straight to the dance floor. For 12 songs straight we danced non-stopped.

We danced so much that I decided to go sit at the bar to take the pressure off my feet.
Anyway, while I was sitting at the bar, Neko (Remember I didnít know he was Neko or the DJ) was walking up to the bar. Neko: Why a beautiful lady, like you sitting here at the bar instead of dancing? (He said sitting down next to me)

I blushed

Mohala: Iím just sitting down to rest my feet. The DJ has been playing all the best songs, it really makes it hard to sit down.
Neko: Oh, why donít you request something slow, so you and your feet can have a brake?
Mohala: Oh no, Iím good. I donít want to mess up the DJís groove; besides this is my break.

With that being said, Neko and I spent at least 30 minutes talking about random things.

Neko: Well I guess I have to get back to work. (He said getting up) Before I go, I didnít catch your name.
Mohala: I didnít throw it. (We laughed) Itís Mohala.
Neko: Well nice meeting you Mohala, is there any chance I can get a dance from you?
Mohala: I guess I can save you a dance.
Neko: Okay, see you later then

And with that he was gone. I got up from the bar to find Vera on the dance floor.
Vera: HEEEY GIRL, WHERE WERE YOU? (She said talking over the music)


With that being said we dance the rest of the night away.
Before we knew it, it was almost time for the club to close.

DJ: Alright my people, itís time to slow it down. These are the last songs of the night so fellas grab you a girl to dance with (He said starting a slow song). Oh, shout out to Mohala, the prettiest girls in this club. I hope you saved me that dance you promised me, because here I come girl.
Vera and I looked at one another.

Vera: Girl did the DJ just call your name out over the mic?

I blushed
Mohala: OMG, Neko!
Vera: Neko? Who is Neko?
Mohala: He is the guy I met while I was at the bar, I didnít know he was the DJ! (I said excitingly)

Vera: Well where is he?
Mohala: Heís coming up behind you right now.
Vera: Well Iím about to take his advice and find me someone to dance with. Girl have fun. (And with that she was off)
I was blushing so hard when Neko walked up. He instantly took my hand and led me to the middle of the dance floor to dance.

Mohala: Sooo, why didnít you tell me you were the DJ? (Throwing my arms around his neck)
Neko: I like to hear what the public have to say about me. (He smiled)
Mohala: Iím glad I didnít say anything wrong or mean.
Neko: No, I like for people to be honest, and besides I would have wanted to dance with you even if you said I sucked as a DJ.

I blushed.

With that being said I laid my head on his chest and we danced the rest of the night away. After three songs the music stopped.
Mohala: I guess this is it.
Neko: Yeah, I guess.

Mohala: I need to go find my friend before she leaves me. (I said walking away)
Neko: Before you leave, you think since you threw me your name, can you throw me your number? ( He laughed)

I chuckled

Mohala: Of course. (I said putting my number in his cell.)

When I was done, we hugged each other and I headed to the front door to find Vera.
I found Vera at waiting at the front door.

Vera: So how was it?

I smiled
Mohala: It was great;it seemed like something out of the movie. He led me in the middle of the floor and I spent the last songs slow dancing with my face on his chest. Vera: He seems sweet. I thought that was just so cute when he called your name over the mic saying you were the prettiest girl in the club. (She said as we started to walk out the club.)
I blushed
Mohala: I thought so too.
Vera: Did you give him your number?
Mohala: Yeah, I canít wait to talk and see him again. (I said as we got in Veraís car to go home)
That night I fell in love with Neko and a year later he and I got married on the beach. I love Neko with all my heart.

Now that we have gotten married and is almost out of the honey moon phase, I really want to start a family, but I donít think he wants to. With that being said that is the reason why I am starting my chapter of this story.
*Breaths heavy*

I donít know what to say about this situation. David has been here entirely too long. Ever since I told him he had a week to move out my house, he has come back to me every week with an excuse about him being too busy to look for a house. I let him stay becauseÖ.. Well I donít know. I guessÖ no scratch that-Iím still in love with David.

He was my first and only love, and I donít know how to live without him. Just because I am still in love with him doesnít mean we will get back together. Though it may hurt me and in some way it will hurt Dawn, I still want a divorce.
One day, David had the day off and he was hanging around the house, so I decided to take Dawn to the park.

Dawn: Hey Mommy
Vera: Hey Pudding, (I said picking up my baby) Do you want to go to the park with me?

Dawn began to giggle and jump in my arms.
I began putting her baby bag together so we could go to the park. Before I could finish, David came into the room, I said nothing.

David: Hey Daddyís girl.
Dawn: Daddy.
David: Where is Mommy taking my baby girl? (He said grabbing her out of my hands. I said nothing but continued finishing packing Dawnís bag.)

David then turned his attention towards me.

David: So, where are you girls going?
Vera: To the park.
David: Is it okay, if I tag alone, I would like to spend time with my daughter.

Vera: I donít care David. (I said grabbing Dawn out of his arms and headed down stairs to put Dawn in her stroller.)
We started out the house. I pushed Dawn down the street, while David followed us a few steps behind. Once we got there, David caught up.

David: Is it okay if I let her ride the rocking horse.

I handed Dawn to him and watch as they went to play on the rocking horse.
David: Okay Baby girl, hold on, I donít want you to fall off.
Dawn: Okay Daddy
She began to rock away
When she finally got use to the ride, David began to clap and applaud her. I stared admiring the picture; this was all I wanted. All I wanted was us to be happy, have our kids and live happily ever after. I wanted David to be a great father to Dawn and a great husband to me, but itís the complete opposite. David has cheated on me twice and here we are about to get a divorce.

I began to tear up.
David: Okay Baby Girl, itís time to get off.
Dawn: No Daddy!
David: Now Dawn, itís time to get off the rocking horse.
Dawn: NO!!! NO! NO!! (She said folding her arms and turning her back on David
David: Dawn Sahara Wynn, daddy said itís time to get off the toy
Dawn turned around toward David and said nothing but frowned up.
David: You look just like your mom when sheís mad. (He chuckled) and grabbed her off the toy.

We spent the rest of the day at the park with our daughter, barely talking.
The next day, David had to work and I had to work on my next book, so I took Dawn to Cheryl because she wanted to have Everlynn and Dawn together. I really didnít want to send her over there because that meant I had to stay in the house with David by myself.

When he finally got home, I decided to ask him about him finding a new home.

Vera: David, can I talk to you?
David: Whatís up?
Vera: Itís been a while since I told you that you had to move out, I was just wondering what was going on?
David: Iím looking V, you canít rush thisÖ

Vera: Iím not David; itís just uncomfortable with you living here. You have had ump amount of time to find somewhere to go.


David: Not according to this document you signed before we got married. (He said pulling out a pre-nuptial agreement) I didnít want to do this tonight, but since you wanted to come at me thenÖ.

He threw the paper in the air and I caught it.

Vera: David, so what does this supposed to mean?!?

David: You have a month to move out MY houseÖ. (He said walking off)
Hope You guys enjoyed.... Please come back for more....

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#1Butterfly103May 30, 2012

daphney if i was Vera ooh lawd it would take a swat team to get me off him...i'd leave and take my kids.....

#2fruitopiaVIPMay 30, 2012

Vera, should move out and show David that she can make it without him, and his cheating ways.

I like those scenes with Dawn pouting and being stubborn.

#3tamyaglassJun 1, 2012

I like the new wife, and I love Cheryl's new hair cut! Vera needs to kick David's butt

#4SimplySweetJun 1, 2012

I have been waiting forever!!!! I love your stories!!! They are the best!!! Please continue with more.

#5Senti88VIPJun 1, 2012

good story though! Keep writing!

#6Ben72006Jun 1, 2012

My what tense family Vera and David have gotten.

#7Rawr_Is_I_Love_UJun 9, 2012

\:wub\:Love the stories.You always are good at making them.Awesome screenshots!! Love th new wife! also David should shut his mouth!If she leaves, she needs to bring her baby with her and show David she can live without him!\:rah\:\:wub\:

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