Star Crossed Lovers IX
Published May 30, 2012

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Yukin sat for a minute. Taking in all the information he had just learned. He was to take over the family company in China and bring both of his families with him. His mother would finally accept Lisan as part of the family. He would make her his wife and then be able to finally be with her.

Yukin sat for a minute. Taking in all the information he had just learned. He was to take over the family company in China and bring both of his families with him. His mother would finally accept Lisan as part of the family. He would make her his wife and then be able to finally be with her. Kima: SECOND WIFE!! But that is not what I thought we were doing.
Liyu: Quiet down. This is all for the best.
Kima: How is this for the best? I thought we were getting rid of her now bringing her here!
Liyu: We are. Trust me, this is all part of the plan. She will not come to China. I will make sure of that. And soon it will just be you, Yukin, and Yuyin. Once things are settled you will thank me for it. Liyu: In the meantime, you remain the good wife. Poised, attentive, and obedient. Back in the states, Lia was sitting on her swing. It had been weeks since she seen her father. He had been gone so long since the funeral and she missed him so much.
Then she heard a familiar voice from behind.
Yukin: My moon and stars...
She twirled herself out of the swing and nearly tripped as she ran to her father.
Lia: DAD!
Yukin: Oh my beautiful girl! It's been too long.
They embraced for a long time. She clung to his back thinking if she let go it would not be real.
Yukin: Look at you. It's like you've grown an inch since I last saw you.
Lia: You always say that. How was the trip?
Yukin: Boring without you.
Lia: Come on! How was it?
He told he about everything he had done while he was there and all the silly things Yuyin did while they were in China.
She laughed hard when he told her how Yuyin stepped in cow poop thinking it was a big rock.
And when there was not much to say he placed her on the swings and spent the rest of the time swinging her back and forth.
Lia: No one pushes better than you Dad!
Yukin: You and I make a great team.
Lia: Will I ever get to go to China like Yuyin?
Yukin: Hopefully soon Lia.
He pushed her a little longer before heading to the house where Lisan was.
He called to her as he walked through the front door.
Yukin: You need to keep it locked or strange people will come in.
Lisan quickly greeted him with a big hug that caught him off guard.
Lisan: I keep it open so Lia can come in and out. So how was the trip?
Yukin: Fine (he slowly let go of her) I've come bringing news
Lisan: Great! I do as well.
Yukin: Well you first.
Lisan: You sure?
Yukin nodded.
She barely looked at him as she went on to explain.
Lisan: Well I was in the shoppe tending to a new customer when she gave me her card. Said that she was the personal assistant to Ruby Blue, the french designer and that she loved what I did to her hair. I thanked her and went on my way. But then I got a call a few days later from THE Ruby Blue. And well.....
Lisan: She offered me a job as her lead stylist in her next line of shows this year.
Yukin: What?
Lisan: They want me to move to Paris to work for her! Can you believe it? This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Me! In Paris!
Yukin couldn't say a word. He didn't say a word.
Yukin: You, Paris? But....
He walked away from her. He couldn't look at her. His heart was whirling and his head was spinning.
Lisan: Now I know that you're thinking that this would make it difficult for you to see Lia. But I promise we can make it work. The visits might not be as many or as long but we can make it work. This is a great opportunity for me. To see a world I've never seen but only dreamed of.
Lisan waited for an answer but he said nothing.
Lisan: Say something please.
Yukin: What can I say? Congratulations.
Lisan: That's a start.
Yukin: I'm leaving for China in a few weeks.
Lisan: What? If you are saying this to get back at me.
Yukin: I'm not. I have to take over the company now that my father is gone. I will be leaving to go back...for good.
Lisan: Then we are both going in two different directions. We might be closer than I thought.
Yukin: I wanted to bring you with me.
Lisan: Bring us?
Yukin: The family. They would accept you as my second wife.
Lisan: Second wife? Yukin I told you, I am not breaking up a marriage. My father's infidelities broke up my family and ruined my life. I am refusing to do that to anyone else, you know that. Yukin: Not ruin a marriage. But as my second wife, you would live with me and Lia. Share my home, my heart, my family.
Lisan: And be second to Kima? She hates us.
Yukin: I will not allow her to do anything to you too.
Lisan: I told you Yukin, I have to have all your love. I don't want to be another wife, I want to be THE ONLY wife. I can't accept your proposal. I love myself too much to do that. I want to go to Paris. I need this. For me and for Lia. Please say you understand. Yukin looked at her. But the words could not come out. His lips began to tremble as tried to stop himself from becoming teary.
Yukin: Tell Lia I will come back later to see her again.
He walked out of the door. Neither parents had noticed that Lia had entered the house during their conversation. She stood in the hallway away from their view. She heard the door close as her father left. And as she heard his car drive away her tears fell down her face. The weeks had gone by fast and Lisan and Lia had left a few days before Yukin for France. He went with them to the airport and wished them goodbye. And after their airplane had departed he went back to their empty house. He stood there staring inside the window thinking of all his moments with them. Lia's 3rd birthday when he bought her the Simon doll. She loved that toy and often sang to it. The many personal recitals she held in their living room. Showing off the new steps she had learned since his last visit.
Lia: Ta-da!
Yukin: Bravo my moon and stars! Bravo!
By the following week he was back in Weijong China. They lived in a home just a few miles away from the home he grew up in. It had belonged to his grandmother who left it to him when she past away. He was her favorite. Liyu: So how have things been?
Kima: Slow but progressing. He is spending more time with us. And I feel a little closer to him now that we are here and away from distractions.
Liyu: Excellent. It will only be time before he forgets all about her.
Kima: Are you sure?
Liyu: He will daughter.
Kima was right.
Yukin was spending more time with both Yuyin and Kima. He was also beginning to show her more attention than before.
Of course there was always something on his mind. There was not a moment that he had not thought about Lisan and Lia.
It had been months and he had not heard anything from Lisan or Lia and was growing worried. She said that she would write him and all he had received in the last two months was a letter saying they were great. She didn't leave a number to call or a return address. Her email was no longer. And as the days went into weeks, he began to worry more about them. Surely it was not like Lisan to avoid him. What were they doing? Were they alright? Then one day, he received an email from Lisan.
"Life in Paris is going well for Lia and myself. We have spent the last months learning the language and the customs of a new country. In the meantime, I have been seeing someone. He is good to me and Lia and we are getting close. I will write soon but until then, I wish you and your family the best. Lisan"
He couldn't believe what he read. It didn't sound like her. He replied back to the email but the address came back to him. He tried several times frantic to get a hold of her but still nothing. He slammed the laptop screen closed. The next days were just quiet and went by like a blur to Yukin. He barely spoke, not even to Yuyin.
Yuyin: Are you okay? Dad.....Dad?
Yukin barely heard him.
Yukin: huh? Oh, everything is alright son. I'm fine. Just have a lot to think about that's all. Stressed on the job.
But Yuyin could tell it was more than just the job.
Yukin: And the young warrior brought his blade in the air as he slayed the dragon.
Yuyin listened closely as his father read the book. He knew all the words but it was better when Yukin read it to him.
Yukin: Alright, time for bed.
Yuyin: You miss Lia dad?
Yukin was taken off guard by the question.
Yukin: Yes, yes I do. Just like if you were gone for a long time, I would miss you just as much.
Yuyin: Then why don't you go visit her?
Yukin: It's not that easy Yin.
Yuyin: Of course it is. You just have to get on a plane and go see them. And if you don't know where they live, find out. Duh Dad!
Yukin: You are so smart my sun and earth.
He kissed his son on the cheek and said goodnight.
Yukin looked back at his son who was now fast asleep. He shook his head when he thought about what he said. Yukin went into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone.
Yukin: Hello Ren? I need a favor. I need to find someone.

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#1fruitopiaVIPMay 31, 2012

Great chapter, waiting for more. I hope that Yukin can get the love of his life back, they do belong together.

#2niecey5sMay 31, 2012

I'm agreeing with fruitopia, Lisan and Yukin belong together, this is a great story, every chapter is good, you never fall off! LOVE IT \:D

#3daphney1230May 31, 2012

HMMMMM I wonder

#4urm0mJun 6, 2012

Yukin needs to make a decision!

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