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Published Jun 7, 2012

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It had been a several days since Yukin had made phone calls to a few people he knew. People he knew that were good at finding information.
Then one day it was a call he had waited for.

It had been a several days since Yukin had made phone calls to a few people he knew. People he knew that were good at finding information.
Then one day it was a call he had waited for.
Yukin: Hey Ren. Thanks for looking into this for me? I miss my girls a lot and this means a lot to me. Have you gotten anything since the last time. You have?

Yukin nearly dropped the phone as Ren relayed his latest findings to Yukin.
Yukin: What? WHAT?? That's impossible.
Yukin listened more to his friend.
His mood went from surprised to angry as he stood listening to his friend. Making sure to have him repeat certain parts to ensure that he heard everything correctly.
Yukin: Thanks again man.
Yukin ran to his home office and locked the door to not be disturbed. It took almost hours as he went through his company files and folders searching for the information he was looking for. He couldn't believe it and didn't want to believe it. He heard the knocks on the door from Kima but ignored them as he kept looking through files and access into company reports. And just as he was giving up, he came across a file that he was not familiar with. Looking through the numbers he realized that there had been several payments to another small company.
Yukin: It can't be.
He rushed into the livingroom where his wife was reading.
Yukin: How could you?
Kima: What is wrong my love?
Yukin: You put her there. You sent Lisan to Paris. It was you. How did you do it? HOW COULD YOU DO IT KIMA!
Kima was frightened. She had never seen Yukin so angry before. Kima didn't know what to do. How did he find out?
She tried to be calm and to calm him down.
Kima: My love, why don't we sit down and talk. I don't know what you are talking about. I didn't send anyone anywhere.
She tried to grab his arms as she walked closer to him. But he yanked his arms away from her. He looked at her with anger in his eyes.
Yukin: You had her locked up.... as a spy? Really...Lisan?
Kima: I'm telling you Yukin I didn't put her in jail. I just wanted to be with you that's all. But I didn't do anything.
Yukin: Then why is my name written on documents for Lia. It had to have been someone close to me.
Kima: I'm tell you I didn't put her away.
She placed her hands on his.
Kima: I just thought that once she was gone that we can work on us. That you would love me more. Like you did before you saw her again. Remember that? When you finally gave yourself to me and we were a family.
Yukin: Kima, you are the mother of my child, therefore I care about you.
Kima's face dropped.
Kima: Surely it is more than just that. Nine years and you still treat me like some guest in your home, in your bed? You loved me once didn't you?
Yukin didn't respond
She searched his eyes but saw nothing.
She turned to walk away from him.
Yukin: Kima! Please tell me where I can find them. I need to find them. They are my family.
Kima: I thought I was.
Yukin walked towards her. He grabbed her arm so hard he spun her towards him. She cried out from shock.
They were interrupted when his mother came in the living room.
Liyu: What are you doing? Have you lost your mind? I can hear you outside.
Yukin: This is not the time mother.
Liyu: She just loves you. I love you. We only did what was best.
Yukin: You were behind this as well?
Liyu: Of course. I only did what was best for you. Taking on this woman and treating her higher than Kima. Making a mockery of this family.
Yukin: So you put her in prison?
Liyu: Only for a little while. Just to give you some time to....
Yukin: Time? Mother what time would I need? You locked up the mother of my child and then put Lia in some school....under my name?
Liyu: Now listen
Yukin: No, you listen. For years, I have held my head and been the good son, acted the way you wanted me to, learned what you wanted me to, married who YOU wanted me to. But you have gone too far.
Liyu: Oh please, she's only been there for a few months, and I made sure no one hurt her.
Yukin: I can't beleive what I am hearing. How could you be so heartless to someone you barely know?
Liyu: Because she was wrecking this family. You carrying on with her was destroying your marriage, destroying this union your father and I planned for so long for you.
Yukin: Union? Business transaction is what you mean? Because that is all it's been for both families. It didn't matter what I wanted. Who I wanted. As long as this marriage happened then your fortunes were set.
Liyu: We went through a lot picking the perfect wife and Kima was the perfect choice. Why can't you just leave this woman alone?
Yukin: THAT'S IT!! I am DONE with this! And I am done with the both of you.
Liyu: You don't mean that. You can't mean that.
Yukin: Why can't I be happy for once? Why is it always about everyone ELSE?
He saw his mother begin to cry. He hated when she cried and he was the reason. He took a breath, his expression softened.
Yukin: I can't live like this mother. I won't live like this. I have ruined too many lives and I am tired. I love Lisan, I always have and always will. And there is no way you can make me stop. No matter what you do, she will always be in my heart. Liyu: Don't do this Yukin.
Yukin: I quit mother.
Liyu: Kin?
Yukin touched his mother one last time and started for the door.
Before he reached the end of the room he stopped. He looked over to Kima who was still keeping her distance from her angry husband.
Yukin: When I have my girls, I will send for my son.
It took longer than he had anticipated but he was in Paris. In only took a few days of travel but to Yukin it seemed like weeks.
He looked down at the city from the airplane.
Yukin: I'm coming.
Lisan laid in her room. Since being detained in the prison she barely ate. She barely understood the language and was forced to live there under the suspicion she was a spy. And to make matters worse, they took Lia away from her. Her soul was gone and her spirit broken as each day was a struggle and hope that they would be one day reunited. She just didn't understand how all this could have happened.
The door opened to her cell, but it was not time for meals or leisure.
She squinted in the light when the guard turned on the switch.
Guard: Madam, you have a visitor (he spoke in french).
When she finally lowered her hand to see, she saw Yukin's figure.
She slowly walked towards him, thinking she was in a dream. She reached out to touch him and he grabbed her hand to show that he was there. She ran her fingers over his face and through his hair. Tears followed on both of their faces.
Lisan: It is you!
She held him. She held him tightly. He could feel how thin she had gotten over the course of the months. Her body was trembling. She wasn't going to let him go.
Lisan: I thought I was never going to see you again. I kept calling, I kept writing.
Yukin: I've come to take you out. I'm taking you home.
Lisan: Home? How? When?
Yukin: Now. I took care of everything. I've come to get you out of here.
Lisan: I don't understand.
Lisan: They are just going to let me walk. Just like that.
Yukin: Well not like that. I had to do some work to get you out, to clear your name.
Lisan: Then you know why I'm here?
She stopped for a minute.
Lisan: How did you know I was here? I hadn't heard from you. I tried writing and calling you for help. My family was trying and no one listened.
Yukin: I got worried when I hadn't heard from you in months. So I sent people to look for you. I was told that you had been arrested. I made phone calls, I called many people, pulled all the strings I could. I'm glad my family name has many connections beyond China. Lisan: They took her away. They took Lia away from me. They said you put her in a home for girls. I knew there was something wrong with that. I knew you would not have done that. I just couldn't understand why all this was happening to me. One minute I was coming to Paris to find work, only to find out there was no work for me. I got a job and was here for a few weeks before all this. It was like I was living in some nightmare that I could not wake up from. Yukin: I'll explain everything later. I just want to get you out.
Lisan: And Lia. We have to find her.
Yukin: Don't worry. I found you, didn't I? There is nothing more important to me right now than the both of you and making sure you are safe.
Lisan embraced him again. She couldn't believe that her dreams were coming true. Or was she just dreaming like she had done many nights before. He smiled back at her.
Yukin: Let's get you to Lia.
She was done with asking questions. She didn't care anymore how he did it, she was just happy she was leaving.
He picked her up in his arms. She wept in his arms. She wept of happiness as he carried her away and out of the room. As promised, Lisan was released from prison. During the long car ride through the city, he had explained all that he could to Lisan about what happened. She couldn't believe it. She was angry and sad at the same time.
Lisan: They hate me that much.
Yukin consoled her in the car.
Yukin: Let's get you fresh. We have a long drive.
By the next morning, the car pulled in front of a small home. Yukin woke Lisan who was sleeping in the passenger side.
Lisan: Where are we?
Yukin: A friend has allowed me to borrow their place for a little while.
She got out of the car and followed Yukin inside.
Yukin opened the door to let Lisan in first. She nearly fell to the ground when she heard the Lia's voice.
Lia: Mommy!
Lisan: Oh Baby!
The reunion of mother and daughter was filled with emotions for both of them.
Lisan: Let me look at you baby. Look how pretty you are.
Lia: Daddy came to get me from the school. I was so happy to see him and he told me he was going to get you too. I missed you both.
Lisan: I promise I won't leave you again.
Lia: Promise?
She grabbed her daughter again. Tears poured down her face as she kissed her over and over again.
Lisan: I promise. I love you so much.
She looked over at Yukin.
Lisan: I don't know how you did it, and I don't care. I'm just glad she's here and alright.
Yukin was able to find Lia days prior to Lisan's release. For the rest of the day the two of them stayed close together, holding hands and hugging for majority of the time. Afraid that if they let go, something would happen. At night, Lisan read her a bedtime story. And even though the little girl was sleep before the story ended, Lisan had stayed in the room longer. She sat on the end of the bed just staring at Lia. She ran her fingers through her hair and kissed her softly on the cheeks. Throughout the night she would stop in the room again just to check on her. It was late when she made her last stop in the room. Yukin stood staring out the window. He heard Lisan close the bedroom door.
Yukin: Everything okay.
She nodded as she walked to him.
Lisan: I don't know what to say. There is nothing I could ever do to repay you for...for all this.
Yukin: It's my fault you were even here in the first place. I can't believe how far they would go to hurt you. To take you away from me.
Lisan: Still....thank you.
Yukin: You don't owe me a thank you. I owe you an apology.
Yukin: Lisan?
Lisan: Yes?
Yukin: What if I told you I quit it all. The family business, the marriage, everything. To know how much and how far they would take things was enough for me. I couldn't be there anymore. Not with you and Lia here. No matter what I wanted to be where ever you were. And if that means following you across the globe then so be it.
Lisan: Well I am happy for you if this is something that you wanted to do. It is what you wanted to do, for you?
Yukin: And you and Lia. I did it because I was tired of being without the both of you. This just gave me the fuel I needed to finally stop what I was doing. What I should have done years ago.
Yukin: Being your friend is not enough for me. It never was.
Lisan: I told you-
Yukin: I know what you said. But that's not how I feel. I wasted years doing what everyone wanted me to do. But it should have never been about them. I should have never left. I should have never hurt you. I am such a fool.
Lisan: Time has gone by so long between us. It's taken me a long time to accept our arrangement. To not wait for you, hoping that things were different. But it isn't and you as much as I know it took a lot of you to stand up to your family, I don't want to be your rebound. I was your second choice.
Yukin: How can you say that? I've always loved you.
Lisan: You married her. You had a child with her. But yet you confessed your love for me. How should I feel about that? I asked you to come with me, yet you didn't. You were too afraid then. What makes me think things will be different now. I can't just snap and act like everything never happened. Yukin: Because I am standing here today begging you to not turn me away. To give me a chance to prove myself. I never stopped loving you and will continue everyday for the rest of my life. I'm here Lisan. And I don't want anything more in this world than to be with you and only you. I know you still love me. I know you do.
They stood there in silence. She wouldn't turn to look at him. He understood what that meant.
Without saying another word he walked out of the home. He stood there at the end of the walkway for a minute. Cursing himself for not waiting for a better moment to talk to her. He took out the keys to his car and just as he getting in, he heard her voice call out to him. He turned around and saw her running towards him from the door.
She didn't say anything. She didn't know what to say to him or how to say anything to him. He looked for her to say something but she didn't. Every time she opened her mouth nothing came out.
So she wrapped her arms around him, hesitant at first and without saying anything, she kissed him. He returned her kiss and embraced her tight.
They had not touched like that in years, it felt new yet familiar at the same time.
Lisan: We have to take things so. I don't want to rush into anything too soon. We do have a daughter to think about.
Yukin: Oh sure.(he smiled slyly) How about a week after everything is finalized. That's long enough right?
Lisan gave him a dirty look.
And before she could say another word, he grabbed her into a kiss again. Lia: YESSSS!

This ends the Star Crossed (Lovers series). I hope you enjoy it. Epilogue to come soon!

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#1niecey5sJun 8, 2012

BRAVO! this was amazing def. one of my favorite sim stories \:\)

#2fruitopiaVIPJun 8, 2012

This has been another of my favorite series. Great story. \:D

#3sydpiggy1Jun 8, 2012

lol. Lia: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! XD best part

#4urm0mJun 9, 2012

Yay great ending \:\)

#5KatherineLady09Jun 10, 2012

Great job! Nice story!

#6chedromualdezJul 2, 2012

I read all 10 chapters in 1 sitting. I love your work! \:rah\: Here in Manila, the situation is the same. Culture and tradition plays a huge role in people's lives. I have a friend who married a 100% Chinese man (yes, they do calculate blood lineage by percent). But she was very blessed because her husband's family welcomed her even if she is Filipino. They now have 3 lovely daughters all fluent in Chinese and Tagalog. \:D Your story is beautiful. I honestly thought you were writing from experience. (Were you?) \:P I hope you write more stories and continue to inspire people. You're story is officially my favorite! \:wub\:

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