Star Crossed- Epilogue
Published Jul 5, 2012

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Lisan had finally accepted Yukin back into her life that night in France. It took many years and much hardship but now the two rekindled their relationship 10 years in the making.

Lisan had finally accepted Yukin back into her life that night in France. It took many years and much hardship but now the two rekindled their relationship 10 years in the making. They laid in the bed that night, basking in the glow. He held her hand as they stared in each others eyes for the remainder of the night. And when she fell asleep, he stayed awake to watch her.
Lisan: You know, you can be a little creepy at times (she laughed)
They stayed in Paris for another month before returning to the states. Quitting the family business meant Yukin was giving up a life of luxury. So they waited to find a nice place to live before returning. There were a lot of things to do and changes in his life to be made. Yukin put himself through medical school. He had always wanted to be a pediatrician and was only months from finishing before his parents stopped his plans.
Meanwhile, Lisan sold her shop to spend more time with the family.

As promised, he sent for Yuyin. It took a while for the little boy to adjust to the new life but he was happy to stay with his father in the states.
Yukin made arrangements with Kima after the divorce was final and Yuyin would spend his summers in China with her.
Yukin and Lisan were happy together. After his divorce they married shortly after. He enjoyed sleeping with his new and only wife and took every moment to show her how much he loved her. It wasn't long that the family began to expand.
Yukin: What did you say little one? Yes, you do have the best mommy in the whole world. And yes, I love her too.
Lisan: So what do you think?
Yukin: From the way this one kicks, definitely a girl.
Lisan had given birth to a bouncing baby boy, Yuyin asked him to be named Akio. Akio was much like his sister Lia. Anxious and inquisitive about all around him. He enjoyed the strolls with Yukin and like the other children was very attached to his father. The Yusomoto house had been growing for over 7years.
The eldest, Lia was lovely and popular in her sophomore class. She was in the beginning of a teenage love triangle between her boyfriend Daren and his best friend. (Maybe a future story)
Yuyin was a freshman in the same high school as his sister. He was beginning to have feelings for his best friend Sophia Rogers (Best Friend Series).
In his spare time he Dj'd with a few friends from the school.
Akio had grown into a troublemaker at school who loved to pull pranks and was known to be the class clown. He made it so hard for his parents to discipline him because he always managed to get on Yukin's good side. And to round out the bunch was their littlest member Jie. Jie was the latest and last child (hopefully according to Lisan) to the Yusomoto family. The child never stayed still and was the daredevil in the group. The more the years went by the more the other Yusomoto kids wondered about their family in China. It was Yuyin who was always able to make the trip to see their grandmother and visit their father's side of the family. But the others had not even met them, only heard of them through Yuyin. Lia was particularly curious. So while the family was sitting at the table planning their parents anniversary, Lia raised her plan.
Lia: Why don't you renew your wedding vows in China? That way we can visit your family dad.
Yukin: Had nearly choked on his food.
All the kids agreed in excitement but Yukin refused the idea.
When all the kids asked why, Yukin refused to discuss it and even tried to go around the topic. But the children would not let up.
Yukin: I cannot and I will not go back to China. And that is final.
His voice was stern and serious and soon all the children sat in silence eating their food. All their faces hung low. Lisan touched his hand.
She lowered her voice to sooth the tension at the table and to make sure that the others would not be able to hear as well.
Lisan: Why don't we at least think about it.
Yukin: There is nothing to think about. I can't believe you even want to talk about it.
Lisan: Why punish them.
Yukin: I am not punishing them. I....
Yukin got up from the table.
After dinner was over, Lisan went to the room. Yukin was staring out the window.
Yukin: I don't understand.
Lisan: It has been long and time to forgive. I've done it a long time ago. What happened then may still hurt you but you can't punish the children for it.
Yukin: And what if they don't accept them or worse,
Lisan: We are still a family no matter what they think in China. But we don't know that. What if time has changed for everyone.
Yukin huffed.
Lisan: This could be good for everyone. This is a piece that is missing from their lives. To know where they came from. Don't take it from them because of pride or stubbornness. If not for yourself, then do this for them.
Yukin: How did I get so lucky with you?
She smiled back at him.
The limo pulled up to the house. Since leaving the company years ago, Yukin had not stepped foot in Weijong. But from the ride it seemed like nothing had changed. And although he disowned his family and the luxuries of being a Yusomoto, he still kept some things of his heritage. Lisan and the children stared at the home that Yukin's grandmother left him.
Akio: Wow! All this is ours.
Yukin: It is. This is our home. The home I grew up in his a few miles away from here and you can see it from the top floor of the home.
The children ran in to explore the house.
Lisan walked out onto the front walkway. For minutes she just stared out onto the land. She couldn't believe what she was looking at. It was so beautiful, so peaceful. This was her children's land and yet it was her first time there. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Yukin: Is everything alright love?
Lisan: Everything is fine. This is just so nice. I can't believe you left this for me.
Yukin: For us.
He held his hand out to her and walked her back to show them the rest of the house.
That evening, Yukin showed off his cooking skills by cooking dinner.
Yukin: I want to prepare one of my favorite dishes as a boy. It took me a long time to learn.
Lisan: Oh goodness. Please don't burn down this house, we just got here.
Yukin: Haha.
At dinner the family actually enjoyed the meal he had prepared.
Lia: This is great dad. Who knew you could cook.
Yukin: There isn't much I can cook but you can't really find most of the ingredients anywhere in the states.
In bed that night, Lisan could tell there was something bothering her husband.
Yukin: They didn't come to my wedding in the states, what makes me think they will come to the one here.
Lisan: Everything will be fine.
The next days the family explored the town. For Yuyin this was his second home, so he was happy to show his siblings all the places he had been and seen when he came during the summer. From the town square where he was greeted by the locals to the many landmarks across town that the family was responsible for. Akio was more impressed. Before the sun came out, Yukin and Yuyin would go out to the Academy to practice and spar. Sometimes there for hours, Lisan and the kids would go out to watch or drag them back to the house to begin the day. Akio and Jie loved watching the battle.
Akio: Soon it's going to be me and you dad.
Yukin: That's if I'm not too old.
Yukin had taken the boys to his special places as well. It was their bonding time and ways to be more connected. He wanted all his children to know their history and understand why his family was so important to the town. Lisan, Lia, and Jie would continue to site see. But as the family was enjoying themselves through their trip, word was getting stronger around town that The Son had returned with his new family. The townspeople had welcomed the family as they would go about the city. The next day was rainy and so the family decided to be indoors. Lia, Yuyin, and Akio were upstairs playing, while Jie was in the crib taking an afternoon nap.
Yukin and Lisan were cuddling in the tv room across from the children.
There was a knock on the door. Both of them looked puzzled as they were not expecting a guest. Yukin went down to see who it was. Yukin: Mother.
Liyu: I had been told that you were in town. I must say I didn't believe it at first.
He could hear the nervousness in her voice.
Yukin: I've been meaning to let you know that we were here. But I wanted to take things slow.
Liyu: It's been a long time Yukin. I've missed you.
Yukin was stunned to see his mother after all these years. At first they just stood there. Both not knowing what the next move should be. It had been years since they had seen each other but their last encounter was not the greatest.
Yukin: Please come in. The rest of the family is upstairs.
She sat in the living room. She looked around the house, pleased with the decor. She was nervous and anxious. She kept adjusting her clothes as she waited. It was only a few minutes but it seemed like forever. Then she heard the footstep from the stairs. Yuyin was the first one downstairs.
Yuyin: Nai Nai.
Liyu: Yin, my you are getting bigger every year I see you.
Yuyin: It's good to see you out and about.
The two of them were not on the couch long before Yukin came downstairs with the rest of the group.
Yukin: Mom, this is Lisan, my wife. We came here to renew our vows and plan to do it the family estate. I know before I do this I must have the blessing of the eldest member of the family. And that is you.
Liyu walked over to Lisan.
Lisan: It is a pleasure to meet you again Mrs. Yusomoto
She bowed her head to Liyu. Liyu returned the bow and then responded.
Liyu: It is I who am honored to meet you. For many years, I thought of you as the one that took my son away. And even after I wronged you, I still could not admit my own fault in the matter. I stand here to apologize to you in not making your life the best in order to benefit my own.
But before Lisan could respond, the other children appeared from the stairs excited to see the grandmother they never met. First Lia, who was more anxious than anyone.
Lia had been practicing Mandarin for some years and was able to give her Liyu the proper greeting.
Liyu smiled.
Liyu: You are more beautiful than the pictures Yuyin showed me of you.
Lia blushed.
She looked at the young girl and saw alot of her son in her features. This was the little girl she felt was a threat to her family and refused to be a part of it. Her expression began to sadden. She felt a small tug on her dress and there was Akio standing behind her. He also spoke Mandarin but not as well as his sister. And when he could not figure out the right word he spoke in english. Liyu laughed and rubbed his head. Jie, who could not speak at all yet, greeted his grandmother with a hug. Liyu: I am very proud of what you have done with this family, especially Yuyin who loves you like his own mother.
Lisan: Your son and the family we have made together are very important to me. I know I wasn't who you thought I should have been for him, but I love your son and I always will.
Liyu: It's been too long. I've been bitter, angry, frustrated, and sad. But most importantly I missed so much of my son. I have torn my family apart because of what I thought was best for the family. Liyu: Could you ever forgive a stupid old lady my son?
Yukin hugged his mother. It was the first time they had hugged in years. Tears fell down both of their faces as their feud had come to an end.
A few days later Yukin and Lisan were married on his family's estate in front of the town and all his family. It was at the ceremony that it was declared that Lisan would be honored as his first and only wife and all the children would be honored as such.
Yukin: I told you there would be nothing to worry about.

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