The Orphan: Chapter 4
Published Jun 5, 2012

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Hey guys!
So this is Chp 4! Chp 5 will be up asap nearly finished getting all the pics.
Last time we sa how Amy was feeeling as if life had given her a 2nd chance and having met a new group of awesome people. Let's see what fate has prepared for Amy, shall we?

Hey guys!
So this is Chp 4! Chp 5 will be up asap nearly finished getting all the pics.
Last time we sa how Amy was feeeling as if life had given her a 2nd chance and having met a new group of awesome people. Let's see what fate has prepared for Amy, shall we?
Morning dawned as the sun rose over the town of Hidden Springs. All was quiet at this time of the morning; just a few early risers, like that jogger down the street, were up and about.

After all, most people tend to sleep in as long as they can until their alarm clocks ring, reminding them that they have to wake up and face the world. But not everyone can prolong the inevitable and have to be early risers.

The girls at Beatrice Angelista’s foster home are some of those early risers.
In the garden, Amy and Sarah sing together as they tend the garden that so many years ago Kate deemed décor with an evil purpose. Kate herself crosses the patio carrying the dirty laundry. She dumps it all into the washing machine and adds half a box of detergent before going back outside and taking the dry clothes of the laundry line. Meanwhile, Michael stands outside after dragging the trash out, waiting for the school bus to appear and to yell as loudly as he can at the girls to hurry up.

Truth be told, that’s the only reason he actually volunteers to take the trash out, he loves being the one to yell hurry up and if Angelista is still sleeping and he wakes her up then it’s even better.
15 minutes later Amy is busy making breakfast, finishing it and placing it on the dining table just as Beatrice walks into the dining room.

“Good morning Ms Angelista,” Amy says brightly.

“Good morning, Amelia,” the woman replies before taking a bite of the apple pancakes.

“Delicious, thank you.”

Amy just smiles, excuses herself and runs after the others who are already walking to the bus.
“So, did Cruella De Vil like her breakfast?” Kate asked munching on an apple as they walk up the school’s front steps.

“Yes, thank God! I hate having to make it again, waiting for her approval a second time, listening to her talk on how a proper breakfast should be and then having to catch a cab to get here. It’s nuts!”

Lucy and Sarah laughed at their friend’s exasperated face but Kate just shrugged.

“Just put the same plate on the table again, she’ll never notice the difference.”

Amy sighs and rolls her eyes as Kate tosses the apple core into the trash can and walks into the building.
4 hours and 02 boring classes later, Lucy and Amy sat down and pulled their notebooks out in preparation for Mr. Alex’s history class.

History was Amy’s favorite class so she sat up eagerly as the teacher walked in with his usual smile.

“Morning class, how was the weekend?”

A chorus of “great” and “it was so cool, there was this party…” answered him.
“Alright then, let’s continue where we left it off on Friday. Can anyone tell me where we left it off?”

Amy’s hand flew upwards,

“We were talking about the Civil War, sir.”

“Thanks Amy. Ok, if you’ll open your books on page 522, please.”

Lucy grinned at her friend, she was such a history bluff; her eyes were glued to the board as Mr. Alex drew the map of the battle of Bull Run and labeled the positions of both armies. Nothing could have distracted her from the lesson, well almost nothing.
“Hey, Amy, is it me or is Jason Evans looking at you?” Lucy asked her friend.

“Is he?” Amy inquired nearly turning around to check.

“Don’t look! Geesh, be more discreet will you?”

“Sorry, is he looking at me?”

“Yep, he’s paying as much attention to Bull Run as you are.”

Amy blushed and glanced back, Jason grinned at her and she quickly turned around to face the board blushing harder still.

“See? I told you so,” Lucy whispered giggling.

“Girls, please. Amy, since you seem to know so much about the subject can you tell me who this man is?”

“It’s General Lee, sir. He led the Confederate army during the war and when it ended he was the one to sign the surrender to General Grant, sir,” she muttered embarrassed.

“Thank you Amy. Now can you girls stop gossiping and pay attention to the lesson?”
“Amy Brennan not paying attention to History class?” Kate burst out as they sat together later during lunchtime.

“Oh, hush up,” Amy grumbled.

“Best thing is,” Lucy piped up grinning, “She was busy paying attention to Jason Evans,”

“Jason, who?”

“Evans, sits behind you in Math? Plays American football in the school team with Michael?”

“Oh, that Jason Evans. He’s cute!”

“Cute is an understatement. He’s drop dead gorgeous.”

“You’re saying that he was looking at Amy all throughout class?” Sarah asked.

“Yep, he only had eyes for her.”

“Hmm, seems like Amy’s not the only one not interested in Bull Run,” Kate said teasingly.

“Oh, hush up!” Amy cried out blushing.

The other three girls burst out laughing.
Later that evening Michael came into their room grumbling about evil witches and toad faced principals.

“Hey, what’s up with you?” Sarah asked concerned.

“Oh, he’s just been dumped by his dream crush: Brittany Martins’ photograph,” Kate said sniggering.

“Oh shut up, you little…!”

“Little what!?” Kate snapped jumping up, “You want to finish that sentence ,Trent?!”

“Stop it both of you!” Sarah yelled.

She turned to Kate and said “Let the guy be will you? He’s obviously had a rough day;” then she turned to Michael,
“Well, what happened? You weren’t with us a lunch,”
“Yeah, I was at the principal’s. Henrickson caught me in the bio lab freeing frogs so I was sent to the principal, who phoned the wicked witch of the west and gave me detention. 3 boring hours of staring at the clock and watching Matt Skrull glue the teacher’s chair so when she came in and sat down, well…, let’s just say that either she losses the skirt or she’ll be the funniest sight in all of Hidden Springs.”

“You freed frogs” Sarah stated, as if she couldn’t believe it.

Michael nodded, “I was too bored and Henrickson had given me a zero in the last paper so I wanted my revenge. Worst part is, I’ve got toilet cleaning duty for the rest of the month from Angelista. God I hate that woman!”
“Well, if it cheers you up, Amy got in trouble too,” Lucy said giving her brother a hug.

“Thanks Luce, wait, Amy got in detention? I didn’t see you there,”

Amy sighed, “I didn’t get detention and I was just not paying attention for two minutes cause your sister here present started pointing out distracting elements to me,”

“Distracting elements! Yeah right! The only thing distracting is your obviously huge crush on Jason Evans!” Kate cried out.

“Hush up!”
“Wait, did you say Jason Evans? Blonde hair, tall, cocky grin, plays American footbal, that Jason?”

“Yep, the one and only,” Kate replied.

Michael whistled, “Sister you’ve got expensive taste. The whole grade, no forget that, the whole school is drooling over him,”

“Well, he’s only got eyes for Amy. Didn’t stop watching her the whole period,” Lucy declared.
Michael chuckled “Who would’ve said it? Jason Evans has a crush on our Amelia”

“Don’t call me that,” Amy grumbled red as a tomato.

“Sorry, it’s just too funny.”

Kate suddenly jerked up, “I’ve suddenly had the idea of the century, well maybe not but you know what I mean. Why don’t you interrogate him, Michael? You guys are friends, buddies, comrades in arms and all that. Find out if he really likes her and if so hint that he should ask her out,”

“Don’t! It’d be so embarrassing and totally obvious!”
“Amy, you’re almost 17 and you haven’t kissed a guy once in your life! Get a move on woman; you’re not getting any younger!” Kate cried out.

“Sarah’s never kissed a guy in his life either!”

“Sarah….well she’s a strange case.”


“You’re going out with the guy and that’s that!”

“And if he doesn’t have a crush on me and was just staring at the girl next to me or something?”

“Trust me, that guy’s head over heels for you. Just you wait.”

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