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Published Jun 11, 2012

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Hey All!

Here is finally the Chapter 5 of " The Bridesmaids"!

I already want to thank all my readers for their support, comments, rates and feedback, it really means a lot to me, you guys have no idea, you are the ones making the story!

Sorry for the long delay. Feel free to re-read the last chapter (5) to re-fresh your minds and not get lost!

Hope you enjoy this one as much as the previous ones!

Have fun, and feel free to rate and comment.

Keisha Feller.

Hey All!

Here is finally the Chapter 5 of " The Bridesmaids"!

I already want to thank all my readers for their support, comments, rates and feedback, it really means a lot to me, you guys have no idea, you are the ones making the story!

Sorry for the long delay. Feel free to re-read the last chapter (5) to re-fresh your minds and not get lost!

Hope you enjoy this one as much as the previous ones!

Have fun, and feel free to rate and comment.

Keisha Feller.
Monday, 5:00 AM. Meredith Green Residence.

Cherry quietly opens the door of the house to avoid waking up the other girls. She didn't want to be heard as she came home so late ( or well early) after an entire night of tears ans weeping over the news of Mr Stiles death.

It cut her open. She didn't see that coming.

To her surprise Malika and Gisele were awake in the living room, in the middle of a heated argument. She wished she hadn't worried so much about not making noise, if it was for those two to be barking intensely so early in the morning.

" What's wrong with you to?" She questioned, noticing they were about to start a fight.

The silence that followed her question made her even more worried.

" They arrested Meredith." Malika finally replied, after rolling her eyes up and down towards Gisele, hoping she would confess what she had done.
" What? What do you mean arrested her? What exactly happened? The Police was here? And what did they arrest her for?"

Cherry yelled at the other two, hoping to find some answers. Overwhelmed by guilt, Gisele couldn't place a word.

There was no better option than having Malika narrate the story, from the beginning until the very sad end.

Cherry was furious by the fact that she had been excluded that entire time. All of this happened without her knowing, and the other girls didn't even bother consulting with her. Even Malika had kept it a secret from her.
She went upstairs, picked a couple of clothes and fit them in a suitcase.

" Cherry, what are you doing? Malika asked.

- I thought we were in this together. I thought we could trust each other. All of this has been happening, and you guys didn't think I had a say in this. Now one of ours is behind the bars because of us. Even you Malika, after everything I thought I could you knew you could trust me. Nice play on the friendship. I can't stay here anymore. Since you started this together, you girls are now on your own.
The pain was too hard to take for Malika to just stand there and watch Cherry live like that.

" Look at what you've done! She yelled, jumping on Gisele's throat. Now because of you Cherry doesn't trust me anymore, she turned her back on me!
"It is not my fault!" Gisele attempted to convince, defenseless. I swear, I didn't go to the police, you have to believe me! I wanted to, initially, but when I was on my way... " Oh please, just cut the crap, Gisele! You were willing to do anything to get that stupid Ryan back! Even to sacrifice your own friend. You were the only one who had possession of that tape, and it could have only been you!

- Malika, please! It's not what you think, I can explain!

- Just stop already! I thought you would be loyal, but I guess I was wrong. And just so you know, I hope he's worth it. He better be worth it!

And so the argument ended, with Malika in turn living the house and Gisele left alone in the house.

of course she had always dreamed about living in a big and beautiful house, but not that way. Not with her best friends hating her. She wished they believed her when she told them she didn't give the incriminating tape to the police. But they didn't, and it was too late.

The damage had already been done.
And there she was, standing here alone, in front of the quiet water, hoping to wash all her pain away.

If only it could stop, everything was hurting, all at once.
Why does it hurt so much? Why do the people you love the most have to go? Why the need to suffer, and to feel the hurt when they leave so soon?

She slowly walked towards the water, hoping the silent waves of the sea would be kind enough to share their peace and tranquillity with her... All she wanted was to forget, and feel no more.
But it just kept coming back. That image she had remembered since she was 8.

He would sit there, on the crushed sofa in the living room next to her, as she was enjoying her solo " mystery car rides". How silly she was at that age.

But he didn't care. She was his little princess, and anything she would do seemed so inspiring to him.
Or sometimes he would just have her sit on the floor outside of the house and narrate to her the scariest ghost stories of his time.

Whatever it was they were doing together, she would always enjoy these precious times spent with her beloved father, especially since she knew he didn't have much time to live. The cancer was eating up his brain piece by piece and which each day that passed by, he was dying.
Mrs Prescott! Mrs Prescott! The maid from the Sheraton Hotel shouted, breathless as she was running towards Cherry who was standing there, numb, in front of the sea.

" There is a phone call for you. Again. It's the fifth one today, and this has been going on for the past 3 days, M'am! It's the same man, and I can't keep lying to him that you are not here, because he knows you are here! What should I do?
Cherry remained there, as if she hadn't heard the maid. Although she had. She just didn't care.

Why care? You will end up hurt anyways.

" Everybody lies, Margaret, so why can't you?"
She walked back to her Hotel room, as Margaret remained there, confused. It was the morning of Mr Stiles' funeral.

Cherry was woken up by the sound of the waves bouncing into each other that morning. It was so relaxing. She came out on her veranda to appreciate the show.

" What a pity. He will never see this again."
She then went back to her room. The statue of Soren standing there in front of her really captivated her attention. How couldn't she had noticed it since, she had been there for about a week now.

" He seems so strong. I wonder how he does that. She thought. Well he's a statue, there's nothing to feel. It's inert.Silly me" .
She finally started to get ready for the Funeral service, she didn't want to be late. As she arrived at the church, there were two men sitting next to each other. Mr Stiles brothers, she presumed. " He used to talk a lot about them"; she remembered.

Especially Andrew, the fancy computer engineer in a blue suite. She smiled, as she recalled all the jokes Mr Stiles used to make about him and his fragile ego.
Cherry thoughtfully followed the service. The last time she ever entered a church was on her Dad'a funeral, and yet she was there today again, attending another one.

The service soon came to an end.
Andrew, Mr Stiles' older brother then stood up to make his speech. She remembered from Mr Stiles saying that he was never the outspoken one, and so she wondered what he was up to.

" Thank you all for coming here for the last goodbye to my brother, Berger Stiles. He would have appreciated that a lot. He was always surrounded by people, but only a few came here today to pay him respect. That's all what matters. To you, Dr Cherry Prescott, he always considered you as a Daughter, and he used to say good things about you. I just want to thank you for all the care you gave him during his last days. Please, feel free to drop by anytime if you need anything, it's the least we can do."
There she was, sitting on a bench in the cemetery, and still couldn't believe he was gone, forever.

It didn't feel real, like it was a dream. Worse: a nightmare.
Chad saw her from afar and walked towards her. She barely noticed him. or maybe, she decided to ignore him, as she had been doing for the past few days now. He collectedly sat next to her. Not saying a word. Not because he thought she was still blaming him ( somehow) for Mr Stiles death ( even though unfair), but because he knew that sometimes silence is what you need the most to grieve in Peace.

Few minutes passed, and all he could hear was her breath coming in and out of her mouth.
" People go, and they don't come back. Once they go, they don't come back".

He turned his head towards her, and listened.

- They still live inside of us, always.

- How can you be so sure? she questioned.

He failed to reply.

- What's the point anyways? She continued. The ones you love go unexpectedly, the ones you care about or.. who are supposed to care about you lie to your face, and before you know it you are left alone. So is it really worth it?

Unsure of what else was on her mind apart from the hurt of having lost a Dear patient, he said to comfort her:

- I am not going anywhere, Cherry. I am staying right here. For you.

Overwhelmed with her emotions, she couldn't hold it any longer.

- That's what he said. When he put me to bed every night, read me a story, and help me to prepare breakfast. And now he's gone, when he was supposed to be there! And now I need him and he's gone!

Chad was hurting to see her so vulnerable and torn, he wished he could help, but only time could heal.

Chad: you didn't grieve for your father, did you?
He walked her towards Mr Stiles's tomb, and said in a comforting voice:

" Here it is. Go ahead, Cherry, it's okay to cry. You don't have to be strong now, it's okay not to be strong.

She burst in tears as Mr Stiles tomb reminded her of her Father's. She was so young when he left and never got the chance to say goodbye. And now she felt like she had been living with all that hurt and now was the time for it to all go away.

She cried.
After that intense emotional exchange, Chad decided to drive Cherry home. Or rather, back to her hotel. Even though she needed them, she wasn't ready to see the girls yet, she was still too hurt.

- Look, I can stay with you if you want,you don't have to go through this alone. He said, as he parked the car right in front of her hotel.

- ( She sighed). You're right. I really need something to change my mind right now. I could really use a drink right now.
On that note they headed to the closest dive bar, and one drink led to another... and another... and another. Soon Cherry started feeling too hot and removed the black coat she had on her for the entire day to reveal a fitting outdoor dress that embraced all her feminine curls to the best. Chad's jaw dropped as he saw her walking down towards him as a runway supermodel, with the light shining on her face and body.

" Wow, I've never seen that", He realized.
She grabbed a microphone and engaged in some free style karaoke, dancing and whining up as if she was the only girl in the world. She didn't care whether or not she got the words of that son right, all she knew was she was having the kind of fun she had missed for so long. As if it wasn't enough, she asked Chad to join her and share the starlight of that moment with her. He felt charmed by her ease, comfort and attractiveness. It was another side of Cherry Prescott he had been totally unaware of.

Even though they were having a good time, he knew that given the number of drinks she had had for that night, it was time to bring her home and she was in no state to drive.

He brought her back to his apartment, considering it safer for her in her state, compared to her hotel room. He thought she would enjoy more the comfort and warmth of a real home in the morning when she wakes up. He prepared his bed for her, and put her in it. He covered her with the blankets, and watched her falling asleep. Almost like a baby.

He gently kissed her on the forehead, wishing her goodnight.
" Geez, this night was full of surprises!" he told himself, as he headed back to the living room. Got to have some water before I go to sleep.

He didn't want to go back to the room to get his pyjamas, to avoid making noise, and so indulged in his underwear. "The night's not going to be that long anyways", he told himself.

Convinced that he was done with the surprises for the night, he quickly realized the opposite as he closed the fridge and turned around:
Cherry was standing there, right in front of him in her infinite beauty; wearing a red female wardrobe, barely closed and mostly revealing.

" Hello Handsome... She murmured.

- I thought I put her to bed.. ( he thought to himself), but apparently...I should have double-checked...
He couldn't get his eyes of her, and could barely place a word.

" What are you doing out here? He asked, surprised.
" Come on, Dr Chad ( she called his name, as to entice him). We both know what we want...Why play games when we can be adults about this...

She walked closer to him and freed him of the water bottle he had in his hands.
" I notice the way you look at me.. ( SHe continued).. And check me out when I walk in the Hospital... And guess what, I like it... as much as you do or even more, who knows...So let's not waste each other's time or try to resist, you know it's lost cause...

He couldn't believe these words were coming out of her mouth. Though he knew it was drunk talk, he was thrilled to hear such things, and especially coming from her. Besides, which man on this Earth wouldn't?

Afraid to be too carried away by his feelings for her, he knew he had to to do the right thing and stop her. But before he could place the next word, she had already taken control...
She wrapped her arms around him and kiss him. At that stage, it was too hard to resist: it was Cherry Prescott, the woman of his dreams and fantasies. He longed for the day she would actually come to him and finally accept to go out on a date with him, but yet this was better than that. She kissed him, on the lips. He had dreamed about that moment for so long, and there it was. It happened. She liked the feeling of her arms wrapped around his tanned and gentle back. Geez, he was hot. All she could think at that moment was how much she wanted to do that. Though it felt like heaven for the both of them, it still wasn't right.

Chad left paradise- land and came back to his sense. he gently pushed her away.

Chad: we shouldn't do this, Cherry, You are drunk, not in your normal state. Come now, let me put you back to bed.

He didn't want her to go back to bed, indeed he wished she could stay right there with him, but it was the right thing to do.
"Indeed, this was a night full of surprises".

He went to lay on the couch and fell asleep, probably thinking of her.
The next morning, Cherry literally jumped out the bed as she realized she wasn't home, and it wasn't her bed. And not even the hotel's room bed for a fact. " Oh no, I am at his place! What in the world am I doing here? And what am I wearing!" She tried as hard as she could to close the night robe completely, but as we know it only had one strand keeping it together.

She tried to rush to the bathroom but it was outside of her room, and she noticed Chad was up already and she didn't want him to see in such clothes.

" Oh Shoot, silly me! What did I do! I can't believe I did this...What was I thinking? Throwing myself at him like that last night! ( compared to other people after a hangover, she remembered everything)

She slapped herself, hoping she would wake up, but unfortunately for her it wasn't a dream.
Luckily for her there was blue night robe hanging on next to the door. " well it's more descent than my current outfit!"

She immediately changed into it and exited the bedroom.
Chad was already making coffee in the Living room. She cleared her throat.

" Morning!"
" Oh hey! Morning! he replied, turning around and dropping the coffee cups on the bar. You're up early! - He continued - I hope I didn't wake you up with the noise. "Not at all! She replied.

He came to sit on the bar stool next to her. Suddenly she felt uncomfortable. She had butterflies in her stomach.

- So how was your night? He asked.

-Oh uhm... I slept like a baby! The bed was really comfy, and the pillows were.. smooth and velvety... ( like your skin yesterday night, she thought to herself... Oh gosh, I am such a fool! She slapped herself internally)

- I am glad you liked it. I don't usually have people over and I accomodate my place to my comfort, so it's relieving to know that you felt comfortable there.

- Of course I did, and I really appreciated this gesture.

- You're welcome, anytime. So... ( moving the conversation towards another angle) Do you remember anything of what happened last night?
She quickly grabbed a cup of coffee to avoid the embarassment of answering to that question.

- Be careful not to burn your tongue, it's hot! He said. He looked at her as she was slowly sipping that cup of coffee.

- Uhm.. no, I don't. ( she lied. She remembered everything. She remembered how she " innocently teased him at the dive bar, then she remembered waking up, walking to the living room and kissing him. She even remembered the feeling of his touches and her hands rolling over his smoothly tanned back)
' WOw.. he silently exclaimed. So.. you don't recall anything? At all? Of what happened here at my apartment after the funeral yesterday?

- I really don't know what happened, I surely had too much to drink, this never happened to me before. I hope I didn't do anything.. embarassing or uncomfortable!

- ( Not at all, he thought to himself).

Whether she wasn't ready to admit what had happened, or she was ashamed of throwing herself at him was still unclear to her. Maybe a little bit of both. Regardless, she didn't want to make it any complicated than it already was, and pretending it ever happened was her best option, according to her.

She didn't know what it was that she was feeling for him and everything was just confusing in her mind. She preferred to leave things as they were,as she still had her own unresolved issues, and hoped he would believe in her " amnesia".
" Wow, she really doesn't remember. I can't believe this. I wish she did, I wish it could make a difference. Who am I kidding, she probably doesn't want the same thing I do and... I just don't know what to do. What else should I do to prove my love to her... Maybe I did everything I could, and should just give up. Cherry finished her cup of coffee, and as she stood up from the bar stool she said:

- Thank you for everything, that you did to help me get through this. I just needed a friend and you were there, your support really meant a lot to me. And I loved the coffee! She went back to the room and changed back into her clothes, ready to leave.

- " A friend". He froze at those words. All she sees in me is a friend. I guess I got my answer.
Gisele and Ryan were having a picnic at the Starlight Plaza. After 2 months of separation they couldn't ask for more to reconnect and talk about all what had happened since.

Moreover, Gisele really needed some comfort after being abandoned by Cherry and Malika.
Needless to say, Gisele was having an amazing time with Ryan and was excited all the way, especially when the time came to talk about the preparation of their upcoming wedding:

Gisele: Baby, I have a surprise for you! Actually two! I know that we postponed the wedding because we didn't have all the money yet, and I also remember that's why you asked to be deployed more often, so you can earn more and give me the wedding of my dreams, and I love you for that!So... I did my little homework myself, I got a loan from the bank so we have enough money to do this! I even got a raise at work.. seems little, but I am confident that I can get enough money for us to have that Honeymoon in France! So what do you think?
Ryan didn't seem as excited as she was. From the look on his face, she could tell. She didn't understand what was going on with him.

Gisele: what's wrong? Why are you doing that face again? You have been doing it a lot lately, since you got back, whenever I talk about the wedding. I thought you would be happy that we finally have all the money we need.

Ryan: it's not that Gigi.

Gisele: then what is it?

Ryan: ( he sighed.) Baby, we need to talk.
He couldn't hold it no more, waiting for the right time, because there was never going to be any. He had to tell her. Now.

She sat down on the water fountain and he stood up in front of her. She was looking straight into his eyes, wondering what this was all about.

He finally found the courage to let these words come out of his mouth.

" I am seeing someone else.
" What? What are you saying?" She surely didn't want him to repeat himself, for she had heard him loud and clear. She just wished he hadn't said that. She just wished it wasn't true. The Ryan she knew could have never cheated on her.

" Since when? Have you been cheating on me all this while? Where is this coming from, Ryan?

- I am so sorry Gisele, I never meant to hurt you. That's why I wanted to postpone the wedding, to make sure what I was feeling for her wasn't just a fling. And that's the real reason why I decided to be re-deployed, just to spend some more time with her.
it hurt more. She turned away.

" You work with her? What does she have that I don't? What does she give you that I can't?

He knew she was in pain, and so he didn't reply.

She had cried so much during these 2 months of waiting for him that she ran out of tears, but still was hurting inside.

Though he failed to reply, her silence was all she needed.

She walked away, there was no more room for her. She had lost everything. In one night.
I am sorry, Gisele. I really am.

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