Hurricane - Ch.3
Published Jun 16, 2012

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Chapter 3, «Mr. Muscles»


Chapter 3, «Mr. Muscles»

The man - a man with a bold and uppercase 'm' - was working in a dirty old wooden bench, laying down a screwdriver he was holding on the surface. He hadn't gazed me since my entry, wiping his hands dirty with oil on a cloth. When his eyes stared at mine - stuck in his sculptural bare torso - he smiled. "I apologize by the way I present myself, I have the habit of work with little clothing; I'm not sure how I got this addiction." He explained, still smiling.

I tried to show myself impassive to the situation. "Your luck is I don't give much importance to the matter. You could have found someone more inflexible." Stay professional, Aria, professional.

He couldn't contain a laugh. "I haven't found anyone who opposed to it, but if you feel uncomfortable, I have no problem in contain myself in your presence." He spoke in a gracious and elegant way, just seducing with his very own words.

"I appreciate that." I said flatly, forcing a smile. I hadn't the habit of being arrogant, but I didn't, under any circumstances, show that was completely surrendered to his charms.
Dressing a gray t-shirt, the man indicated me to sit while the same settled on the edge of the desk. His expression had adopted a more professional look.

"I see you're here because you need my services." He stated.

"Exactly. Today I found an abandoned bike next to my house and I thought if it was arranged it would still be able to be used." I continued. "The problem is it needs lots of repairs, at least in my opinion. When I asked where I could benefit this type of service, people indicated me yours."

He nodded. His blue eyes pierced through mine, making hard the act of focusing. "I see. And did you brought the bike with you?"

"Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance of." I replied.
He rose from the edge of the desk and sat down behind it, away from me. He flipped shortly through an agenda before looking me again.

"Therefore, can show you me it tomorrow? In your house?" He asked, studying me carefully.
My heart jumped before such question. In my house? That shack? Crap.

Without losing posture, I gulped before answering. "In case you're available."
"So it is." He hastened, rising from the chair. I followed the same act. "I hate to be annoying, but since it’s unlikely to have a preset time to go there, I hope you're home during the day."

"Don't worry; I've been currently undergoing changes." Damn it, I shouldn't have said that.
He smiled. "I knew your face was new around here."

"Who said I moved into the city? I may even have been born here and you never have seen me."

His countenance had returned to an amused expression. "As well as being unlikely to have ever seen you, why would you intend to arrange a bike if you were about to get out of Twinbrook?"

This time I smiled genuinely. "You have a point. But you never know what goes into the head of each one."

"True." He retorted, showing his white polished and aligned teeth.
When I went to the door, he threw another question. "You never came to tell me your name."

I turned, smiling. "Since when is that relevant to the service?"

"In this case, it's essential." He added, approaching. Only now I had noticed how he was tall.

"Aria Hemingway." I said, extending my hand.
The man shook the outstretched hand. His was hot and strong, not to mention the incredible softness - unusual for a mechanic.

“Pleased to meet you. Blaze, Jasen Blaze.”

I laughed towards the James Bond presentation. "I suppose it’s not the first time you use such method of presentation."

Jasen grinned, smug. "You'll have to wait to see."
We look at each other in a heavy and compelling silence, watching one another detail by detail. The fun and stimulating conversation lead place to null tense words.
I dropped his hand.

"Tomorrow, right?" I stammered, without thinking.

His face showed no expression. "As agreed."
I left the shed and only outside I realized it was already night. I looked at the clock where I saw it was already eight o'clock. Continuous act, I cursed. How the heck would I arrange transport at that hour? I hadn't noticed Jasen was by my side.

"Something wrong?" He asked.

I sighed ruefully, rubbing the neck. "Basically, I don't know how I am going home. It doesn't seem to be any taxi on the street at this time."

"I can give you a ride." He offered.
I turned to face him. "Thanks, but there's no need to spend any fuel with me. Besides, my house’s far away."

Jasen smiled. "I don't mind spending some gasoline, but you'll owe me one."

I frowned. "What do you mean I'll owe you one?"

"That's up to me now." He replied, his smile brighter.

I studied my chances. I was in a junkyard, in a place in the middle of a city that I hadn't known yet. It was almost the same as being lost in the desert. And Jasen and his proposal seemed the oasis I really needed.

"Fine. But let me warn you that I have pepper spray in my purse." I relented.
He chuckled, coming closer to my ear. "If I wanted to harm you, you can be sure we wouldn't be having this conversation."

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Stranger In Tha HouseJul 15, 2012

Wow gosh cute boy :3

opel5Jun 25, 2012

Great Chapter \;\)

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woow!! i love him haahahaha i want more c:

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