The Last Resident
Published Jun 20, 2012

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¿Are you ready for your last class?

A horror story for Sims 3.
I tried not to be so explicit with the images, i hope you like it!

The Last Resident

¿Are you ready for your last class?

A horror story for Sims 3.
I tried not to be so explicit with the images, i hope you like it!

The Last Resident
-Deal, Miss Parker- the chief said
-I hope we need a good story for the newspaper, this is going to be the best of all in Sunset Valley!- Miss Parker said. She is the owner of the Newspaper "Valley Mirror"
-Look who is here, our best reporter- Miss Parker said.
-Are you sure about this, miss? He always get everything wrong!- The chief said.
-Yes, he will do a great work in it.
-Chief! Miss! I have the greatest idea of all! This Autumn, the accidentes with the pumpkins are the best! ill go to the hospital and wait for all the people with wounds for cutting the pumpkins and... -No! thats not a great story, Mark! You should think in something else!- The chief said.
-Yes, he is right, Mark, you need another story...
-But is hallowen! everybody loves pumpkins stories!
-I said no! in fact, i have the perfect story for you and your team, Mark- The chief said.
-WHAT?! ARe we going to the old school in the mountains?! The place freaking me out!- Donna said.
-Oh come on! is gonna be fun! Is hallowen!- Molly exclaimed.
-Im not going, you will need to hire someone else- Donna said crossing the leg.
-Ill do it!- Molly said with exciting
-Me too! oh! visit the Old School in halloween!- Donald, the camera man was so exciting about it.
-Go you two, ill stay in home
-They will pay 15,000 Simoleons...
-To the team?- Donna asked
-each of us- Mark answered
-Im in! when we leave?
-This place is scary, why we have to be here in the night, in first place?- Donna asked one more time.
-Cuz they will pay for it 15,000 Simoleons- Donald answered
-Okey, thats enought, come on!- Mark said going in to the old school.
-Okey! i will turn on the camera guys!- Donald say.
-Say hi to the camera!- Donald´s voice
-Dont bother me- Donna said.
-Is this my better look?- Molly asked.
-The chief said we need to take some shots, tell the story about this place and then we leave, just one hour for our Halloween special!- Mark said.
-Is that a gas pack?- Mark asked
-I think is stinky- Donald answered.
-Oh, come on, guys, lets do our jobs- Molly said
-This is the lobby of the school, it was abandoned in the fire and still looking like that day, with all the memos in the wall- Mark said off
-A creepy place!- Donald´s voice
-Yes, creepy... is that a cockroach!?- Molly asked
-Oh! oh! where?!- Donna´s voice
Mark: During the fire, they found the 143 children, but one was missing...
Molly: They said, he is here, waiting for someone to rescue him.
Mark: Lets go to the music room

DOnalds voice: The Molly´s part was awesome! i can feel pain for that little boy
Mark: Look! a skeleton!!!
Donald: Awesome!
Molly: a plastic skeleton!
Donald: Still Awesome
Mark: Why they will put a plastic skeleton here?
DOnald: Maybe the chief is making fun of us.
Molly: Come on to the music´s room.
Donald: Hey guys, where is DOnna?
Mark: Maybe she went away to explore the rest of the place
Molly: Look that! the courtains, the piano, and the star drawing in the floor!
Donald: Thats awesome!
Mark: 3... 2... 1...
Molly: This is the music room, where the children used to take the music class.
Mark: The piano is still in one piece, how can escape from the fire?

*Yelling sound*
Donald: Is that Donna?
the 3: DONNA!!!
---Camera 8---...
Donna´s voice: guys? guys? where are you?

*scratching in the library*
Donna´s voice: This is not funny, Mark! ---Camera 8---

Donna: WHAT THe...?!
---Camera 8 ---

Mark: Donna!
Molly: Donna, are you ok!?
Donald: oh, the two little dovies hold each other!
Molly: Shut up, Donald!
Donna: Was so horrible! that thing!
MOlly: what thing?
DOnna: That!
Mark: Dear, there is nothing there
Donna: It was there... like a girl
Mark: Is not funny, Donna
DOnna: Im not making fun, Mark!
Donald: Thats awesome!
Molly: Boys, i need to go to the bathroom
DOnald: Yes, she really need to! jaja
Mark: Donna, dont go away far from us.
Molly: Really, i need
Donald: They are not listen to you... oh the little dovies!
Donald: Molly, where are you going?
Molly: Looking for a bathroom
DOnald: In this creepy place?
Molly: It has to be one
Donald: It has to be an old one, you meant
Molly: come with me
Donald: I need to go too
Molly: Dont recording me!
Donald: You go in that one, ill go here.
Molly: Thats ok ---- Camera 4 --- Donald: Are you going to wash your hands? this is a creepy place! awesome!
Molly: We just used this bathroom, thats awesome, do you recorded everything?
DOnald: Where are you going?
Molly: Look, the janitor left his stuf here in the bathroom
Donald: Dont get close to the window... could be dangerous... ill see you outside, girl!
*Step sounds*
Molly: Finally i can go to the bathroom by myself
---Camera 5--- ---Camera 6---
Molly: What was that?!
---Camera 14---
Molly: He went away! i hope this is a bad joke from the office!
---Camera 12--
Molly: Oh no!!!! OH NO!!!!
Donald: Hey, Molly, why are you in the floor?
Molly: Help me, Donald!!!!

*Yelling sound, groawling¨*
*Donald run*
Donald: Molly?! Molly!!! GUYS!!!
Donald: Molly, where are you?!
Mark voice: Whats happened? Where is Molly?
Donald: She was drawn to the this room! but she is not here!
Donna: What?!
Mark: What are we going to do now?!
Donald: lets get out!
Donna: This is crazy!
Donna: We can let Molly like this! what if she is hurt of something else?!
Mark: like... dead?
*Scratching, growling*
Donna: WHAT THE...!
Mark: Run! Run!
Donald: Keep runing... is getting closer!
Mark: Dont turn off the camera! we need to show this!

*Yelling, growling, scratching*
*Camera off*
*10 secs in black screen*
Donald: Are you two ok?
Mark: What was that?!
Donna: i couldnt see it... but the smell, was like oil...
Donald: I couldnt recording him
Mark: him?! i dont think it was a human, Donald!
Donald: What is this place? Why there has to be a place like that in a school and nursery?
Mark: I think this place was made to enclose something
Donna: I think was a refuge to hide and been protected from something
Donald: Ssshhh! did you hear that?!
*Shouting, Growling, Scratching*
Donna: Aaaaah!
Mark: Donna! Stay away from her!
Donald: Get in to the cells! Get in to the cells!
Mark: Donna! Donna!
Donald: I cant lock the door!
*Shouting, Growling, Scratching*

Thanks for reading!

All the CC used in this Story was Awesome!!!

Have a nice day

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