The Family Chapter 2
Published Jul 2, 2012

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Welcome to Chapter 2. Thank you for all the lovely comments about the previous chapter and I hope you all enjoy this one too! :D

Welcome to Chapter 2. Thank you for all the lovely comments about the previous chapter and I hope you all enjoy this one too! :D Mort felt rough. Really rough. What on earth had he done last night?

He had a vague memory of dancing on a counter at Plasma 101 clutching a bottle of nectar in each hand. Nanny was going to kill him.
Nanny and Persephone were hard at work in the dining room. As Mort walked in, Persephone was engaged in her usual activity of whining about her education.
"But I when am I ever going to need trigonometry?" she wailed. Nanny sighed and turned a page of her book.
"Don't argue with me Persephone. Your father wanted you to have a full and rounded education and that is what you are going to get!"
"Morning family!" Mort said brightly, taking a seat at the table.
"Afternoon," Nanny corrected. Mort bit back a retort and glanced at the cover of the book she was reading.
"Advanced Mixology? Didn't think that was your kind of thing Nanny?"
"I asked her to look at it," Meurta called, striding into the room.
"Why? It's not like we have parties to serve the drinks at! Are we just going to keep it on hold until Aunt Bella turns up again?" Mort said scornfully.
"We are having a party, little brother. After that business with the journalist, Nanny and I have decided that we need to become more sociable to avoid that sort of thing happening again." Mort stared at them.
"A party? Are you serious? I'm perfectly sociable, it's you three who hide in here all day and night and never show your faces!" he said angrily.
"Well, now Bridgeport will see different! You better not embarrass me tonight Mort," Muerta said warningly. "Some of the biggest names in the city will be here tonight and I want you on your best behaviour!"
Persephone grinned at him evilly across the table.
"Aww, is the little boy feeling restricted? If he misbehaves he will have to go on the naughty step!" she said.
"Shut up Seph," he snapped. Her face darkened but she didn't retort.
He dressed quickly and started the long walk into town to his favourite restaurant. He wanted Eggs Benedict and another coffee. That would clear his throbbing head and prepare him for tonight. He couldn't help but smile as he rounded the corner into the restaurant's courtyard. Meurta's crazy ideas couldn't affect him here. Kara sighed and pulled her cardigan closer to her. She glanced disdainfully at the young lad who was now loudly ordering Eggs Benedict and a coffee, toute suite please garçon!
She had no time for hungover rich kids, as he clearly was. She was just one of a hundred poor single mothers in Bridgeport trying to keep her kids clothed and fed and on the straight and narrow.
To do this, she had to do a job she hated. She was a dishwasher at the restaurant and occasionally got extra waitressing work when they were doing a big catering contract. The hours were long and the pay was pretty dismal.

She has short hair, not because she wants it but because it needs less shampoo and she can therefore use the bottle for longer. Her clothes are second hand and she can't remember the last time she bought completely new ones.
Jackson was waiting for her in the usual place.

He doesn't look like much but he knows how to walk through the streets of Bridgeport unchallenged and how to handle himself in a fight if he is.
He stood up when she got closer.
"Hey Mum!" he said cheerily. She glared at him.
"You should be at school!"
"Yeah, well we were sent home early. Fire drill gone wrong or something," he said dismissively, turning away. She rolled her eyes but didn't challenge the story. He spent far too much time dodging school, much to her disappointment. Back at their small but cosy apartment, they were greeted by the sounds of the TV.
Jackson grinned at the scruffy-haired child
on the sofa.
"Good day, young sir! May I enquire as to whether you know the location of my sister?" he said jokingly. "Bite me!" Pippa snapped, her eyes not moving from the TV screen.

Pippa Lewis is ten furious years old and does not like being reminded that she is a girl. When she can be bothered to go to school, the staff and pupils alike call her Pip and the motley gang of street kids she hangs around with know better than to call her Pippa. Only four items of clothing that she owns are feminine; a grey skirt, her smart shoes, a pair of knee-high socks her mum forces her to wear with said skirt and shoes and her swimsuit. Everything else is a hand-me-down from Jackson.
"Kids? I've got something to tell you," Kara said, sitting at the table. They joined her and looked at her expectantly. She bit her lip and tried to think where to start.
"Will this take long Mum?" Pippa said. "I promised I'd be out on patrol tonight."
"What, again?" Jackson said. "I thought you had done your turn this month!"

Patrol is a colloquialism used by the street kids in their area. Basically, groups from each neighbourhood would walk or cycle repeatedly through their patch and woe betide any rival or stranger who crossed their path.
Pippa raised her hands defensively.
"Not my fault! Gary had to go and visit some aunt or something in Twinbrook so I have to fill in for him cos Shaz broke her leg!"
"Pippa Emily Lewis! If I have one more policeman bringing you back home, I don't care if I have to have you with me at all times but you will never see those friends of yours again! And you are certainly not going out tonight!" Kara said. She paused and thought some more about her problem.

She has always wanted to cook professionally but just as she got accepted into catering college she fell pregnant with Jackson. She took the dishwashing job to try and work her way up through the kitchen but she didn't have any formal training and, as her boss repeatedly and snootily pointed out, she could only cook homely foods.
She sighed and took the plunge.
"I've got a job interview at the diner! They want me to go there at seven and cook them something and if it's good enough, they will give me a job!"
"So what's the problem?" Jackson said. He knows when his mother is only telling half the story.
"The restaurant want me to waitress at a party in one of the big apartments up by the bridge. And it was made clear to me that they needed the extra hands. I tried to explain to the diner people but they said that seven is the only time they can interview me," she said sadly. "Why don't I go the party? I did it for the Strikers' do last month and your boss was fine with it! Besides, I've always wanted a peek in those apartments and this is probably the only time I'm going to get a look!" Jackson said. "That's a great idea darling!" Kara said. She felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Her eyes snapped to her daughter.
"What about madam?" she asked pointedly.
"Oh, I'm sure Pip won't mind staying with Mrs Crosswire across the hall!" Jackson said brightly. Pippa glared at him.
"I actually hate you so much right now," she muttered.
"I look stupid!" Persephone moaned.
"I think you look lovely," Meurta said. "If you feel confident then other people will pick up on it."
"Easy for you to say," Persephone grumbled. "I'm not the one wearing the one hundred year old velvet that I wore to meet Queen Victoria."
Meurta laughed.
OK, the party was no-where near as exciting as Jackson had thought it would be. He was confined to a single room, repeatedly serving drinks with a harassed looking woman who seemed to work for the family. And the party was boring! Just a load of the trust-fund brigade milling around and twittering gossip and compliments. There hadn't been a single fight or random weirdo attempting to do something stupid; key ingredients to a great party in Jackson's opinion. At least someone else looked as bored as he did. She stood by herself in the corner of the room, occasionally speaking to people that the glamorous woman in black practically dragged over to her. Eventually she left her little corner and drifted over to the bar. She looked around carefully and when she saw Jackson's co-worker on the other side of the room, she picked up one of the drinks.
"Uh, I don't think you should be having that!" he said quickly.
She glared at him as if to say "Well, what are you going to do about it?" and then slowly, teasingly lifted the drink and sipped it. Quick as a flash he was out from behind the bar. He took the glass out of her hand and set it firmly on the counter-top, ignoring the death glare she gave him.
"I'm Jackson," he said, giving her his best smile. She wasn't even his type but he was bored and she was the only one in the room who was roughly his age. Sure he found her cute, but it was cute in the way one might find a puppy. It was something about the naivety radiating from her eyes. She still had it at her age whereas most kids he knew, himself and Pippa included, had lost it around the age of eight.
Persephone didn't reply. She didn't like this boy, he made her feel uncomfortable.
"So, can I see you at school?" he said.
"I'm home-schooled," she said bluntly. He raised his eyebrows.
"I was just trying to be friendly!"
"Leave me alone, would you? I don't want to talk to you!" she snapped.
Mort made his way slowly from one twittering idiot to the next. These weren't like his friends at all, Meurta had made sure to leave them off the guest list. His eyes met a familiar pair.
"Lavender?" he said. She smiled coldly.
"Before you run off and tell your sister, I'm allowed to be here. I'm doing an article for the "gossip rag" as your Nanny put it."
He nodded and walked away. She watched him carefully.
"There is something weird about your family," she murmured. "And I will find out what, Mort. I promise."

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#1zitagoogJul 3, 2012

Very interesting, looking forward to pt.3

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ooooh... this is getting more interesting
looking forward to chapter 3 \:D

#3xLyennerdVIPJul 3, 2012

Oh snap, that Lavender .. I wonder what they're going to do about her \;\)

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I love this story!!!!

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this was great too

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