Lost and Found
Published Jul 9, 2012

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Nellie: Oh my goodness Joe this town is so big compared to Idaho. And look at those trees.
Joe: It is Nell and when I am through with this city it won't know what hit it. And remember, no more Joe. It's Jay Kender.
Nellie continued to snuggled under Joe as they drove the the town.

Nellie: Oh my goodness Joe this town is so big compared to Idaho. And look at those trees.
Joe: It is Nell and when I am through with this city it won't know what hit it. And remember, no more Joe. It's Jay Kender.
Nellie continued to snuggled under Joe as they drove the the town.
Joe Kender and Nellie Fotter continued the drive through Starlight Hills. It was one of the most promising places to live if you were looking for fame and fortune. And they were to do just that.
Joe was going to fulfill his dreams of becoming a movie star. With the help of his manager he had a couple of auditions lined up already before he made it to town. He was surely going to be big very soon.
The young couple had settled into a tiny trailer home just outside the main part of town. They had used the money they saved to rent it. It was not the best looking home but it was their first.
Joe: Don't worry honey, this won't be long. When I make it big we will live in a place 20times this size.
It took a while but both of them were able to find jobs. Joe, worked days and sometimes evenings as a physical trainer at the Body Beautiful Gym. He didn't have the experience of training others but the boss believed with a body like his, who would question. Besides he was getting free membership as well. Nellie worked as a waitress at a Rodeo Karaoke eatery and bar. She hated the long hours and smelling of greasy food when she arrived home, but it paid the bills. And she too believed that Joe would make it big. She had plenty of experience working in a restaurant as her parents owned two of them back home. At night the two of them would sit out in the front of their trailer talking about their future together.
Joe and Nellie were high school sweethearts who came from different backgrounds. Nellie was a straight A student,shy and impressionable. Joe was able to get by on his charm. He wasn't into the sports as much as acting in the town plays. And it wasn't until he was asked to think about making it a profession did he begin to take it seriously.
Nellie's family were not Joe's biggest fans and in fact were upset when she decided to leave college to go with him to Starlight Hills.
Joe: Those professors at the college wouldn't know talent if it was in front of them. And I was.
Nellie: I know you're going to make it Joe. Because you have more than just looks, you have a good soul.
Joe: And the talent.
At night the two of them would snuggle in their bed and talk more. Joe was always making a plan of how he would be discovered. He made sure to be at the gym more and hang out around all the places the celebrities and agents were.
But tonight he had other things on his mind. He moved his hand down Nellie's waist as they snuggled, trying to untuck her shirt.
Nellie: Joe, we talked about this. I'm just not ready.
Joe: But we live together Nellie. Isn't that close enough to marriage. We are like husband and wife.
Nellie: Like is not the same. I want to save myself. The moment has to be special and what's more special than on my wedding night.
Joe: And three years of being with just you isn't marriage?
Joe: Haven't I proved to you how much I care, how much I love and cherish what we have?
Nellie: You have but.
Joe began to repeat his version of wedding vows to her in the bed.
Nellie wrapped her arms around him.
Joe: Don't you love me? I'm pledging my love to you and only you.
Nellie looked into his eyes, as he smiled back at him.
Joe: I love you Nellie. I won't hurt you.
He leaned closer to her and she began to relax under his touch. She had finally given into him and they enjoyed the night.
They had been in town for a few months and Joe was becoming restless and beginning to become irritated that none of his auditions turned into offers. At Nellie's suggestion, he started classes at an acting school. At first, he felt he didn't need to be educated on how to act. But soon gave in. And when he wasn't acting he was constantly working out. The more time passed, the more impatient Joe grew. But he always had Nellie to calm him. To always look on the brighter side. She even took up a part time job at the bookstore to cover his extra expenses of new clothes and the acting classes.
Joe: That is going to me one day Nellie.
On weekends the couple enjoyed going to the SimFest to review the latest acts around town. It was the time that local agents would be showing off their latest clients in hopes they would get picked up by producers, writers, etc. Usually it was a good time for the couple. But Joe could tell there was something bothering Nellie this time. Nellie: I, went to the doctor the other day.
Joe: Are you okay? Are you sick?
He touched touched her head but felt nothing.
Nellie hung her head as the words came out.
Nellie: I'm pregnant.
Joe: You're what?
Nellie looked up at him with a small smile.
Nellie: We're going to have a baby.
Joe: A baby?
His expression was not what she wanted to see. He frowned as she looked at him
Joe: But how? I thought we were taking precautions.
Nellie: I know. I don't know what happened. I thought we were being careful.
Joe: So what are you going to do.
Nellie: What am I GOING to do?
She raised up from the picnic angry.
He grabbed her arm before she could walk away.
Joe: I didn't mean it like that. This just wasn't in the plan.
Nellie: You think I don't know that. I'm just as surprised as you. I don't know. I just don't know. I've been scared to tell you for days. What will I tell my parents?
He saw her begin to cry and held her close.
Joe: I'm sorry. I know this is not the best reaction you need at this time.
Nellie: I'm scared Joe.
Joe: Everything will be fine. Let's go home and talk about this.
After much talk, Joe and Nellie decided that they would be able to care for a child. The first months of the pregnancy were good to both of them. Joe was tentative and always doting on Nellie. Nellie really wanted to start a family with Joe. Her plans came a lot sooner than she expected.
Joe: How is he?
Nellie: Fine.
But as time passed, Nellie noticed small changes in Joe's behavior. He had become distant and at times not there, like he was thinking of something else. The bigger she was getting the more real life was getting for Joe.
Nellie: What's wrong.
Joe: What? Nothing. I have to get some air.
There were nights that he would come home late. She would eat dinner alone but always left him a plate in case he did come home on time. But on those nights, he would come home late, mostly smelling of nectar.
Joe: I went to the clubs to mingle with the who's who in town. The clubs are no place for you in this condition.
He would leave early in the day to begin work again. His schedule was so busy. Between work, acting classes, and the nightlife he was creating for himself it was like he did not have time anymore to spend with Nellie. And she was beginning to feel lonelier. It didn't help that on one occasion he forgot to go with her to her appointment. She wanted to find out the sex of their baby and he promised he would be there. She waited outside the hospital waiting for him but he never came. She didn't want to find out without him so she optioned to her OB to not know. Meanwhile, Nellie continued to keep a good home for the two of them. During her last trimester she kept cleaning and rearranging the apartment. As she was nearing the end of her pregnancy, she quit her job at the Rodeo Eatery. She liked working at the bookstore and so she kept that one instead. On the weekends while Joe slept through the afternoon, she would go to the latest SimFests in town.
Her favorite act was Amira. Nellie was Amira's biggest fan and always loved to listen to her as she sang for the crowds.
The last act was a the magician, Dell Simon. The young magician had the crowd at his feet and roaring with laughter at his jokes. And when he was finished the crowd were on their feet cheering him on. There was a young man standing next to Nellie that was louder than the rest of the audience as Dell walked off stage.
She thought the young man was going to lose his voice at how loud he was. She laughed more watching him than watching Dell's performance.
When she arrived home, she was met by an overly excited Joe.
Joe: I got it! I got the part?
Nellie almost screamed with delight. Joe was waiting on a call back after his audition for a new SciFi movie for cable tv.
Joe: I'm going to be in Canada for the next six months shooting. They want me to leave in a few weeks to get ready. I thought I would leave earlier to get some time to prepare for the movie.
Nellie: A few weeks, wait. What about the baby. I'm due in a month. I can't have my baby in Canada.
Joe: Canada? No. You're going to stay here with the baby. Following me across the states is no place for you to have and raise the baby. Besides I talked to my agent and manager and they both believe that a baby would only get in the way right now.
Nellie was shocked at his words.
She walked passed him, placing one hand on her belly and the other hand on the crib she bought for the baby. She had put the crib together by herself just weeks ago. She had also bought the clothes that were in the drawer and those hanging in the closet.
Joe: I'll be back once the movie ends. I have a major part. It's what I've been wanting Nellie.
She turned back to him.
Nellie: When was the last time you felt you baby?
Joe: What?
Nellie: Feel my tummy.
Joe: What? Nellie stop being silly.
Nellie: Touch the baby Joe.
Joe: Nellie. You're acting crazy.
Nellie tried to place his hand on her belly but he yanked it away.
Nellie: All I want you to do it touch your child and tell me you want to leave us behind while you go make a movie. For years I have been by your side, made sacrifices for you and now you say you're going to just get up and leave me here to care for our child by myself! How could you be so selfish. I've given up EVERYTHING for you. Joe: Let's get this right, it was you who wanted the baby, no me. I just went along with it because you were so happy about making a family. I never wanted a child. You knew I wanted a career first. I wanted to become something big, I AM going to become something big. And all I needed was a little support from you right now. But I'm being selfish. Why, because I've been busting my butt and now it has finally paid off. And instead of letting things get in my way, I'm taking it. Nellie: Get in the way?
Joe: I didn't mean it like that.
Nellie: Yes, you did. Or you would not have said it.
Joe: Look Nellie. I thought being a father would be a great thing for me. But as time went by I realized, this isn't my thing. Everything started going fast and before long, I couldn't stop it. But here is something I've wanted for so long and I have the chance to become somebody.
He began to walk towards the door but she grabbed his arms.
Nellie: Please Joe. Please don't do this. I know a baby won't get in the way. I know we won't. You can have your career and be a father, many people do it.
Joe couldn't even look at her. She tried to stop him again, but his time he kept moving towards the door.
Nellie: You said you loved me. You said you won't hurt me Joe. Well you are. More than you know. I trusted you Joe. I left my family for you.
Joe: I promised I would take care of you and I will. this is just not what I had in mind for me right now. I can't force myself to be who I am not.
She yelled his name as he closed the door behind him. Tears pouring down her face, she knelt down on the floor clutching herself. What did she do wrong? She repeated his name over and over again, hoping that one of the times he would return back to her. But he did not. As she finally got up from the floor she noticed that none of his belongings was in the room. He looked at his cellphone. 10 missed call and 20 text messages from Nellie.
Joe: Hey Slate. Hey things didn't turn out well with Nellie. Can I crash at your place for a couple of days. At least until my flight leaves. Oh she's okay.

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#1DevilSims454Jul 10, 2012

EPIC STORY \:D\:rah\:

#2fruitopiaVIPJul 11, 2012

Joe will realize when it is too late that he is missing out on something good and valuable. Joe is being very selfish. Very good start to this story. \:rah\:

#3keishafellerJul 11, 2012

What I love the most about your stories is the surprise. When I first clicked on the cover at the front of TSR story pages, I wasn't expecting all of this. You make your readers travel so far and read through your characters' minds that all we can do is look forward to the next installment. Which is what I am doing. You make the most random situations look so interesting. Congratulations.

#4daphney1230Jul 11, 2012

WOW!!! I can't believe he would do such a thing to her!!! Joe is something else. He was ready to do the action of making a baby, and when he finally did, he don't want it. Ugggghhh I'm upset!!!

#5oldmember_lucianna88Jul 12, 2012

Joe is so cruel. Very good story, I'm going to find the next chapter to read now \:\)

#6niecey5sJul 13, 2012

so mad at Joe right now! He coulda left on better terms!

#7pancakewafflewarriorJul 21, 2012

Wow, this is good. I was really in to it. \;\) good job!

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