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Published Jul 8, 2012

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~Queen of Kings, Chapter 1: My daughter, my Queen~

A story of Royalty, drama, sibling rivalry, lies, and a Father's love.

~Queen of Kings, Chapter 1: My daughter, my Queen~

A story of Royalty, drama, sibling rivalry, lies, and a Father's love.
She held the letter firmly, its crisp paper tainted yellow by the years, the red seal at the top shone like a beacon.

The familiarity of her Father's handwriting brought her great comfort; the writings of a man who had once been King, her beloved Papa, and as she read it she could hear his voice one more time.

"Dearest Vivienna, my daughter, my Queen..." it began. "When you read this you will have been Queen for ten years. How proud I am to call you that. I am no longer with you but you carry on my legacy, I trusted you to ascend the throne in my place and I know it was the best decision I had ever made.

I just hope that you will forgive me for what this letter will reveal, just know I did it for all the right reasons. Let me start at the beginning, on the day of my own coronation.."
It was a day I had waited for all my life. The day I would become King, finally it was here, I wanted this more than anything. Not because of the power it would give me though, not that. The reason was different-

You see, my Father was King before me, as you know. He was a dreadful leader. A bully and a tyrant whose greed and thirst for money knew no end, as I grew up and looked at the turmoil he had caused throughout the realm I became so ashamed. I anticipated the day I would become King myself and I vowed I would make drastic changes. I would put the people first, not myself.

I kept to my word and the people held me in high regard. It gave me great pride to do good. I was satisfied in the knowledge that I was the polar opposite of who my Father had been, and my country was more precious to me than any of the rarest or most dazzling jewels in the crown.
I studied history books in great depth in order to learn from other past Monarch’s mistakes, everyday I strived to be the best ruler I could be.

But there was something I had to face up to- I knew I wouldn’t reign forever; I needed an heir, someone else to nurture the land I so loved one day. I announced to the region that my first born child, whether boy or girl, would become their next King or Queen.

I would do everything in my power to raise them to be prepared for leadership, I would teach them and guide them and do anything possible to prevent another reign like that of my Father ever occurring.
It was a snowy February afternoon when you arrived in this world. I had gone up North with Lord Arbington, we were attending an opening ceremony of a grand new City Hall in Lutenfield town where I had been invited to cut the ribbon.

We had expected you wouldn't be born until early Spring so I had no reason to postpone my plans at that stage.

As the day wore on the weather worsened, vicious blizzards swept mercilessly over the entire country, and consequently, we found ourselves stranded.
Our household staff tried relentlessly to contact me but it was fruitless. All forms of communication were rendered useless due to the severity of the weather. I was unaware that I had become a Father. Six days later the blizzards finally tapered off and we eventually reached home, which was at that time Westford Manor, our Winter home, as we approaced the grounds of the Manor I heard frantic footsteps coming in my direction. It was our Head Butler. He was always a calm character of such a gracious demeanour, so the fact that he was running toward me in such a flurry told me he was going to tell me something worth hearing.

What little hair he had left flapped in the wind as he ran. "King Nathaniel! Your Highness! Oh, thank heavens, you're back! The Queen has given birth! Come quickly!" he yelled.
I ran to the doorway as fast as I could, with Arbie, the Butler and my faithful horses in tow, my heart was pounding in my ears. I was welcomed by a barrage of staff waiting to share in the good news. I was greeted by your chief Nanny, Miss Adelaide, and what she told me was the most wonderful music to my ears - there was not just one baby, but two, my wife had given birth to twins. I couldn't believe it. I was informed that I now had one robust healthy boy and one perfect little Princess. Both of who, along with their dear Mother, were doing very well. "Start the celebrations! Start them now!" I yelled, "Have every church in this land sound their bells and every flag flown high. Let every last person in this realm know of this joyous occasion. We have an heir!"

My staff clapped their hands in delight and shared in my elation. Soon the world would celebrate with us.
I ran to the nursery and your Mother threw her arms around me, "we have two beautiful babies" she said. We were so happy. I looked at you both, my new son and daughter, how sweet you two were. Would you both stay that way? I wondered.

"The boy was born first" your Mother said. "Right in front of me is the future King of this country" she announced, "and if he's anything like you, my darling, he'll be an exceptional King indeed"

I remember it so clearly, as she said that a cold chill ran down my spine. It was nauseating, a warning of sorts perhaps. I didn't know what exactly, but I did know something just didn't feel right.

Your Mother went on to explain that your cribs were genuine mahagony and a gift from the King of East Africa, your blankets were real Irish linen, a gift from the Royal family of Dublin- but I didn't care- I was too overcome with my sudden gut feeling to think about anything else.
I held my son for the first time and I just felt it, right then, "this boy is never going to be King material"

This innocent baby in front of me is going to grow up into a man not fit to lead my country.

I scolded myself for thinking that way, but I couldn't shake the overwhelming feeling. I knew that very day that he simply wasn't a leader.
I held you next and I was struck by how green your eyes were. Like dazzling emeralds, an exact replica of the gems in the crown.

Daddy's little Princess. Every Father in the land probably said that same thing about his daughter, but I was the only man who could say it truthfully.

You were a real Princess, and back then that is what the world thought you would always be.

As the second born you were never meant to be Queen, but destiny, it would turn out, had very different plans.

I walked over to the window with you and through the light snowfall I saw that a crowd had gathered. When they saw you the applaud was rapturous.

It was a forerunner of how your life would be. Everywhere you would go people would cheer, the people loved you from that first day they saw you as a tiny baby and right throughout the years to follow.

Later that day we named you and your Brother - Grantley VII and Vivienna 1, new Prince and Princess of the house of Hoxley.

One of you would keep that title for the rest of your life, and the other would one day become Monarch, replacing their title with that of a far more important one.

As time wore on the question was, however, which one?

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blackswan057Jul 24, 2012

Excellent writing!!!! It captures you from the first page and doesn't let go. It leaves you hungry for the next chapter. The photos are so endearing. You have skills!! Thanks for sharing.

Lady Arielle VIPJul 9, 2012


Bby-LJul 9, 2012

Nice ! \:wub\:

lish300Jul 9, 2012

Love this story!

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