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Mental Love - Chapter 8
Published Jul 13, 2012

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Mental Love - Chapter 8

Hey guys, welcome back! Here's chapter 8.

Are you already excited about Trevor's past? Well, find out now! Enjoy reading :-).

Mental Love - Chapter 8

Hey guys, welcome back! Here's chapter 8.

Are you already excited about Trevor's past? Well, find out now! Enjoy reading :-).
"A year ago, I had this girlfriend. She was my life, my everything. Being with her was as if the world closed down and we were the only ones left. I never loved somebody as much as I loved her, and believe me, I loved many girls."

"What was her name?" Serena asked, she sounded envious.
"Her name was Piper. She was nothing like me. I was the bad boy, she was the good girl. I was dissolute, she was chaste. I wasn't really clever, except in maths and physics. But Piper, she was the smartest girl I've ever met. And it was love at first sight. Ever since I met her during a math contest we've been together."

"Well, what went wrong then?" Serena asked impatiently. Trevor gave her a little clap on her back and chuckled.
"Just listen, Serena. Piper had a best friend, Wynona. She was more like me. Bad girl, unbound, party animal, not so clever. I am still amazed by the fact they became best friends. They did everything together." "But Mrs. Wynona failed one of her math exams so I had to tutor her every week .." "And then we began to hang out more often. At my place, at hers. At the local park. I even went shopping with her. Sounds stupid, right?"

Serena nodded, but she remained quiet. So Trevor continued his story.
"The fact that Wynona and I were spending more time together than I did with Piper worried Piper. And one night we had .. we had our first fight. She never raised her voice to me. Never. So I was kind of shocked. I didn't know where to turn to, so I turned to Wynona that night." "Wow, Trevor, that's bad," Serena spoke.

"I know. I know. I made a mistake that night. I showed up at her door. She opened. I asked if I could come in. She agreed. That was the biggest mistake I had ever made."
"And so we sat on the couch, playing some stupid games. You should never let girls game, they always lose," Trevor chuckled.

"Hey!" Serena protested.

"I'm kidding. But Wynona was bad, really bad at gaming. She couldn't win a single time."
"So she made a bet," Trevor continued.

"Say Trevor, if I win this game you'll do what I say. If you win, I'll do what you say. Deal?" Trevor immitated Wynona's voice.

"I agreed. No way she was going to win."
"Miraculously, she won."

"You let her win, didn't you?"

"Maybe," Trevor answered. And Serena looked with those big puppy eyes at him. "I let her win, alright? I just wanted to know what she would say."

"Well, if that wasn't obvious enough," Serena said mordacious.
"You tell me what she said then," Trevor said.

"She wanted to kiss you, ofcourse."

Trevor nodded. "Well, indeed. She wanted to kiss me, yes. I don't know. I just let her go her way. I lost the bet, right? And besides. I felt nothing for her."

"Not yet.." Serena guessed.
"Sssshh, you screw up the story! Just listen," Trevor said.

"And that night too, I was supposed to go on a date with Piper. I totally lost track of time and well .. I guess she just sat there waiting for me the whole night. I never showed up."
"And since then .. well you know .." Trevor gulped. "I started cheating on Piper. The first weeks in secret and eventually in public too. And one time .. that one day .. Piper caught us."

"What goes around comes around," Serena smiled villainous.
"Yeah. And she was angry. Veeery angry. She kept yelling at me. 'How could you do that to me, Trevor? She is my best friend! And you are my boyfriend.' I felt so sorry for her. It was stupid of me to cheat on this girl. She wouldn't even hurt a fly. And now I hurt her. I didn't know what to do.. I just stood there staring with this watery glance. My whole vision blurred. I remember that."
Trevor paused for a moment and let all his anger and sadness sink.

"And now comes the strangest part," Trevor said and cleared his voice.

"Piper and Wynona looked at each other and out of nowhere, they began to giggle and eventually they bursted out laughing, in unison. It was so weird. I asked what was going on, but they kept laughing. Eventually Wynona could force herself to stop and talked to me with this .. sarcastic tone."
"You really thought you had us both, didn't you? Well, suprise suprise, Trevor. It was all an act."

"And I looked at her with the most frightened face. And I kept asking what was going on."

"You remember the first night you came over and we played games? From then I knew you were bad, Trevor. If you were a real gentleman you shouldn't have gone into my offer. I told Piper about the kiss immediately after you went home. Then, we made this plan together. 'How to teach Trevor a lesson'. It worked, didn't it, Trevor?" He immitated her and gulped. You could read the sadness in his eyes.
"And I went crazy. I ran all the way home. I was in some kind of trance. I repeated everything she said. I was mind blown. Shocked. Maybe traumatized too. I couldn't handle it. And I kept repeating the same thing over and over again. 'It worked, didn't it, Trevor?'" Serena nodded, slightly startled by the story.

"I cried, and cried, and cried, and cried that night. I was such a weakling. The next morning my mom found me on the floor. I had to explain to her what happened that night before. I felt ashamed."
"Days went by. I didn't went to school. I didn't eat. I barely slept. The whole will to live was just sucked out of me. I became depressed. How could they do that to me? And then I realized it was a trap. The whole time. No, not the whole time. Well, maybe it was, I don't know. But I lost faith in people. Who could be trusted then if I couldn't even trust my own girlfriend?" Trevor shrugged. "Two weeks after the incident my mom decided to end this madness. The next days I had to prepare myself for going to this stupid institution. Because I was not functioning normally anymore, my mom said." "What did she know.." "Trevor," Serena said considerate. "I'm so sorry to hear all of this, Trevor. I really am. If only I had known .." she sobbed.

"I wouldn't have dragged you through all of this if only I had known. I'm so sorry you have to go through this again, Trevor. " She apologized. She placed her hands on the back of his head and stroked his brown hair gently backwards.
"It's alright, Serena," he said and pushed Serena gently off his lap. He stood up and turned his gaze towards her.

"Tell me, Serena, why didn't you tell me about Jake? I could have handled it."
"I.." she stammered. "I was afraid. I never thought he would actually visit me here. And I never thought I would fall in love with somebody here. But I did. And I didn't want to hurt either one of you, because I like you both, Trevor. I love you both."

"You can't run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, Serena," Trevor said, losing his temper.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Serena asked, her voice growing more shrill.
"You either pick me or your boyfriend. I don't want to be your rebound or second choice. I want to be your one. But I can't be your only if you still date him," Trevor yelled, his shoulders were raised. His pain was audible in his voice.

Then, their fight got interrupted. Someone was knocking on the door.
"You two, shut your mouths, now!" Mrs. Hunt yelled and knocked harder on the door. "I want to see you both in Dr. Difalli's office, right now!"

Trevor and Serena stopped arguing immediately and looked at each other with frightened faces. In silence, Trevor and Serena followed the old woman downstairs to Dr. Difalli's office.
"Good evening, Trevor and Serena. Please, take a seat," he said, friendly. He pointed at the empty chairs in front of him.

In silence, again, they took place and both stared at Dr. Difalli who was remarkably quiet.
"I do not, and I repeat, do not tolerate this behavior!" Mrs. Hunt bursted out.

"I told you once I allowed your relationship because it would help Trevor with his rehabilitation, but all of your fights aren't really helping. You guys have been arguing days now and I'm sick of it. Really."
"It's not my fault, you know," Trevor defended himself without any emotion on his face. His voice, too, was toneless.

"So it was Serena's fault?" Dr. Difalli asked, still friendly. Trevor nodded.

"She brought her little boyfriend here."
"Explain, young lady," Mrs. Hunt commanded.

"Please, I didn't mean to hurt him. I thought it would remain as a secret, but he caught us. I'm so sorry. I really am. I just .. I never thought I would fall in love here and never thought he would actually visit me and .. " Serena stammered.
Dr. Difalli cleared his voice. "Serena, we know enough. I won't say that what you did was bad, everyone deserves a little love. But what you did was wrong. I think you should leave Trevor alone," Dr. Difalli paused.

"And by that I mean I'm sending you home, Serena."

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Flicka93Jul 18, 2012

can´t wait for the next

keishafellerJul 18, 2012

Nice. But at the same time it is not fair for Serena to leave because we don't know whether she has achieved her goal entering the institution. Maybe they should have just transferred her to another one? Well heading to the next chapter!

cat1999Jul 15, 2012

Oh my! you are great writing you should send me more tips hahaah c:

sanja018Jul 15, 2012

Hm..Interesting.. Can't wait for the next chapter..\:\)

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