Eyes Open - Part 16
Published Jul 8, 2012

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I find the map and draw a straight line
Over rivers, farms, and state lines
The distance from here to where you'd be
It's only finger-lengths that I see

I touch the place
Where I'd find your face
My fingers in creases
Of distant dark places

“Set The Fire To The Third Bar”, Snow Patrol Feat. Martha Wainwright

I find the map and draw a straight line
Over rivers, farms, and state lines
The distance from here to where you'd be
It's only finger-lengths that I see

I touch the place
Where I'd find your face
My fingers in creases
Of distant dark places

“Set The Fire To The Third Bar”, Snow Patrol Feat. Martha Wainwright
Anna jolted awake, a scream stifled in her throat. Sweat dripped from her brow and her hands were clammy; the bed sheets that had curled around her legs pinned her down.

Somewhere in the distance, a siren sounded a low wail and a faint raise every so often.
In her sleep confused state, she couldn’t differentiate between the end of her dream and the start of her dozing state. After all, the sirens had started moments after she had started running; Stiles voice still ringing in her ears.

She fell back against the pillows, and the darkness swallowed her once again.
She hadn’t dreamt about her previous life in a year; however tonight the memories and distorted nightmares keep appearing and her sleep was fragmented and disorientated.
She was awoken again by the slamming of her room door and the urgent shaking upon her shoulder.
Macy’s voice sliced through the dream of a teenage Sonny mocking her.
“Anna, Anna, wake up! We have to go; Max’s farm is on fire and they cannot find him!”
Max, who was Max...

An image flitted into her dream, Max, a shock of red hair, a gentle kiss, a warm hand, a strong embrace, the musty smell of horses caught in his clothing.
Her eyes shot open.
The farm was on fire!

Macy drove like a women possessed, her police car whipping through the deserted streets, the nights sky still thick with stars.
The farm was ablaze and service men and women stood around, watching the drama unfold. Firemen shot water through a hose, attempting to tame the fire that ripped through the rafters of the house. An ambulance stood to one side, paramedics treating burnt firemen whilst waiting for Max to be found.

Policemen and women waited behind their squad cars, some talking to neighbours who had spotted the fire, others milling around, waiting for the blaze to finish so that they could begin their investigations.

The horses had been tethered to a tree far away from the blaze and several members of the equestrian centre were tending to them.
Anna stepped out of the car. The scene before her shattered her resolve and she ran forward, trying to get to the house. Macy and she moved simultaneously, pushing to the front of the growing crowd of locals, service men and women.

“Stay here!” ordered Macy as she slipped through the barrier, flashing her police badge at a supervising policeman.
Frantic barking could be heard from the kitchen at the rear of the house. All of a sudden there was a loud cracking noise and a fearful whine.

“TIMMY! Please, somebody save him!” Anna screamed.

A fireman ran around the back of the house and a few minutes later returned with a soot covered Timmy.

“There’s no way that we can get in now. The kitchen rafters have collapsed in and taken the stairs with them. The place is completely devastated.”
Anna was guided over to the horses by the policeman and was gently told to stay there. The hours passed as Timmy lay next to her, his warmth stopping her from shivering. Macy came to check up on her every so often, but she was occupied with her police duties. Dawn was an hour away when there was a rustle in the trees and shrubbery behind Anna. She turned quickly and looked into the darkness. Timmy was suddenly standing, his teeth bared and growling. Anna crawled back as a pale figure emerged from the bushes.

A set of blood red eyes gleamed in the darkness. The hair of the creature was pushed back and snow white; it’s skin a pale colour that reflected in the moonlight. Seeing Timmy growling it too bared its fangs, razor sharp and diamond hard. The hand of the creature was gripped around strange contraption, the barrel of which was wide set and the chamber glowing.
The creature stepped forward into the light of the flames of the house and Anna called off Timmy. It was only Alucard, here to help. Macy spotted her father from across the lot and hurried over.

“He is not here Macy; that much I can be sure of.” Alucard’s low voice rumbled and made Anna shiver, his fangs glinting in the half light, studying the barrel of the contraption that glowed an ominous blue.

“Can you be sure father?”

“I cannot smell him, nor hear him. His ghost is most certainly not here either. That means one of two things. He’s not here or...” Alucard glanced down at Anna, still crouched on the floor.

“He’s moved on.” Macy finished quietly.

“Call Travis. Go home and be with the family Macy. You have done too much tonight.”

Macy looked at Anna, but she shook her head. She was not leaving the farm.
It took mid morning for the blaze to be controlled and extinguished, by which time there was nothing left of the house or the stables. The equestrian centre took the horses, the fire crew declared the ruins structurally sound and the other service personal left.

“What caused the blaze Stuart?” Macy asked her fireman friend, surveying the scene. She’d been home and informed her husband of his brother’s demise. He was at home comforting their children.

“Looks like arson; somebody piled up furniture against an open flame.”
Macy looked around the broken and scorched room.

“Who’d want to harm Max?” she whispered, the tears falling freely.
Anna walked through the house that had been Max’s family home. His parents and Travis had been informed that he was missing presumed dead. She stopped in the kitchen, the roof rafter split in half and resting on the dining room table, Timmy’s basket beneath. She closed her eyes to the destruction. Anna left the building; nothing could be salvaged. Something glinted in the long grass by the pond. She bent to pick it up. An engagement ring engraved with two names; Anna and Max.

The shock pulsated through her body. Her name. Max’s name.
Her phone vibrated in her pocket.

Numbly she opened it.

“Darling. Such a long time. Mind you I’m not surprised, Mummy hasn’t been too pleased with you my dear little Laura. Running to the nasty policemen like that.” Claire tutted. “Naughty, naughty Laura.” Anna went cold. The world slowed down, an icicle punched through her heart.

“How did you get this number?”
“Never mind that my dear. I have something that I think belongs to you. A piece of Riverview trash. You never had a very good taste in men did you darling? Anyway, the reason I called is because I need you to come and collect it. It’s stinking the place out; and I think it’s high time we had a little talk, don’t you?”

“What have you done to him?!” She cried.

“Oh don’t be so dramatic dear; I’d never harm a friend of yours, he’s simply visiting for a while.” Claire yawned. “Hmmm, time for me to go. You know where to find me. Ciao now darling.”

The line went dead.
Anna was in shock. Her mother had Max.

There was a cold touch on her shoulder and a whisper in her ear.

“We have to go. Now.”

Alucard had heard it all.
Alucard pushed her towards the car hidden under a grove of trees.

“I have to make some calls. Stay here.”
Anna numbly got into the car. Her mother had Max. Her mother had Max. Her mother had Max!

All of a sudden the car was moving, accelerating at an astonishing speed and they were away from Riverview and on the motorway.
As he drove, Alucard replayed his phone conversation in his head.

“Rosalind? I need to call in that favour you owe me....”
Thank you for reading! Sorry for the shortness, but I hope that you enjoyed it and agree with me that it was rather action packed!

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#1spladoumJul 9, 2012

LOL! Looks like Mrs. Frio needs to get to work, huh? \:D I'll let her it's punchin' time!

#2fruitopiaVIPJul 10, 2012

Laura, watch your back. You know that your mother does not play fair.

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