Lost and Found II
Published Jul 11, 2012

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Nellie was devastated. She was due in a month and Joe had left her to go pursue his dream of stardom. A dream they both shared together not too long ago. For days she barely slept and the only reason she ate was to stay strong for her baby.
She would lie in the bed and cry all day.

Nellie was devastated. She was due in a month and Joe had left her to go pursue his dream of stardom. A dream they both shared together not too long ago. For days she barely slept and the only reason she ate was to stay strong for her baby.
She would lie in the bed and cry all day.
Finally Nellie gave up on waiting for Joe to change his mind. To send for her. She had received no letters, phone calls, or emails from him. She had to move on if not for her, for her baby. But Nellie had another dillemma. She could not afford the rent for too long in the tiny house they lived in. She had to quit both her jobs as she was nearing her pregnancy. She was not going to call her parents back home. She couldn't bare to tell them the trouble she was in. Their last conversation was not good when she left with Joe. She became more depressed. As always she spent her weekends at the local parks to watch the SimFest. She hoped the time spent would get her mind off her worries.
This time it was amateur afternoon. She sat in the audience to watch the young acts try their best to win over the crowds. There was barely anyone in the audience during these events.
When it was over she sat on the bench, looking out at the pond. She watched the fish dip in and out of the water. It was quiet and calming. She had a lot on her mind and contemplating what to do next. She could go back home to Idaho and beg her family to take her back or she could stay in Starlight and try to make it by herself. She was so into her thoughts that she had not noticed the young man walking up to her. He had noticed her sitting alone from the other side of the park as he was walking in her direction. And the closer he got to her the more he noticed that she was not just anyone off the street. Man: Are you alone Ms.?
She finally looked up to see the man standing next to the bench.
Nellie: I guess. Why?
She was hesitant to talk to the stranger.
Man: You look like you needed company. I noticed you from back there. You seem to have a lot on your mind.
Nellie: Oh.
He asked to sit down next to her and she said yes but she barely made eye contact as he sat on the other side of the bench.
Man: Nice night?
Nellie: Yes, I guess. I haven't been paying attention to the night.
Man: No worries. Some people barely take the time to notice life's little beauties.
Man: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nickolas Stonewell. But my stage name is Nik Stone.
Nellie: Stage name?
Nick: I am a magician. Well trying to be at least. I performed this afternoon.
She remembered his act, he wasn't very good but he was funny.
Nick: I haven't been at it long. I was an assistant to The Great Dell. He gave me the okay to start doing things on my own just a few weeks ago.
Nellie remembered him as the loud audience member from the Simfest.
Nick: What about you?
Nellie: Nelline Fotter. But I go by Nellie.
Nick: Trying to be in showbiz too.
Nellie: No. Just trying to make it. She touched her belly.
Nick: I see. If you don't mind me asking, why are you alone? Shouldn't you be at home with your family? It's getting late and being in a park may not be best for someone like yourself.
Nellie's face dropped.
Nellie: I really don't have a home right now. Well not for long at least. I came here with my boyfriend and well....I'd rather not talk about it.
The tears began to fall. Nick could tell she was getting upset.
Nick: I'm so sorry. I can be a real jerk at times. My mom always told me I ask too many questions.
Nellie: No. It's not you.
Nick: Well, whatever your story is, I hope it turns out better.
Nellie: Thanks. So what's your story? You live around here.
Nick didn't hesitate to tell Nellie about his hometown of Boggersville. It was a small town of less than 200 and everyone knew everyone. He came to Starlight 3 years ago but only because he was tired of the country life. It was this past year that he finally decided that he was going to be a magician.
Nellie told him about her home life in Idaho. She left out Joe and following him to Starlight.
She didn't know why but Nick was easy to talk to. He listened closely hanging on her every word and laughed when she talked about her life back home.
Nick: Sounds like my family. Small town with major issues.
They both laughed. It was the first time she had laughed in a while.
They went back and forth. He was a stranger so it made it very easy for her to talk to him.
Nick: Well it's getting late, and I have to work in the morning. Being a magician barely pays the bills.
She was a little sad to see the young man get ready to leave. He was fun to talk to.
Nick: Let me walk you home at least. So I know you got there safely.
She began to cry again.
Nellie: I don't have a home. My lease was up a few days ago and I didn't have the money to renew it. I've been living in a shelter since then.
She felt so ashamed to admit it. To admit defeat.
Nick: Oh goodness. There I go again. I didn't mean to make you cry.
Nellie: I am so ashamed.
Nick touched her shoulders.
Nick: Don't be. When I first came here I lived in my car for a month. If it wasn't for......
He smiled as he thought.
Nick: Say. I know the place for you. It's not far from here but it's great.
Nellie was hesitant to follow someone she had just met only an hour ago, but as he held his hand out to her, she felt she had nothing else to lose.
Nick made a phone call and the two of them walked three blocks from the park.
Nick: You're going to like it here. When I first came to town this was the place to go. It's a warm bed, hot showers, and plenty of food. Way better than a shelter.
Nellie: What is it?
Nick: You'll see.
She stopped a couple of times, hesitant to continue the long dark walk with a stranger. But each time he would encourage her to come on. When he finally stopped they were in front of a small house.
And before they could walk up the steps, the door opened and out came an elderly woman. She had a warm smile on her face and waved to them both as they walked closer. Nellie was still unsure of what she had gotten herself into. The woman showed them both in.
Nellie walked in slowly looking to see if there was an escape route in case she needed it.
Woman: Come on in Sugar.
She kissed Nick on the cheek as he walked Nellie in. Her smile was big an warm.
Nick: Nellie this is Ms. Carol. She took care of me my first year here.
Ms. Carol: More like, he took care of me. He always kept me company and helped me take care of the house. A real Mr. Fix it. This is the friend you talked about on the phone. She looked Nellie over curiously.
Nick: This is Nellie Fotter. She doesn't have a place to go and as you can see, needs a little help.
Ms. Carol looked at Nellie's belly.
Ms. Carol: Oh I see. She needs more than just a little help. Tell me Nellie, can you clean sweetie?
Nellie: I can?
Ms. Carol: Well then we'll do just fine.
Nellie: Just like that. You barely know me.
Ms. Carol: Well any friend of Nick's is a friend of mine. And from the look's of it, you need as much help as possible.
Ms. Carol walked over to Nellie. She placed her hand over her belly but looked up before touching. Nellie gave her a nod.
Nellie: I'm due less than a month.
Ms. Carol: And I take it the other part of this is not around.
Nellie: No. No he isn't.
Ms. Carol placed her ear to Nellie's belly.
Ms. Carol: What's that? Well yes I have plenty of food for you young one. Why don't you run yourself a warm bath. I believe I may have a nice nightgown that can fit you. And I'll go warm up some dinner. You like apple pie.
Nellie: I do.
Ms. Carol: Bathrooms down the hallway to the right.
Nellie walked in the direction of the bathroom. She still felt a little weird but it was better than the shelter.
Ms. Carol: Poor thing. What do you know about her.
Nick: Not much. Just she's alone.
Ms. Carol: Well don't worry about her. I'll take care of everything.
He kissed her on the cheek again.
Nick: Thanks again Ms. Carol. You're the best. I'll be back in the morning to check on things.
Ms. Carol: Alright.
Nellie walked into the kitchen the next day.
Ms. Carol: You slept well.
Nellie: First time I've slept in a bed like that in days. I didn't realize how long I slept until I looked at the clock.
Ms. Carol: Well it is good to know you were comfortable. Come sit down. You were so sound I didn't want to wake you. It's time for lunch and I've made my famous burgers.
Carol and Nellie sat down at the table. They were enjoying the small talk between each other.
Carol Davis told Nellie about herself. She had been a Starlight native for the past 50 years. She began working as a hairstylist for the soap operas. Then was a personal assistant of a few celebrities throughout the 70's, 80's, and 90's and not to mention the beau of a few actors here and there.
Carol: You'd be amazed at what I've seen around this town girlie. I've dated lots but I was never the committed type. I loved the night life and so I stayed. I've had some really good times..still do if I may say so.
But now that you know enough about me. What about you? What brought you here? Nickolas didn't mention much.
Nellie was hesitant to talk about it. But she felt she owed it to Carol. She explained how she left her home and school to follow Joe. She told of how much she loved him and cared about him. But found out the hard way the cost of her love.
Nellie: I was such a fool to believe that we would be forever. He hasn't tried to call me since he left. And so, I'm here now. No place to go, no money, and a baby on the way.
Ms. Carol: Nonsense girl. I told you. Any friend of Nickolas is a friend of mine. As long as you can clean, you have a home. Besides, I've been living here by myself since Nick left. It's about time I get some company. You'll be doing me a favor more than yourself.
Nellie: I can't do that Ms. Carol. You've done do much already.
Ms. Carol: Hush girl. I will have it no other way. I can't throw a woman out on the street especially a woman and her baby. Let's just wait until you can get on your feet and then you can talk about moving out. Until then, make yourself at home.
Carol raised up from the table and fixed them another plate.
Nellie again tried to object but again, Carol ignored her.
Carol: We can talk about it later.
Nellie got from the table and hugged the older lady. It was one of the kindest gestures anyone had done for her since she moved to Starlight. She had not made friends since devoting her time to Joe.
Nellie: Thank you.
She went to get the rest of her things from the shelter. Carol offered to take her but she said she had some other things to do as well.
It wasn't long when Nickolas arrived back as promised to check on the ladies.
Nick: You made my favorite.
Ms. Carol: Well I made it for her. Poor child looked like she hadn't eaten a descent meal in days. Where did you find her?
Nick explained where they met and how he felt sorry for her.
Nick: And that's when I though of you.
Ms. Carol: So how long is it going to be before you fall in love with this one.
Nick nearly choked on his burger.
Nick: What?
Ms. Carol: Whenever you introduce me to a girl, it's because she is special and soon you're head over heels.
Nick: Ms. CAROL!
Nick: Ms. Carol, it's not like that. I just met the girl. I felt bad that she is alone and this town can eat you up if you don't know the right people. I should know. Remember how I was.
Ms. Carol: I do. I just wanted to know.
Nick: Well here I am trying to be a good Samaritan and you accuse me of having another motive. I'm hurt.
Carol: You're silly that's what you are.
Nick: Where is she anyway?
Carol: Running errands I believe.
Nick: Oh.
Carol: Just make sure you don't get hurt in the process Nick. She seems like a really really nice girl and I'd hate to see any of your feelings get damaged in the process. Especially with a baby on the way.
Nick: I promise. Nothing is or will go on.
Carol: I love you boy. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to get ready for my date tonight. Enrique is taking me dancing.
She kissed him on the head as she went to her room.
Nick smiled. The nerve of that old woman. Has she gone mad. After eating he met up with Nellie at the shelter and helped her get the rest of her things. He walked with her back to Ms. Carol's and helped her settle in to her new place.

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#1keishafellerJul 11, 2012

Such a great chapter! I hope how the story is evolving. It really is something to look forward to. And each one of your character is particularly interesting, something about them that just makes them special.

#2oldmember_lucianna88Jul 12, 2012

Ms Carol is nice. I look forward to reading the next part

#3urm0mJul 12, 2012

Another beginning of an another excellent story!!!

#4daphney1230Jul 12, 2012

Ms.Carol ROCKS!!!!!!

#5fruitopiaVIPJul 13, 2012

I like Miss Carol, and Nick.

#6RosieukOct 13, 2012

hi realy enjoyed the story, but just wondering if you are going to put up any more of it as I am very intrested to read the outcome, if you would let me know I would be so greatful.
PS you are a good story writer keep it up.\:rah\:

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