Generation 2 pt. 3
Published Jul 9, 2012

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The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't.

The story of Pleasantview continues. There will be love and heartbreak, betrayal and intrigue; but the residents of Pleasantview will have to live on, unless of course, they don't. Before Iago and Nicole became a couple, they were in college together. Iago was working his way through expensive private school between romancing every girl in the hall, and Nicole was crushing on Iago, the most popular guy on campus whenever she wasn't dedicated to her studies. Nicole looked at Iago from afar, too shy to say anything to him. She thought he didn't know she existed. Iago, however, knew all about Nicole. She was the daughter of Jeremy Hever, billionaire. She was the only girl he wanted, but he stayed away. She could have anything she wanted, so why would she ever want him, who came from a financially struggling family? Xander and Lora's little family was rapidly growing with the addition of a few members. Their first child, Allison, was born, a little girl they loved and adored. Then Lora was gifted a lab from her parents that she named Renee and quickly aged to adulthood. It was then that the couple decided to get a male companion for her named Flint. Quinten Bishop and Jordan New had started dating during sophomore year in college. They were serious by the end of the next year, and engaged halfway through the next. They both came from wealthy backgrounds, Quinten's father being the owner of an oil company that he would one day take over. Ben and Amanda were settled into their house pretty well. Benjamin really enjoyed cooking for his wife and guests, and especially enjoyed eating it. His cooking was mostly just a hobby however, as he pursued a career in Natural Science. Amanda was similarly involved in Oceanography, though she took time off when she found out she was expecting. Ben hoped for a boy. One day Iago was playing his guitar as he often did to gain attention from the girls in the dorm, when Nicole did something bold. She got out her violin and played along with him. While other girls would fawn over Iago for the rock-god he might have been, Nicole appreciated his talent the way she valued her own. They found a way to mesh the sounds of the electric guitar and the violin and make them beautiful together despite their differences. It was in this way that Iago and Nicole found the similarities between them, and created an instant bond in that moment. When Amanda gave birth, she was surprised to learn she was the new mother of adorable twins. Ben was shocked as well, but extra hopeful for a son. However, both babies were girls. They were named Mia and Ava, and set up in matching cribs in the family's nursery. Ben was disappointed. The young Bishops were married on the front porch of their new, and giant, home. The ceremony included their entire family, although considering Quinten was an only child, that mostly meant Jordan's family. Ruby was a little behind her sisters, with Ame's three kids and Pearl's four, but she was pregnant before too long. Jeff and Ruby Awon welcomed a son, Connor, to the world early in the spring. He was their first child, but they were not planning on him being the last. (I think it is important to note that Ruby is NOT a vampire, but simply got 'stuck' pale after being out in the cold too long) Joe and Jana were together since the beginnings of their teenage years. They were adventurous, a little strange, and madly in love. They were serious from the beginning, but are still not engaged, very much to Jana's impatience. Quinten and Jordan were still decorating their new home when they got terrible news; Quinten's mother had passed away. While she hadn't been in his life for some time due to her mostly living out of the family's vacation home, the news was still quite a shock. Without a need to keep up appearances of a happy marriage anymore, Harold sold his old house and moved in with his son and daughter-in-law to be closer to the family they would one day have. Joe finally got around to buying a house, an old abandoned castle, and proposing to Jana shortly after she moved in with him. Their house was exactly the type of place two people like them would live. It was dark and made of stone, perfect for whatever experiments they were up to at the time. Adam Phillips and Madison Rye were the type of couple that no one thought would make it. They had had their ups and downs, but were always committed to each other to make it work. Now they're finishing up college together and preparing to become full grown adults. Elle saved her money until she could realize her dream of opening her own shop. She remodeled it to be not only a clothing shop, but to have a decent sized salon on one end. So far it was going well; though she continued to practice on her family at home. She was on her way to obtaining a gold talent badge, and so far managing a semi-successful business. When Iago decided he was going to propose to Nicole Hever, he went all out. He knew he could never give her the kind of life she was used to, but he wanted to give her the best night of her life regardless. He prepared a romantic dinner on the rooftop of their dorm and arranged for a classmate of Nicole's to play the violin, her favorite instrument. It was then that he asked her to marry him. Adam and Madison held their wedding in the park in the early spring. They both wore white to celebrate the season. It was a beautiful and sunny day, and they shared this kiss after the ceremony overlooking the pond. Their home was pretty small compared to most of the other houses on the block, but they loved it. It was decorated in mostly soft colors and shades of green. Jessica New was a child not long before her brother Eric became a toddler. Almost her whole family was there for her birthday. By now her grandparents were elders, although it was quite recently considering they had Jason fairly young. Elle and Robort weren't able to have a child, try as they might, due to Robort being made of metal. Elle wanted a child, so they adopted a little boy named Holden. He was welcomed by his new parents, though of course Leonard had something to say about his grandchild not being a genetic heir. He would let Elle know that he did not think she or her robotic husband would make good parents more than once. Mathew New and Maria Bonita were six years apart, but had first met when they were only children. By the time Maria graduated college Matt had advanced quite a bit in the law career and had an impressive home. He was well on his way to being one of the richest of his siblings, and that was something Maria liked very much.

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