The Struggles of a Wife: Chapter 11
Published Jul 29, 2012

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--->C.A.R.H(Comment Anything Rate High)

--->C.A.R.H(Comment Anything Rate High)
CHERYL'S STORY Last night was rough for me, I donít know why. I always dreamt of Evin but for some reason I dreamt of a baby as well, which scared me!

The reason why I am so scared of this dream is because the saying goes, ďIf you dream about a baby then someone you know will die.Ē
So the next morning, I called the army base to see if I could get in contact with Evin,but I had no luck.

I began to stress

Cheryl: Calm down Cheryl (I said to myself) No need to get worried and upset.

I began to pace the floor trying to think of another way to get information on my husbandís where-abouts.

Cheryl:Mark!(I said grabbing my phone and calling Evinís Lieutenant/best friendís office)

The phone began to ring and my stomach began to get butterflies.
Mark: Lieutenant Moore
Cheryl: Mark! Iím so glad I could reach you.(I said excitingly)

Mark: Cheryl? Whatís wrong; something happen to you or the baby? (he said getting alert)

Cheryl: No, calm down Mark, everything is fine with me and Everlynn.
Mark: Okay (He said taking my advice) Whatís going on then, you never call me at work.

I began to tell him about my dream.
Mark laughs

Mark: Cheryl, Evin is fine.
Cheryl: How do you know? I havenít heard from him in a long time and itís driving me crazy. (I began to tear up)
Mark: NO-NO-NO, donít you start crying; you know I donít like when you cry. Listen, this is what Iíll do, Iíll radio the base where he is and see if they can get me some information on Private Jones, I mean Evin.

Cheryl: Thank you Mark, I really appreciate this. (I said trying to stop my tears)

Mark: Iíll see if I can get them to call you. I donít understand why he hasnít gotten in contact with you.

Cheryl: Again thank you.

After getting off the phone with Mark, I went back to my regular scheduling until Evinís call.
5 hours later my phone began to ring.

Cheryl: Hello
Evin: Hi Love, is everything alright?
I instantly began to cry

Evin: Whatís wrong baby?
Cheryl: I just missed you and your voice. I havenít heard from you in a long time and you havenít written me. I had a bad dream about you and a baby, which means death. (I said going on and on about random things)

Evin: LOVE, Iím okay, I havenít been writing you because I get depress from being away from my ladies.

Cheryl: But baby Iím depress too, youíre hurting me when you donít write.

Evin: Iím sorry Love; Iíll make it up to you.

Cheryl: How Evin? (I began to cry and walk around the house)
Evin: Since the President is asking for the troops to come home, Iíll be home in a little while.

I began to get excited

Cheryl: Really?!?! How soon?
Evin: May be in a year or two

I was so happy

Cheryl: Evin, donít play with me. I canít take your jokes
Evin: Iím not joking baby; your husband is coming homeÖ soon
After getting off the phone with Evin, I ran to Everlynnís room. Everlynn: Mommy

Cheryl: Hi Evey, I have some news for you.
Everlynn: Umm going to Park?

Cheryl: Sure we can go to the park, but I also have some other news (I said picking her up and smiling at my four year old)

Everlynn: Dawn coming?
Cheryl: Iíll call Auntie Vera and ask if she can go. (I said kissing her forehead) My news is that Daddy is coming home soon.

Everlynn: DADDY-DADDY-DADDY!!!! (She said getting excited and bouncing up and down in my arms)

Cheryl: Yes, Daddy... I said bouncing with her in my arms..

Seem like life is about to get a little better..
Mohala's Story Iím a dedicated wife, the reason why I say that is because; Iíve been to every last one of Nekoís gigs. I spend my time on the dance floor or at the bar. Iím usually alone, but every now and then Iím with Vera or my sister.

There are some advantages of being the DJís wife, me and whomever Iím with gets to jump the line and get in free. We also get free drinks, so itís just a night full of fun without ever spending money. A huge disadvantage is you have to be one of the last people to leave. After a night of partying and having fun, the last thing I want to do is be the last person out the club, but I do it- I do it because I enjoy watching my man do his job.
I forgot to mention another advantage to being the DJís wife- you get to meet new people. For instance- One night Neko had to dj for this Pop Star singer by the name of Roxie. The party was jumping and very one who was anyone was there. While Neko was dj-ing, I decided to mingle with the celebrities and the go-getters. After a while, I met Mark, who was a cool person.

Mark: Hi (He said walking up on me) Iím Mark, whatís your name?
Mohala: Mohala
Mark: Are you from around here?
Mohala: Yes and No
He looked at me confusingly.
Mohala: I guess. (We Laughed)
After five minutes, I found out that Mark was my age and had lived in the town all his life. He also told me that he worked for his father, who owns the Sunset Valley Movie Theater.

Mark: Would you like to dance with me?
Mohala: Sure (I said as he led the way to the dance floor)

We were dancing to Katy Perryís new song with a mix of Jay-z and Kanye.
Mark and I were enjoying each otherís company.

Mark: So, whatís your relationship status?( he said while dancing)
Mohala: Married, you?
Mark: Wow, really?!? Your husband is really lucky to put a ring on you.

I blushed
Mohala: Iím lucky to have him as well. Heís actually the DJ.
Mark: The DJ?
Mohala: Yeah
Mark: Wow thatís cool.
Little did I know Neko had spent the whole time looking at us dance and talk and began to walk over.
Before I knew it, my arm was being pulled.

Neko: Excuse, can I talk to you for a second.

Neko began to pull me away from Mark before I could say anything else to Mark.

Neko: What are you doing? (He said with his teeth clench)
I humped my shoulders

Mohala: What do you mean (I said looking confused) Iím hanging out.
Neko: Who is that guy?!?

Mohala: Thatís Mark, I just met him.

Neko: Why are you smiling up in his face as if youíre not married, or as if Iím not in the room with you guys?!?! (He began to yell)
Mohala: WHOA, calm down Neko, I was just talking to him! You are making this into a big deal.

Neko: What am I supposed to do Mohala! Youíre at my job, in my face, flirting and dancing with some other guy!!!
Mohala: Iím not flirting; Iím just having a friendly conversation with him.

(We were going back and forth for the next five minutes)

Neko: Friendly?!? Donít lie to me. Youíre over there being loose/promiscuous girl Ö

After he finished his sentenced, I began to tear up. Neko never talked to me like this before; where was this coming from?
Mohala: How could you say that to me? (I said crying) Iím your wife! Iíve never done anything against our marriage! I would never disrespect you like that.

Heís facial expression began to soften.

Neko: Iím sorry Mo.
Mohala: No, Neko- you just embarrassed me in front of these people. Iím going home

(I said walking off-leaving the club)

Neko- Come on Honey, donít be like that Mohala.
I would believe he did me like that. Who husband would call their wife out of their name and then embarrass them in front of a club of folks? I was hurt and angry at the same time.

Neko: Honey, donít leave; let me make it up to you. (He said following me out side)
Mohala: Iím not going back in there after you embarrassed me in front of those folks. I would look like a fool if I did.

Neko: You wouldnít be a fool, my flower.

Mohala: Iím not your flower; you crossed the line calling me out my name! Iím hurt Neko and as of right now Iím going home to pack my thing and go live with my sister.

(I said after holding a cab and was in the car.)

Neko: No, wait Mohala- donít do that. (He began to run after the cab.) Iím sorry baby.
Vera's Story
will be in the next chapter of The Struggles of a Wife....

I know you are kind of upset, but I promise you that it will be worth the wait...=)

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#1lish300Jul 29, 2012

YAY! Finally! Its been so long!YAY Evin's coming home soon! And jeez Neko really blew up on her... uggh! Hurry with the next chapter I'm dying to find out whats happening with Vera!!!!! Great job, as usual!

#2Ben72006Aug 3, 2012

I wonder if Mohala relise she did do something wrong in away but I hope it works out for them.

#3tamyaglassAug 3, 2012

OMG!!! Evin is coming home!!! I can't wait; I home he comes home in the next chapter!. I miss the guy as if he is really a real person.

With Mohala' story, I'm going to have to disagree with Ben;she wasn't doing anything wrong. What else was she suppose to do, sit at the bar and not have fun? I feel like Neko had no right to get mad at her. I wonder what the translation for the line "You’re over there being loose/promiscuous girl" mean?\;\) I think I have an idea....

Vera's story: OOOOOhhhh I was so mad at you for not having Vera's story apart of this chapter. I was wishing to read about her and David. I can't stand David!!!!! I wish he would have died instead of Whitney(Who I really miss)-Not saying that I don't like Mohala.

Anyway this comment is entirely too long, but I couldn't help myself. I needed you to hear what I thought. I'm waiting for more....

#4SimplySweetAug 3, 2012

How could you leave Vera's story out?!? SO MAD AT U RIGHT NOW\:mad\:..Either way it was a good story... There were some typos, but hey people make mistakes right... Over all good job.

I was wondering could you help me come up with my first story, I'll feature you in it.

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