Hurricane - Ch.5
Published Jul 22, 2012

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Chapter 5, Spaghetti la Italiana

I know, I know... This one took a bit longer, but you'll see the wait was worth it. Let me say that this is my favorite chapter so far - I just loved making this pics. And as I couldn't do them without any CC, here's a thanks of the size of the universe for all CC Creators out there that make our Sims games look more pleasant ;)


Chapter 5, Spaghetti la Italiana

I know, I know... This one took a bit longer, but you'll see the wait was worth it. Let me say that this is my favorite chapter so far - I just loved making this pics. And as I couldn't do them without any CC, here's a thanks of the size of the universe for all CC Creators out there that make our Sims games look more pleasant ;)

Through the small single room house, the scent of Italian food was hanging, the different ingredients fused into one delicious aroma. It was almost a sin not to enjoy that divine smell. Jasen inhaled repeatedly and relentlessly the same.

"That smells really good..." He exclaimed, sipping another gulp of scented air. "I think I underestimated your culinary skills."

I smiled, proud of my skills. "Just wait until you try."
Already sitting on the minimum table of blue tiles, Jasen and I were delighting ourselves with one - modesty aside - amazing plate of bolognese spaghetti, accompanied by a fun and stimulating conversation. I had to admit that I wasn't sorry at all of asked the attractive mechanic to dinner. "You did a great job with the house. Not everyone would be able to do so." Jasen complimented, looking at the modest home.

"It wasn't easy, but I had to. I wouldn't be able to live here the way this was before."

"The talent is clearly evident." He praised once again, smiling. I returned it. "Have you already considered what work are you thinking about getting?"
"Work?" The guy had touched on a subject that I even hadn't come to think. I took another fork of pasta to my mouth.

"Yeah. The way you cook, you could work as a chef at the Bistro." He suggested. I twisted my face to the proposed hypothesis - the idea of ​​spending the whole day locked in four walls surrounded by vapors and fats didn't sound tempting. "Or you can always follow a career as an interior designer."
The last suggestion pleased me. "It doesn't seem such a bad idea. And how do I apply?"

"It's simple - you just need to go to the City Hall register in the area, then do some advertising to your name and you're ready to start."

It had always been a dream of mine to fix myself in a quiet town, build a remarkable career and a family, but this hypothesis was never given to me. I felt that this time was different, but I would have enough safety to achieve it?
Already with our bellies full, I lifted the table and stacked the dishes in the sink to wash. Additional work for those who don't have a washing machine. Jasen putted down the cups used next to the other dishes, then leaning over the counter.

"You do realize that this is our first date, right?" Jasen asked, leading the conversation to a more seductive way.

"It doesn't seem to me that a simple dinner is enough to be considered a date." I said, hiding the smile formed behind the curtain of hair.

I could feel him closer. "Well, if you think so, then we have to handle it as quickly as possible."
I wiped my wet hands to an old towel. "And why do you even think that needs to be handled?" I asked, staring at his blue eyes.

"Don't tell me you don't remember you're mine for a favor?..." He inquired, approaching even more. The heat that emanated from his body collided with mine, reflecting on the increasingly gasping breathing.

I grabbed the dishes already clean and dry, ready to be tidy. "Hm, not really."
Suddenly and unexpectedly, I was leaned against the wall while bypassing Jasen, that stared at me eagerly. I didn't know if I should enjoy or be afraid of the situation. I looked at the floor where the dishes had been shattered into pieces. "You understand that you owe me some new dishes?" I informed, breaking the silence.

His expression remained unchanged. I was beginning to be afraid of what he could come to do.

My eyes were now the focus of his attention. Jasen's face approached without hesitation, getting closer to mine. Way too close. His breathing showed itself dangerously erratic.
"You're driving me crazy." He snapped.

I decided to align in the game. "How crazy?"

"On the threshold of insanity."

I laughed, my lips almost sticked to his. I'm so mean. "Good."
I instigated to set myself free of the siege of his arms, believing that the moment was already finished, but quickly I was forced to return to the previous position. The countenance of Jasen had now became indecipherable. I couldn't help but shine the genuine fear of the situation and Jasen, that relaxed his arms towards my reaction. His hand came against my face, stroking it gently. His touch had nothing abrupt or rushed, but loving and caring. Both glances crossed occasionally.

"You're so beautiful, Aria." He muttered.

We could felt the niggling nervous of each one as we approached increasingly - Jasen surrounding me between his body and the wall. I closed my eyes, hesitantly, expecting to feel his mouth on mine.
The hand hidden on a black glove caressed the young countenance covered with fear and astonishment, while its pair grabbed the trembling body against himself.

"The more you run away, the more you make me think of you. I even considered letting you stay with me - we only have a mere five years of difference between us. We could be so happy." The stroked face urged to flee to the touch, but in vain. It was constantly grabbed with force. "You're so beautiful, Aria. It's a shame that you have to disappear. For real."
Jasen's lips almost touched mine when abruptly I ran away from him. His countenance, surprised, stared at me worried upon seeing me almost in tears, from one moment to another. Strange how his voice seemed so much like his. That bastard mightn't be there, but he kept - and will always continue to - ruin my life that I so much wish to be normal. I moved away from Jasen when he tried to comfort me, addressing myself to the other extreme of the division. I stared longingly at the only two framed photographs where Ethan hugged me, both smiling. Those were happy times, beyond doubt. Jasen presented himself behind me, trying to act carefully. "Ex-boyfriend?" He asked softly, looking at the pictures in the cabinet.

I shook my head. "Brother."

"I see." He muttered to himself. I noticed that Jasen didn't know what to say. "Is there anything I can do?"
I turned to see him. He appeared worried, trully, with me. Another tear was shed unreasonably. I cleaned it with the back of my hand. "Can you hug me?" Smiling sweetly, he came over and surrounded me in his strong arms, enveloping me in a warm embrace. I leaned my face against his muscled chest, while my hair was tenderly caressed.

"Isn't the best for me to go?" Jasen whispered in my ear, carefully.

"No." I replied softly. "I already noticed that you give good hugs."

"It's a gift." He retorted, laughing. "You do know that you're going to have to explain what happened."

I sighed. I was already expecting that. "Yeah, I know."
Jasen moved his head away from mine, forcing me to stare at him.

"Do you trust me enough for that?" He inquired, puzzled.

I smiled. "Strangely, I do."

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KatherineLady09Aug 6, 2012

Very intense! I love it so far, but idk if I fully trust Jasen. He seems a bit greedy for my taste \:P I wonder what happened to her brother?

opel5Jul 27, 2012

This Chapter is again very good. I like the pictures, the way you write the story and the story you tell. Very good \;\) I really want to read Chapter 6 \:D

jadababy2003Jul 25, 2012

Captivating!!! Love the screen shots! Patiently waiting for the next part!! Your narrations are amazing! Great job!!!!

TheRedCortinaJul 25, 2012

Not sorry she asked the attractive mechanic to dinner? Gee, I wonder why! Haha, this is really very good. Keeping my eyes peeled for the next installment \:rah\:

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