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Tipped Over: Chapter One
Published Jul 31, 2012

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Thank you for the comments on the Prologue. It means a lot~ So here is the first chapter. Hope you enjoy!

Read, Rate, and Comment~ Thank you~
Also, if you rate it down, please leave comment on why. Criticism is accepted, but please know the difference between criticism and being a bully.

Also, thanks to all the CC that I used in this story! And the song is Hurt by Christiana Aguilera.

Thank you for the comments on the Prologue. It means a lot~ So here is the first chapter. Hope you enjoy!

Read, Rate, and Comment~ Thank you~
Also, if you rate it down, please leave comment on why. Criticism is accepted, but please know the difference between criticism and being a bully.

Also, thanks to all the CC that I used in this story! And the song is Hurt by Christiana Aguilera.
Walking out hastily, Isabella sighs as she puts her chin down for a moment. Clearing her head as the door behind her creaks, she lifts her chin and puts on her mask. "Izzy, what was that back there?" Annabel asks, worried etched in her words. "That waitress got what she deserved." Isabella huffs. "Isabella, can you at least tell me what's wrong? Please? It is proven that you feel better if you talk your burdens with someone." Annabel states, using the line she uses with her patients. Isabella's eyes narrow as she takes off her sunglasses. Then an idea pops into Isabella's head. She inwardly smirks. "Well, you see, Annie," Isabella pauses and Annabel nods her head, truly listening to Isabella. "Don't you dare use the same sentence you spew out to your trouble patients. I'm your sister, for goodness sake. Not your patient." Isabella hisses through a tight smile. "Isabella.. You don't understand. I'm trying to help you and you're not letting me. Just.. Please.. Give me a chance. I know that we have been separated for a lo-" "I'm going to the house now. Leave your speech for your patients." Isabella growls as she steps into the limousine that has been waiting for her. "Ah, Skylark!" Ms. Riley exclaims, happy to see her son's girlfriend. Skylark plasters a small smile on her lips."Yes?"
"How are you, Darling? And how is Jacob?" She asks, obviously not hearing-slash-not paying attention to the rumors from Jacob's friends.
Skylark puts her head down at the mention of Jacob. "I-i," Skylark takes a deep breath as she prepares herself to confess the harsh secret that has been destroying her from the inside. "I have something to tell you, Ms. Riley." "Why go ahead and tell me, Sweetie." ms. Riley persists. Skylark's smile grows as she feels her mask being torn off bit by bit. "Ms. Riley, Jacob-" Skylark looks up into Ms. Riley's eyes and changes the words that were planning to come out. "Jacob and I kind of ended."
"What?! That boy!" Ms. Riley exclaims.
"No, no. We were stressed due to college and some things didn't line up for us so we decided it would be for the best of us to end it. It was hard for the both of us, but we can manage." Skylark says, smiling even though she knew what she was spewing out was false.
"Well, Sweetie.. I'm sorry, but still come over and visit, okay?" Skylark nods as she departures and goes over to her limousine where her driver starts scolding her for being 10 minutes late.
Skylark, finally arriving at her house, with her driver rushing past her to drop off the groceries so he can meet his mother and younger siblings. "I'm off!" Skylark's driver yells, racing off into the direction of his home. Skylark smiles slightly before exhaling and taking a step towards the open front door. Walking in, the house smells like cinnamon intertwined with the scent of vanilla. Skylark stands still in place, taking in her childhood house. Turning her attention to the right of her, Skylark's feet move on their own accord. Her fingers, reluctantly, tap the keyboard where a note rang through the room. Soon, a tune, expressing pain, hurt, and confusion, fills the room. All these emotions entangle themselves within the floating sounds of the notes being played by Skylark, weaving themselves in to tell a story of the past. "Woah, Izzy! Don't try to run away fr-" Annabel stops once she enters the house.
"She hasn't played the piano since you left, Anna." Isabella whispers, feeling stings on her skin that go straight to her heart as she listens to Skylark's tune. "Why.. is.. it.. so? What has she been through that could hurt her this much?" Annabel asks, tears rimming her eyes. Her heart was becoming cracked and broken. She could feel everything that Skylark was feeling. "I have to do something."
Annabel and Isabella carefully entered the room, trying to not interrupt Skylark. They both knew this moment was fragile.
♪♫♪ Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face.
You told me how proud you were, but I walked away.
If I only knew what I know today.
I will hold you in my arms.
I will take the pain away.
Thank you for all you've done.
Forgive all your mistakes.
There is nothing I wouldn't do to here your voice again.
Sometimes I want to call you, but I know you won't be there. ♪♫♪
A smooth melodic voice came out unknowingly from Skylark as her fingers danced on the piano.
"S-sky," Annabel stammers. Skylark comes out of her trance and jumps out of her seat.
"I-I'm so sorry. I didn't know you arrived." Skylark replies.
"Annabel, I got this. Go set up your stuff in your room." Isabella states. Annabel pouts, sticking her tongue out to Isabella as she walks away, patting Skylark on her shoulder.
"Look at you, Sky! All grown up and prettier than the rest of us!" Isabella exclaims, making Skylark smile at her joke. "Prettier? Please, Izzy, save the compliments for someone else." Skylark states, rolling her eyes. Isabella hugs Skylark, almost crying because she knows Skylark isn't going to explain the song anytime soon.
"Skylark, we are happy to see you." Isabella says, smiling. She can feel Skylark's hesitance to wrap her arms around her.
"Skylark, about the.." Isabella pauses, remembering that Skylark was never the one to immediately explain her actions.
"About the.." Isabella starts again. Skylark tightens her grip on Isabella, forcing her to cut off her sentence.
"We should go beat Annabel to the Bubble room, Izzy." Skylark says, dashing towards the stairs. Isabella sighs softly before going after Skylark.
"You both know how much I hate being the last one to arrive to the Bubble room." Annabel says through a sneer as she strolls in. "The whole reason was to get you pissed off." Skylark replies, giggling at one of her bubbles.
Annabel arches an eyebrow at Isabella, wondering how in the world did Skylark become happy within mere minutes.
Isabella, reading Annabel's gaze, shrugs her shoulders, also wondering too.
"Sooo, Izzy. We are going to finish the talk in my room tonight, 'kay?" Annabel proposes, narrowing her eyes at Izzy and shifting them to Sky then back to Isabella.
Isabella, clearly understanding the message Annabel was sending, grumbles out a 'fine'.
"Sky, how has it been in college?" Annabel asks, blowing a bubble at the same time. "Same, same." Skylark responds, paying attention to the bubbles. "How are you and Ja-" RINNNGG!
"Oops, sorry. I have to take this." Isabella says, getting up from her seat and walking away from her sister's ears.
"Yes?" Isabella asks, already knowing who is calling. "Come and visit me at the Bistro."
A dial tone answers Isabella's question as she looks at her phone in disgust. "Well guys, I'm off. I have somewhere to be."
Skylark and Annabel giggle their goodbyes at Isabella, paying no attention to her. Isabella's footsteps get softer as she walks away.
"Let's go follow Izzy!" Skylark exclaims, popping a bubble. Annabel laughs behind her hand "Oh my Sky! You are so devious!" Annabel laughs.
"C'mon, we have to change clothes. The person on the phone said that they are meeting at the Bistro." Skylark states, getting up from her seat and dashing to her room.
"LET'S GO!" Annabel cheers, rushing to her room to change too.

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loverothesims3Aug 1, 2012

"The whole reason was to get you peeved off"

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