A Familiar Face Chapter 5
Published Jul 31, 2012

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Hi everyone!!
Welcome back!!

Thank you to all the readers, thanks so much for your comments and ratings!!

And a big thanks to the creators of the CC I've used!

Hi everyone!!
Welcome back!!

Thank you to all the readers, thanks so much for your comments and ratings!!

And a big thanks to the creators of the CC I've used!
Isabella froze and the sound of her old nickname. It sounded like music coming from his lips. She didn’t speak, and Elliot was looking at her from the porch. “So, are you gonna let me in or not?” he chuckled nervously.
She snapped out of it then, “Oh, uh, sure. Yeah, come on in.” she mumbled. She stood to the side and let him walk into the house.
How did he know where she lived? What did he want to talk about? It had been years since they’ve last seen each other; so much had happened in her life, how could she explain everything to him?
They settled in the living room, neither one wanting to speak first. After a few moments of silence, Elliot couldn’t stand it anymore. “You look, uh, nice Bells.” He said meekly. She smiled.
“Thank you. You look good too Elliot. How have you been?” she really wanted to know.
“Okay I guess. I moved to Bridgeport after, uh…after you moved away. Went to college out there and got a job in advertising. I work for McNeal Ads Inc. now. I’m doing pretty well out there…”
Isabella just nodded and turned her head; she didn’t want to ask if he was seeing anyone, she knew it would crush her even though it shouldn’t. She was married after all.
“So how have you been? I see you have children, they’re very cute.” He said politely. He couldn’t help but try to imagine what their children together could have looked like. He cleared his throat to remove the pain from his chest.
Isabella sighed and gave him a slight smile, “Thank you. Madison and Mason. They’re 3, and definitely keep me on my feet all day long. But I’ve been…” what was she going to say? Sad? Depressed? Terrified on a daily basis? How could she say these things to him? “…getting by. After I left, I moved back and married Hoyt. Our fathers went into business together, now that they both retired, he’s running everything. He’s in China for the next month and a half; he left about two weeks ago.” She wanted to tell him that she hated her husband, and how she desperately wanted to get herself and her kids away from him; that he was a monster. She couldn’t bear to. What would he think? Elliot just nodded; something sounded off about her response. Marriage, he thought, wasn’t something you just “get by” through. A marriage was supposed to be a wonderful thing…wasn’t it? He decided not to bring it up. “I wanted to apologize for what happened out in the street the other day…I was rude, I shouldn’t have taken off like that. It was just so shocking to see you…”
“It’s okay Elliot, I understand.”
He smiled. They settled into another awkward silence.
“Can I uh, get you anything to drink? We have coffee, juice, tea, water…” she hopped up and went to the kitchen. She needed something to distract her.
“Um, well if you have any scotch, I’d love that.” He said with a laugh.
She giggled, “I think I can find some around here for you…”
After a glass of scotch on his own, Elliot had convinced Isabella to have some. She never drank; the scotch was only in the house because Hoyt was a drinker. He had at least three glasses a night. After a few sips, the drink was getting to her head and she began to relax.
She and Elliot shared stories of their lives the past seven years. They had spent most of the night laughing over embarrassing moments and funny stories.
“Wow, I have to come to Bridgeport, sounds like an exciting place.” Isabella said lazily, the drink was making her speak freely, albeit a little more slowly.
Elliot took another sip, “Yeah, you really should…I’d love for you to come…that’s if your husband says it’s fine.”
Isabella’s face dropped at the mention of Hoyt. She had all but forgotten about him since she and Elliot began to talk. Elliot noticed the change in her mood; he decided he would voice his concerns.
“Bells? What’s wrong? Is everything okay over here?”
Isabella put her drink down and took a deep breath. Should she tell him? It really wasn’t any of his business. She didn’t want to burden him, and besides, even if she did tell him, what was he going to do? Nothing but go back to Bridgeport in a few days and forget about her. She didn’t realize how much the thought had hurt her until she started to cry. “Isabella? What’s the matter?” Elliot put his drink down and pulled her close to him. He still cared about this woman, he knew that, and something was seriously wrong. “Please tell me what’s wrong Bells.” He pleaded softly. She didn’t speak. She just looked and him with tears streaming down her face. She couldn’t believe he was here, her happiness long lost, all wrapped up in one beautiful man. She closed her eyes and leaned in and kissed him. Elliot went rigid at first, and then relaxed into the kiss. He had missed this woman so much, he had dreamed of kissing her again the last seven years. Somehow, they ended up in the guest bedroom. Elliot laid her gently on the bed and began to remove her clothes. He stopped and looked down at her, “Are you sure about this?”
Isabella nodded; she had never been so sure about anything in her whole life. She loved this man, not the one who she had been forced to marry. The man right in front of her. She had loved him since she was 16 years old, and now they were together again.
The sun was starting to rise as the pair cuddled on the bed. Elliot kissed the top of Isabella’s head. She closed her eyes and sighed contently. “And to think, I only came over to apologize.” He said out loud. Isabella laughed. He chuckled a bit then became serious. He looked at Isabella, “Tell me what’s wrong Bells. I can help you.” Her smile dropped, could she tell him? He said he could help her. “That night on the beach, I didn’t tell you the whole story. My parents sent me to some prep school two weeks later. I was going to be taught how to be the 'perfect wife',” she scoffed at the title, “They sent me away to learn how to cook and clean and other things they felt a trophy wife should know about taking care of her home. I wasn’t allowed to email you or call you there. I came back here when I was twenty. I came looking for you…” Elliot’s chest tightened. She had come back looking for him? He was so crushed after she left him, he decided to leave. He stayed silent and let her finish her story... “When I came home, I met Hoyt. Our fathers had arranged for us to be married way back when we were ten. I had no idea until that night…I met Hoyt as soon as I came home, we dated for a few months, and then we were married outside my parents’ house.. “The moment we were married, he had totally changed. Not like he was the nicest person before we got married, but he had hit a complete 360 once the wedding was over…”
She stopped. She didn’t want to tell Elliot anything. She just wanted to enjoy being with him in this moment. She sighed.
“Go on Bells, I want to know.” He tried to keep the hurt and anger out of his voice. All these years he had known it was something that took Isabella away, but she didn’t know it was something like this. How could her father just give her away to a perfect stranger? And then she said her husband changed…he thought about it; the sheer idea of it hit him like a brick. He knew what she was going to say before she said it. “Hoyt...isn't a very nice guy. He yells at me, sometimes the kids. Over anything. He cheats on me, everyone in town knows. Tuh, he probably took her with him to China. He’s just a monster.” She finished quietly. Tears streamed down her face. She had never told anyone her story. She never had friends to talk to; Hoyt never really let her socialize. Elliot was stunned into a quiet rage. How could someone who calls themselves a man treat their wife the way Hoyt did? He wanted to hurt him. Hurt him like he hurt the woman he’s loved for years. “Leave with me.” Was all he said.
Isabella stiffened. Leave with him? To Bridgeport? She looked up at him, “I can’t.” she whispered.
“Why can’t you?” he asked simply. He was fighting his urge to yell at her. How could she even second guess the decision? She could leave with him. Be safe, be happy.
“Because I…” she started. Because she what? She certainly didn’t love him. She became silent.
She could feel Elliot shift her over. He was leaving. “Where are you going?” she asked him urgently.
Elliot got dressed, “Back to my mothers’ house. I’m leaving in 3 days, Bells. I want you to come with me. You’ll be happy, you’ll be safe…and loved. I love you Bells, you can do it…think about it.”
With that, he walked out of the room, leaving her crying on the bed. The sun was coming up, Madison and Mason would be waking up soon. She got up and went to the bathroom. After she got out of the bath, she looked at herself in the mirror, Elliot’s words echoing in her head.
“…you can do it…think about it.”
…Could she?

That's it for Chapter 5! See you in Chapter 6!!

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What will she do?

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